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Chapter 12: Winter fun and frozen treats

As soon as the doors opened we were hit with a huge gust of icy cold air.

“You are so mean” I informed Remus as I crossed my arms, shivering to keep warm out in the cold. It hadn’t looked that cold out but I think the universe is plotting against me.

He didn’t answer and we kept walking along quietly, me grumbling as my shoes became soaking wet from the snow.

“Are we going to have a conversation or what?” I grumbled.

“Sooooo, Sirius tried to kiss you and you rejected him” he started. Well that was right to the point.

“Not rejected” I told him abruptly “just recoiled a little, and I know that sounds rude but I don’t mean it that way.”

He raised his eyebrows questionably. “Did you recoil a little out of surprise or did you just really not want to kiss him?” he asked.

“That’s a hard question” I answered honestly. I knew I couldn’t answer it with explaining something long and complicated that in the end he wouldn’t understand.

Out of mental frustration I dropped to my knees and flopped on my back down in the snow. This was a mistake because the snow was wet and cold and I didn’t have a hat on. I could already feel it in my ears but I was now too lazy to get back up. He stood over me, looking down as if I was crazy.

“What are you doing?”

“Making a snow angel”

“You’re not moving”

“It’s a dead snow angel”

“That’s pretty morbid”

“I’m going through a dark phase”

My face grew colder as snow was kicked in my face. I spluttered and wiped it off and fumed at the smile he had on his face.

“You’re being immature about the situation, you can’t avoid this, or him forever” he informed me. Like kicking snow at me was mature.

I sat up and glared at him “Stop talking about it or I’ll tell Amy not to like you.” I threatened. He gave me a “yeah-right” smile.

He reached out his hand and I took it “Do you really thing you have the much pull over her?” he asked while helping me to my feet.

I made a face at him but he was right. “Probably not, you can’t just tell a girl to stop liking a guy they’ve like for years,” I said absentmindedly as we dusted snow off me.

Suddenly his hand stopped dusting and there was silence.

“Years, she’s liked me for years?” he asked quietly in a voice that said he didn’t really believe it.

I realized what I had just said and panicked. “OH MY GOD! “ I yelled and smacked myself in the head. I had just given away my best friend’s biggest secret. “Don’t tell her; oh please don’t tell her you know” I begged him. Oh god I was the worst best friend in the history of best friends.

He didn’t give me the confirmation I needed; instead he looked off in a different direction. I followed his gaze and to my horror I could see people in the distance and I remembered that Amy had Care of Magical Creatures class right at this moment.

I saw the strange looked in his eyes; he was planning on confronting Amy! I couldn’t let him embarrass her; especially if it was my fault. The least I could do was tell her first and beg her to forgive me.

After that quick decision I acted fast, before he could move I scooped up some snow and threw it in his face. “Wha, ah Paige what are you doing?” he shouted, a little miffed and disoriented.

“Protecting my friend you creep!” I cried out as bravely as I could and tackled him to the ground, and then I leapt up and made my way over to her class by running as fast as I could. I was exhausted after 20 seconds.

This is why muggle’s have gym class so when they need to run a short distance they don’t feel like collapsing like us wizards do.

As I got near I started screaming “AMY AMY AMY.” Everyone’s heads turned towards me but I didn’t see her among their faces. I quickly looked behind me and I saw Remus had recovered and was running at a fast pace to catch up. How the hell was he running so fast? The most strenuous activity I’ve ever seen him do was carry a large load of books.

When I turned my head back around “SMACK” I ran into a person and accidentally took them out and landed on right on top of them. “Sorry!” I said quickly and saw that just my luck, the person I had tackled was Sirius. “YOU” I shouted in surprised. “WHAT” he shouted back at me in a bewildered voice.

“Paige, what the hell are you doing?” I looked up and Amy was standing in front of us, staring at me very confused.

“Amy, I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to say and but it just came out I know I’m the worst friend ever and you’ll probably never forgive me but it was an accident” I rambled manically at her. I was quite hysterical really, close to tears.

She looked like she was going to ask what the hell I was talking about next but Remus arrived. He bent over and put his hands on his knees as he tried to catch his breath.

“Paige, are you insane?” he shouted at me when he caught his breath. The entire class was staring at in amazement. Amy looked between us and suddenly got a look on her face that made her figure out what I was apologizing for. For a second she looked like she was going to throw up but at that moment Remus caught his breath, walked calmly right up to Amy and kissed her. It wasn’t a soft sweet kiss, he grabbed her by the arms and did a movie style passionate kiss. Most of the girls watching looked on a little wistfully. Amy reacted a little surprised at first but she kissed him right back, both ignoring the dozens of stares. I watched them with my jaw open. Then I realized some of the stares were being directed at me and I looked down a remembered I was still on top of Black. He was also watching them with his jaw open but when he realized I was looking at him, his eyes turned to look at me. We both went red and I stood up quickly.

“Well now that that’s settled I best be on my way” I announced and walked out of the circle of students and made my way to the castle.


“I can’t believe you tried to stop him” Amy told me later in the girl’s dorm, her face still flushed, proving she was too happy to be seriously mad.

“I thought he was going to humiliate you in front of everyone! You should be thanking me” I defended myself.

“Since when has Remus ever strike you as the type of guy who would do that?” Lily asked me with her eyebrows raised.

“Ummm good point, but Amy you did look panicked for a second.”

“Only a second” she sighed dreamily. “I’m so glad we skipped the steps leading up to kissing so we can just snog whenever now.”

“Glad I won’t be there for Valentines day.” I commented.

Suddenly Amy stood up and began gliding around the room, humming lightly. She had been randomly doing that for the past hour. When she finished she turned and gave us a big grin.

“One of us down, two more to go” she sang and ducked to avoid the pillows we threw.


“Thanks to you I had to turn down plenty of hogsmeade offers to wash these stupid suits of Armour” Kimberly whined at me.

It was February the fourteenth and while love was in the air, Kimberly and I were serving our detention. I personally think it was stupid of them to leave us alone when the sole reason for our punishment was that we couldn’t stop hitting each other.

I was still avoiding Sirius like the plague; Amy was still trying to play matchmaker, only succeeding with James and Lily getting closer and Remus and Amy were still going strong. It was weird to see them walk down the halls hand in hand. Now they were all off on some triple date at hogsmeade. Amy informed me Sirius was bringing someone and as soon as she said it she looked for jealousy in my face. She was disappointed not to find any because first of all I DO NOT like him in that way and second, I know he doesn’t give two cents about whoever he’s taking. Not that I’m happy that he doesn’t care because I care because I totally don’t. Confusing I know. The girls of Hogwarts are extremely hopeful that he has started dating again after a few months absence and even though it is winter some of them are wearing the thinnest of clothing around him. More proof that liking Black is bad; it makes you freeze your butt off for a little attention.

I ignored Kimberly for the rest of our punishment; I was getting sick of detentions and was working very hard at restraining myself from attacking her. That didn’t stop her from blabbing on but after awhile I managed to tune it out.

“I mean this year you think you are so hot just because for some reason the marauders like your friends, they probably think of you as one of the guys you know, that’s why none of them like you” she rambled.

Alright maybe I didn’t quite manage to tune her out.

“Kimmy, shut it” I snapped and finished off my last knight. I smiled at her; she still had four more to do. I was out of there before she could make another whiney comment.

With everyone gone I couldn’t think of much to do but finish my potions homework in the common room. I was concentrating on a particular tricky question, okay okay I mean a particular drawing of our potions master when an ice cream cone stacked with chocolate scoops was suddenly thrust into my vision. I vowed to love whoever was holding onto it but I jumped when I saw it was Sirius.

Without a word I grabbed my books and tried to make a getaway, which was tough because my eyes were still on the ice cream. I had been avoiding familiar haunts of the marauders and the kitchens had been one of them.

He cocked his head and gave me a small grin. “You are free to leave but the ice cream stays here.”

Damn he’s a crafty one. And by crafty I mean completely evil.

“So this is like blackmail?” I tried to ask in an indifferent voice but my eyes kept darting to those soft creamy looking scoops of chocolate.

“Try bribery, I have to get you to stay in the same room as me besides classes some how, now just sit and listen to what I have to say” he ordered me.

I was struggling hard, awkward confrontation or icecreamless existence? In the end I decided to comply. I sat back down.

“Okay you win, but ice cream first”

He laughed “I can’t believe that actually worked, only you could be bribed by frozen treats in the middle of winter”

I smiled despite myself.


Authors note: tee hee Remus & Amy finally together now.

Ha-ha and Sirius really knows how to keep Paige’s attention. That’s something Paige and I have in common, we can’t resist ice cream.

Anyways my next new story is out now so please give it a little love by reading and hopefully reviewing :)

Oh yah and thanks to those who wished me a fun trip! It was awesome.

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