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    Disclaimer: If it looks familiar, i don't own it. Duh.
    Chelsea asked the question again, “Where do babies come from?”
    Draco grimaced, “Well, ok… first, a mum and a dad decide they want a baby, and…the dad goes to a store and…buys a diamond, er, necklace…he then wraps it up in a box…and gives it to the mum, and she wears the necklace for a few months, and she gets a big appetite and eats a lot… which gives her the gas…”
    He looked up at Chelsea when he heard her giggle at the gas part. He really hoped she was buying this.
    “Then, after a few months, the diamond…turns into a baby. Yeah, that’s where babies come from.”
    Chelsea giggled smiled, “Cool! But, how does the diamond turn into a baby?”

    Draco again had to lie, “Magic.”
    Chelsea smiled again and ran up stairs, apparently wanting to tell Emily the same thing.
    Draco let out a breath, thankful that Chelsea bought into that story.

    He walked into the kitchen, only to see Alyssa chugging down pumpkin juice straight from the pitcher.

    Draco smirked, “You know that’s why they make cups.”
    He apparently shocked Alyssa, because when he started talking, she dumped the whole thing of pumpkin juice all over herself and the floor. “Y-you had no clean cups.”
    Draco opened the door, “You can leave now.”
    Alyssa just looked at him, then walked out of the door. Draco looked at Trevor, who was in his high chair, no food in front of him.
    Chelsea came running downstairs, “Yeah daddy?”
    “Did the ‘babysitter’ feed Trevor?”
    Chelsea shook her head no.
    Draco sighed, “Bloody brilliant of her then.” He started to walk to the pantry, but ended up slipping in the spilled pumpkin juice. “Damn it!”

    Chelsea and Emily roared with laughter. Emily managed to say, “Ooooh you swore! That’s a sickle in the swear jar!”

    Draco groaned, “Whose stupid idea was that?”
    Both girls chimed in at the same time, “Mommy’s!”
    Draco stood up, and with a flick of his wand mopped up the pumpkin juice. Knowing that the girls had no clue how Brigitte normally fed Trevor, he just decided to feed him his own way.

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~A Bit Later~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    “Trevor no!” Draco ducked as Trevor sent peas flying his way. Emily screamed as she held up a plate as a shield, eventually dropping it.

    Chelsea squealed as Trevor squirted his milk at her. “Trevor!!” She tried to take the bottle, only to make Trevor scream. Draco stood upright, nasty, soupy baby food was caked into his hair. Broken dishes were everywhere, thanks to the girls who used them as shields against the flying food. Chelsea was trying to squeeze the mil out of her hair. Emily climbed up on the counter.

    “Emily! No!” Draco started to walk towards (who he hoped was) Emily, but slipped in some of the baby food. Emily peered down from the high counter top, only to slip herself.

    Draco caught her and set her aside as he pulled himself to a standing position. “Did your mother ever have to deal with this?” He yelled over Trevor and Chelsea’s screaming.

    Emily shook her head, “Mommy knew how to feed Trevor!”
    “Why didn’t you tell me I was doing it wrong?”
    Emily shrugged, “You didn’t ask!”
    “Yes I did!”
    “No! You didn’t ask us, you asked yourself like those mental people do!”
    “You could have told me either way!”
    “Nuh- uh! You said never to answer a question unless asked a question!”
    Draco groaned, “Well I lied!”
    Emily gasped, “You’re a liar? Well what else have you been lying to me about?”
    Draco groaned again, “Nothing!”
    “If I cross my eyes will they really stay that way?”
    “Well, no but-“
    “And is it true that if I don’t go to bed at the same time each night, an hour is taken away from my life?”
    “No, but that’s not the point-“
    “And does Santa Clause, the Tooth Fairy, the Easter Bunny, the Sand Man, Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner, and Blitzen really exist?”
    Draco paused, “Um…”
    Emily finally asked, “And where do babies really come from?”
    Draco shouted, “That’s enough!” Though it was a bit louder than he expected, because both Emily and Trevor also stopped.
    He knew these looks. He knew this silence. He knew he should probably get out.
    All three kids started crying at once.
    Draco whimpered, “Uhg, I did not mean that, I-“
    Again, he slipped in the baby food, that happened to be everywhere now.
    The crying instantly turned into laughter.

    The telephone rang, and Chelsea skipped over to answer, “Hello?… Hi Mommy!…Yes…do you wanna talk to daddy?…ok.” She handed the phone to Draco.
    “Hey Drake, how’re things holding up there?”
    “Great, great. We’re great here, just fed Trevor, and successfully changed his diaper.”
    He could tell that Brigitte was happy, “Well that’s great! I’m so glad you can handle this. So it would be ok if I’m gone an extra week?” exerpt
    “What?!” Draco had been leaning on the sink, and as he did, he turned the water on. His whole arm had gotten soaked as he scrambled to turn it back off. Emily and Chelsea were giggling at the sight. “Another week?”
    “Yeah, is that ok?”
    Draco coughed, “Yeah, yeah it’s fine!”
    Brigitte again sounded a bit happier, “Great. Thanks again. Well I’ve got to go. I’ll talk to you later ok?”
    “Alright.” Draco hung up, than sank in a chair.
    What would these two weeks end up being?
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