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A Love to Remember by MysticPhoenix
Chapter 4 : Side Effects?
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Chapter Four: Side Effects?

Sirius had become obsessed with figuring out a way to get back at Dominique for the utter humiliation she had caused him and James. If girls hadn’t been giggling enough before they sure were now. Somehow the news of what type of boxers Sirius Black and James Potter wore, got around in less than three hours.

Still, even worse was the fact that Sirius was completely alone in his endeavor. Remus said the war was stupid and refused to help, Peter was useless when it came to planning these things, and James flat out refused to help. James’ refusal was the worst, but Sirius understood. With the Hogsmeade trip close at hand James could not afford to get on Lily’s bad side if he wanted his plan to work.

So Sirius spent the next several days trying to figure out exactly what to do. Finally it hit him one day as he was rummaging through his trunk. Sirius, for no apparent reason other than frustration and boredom, was tossing things out of his trunk when a small bottle filled with clear liquid hit the ground with a twang.

“What’s this?” Sirius picked up the bottled and examined it. “I forgot I had this.” He nearly laughed, “Turn the hair color and eyebrow color of your enemy any shade you wish with our twenty-four hour dyeing potion. This is perfect! Now I just need to figure out what color she hates the most.”

Sirius ran out of his room trying to think of how he could discover the color Dominique loathed the most. He could always ask Lily but that would be way to risky; she would know something was up. But who else would know something like that about Dominique?

Remus! Of Course

Sirius found Remus in the library finishing an essay for McGonagall although with Lily, Peter, and Dominique.

“Remus I need to ask you something.” All eyes were now on Sirius, “In privet.” Like he was going to risk having Dominique or Lily find out what he was up to.

“Well then go somewhere else,” Dominique snapped. “We are trying to work, something you should consider doing once in a while.”

With that comment Dominique dove back into the book she had been reading while Lily gave him her famous go-away-I-am-studying look before turning her attention back to her essay. Remus gave Sirius a well-get-on-with-it-look that managed to heighten Sirius annoyance. Grabbing Remus by the arm Sirius drug him off to a far off corner of the library ignoring the all obvious giggling of several girls.

“This had better be important Padfoot.” Remus never liked to be pulled away from his work.

“What color does Dominique hate the most?”

“Excuse me?”

“What color does Dominique hate the most?”

“That is why you interrupted my studying?”

“Just answer the question.”

“Pink, but if you want to get more specific light bubblegum pink.” Remus was severely agitated now.

“Thanks Moony! You’re a real pal.” Sirius left the library leaving behind a very annoyed Remus.

The next morning at breakfast Sirius was ready to put his plan into action. To most the simple act of changing someone’s hair and eyebrow color was a feeble prank, but Sirius knew Dominique all too well. She prided herself on always being on good terms with the teacher, which let her get away with anything. Dominique was also slightly vain, mind you not like the other girls, but just enough that any change in her appearance that she didn’t like would send her off the edge. So not only would she be in trouble with the teachers for breaking dress code but she would have the embarrassment, in her opinion, of walking around for twenty-four hours with pink hair.

Sirius walked confidently down to breakfast the next morning with the bottle in his pocket. All he needed to do was slip three little drops into Dominique’s pumpkin juice and boom! pink hair. He smiled at the thought. Walking into the Great Hall Sirius found Dominique seated in between Remus and Lily, leaving room next to Remus for himself. Casually Sirius sat down next to Remus greeting both him and James before filling his plate with pancakes and bacon.

Sirius quickly drained his goblet of pumpkin juice so that he would have an excuse to get the pitcher that was right next to Dominique. The plan would have had no chance of succeeding if not for the row James and Lily were wrapped up in at the moment. The two were yelling so loud that Dominique and Remus had gotten involved, but only to the point of trying to shut them up.

Sirius busied himself with filling his goblet before conveniently slopping pumpkin juice on the table. This of course went unnoticed by Dominique who was still trying in vain to quiet her friend. Sirius began to clean up the mess he had purposely made. As he did so Sirius reached into his pocket carefully pulling from it the tiny bottle of potion. Checking one last time to make sure everyone was still occupied he dropped two little drops of potion into Dominique’s goblet, swirled the liquid around, placed the goblet back in its original spot, grabbed his own goblet, and sat back down.

Sirius watch with utter delight as Dominique picked up her goblet drinking deeply from it never suspecting the liquid within was anything but harmless pumpkin juice. Sirius had to suppress a laugh as steadily throughout the rest of breakfast Dominique slowing begins to change from raven black to bubble gum pink.

“I think we have all had enough arguing for the moment. Don’t you think so Lily?” Dominique now had a severe headache. “Besides you don’t want to be late to Transfiguration class do you?”

Lily jumped up. “Potter if I am late because of you I will murder you!” Lily grabbed her bag and stormed out of the Great Hall, Dominique following closely behind

“Great! Now my chances of getting Lily to go to Hogsmeade with me are nonexistent!” James folded his arms, looking beyond depressed

“What did you do this time mate?” Sirius asked, taking a bite of pancakes.


“That is what you always say.”

“Actually this time I really didn’t do anything. All I did was reach for the pitcher of pumpkin juice at the same time she did and ended up grabbing her hand instead of the pitcher.”

“Tough luck mate.” Sirius couldn’t remember ever seeing James this depressed. It was as if all hope of Lily ever accepting him had been stripped away.

“Don’t worry, James. I am sure things will turn out all right in the end.” Remus patted James on the back.

“I am beginning to think they won’t.” James pushed his plate away and stood up. “I see you guys in Transfiguration.” James walked somberly out of the hall.

“I wish there was something we could do for him. I have never seen him so hopeless.” Remus said as he watched James’ retreating back.

“I don’t think we can do anything. The only person who can help him now is Lily.” But Sirius was beginning to wonder, as James had, if Lily would ever accept James.

* * * *

“Lily must you always be so hard on James? He didn’t even mean to touch you that time.” Lily may have missed the look on James’ face but Dominique sure hadn’t.

“I know I over reacted.” Lily let out a sigh. “But it is so hard to tell whether he does things like that on purpose or not.”

“Lily cut the act would you!” Dominique exclaimed, coming to a halt in the middle of the corridor.

“What do you mean by ‘cut the act’?” Lily asked as she turned around.

“You like him and you know it! We all know it! Well everyone except James, but that is because you are always biting his head off.”

“I…well I just…”

“You just what Lily? He likes you! Hell you have him wrapped around you finger! He tries so hard to get you to notice him it is pathetic! And what do you do? You tear him down and stomp on him!”

“What do you want me to do?” Lily voice had a slight pleading tone to it.

“Just give him a chance,” Dominique said softly but urgently.

Lily said nothing. Only when silence had fallen between the two girls did they notice the stifled laughter in the halls. Looking around Dominique noticed several, if not all, the students in the corridor looking at her and whispering.

“Lily is something…” Dominique trailed off when she saw the horrified look on Lily’s face. “Lily what is it?”

“What…what happened to your hair and eyebrows?” Lily asked with her hand over her mouth.

“What are you talking about Lily?” Her voice was immediately on edge.

“This.” Lily handed Dominique a compact mirror that she kept in her bag. Slowly Dominique positioned the mirror so she could see her hair and eyes.

A scream of horror filled the corridor causing students to stop in their tracks trying to figure out who or what was screaming.

“I love the new look Watkins.” Dominique knew that cocky voice

“I am going to murder you Black!”

“Dominique no!” Lily grabbed Dominique’s arm, holding her back

“You’re going to regret this Black!” Dominique hissed.

Sirius shrugged. “Maybe, maybe not.” Sirius walked forward stopping next to Dominique. “Enjoy your day, Pinky.” Sirius winked at her before walking off.

“Hm?” Lily looked quizzically after Sirius.

“What?” Dominique asked annoyed.

“I wonder what potion he used?”

“LILY!” Dominique rounded on Lily, furious.  

“Okay! Sorry!” Lily threw her hands up in surrender. If there was one thing Lily had learned the hard way about Dominique it is that you never anger her any further then she already was; that is if you value your life. “Let’s just go to class.”

Transfigurations class however, was not by any means fun. The second Dominique walked into the classroom McGonagall practically bit her head off about the color of her hair and eyebrows. Words like despicable, against the rules, ‘I would have expected better from you’ were just some of the things mentioned in her ‘lecture’. Dominique said nothing; she simply listened then sat down. Sirius, on the other hand enjoyed every minute of it. This is what he had wanted to see her humiliated the way he had been.

Sirius could tell Dominique’s pride had been wounded; she kept her head down during the whole class and didn’t answer a single question. Every class was like that except for the occasional death glare Dominique threw Sirius otherwise she was somber.

“I am surprised at how hard Dominique is taking this,” Sirius said after lunch.

“I’m not,” Remus said bluntly.

“What is your problem Moony?” Sirius asked. Remus had been in a bad mood all day.

“I just don’t like seeing Dominique so upset. She is a good friend of mine you know.”

“Hey, I didn’t think she would take it this hard! I mean hell she did hang our boxers up for all of Gryffindor to see. I still get asked if I really wear bunny ones!” Sirius was not happy, nor did he feel guilty about what he’d done.  

“I never said she was right! But don’t you think the two of you have taken this far enough?”

“I’ll end it when she does. And we all know that won’t happen.”

“You know you two have more in common then you think! And I don’t mean pride.” Remus walked ahead.

“What is that suppose to mean?” Sirius yelled after him.

Remus stopped and turned. “That is not for me to say. But maybe you should ask her yourself.” With that he walked off.

“He is really loosing it.” Sirius shook his head. “Now where is James?” Sirius walked off to find James.

* * * *

“Dominique are you in here?” Lily asked opening the door to their dorm.

“Right here Lily,” Dominique said looking up from her trunk.

“Are you okay?”

“Yeah I’m fine. Why do you ask?” Dominique asked while examining a small bottle in her hand.

“You just seemed upset today.” She sat down on Dominique’s bed waiting for a response. When no response came Lily continued. “McGonagall shouldn’t have given you such a hard time about your hair. I mean she should know that you would never do something like that. You’re just lucky you didn’t get detention.”

“If I had I would have murdered Black first. But seeing as how I didn’t I shall just torture him.” Dominique said smiling while holding up the tiny bottle for Lily to see.

“Dominique what is in that bottle?”

“Ask me no questions and I shall tell you no lies.”

“Tell me Dominique.”

“You know perfectly well I can’t do that. Not with you being the Head Girl and all.”

“Which means whatever your holding is illegal.”

“Just within Hogwarts, yes. But everywhere else, no.” Seeing the look on Lily’s face she added. “Don’t worry it won’t kill Black. But it will be a hell of a lot of fun watching him make an ass of himself.”

“That is true,” She said thoughtfully, “Just don’t get caught.”

“Lily Evans!” Dominique explained in a scandalized tone. “Are you approving a prank? You who are the Head Girl and model student? I am appalled!”

“Sure you are Dominique.” Lily rolled her eyes, “And I may be Head Girl, but that does not mean that I can’t turn the other cheek every now and then.”

“There is some hope for you yet.” Both girls laughed.

* * * *

Dominique’s hair and eyebrows had turned back to its normal color the day after the prank and her mood was much better for it. Sirius on the other hand was on edge for a couple of days waiting for her retaliation.

Sirius would watch Dominique every time she was around him or he was constantly looking over his shoulder. But after three days of nothing Sirius relaxed thinking he had won.

“What put you in such a good mood today Padfoot? You have been on edge for three days?” James asked when Sirius came back into their room with a smile on his face.

“Watkins has not retaliated meaning she doesn’t have a prank to pull.”

“I wouldn’t be so sure mate.”

“Don’t worry so much, Prongs. Besides you should be happy too.”

“And why is that?” James asked confused.

“Because my friend, Lily has been nice to you all week. Don’t tell me you haven’t noticed.”

“No I did. I was just worried it was all in my mind. If you get my drift.”

“I do mate but then again Lily might be coming around. Try asking her to Hogsmeade and see what happens.” Sirius patted James on the back before walking out of their room.

* * * *
Dominique waited patiently for Sirius and James to come down to breakfast. She had woken up early to she made sure she was there before them. Dominique’s plan was to slip a little something into Sirius’s drink when he wasn’t looking, just like he had done to her.

Dominique had waited a whole three days before going through with her plan. She wanted Sirius to get cocky and cocky he got. After three days he was back to his normal strutting self. It was the perfect time to strike.

Finally Sirius and James made their way into the Great Hall much to the pleasure of half the girls in the school. James sat across from Dominique, next to Lily while Sirius took a seat next Remus who was next to Dominique. Lily and Dominique continued with their conversation as Sirius and James filled their plates.

“Hey Remus, could you pour some pumpkin juice into my goblet? I don’t want to get up,” Sirius asked handing Remus his goblet. Dominique smiled to herself; the pumpkin juice was near her.

“Here Remus I’ll do it.” Dominique looked at Sirius “Lazy ass.”

“What can I say?” Sirius smirked then went back to stuffing his face.

Dominique rolled her eyes as she grabbed the pitcher of pumpkin juice. Carefully Dominique dropped of few droplets of the potion into Sirius’s goblet then passed it back to Remus who passed the goblet back to Sirius.

Sirius who had been talking to James the whole time took the goblet from Remus and drank deeply from it. After a few moments Sirius’s eyes got a funny look in them. Slowly he put down the goblet and stared at James with a strange look on his face.

“You know I have just realized something James.” Sirius said in a weird voice

“Yeah what’s that?” James asked

“Your eyes they are so…so beautifully enchanting.”

“Excuse me?” James raised an eyebrow

“And your lips they are so full and luscious.” Sirius voice was almost dreamy while Peter spit out his pumpkin juice and Dominique doubled over with laughter

“Ah…Sirius what’s gotten into to you?” James asked slightly disturbed.

“What has gotten into to me is I have realized how much I love you!” At this point Lily burst out laughing.

“The joke’s not funny anymore Sirius.” Now James was scared, really scared.

Sirius, ignoring James, got up and walked around the table. James, who was now scared and very disturbed, got up and slowly backed away. Sirius got closer leaning into kiss James and James made a mad dash out of the Great Hall with Sirius hot on his tail.

“WAIT JAMES! I TOLD YOU I LOVE YOU!!! DOES’T THAT MATTER!!!” At this point the whole Great Hall erupted into laughter.

“Dominique what did you do to him?” Remus asked after he had caught his breath.

“Just slipped a little something into to his pumpkin juice.” She tossed Remus the small bottle that read ‘Cupid’s Love Potion.’

“How much did you put in his drink?” Remus asked.

“Just enough to last until this evening,” Dominique said with an evil smile.

“Well James is going to have one interesting day,” said Lily. “You know I don’t think he has ever had a boy follow him around like that before. This should be amusing.”

For the whole day Sirius followed James around like a lovesick puppy and stared at him during classes like a junior high schoolgirl in love. A couple of times he even tried to kiss James and each time James would run away screaming with Sirius cashing after him. Dominique enjoyed the whole thing. But the best part came later that evening during dessert.

Sirius, who was rather quiet throughout dinner, got up, walked over to James, got down on one knee, and took James’s hand. James froze in terror.

“James Potter I’ve known you for seven years now, we have been close friends, you’re my confidant, I’ve known ever since the day we met that you are the one for me. You are amazing, from your personality, to your sexy body,” at this point Lily, Dominique were laughing so hard they were holding their sides, Remus was caught somewhere between amusement and horror, and James looked beyond mortified. “You make me weak at the knees; I can’t stop thinking about you, your laugh, your smile, your sense of humor. James Potter I love…” Sirius stopped abruptly.

Dominique carefully stood up as Sirius surveyed what was going on. “James why am I on one knee and why in Merlin’s name am I holding your hand.” Sirius looked around to see the whole Great Hall laughing. “And what has gotten into every one.” He finally spotted Dominique who was trying to quietly slip out. “WATKINS!! WHAT IN THE BLOODY HELL DI D YOU DO?” Dominique ran out of the Great Hall while James grabbed a hold of James to keep Sirius from going after her.

“Sirius before you kill Dominique you might want to know why you feel like killing her.” James went on to tell Sirius the day’s events and with each passing moment Sirius became more and more mortified. “And so you stopped just as you were telling me you love me.” Sirius said nothing he just got up and stormed out of the Great Hall.

“Sirius!” James called after him. 

“Let him go James,” Remus said. “He needs to cool off.”

* * * *
Dominique and Lily sat at one of the tables in the Gryffindor common room surrounded by a group of girls who were laughing nonstop about Sirius Black’s little confession in the Great Hall. They all knew a love potion had caused it but they found it very amusing all the same.

“Where is she?” The room fell silent as Sirius Black stormed through the portrait hole followed by Remus, James, and Peter. Sirius looked around the room before spotting Dominique sitting with her back to him at the table. “Watkins!”

“Sirius now isn’t the time,” hissed Remus.

Sirius ignored him. “Watkins!” He yelled walking further into the common room. Sirius didn’t care if he caused a scene. Hell he had already caused several throughout the day thanks to Dominique.

Sirius was ready to yell her name again when Dominique finally decided to turn around but something happened as she did. For Sirius it was as if time slowed as Dominique’s long raven black hair whipped around in slow motion. Sirius’s eyes focused on Dominique as she stood and walked towards him in slow motion his mind capturing her every movement.

Sirius felt both his voice and his breath catch in his throat as his heartbeat quickened. As Dominique got closer her mouth began to move, but Sirius heard none of what she was saying, he was only aware that her lips were moving.

“Sirius?” James voice cut into his trance. “Sirius? You okay mate?” James gave Sirius a little shake.

Sirius shook his head and looked around. Remus, Peter, and James were looking at him with concerned and extremely confused looks, while Dominique looked irritated.

“Did you want something Black or were you just planning on standing there all night gawking at me?” Dominique asked with her hands on her hips.

“I…I…Oh never mind!” Sirius stormed up the stairs to the boys dormitories without so much as a backwards glance.

“Hey Sirius!” James ran up the stairs after him followed by Peter.

“What was that all about?” Dominique asked Remus.

“Side effect of the love potion,” he said hurriedly before follow Peter and James.

“Wait! There are no side effects!” Dominique called after him.

“No there isn’t.” Lily said coming up behind Dominique. “I have a feeling it was a side effect of something else.”

“Oh yeah? And what would that be?”

“I have an idea but I am not saying.” Lily walked back to the table to finish her homework.

“Damn it Lily,” Dominique mumbled.

* * * *
“What happened down there Padfoot?” James asked walking into their room where Sirius was pacing furiously across the room.

“I don’t know what happened Prongs!” Sirius snapped.

“I have a theory,” Remus said following Peter into the room.

“Oh yeah? What would that be?” Sirius asked sarcastically, making his way back across the room.

“If you would stop pacing for a moment I will tell you.”

Sirius stopped. “Better?”

“Thank you,” Remus said leaning against the wall. “I think what happened tonight is this: You are attracted to Dominique.”

“I hope you’re joking Moony?”

“It would explain a lot,” interjected James. “I mean I have never seen you look at a girl like that before.”

“And I would know the look of attraction and amazement anywhere, considering it has been on James’s face whenever he looks at Lily for the last five or six years,” continued Remus

“I can’t believe you guys!”

“You do spend a lot of time obsessing over her or at least what she will plan next,” Peter piped in but after seeing the look on Sirius’s face, recoiled.

“Wormtail’s right. You two spend a lot of time with each other. You may be arguing or tormenting one another but you’re still around her a lot. This was bound to happen. It was either you ended up liking her or you would end up hating her. In my opinion this is much better,” Remus said.

“I cannot believe you!” Sirius erupted. “I won’t lie and say she isn’t beautiful because Merlin knows she is, but I don’t like her!” Sirius stormed out of the dorm room.

“Oh boy!” James exclaimed, falling onto his bed.

“What is it?” Peter asked.

“Can you see it Wormtail?” James asked sitting up. “Padfoot’s got it bad and he doesn’t even know it.”

* * * *
Sirius managed to slip out of the castle unnoticed by the teachers and Prefects who were patrolling the corridors. Once in the safety of the forest’s shadows Sirius transformed into his black dog form. Sirius took comfort in the dark silence of the night as he explored the familiar ground contemplating the night’s events. What had happened? Never before had he faltered when it came to girls. So why now? And why Dominique?

Daring the moonlit ground Sirius walked around the lake until he came to the tree where he and the others spent most of the afternoons. Looking up at the castle a light from one of the Gryffindor towers caught his attention. The light was coming from the seventh year girl’s dormitory. How could he not know where it was coming from after all the times James flew up there on his broom in attempts to win sweet Lily’s heart?

Sirius laughed at the thought, which sounded more like a low growl. As he watch a figure walked into view sitting down on the window seat. There was no mistaking the figure she was Dominique Watkins. For the second time that night Sirius found himself entranced by the very girl he had so often pushed aside. As Sirius watched her he thought to himself:

What is it about you Dominique that has me so confused?

Awesome Chapter Image by Ande @ TDA
Thank you to my Beta Cedriclover

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A Love to Remember : Side Effects?


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