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Disclaimer: er... yeah... anyone you don't recognise is mine.

Dedicated to my betas at school, who can't wait until I bring new bits of stories to school for them to read! Stacey & Amy you rock! Stacey Maree-Black & Amy Serendas soon-to-be-Lupin are you awesome ladies! Mwah!

Anyway, this was just a little oneshot I started writing ages ago and only ended it an hour ago... So yeah... read it!

Butterfly Kisses Presents...

James/Lily Oneshot
By: Butterfly Kisses

A blur of red, brown and yellow leaves swirled with the wind as the first day of autumn began. In a cottage near the edge of Godric’s Hollow, a red head awoke from a wonder of slumber. Her fingers flattened out the crisp white sheets, sub consciously feeling around for her husband’s sleeping figure. Her eyes flickered open as her fingers found no trace of him.

“James?” Her worried voice said quietly. Rolling over on her side her eyes wandered towards the little calendar on her bedside table. Her eyes widened on the date.

“Shit, Shit.” Clutching the white sheet around her slim bodice, she jumped out of her bed and ran down the stairs into the living room.

Skidding along the floor in her socks, she ran towards the fireplace, throwing the glittering Floo Powder in the open flame.

“Stacey Maree-Black!” She shouted in to the flames. No less then two seconds later the head of a dark haired woman appeared holding a small glass in her hand.

“Lily! You’re awake!”

“No thanks to you!” Lily muttered into the fire while wondering why her friend was drinking at this hour.

“Lils, you should be happy, you are getting married today! Amy and I will be over in a minute. We just have to sort out your lover boy, my lover boy and Amy’s lover boy.” Stacey said referring to James Potter, Sirius Black and Remus Lupin. “Boys! Get your arses into gear! James if you wanna get married today you better get ready!” A scuttle of loud footsteps were heard as Lily tried to subdue her laughter at her fiancé-soon-to-be-husband’s antics.

Amy’s head popped into the fire, “We’ll be there in a minute Lils.” With a little pop the face was gone and Lily sat staring into the open flames of the fire.

She was going to get married today; she was going to become Mrs. James Lleyton Potter. Lily smiled as she fingered her auburn locks on a sudden impulse she started jumping up and down like a little girl and squealing, “I’m getting married! I’m getting married! Yah!” Lily kept jumping up and down as two faint pops rang through her newly bought house.

“Lils?” Stacey’s voice came from upstairs.

“Down Stairs!” Lily called jumping up and down still. Her friends appeared at the foot of the stairs.

“Girl! We gotta get ready!” Amy said brandishing a white gown in a clear dry cleaning bag. “Go have a shower and slip this on while we get ready!” She said holding out the gown. Lily grabbed it and ran upstairs.

“Be right back girls!” She called from the top of the wooden banister.

Placing the delicate dress on her four poster king size bed, slipping off her socks, her underwear and James’ shirt and wrapping a towel around herself. Lily turned both of the white handles, placing her hand under the tiny droplets of water. Dropping the towel on the ground, she stepped into the pristine shower.

The warm droplets fell on her face and on her collarbone, running down her slim body. I’m getting married! She thought excitedly doing a little jig on the spot and finishing her shower; Lily stepped onto the gold and red rug on the cool bathroom tiles and replaced the towel around herself.

Walking over to the wardrobe, she pulled out a plush white bath robe. Dropping her damp towel and slipping on the robe, she gathered her hair in a low bun.

Lily laughed at the sea of blue and green spread in her living room. Deciding to disturb the unruly silence Lily asked, “Ladies, what are you doing?”

Stacey stood up covered only in her underwear and shrugged her shoulders, “Getting dressed.” She said simply as if the mess in Lily’s lounge room was nothing. Lily shook her head and moved over Stacey’s dress to sit on the sofa.

Lily careful ran her fingers over Stacey’s bridesmaid dresses. It was the same as Amy’s, a floor length strapless gown, from the top it was a light blue, as it ran down the girl’s figure it turned to a sea foam green with tiering running from the cleavage. Lily laughed as the Swiss silk georgette hanging from the front of Amy’s dress fluttered as the open window blew in a gentle breeze.

As Stacey pulled on her dress Amy murmured, “God I love this dress,” As she silently swished her figure in front of the full length mirror. Stacey laughed as she dabbed foundation onto her nose. Amy immaturely stuck out her tongue.

“Now kiddies, no fighting!” Lily scolded playfully. The girls stared at her, finally taking in what she was wearing. They both stopped what they were doing, Amy holding a hairbrush centimeters above her un-brushed hair and Stacey with one eye closed ready for some eye shadow.

“Why aren’t you dressed?” They both yelled.

“Er… Um…” She stuttered.

“Get up.” Stacey ordered. Lily stood.

“Walk.” Amy ordered. Lily started walking with Amy and Stacey behind her.

They both pointed to the stairs, “Go upstairs,” Stacey began.

“And get dressed in your prettyful wedding dress.” Amy finished pushing Lily into her room.

“Fine but you have to help me with my hair and makeup!” Lily said as she closed her bedroom door with a soft snap.


After ten minutes of Stacey practically kicking the door down, Lily came out. “Geez Stac, Sirius is definitely rubbing off on you!” She said inviting them into her room. They gasped when they came in.

“God Lily, you look, you look, beautiful…” Stacey managed to say. Lily pointed to her face then her hair and tapped her foot then smiled looking at her best friends.

“Guys, I just wanna say you are the best friends I could ever have.” She said pulling them into a hug.

“Hear that Amy, the BEST!” Stacey laughed sarcastically. Lily let go off them and shook her head, “Onto my hair and make up!” She said brightening and pointing to her face.


“James! Cool it! You know breathe in, breathe out?” Sirius said making over exasperated breathing movements. James glared at him as Remus tied his white tie. “Prongs, why do we have blue ties and you have a white one?” Sirius asked stupidly as he started to tie his tie for the fourth time.

“You’ll see why when we get there.” Remus said waving his hand.

“How do you know?” Sirius asked eyeing him up and down. “You aren’t gay and they took you long for your advice did they?” Sirius asked his eyes as big as dish plates.

“No Padfoot, Stacey told me incase you asked something stupid like that.” Remus said shrugging his shoulders. James burst out laughing clutching the couch for support as Peter tried to stifle his laughter.

“That’ll – teach – you!” James said in between breathes.

“My wife knows me well.” Sirius said sticking his nose in the air. He looked down, “Now how do you tie this tie?”

“She said you’d also need help with that too.” Remus muttered as he finished James’.


After helping Sirius with his tie, the Marauders were reading to leave. Each of them wearing a black tux with a lily in the breast pocket. Sirius, Remus and Peter each had a blue tie while James had a white one.

“Prongs, what time will the ladies be there?” Sirius asked silkily as they apparated into Godric’s Hollow Church.

“Around one.” James answered as they strode outside to the grounds.

“And what time is it now?”

“Twelve Padfoot.”

“Okay, Woah…” Sirius looked in awe at the extravagant display set out for his best friend’s wedding. There were two large white gazebos, the closer one filled with chairs, a white alter. At the end of the alter there was a large lily display behind where the minister was going to stand. At the furthest gazebo there were wooden floors set out as a dance floor with little white tables and chairs together.

James kept walking towards the minister and his best men followed hurriedly.

“Ah… James how are things?”

“Very well Albus, I am thankful you could marry Lily and I, really I don’t know how I could repay you.” James replied.

“Keep her safe and all will be well.” Sirius, Remus and Peter stood there gawking at the two.

“I didn’t know Dumbledore was marrying you!” Sirius exclaimed.

“One of the many things you don’t know Padfoot.” James said smiling at his friends and waving his hand. He turned to Albus Dumbledore, “When should people be arriving?”

The old man looked up towards the church, at the large clock resting on its shadows. “Right about… Now.” James looked around and sure enough a few faint pops were heard as his mother, father, baby sister and many other relations or wizarding folk appeared.

“Jamie!” A little girl around seven ran up to him.

“Danni!” James swung around to see his little sister. She lunged at him and he grabbed her.

“Now, now no messing with my tux. And you’re flower girl! So go find mummy and she’ll take you inside to get dressed.”

“’Kay Jamie, see ya!” Danni said bounding off in search of her mother.

James, Sirius, Remus and Peter turned around to hear Dumbledore speak, “Ladies and Gentleman, could you please take your seats we will be beginning soon enough!” The aging man winked in James’ direction who nervously smiled back.


Lily looked at both of her friends, “Am I ready?” She asked with a fearful tone.

“Yes!” They both squealed.

“Well we must be off then,” Lily said picking up the hem of her gown and following her friends down the stairs and outside.

“Tada!” They both said opening their arms wide to reveal a white limo from Lily’s front door.

“Oh my god! Girls you shouldn’t have! This is our mode of transport?” She squealed. They both nodded. “But it’s only a couple of blocks away?”

“Now, now Lily you don’t want ruin that pretty dress of yours!” Stacey scolded lightly.

Lily laughed, “Of course not!” and made her way to the limo passing the large oak trees and fountain that lined her front path.

The three woman stood at the end of the path, holding hands and looking to what lie for one of those three woman… Marriage, a family, and a legend waiting to be awakened…


The Evans’ family bustled into the church looking for their daughter. Spotting Albus Dumbledore, they rushed over.

“Albus, you wouldn’t happen to have seen my daughter would you?” Merigold Evans asked politely as she tightened the grip on her husband’s hand.

“Why yes, Merigold, she would be through…” He pointed his slender hand towards a dark oak door. “There.” Blake Evans bowed his head as Merigold said a quick thank you and fastened her pace towards the door.

“Knock, knock?” Mrs. Evans said as she quietly tapped on the door.

“Hold on!” A muffled voice came from behind the door. A quick snap of the door opening and they saw the face of Mrs. Potter.

“Hello Meri!” Charlotte Potter exclaimed as she ushered the couple inside. “Lily will be with you in a moment, I just have to get the girls out of there.” She said walking towards another door and opening it swiftly. “Stacey, Amy, Danielle, leave Lily for a moment and we’ll get ready out here, her parents need to see her.” She said smiling.

“Mum, Dad!” Came a muffled voice as she pushed the others out of the room.

“Coming Lily!” They both called as they got past the pack of girls. Blake quickly shut the door behind them.

“Oh Lily, you look so beautiful!” Mrs. Evans said walking as her daughter spun slowly for her.

“My baby girl has all grown up!” Blake Evans said walking towards his youngest daughter. He cupped her hands and gave little butterfly kisses on her cheek. Merigold sat on down a chair as she watched her daughter and husband carefully.

“What’s wrong Daddy?” Lily asked, her emerald eyes sparkling with sheer delight at the thought of seeing James’ at the end of the alter.

“I’m not sure, I just feel like I’m losing my baby girl…” He sighed. Lily smiled and leaned over giving him a quick kiss on the cheek. He smiled back and clutched her small hand.

“Lily, Merigold, Blake, it’s time!” Charlotte’s voice came from the other side of the door.

Lily grinned taking her both her father’s and mother’s hands and swinging them as they walked out the door.


The guests were seated, a soft breeze licking their faces as the band struck up a soft melodic tune.

“This is it no turning back,” Lily said adjusting her bouquet of white and blue lilies. Slowly in front of her James’ little sister, Danielle and Sean, her cousin made their way down the aisle as flower girl and ring bearer. Everyone chuckled as the two walked down hand in hand, Danielle stopping occasionally to throw out lilies. Stacey and Amy smiled over at her, juggling their bouquets and giving her the thumbs up before leaving towards the aisle. Along the way Stacey couldn’t help but wink at Sirius, who licked his lips in return, earning him a slap from James.

Lily turned to Blake, “Time to walk me down the aisle Daddy,” She said smiling as she took his arm, her bouquet in one hand. Lily took one step on the white carpet to see many peering faces at her; she smiled at her father and looked towards James. She took tiny steps to the soft melody of the violin.

Many gasped in awe as she walked slowly with her father. She truly looked beautiful. The stunning strapless white dress was fit with a corset running across her chest and stomach, while it went loose around her hips and went into many ruffling layers forming a long train. Her hair was pulled back into a messy half up half down do with all the tips curled showing off her diamond chandelier earrings with her long fringe brushed off to the sides behind her ears. Hidden near the back of her hair were three lilies, one symbolizing her, James and of what the future may hold for them.

Lily smiled at all her friends as she reached the end of the alter with her father. She kissed her dad on the cheek and whispered, “One more butterfly kiss for you.” He smiled and turned to the man who was about to become his son-in-law, lacing Lily’s fingers in James, he blew a kiss towards his daughter and sat down next to his wife.

Lily returned her eyes to James. She could lose herself in those swirls of chocolate for ages, for eternities…

“We stand in the parks of Godric’s Hollow, as a witch, a wizard or a muggle. We stand here as a mother, a father, a sister, a brother. We come together to celebrate the union of James Lleyton Potter and Lily Sarida Evans…” Albus said pleasantly as the couple stared at each other, there hands still intertwined.

“They invited you here as witnesses to their love, their happiness. They invited you here as an insight into their lives. They have both prepared their own vows for our guests today.” Dumbledore said gesturing to Lily first. Lily, for the first time since she had reached James, broke eye contact and looked the old man in his ever twinkling eyes. She nodded slowly looking back to James.

He smiled at her and squeezed her hand, letting her know he was there. “James,” She began.

“Just a few short years ago, we were at school.
Learning, socializing… you the socializing, me the learning of course.” She smiled and a murmur of laughter was heard.
“If anyone had told me in sixth year, that in a couple of years, I’d be standing here reciting my vows, my hands intertwined with a certain James Potter. I would have hexed them straight to the Hospital Wing, as I so often did to you when you suggested the idea.” Lily said looking into James’ big doughy eyes. Albus chuckled remembering those times.
“But James, I need you in my life, without you I’d be – I’d be, well I wouldn’t be living, I wouldn’t be me…
You are my strength James, you are my love, you are my weakness… you are my everything James.” Her eyes threatened to fall with tears. “I love the way your hair is unruly, but I pray it doesn’t get passed onto our kids. I love the way you’ll leave a lily on my pillow for when I get home from work.” James blushed.
“I love the way you are accepting of so many people… including me, even when I was being stubborn.” Lily said looking down. James released one of his hands and reached up, pushing her chin lightly up. Lily smiled. Many of the guest sighed at this very intimate gesture.
“I love you James, you complete me, you’re like my second half, my better half…” Lily finished as a single tear fell from her cheek. James’ and Lily’s mother burst into tears as their husbands glared at them before comforting them.

“James, if you would please…” Albus said gesturing to James.

“Lily, I remember the day I first met you, our first year of Hogwarts, when I hadn’t even began to think of girls… But I knew, I knew you were the one, the only one. Sure there were other chicks,” Lily glared at him as he shrugged his shoulders.
“But there was only one Lily Sarida Evans… She was the one I wanted, the only one I wanted.
I remember at the end of our sixth year you said something to me, which I took to heart… you told me to grow up. Over that summer, I think I did… I didn’t ask you out as much as how many ever times I did, I think in total I asked you out around…” James trailed off trying to count in his head.

“Nine thousand, two hundred and forty-three.” Danielle supplied. Everyone laughed.

James shook his head and sighed, “Thank you Danni. Anyway, Lily I knew you were special, so I changed, I changed just for you… The reason for me to change who I used to be, a reason to start over new and the reason is you…” James sang quietly as he trailed off looking into Lily’s emerald eyes. Many of the young girls sighed.
“When I go away, I pray, I pray that the angels will keep you safe, I pray that they will keep you from harm. I pray so hard that Padfoot makes fun of me.” Lily glared over James’ shoulder at Sirius who put his hands up in protest.
“I pray you’ll be there when I come home, I pray that someday we’ll have a family of our own, just like my mum and dad and your mum and dad.
Then I look into your eyes and I see everything I want… you.
I remember when you wouldn’t go out with me and every year I’d say to Sirius, Remus and Peter that this was my year, this was the year I was going to get Lily Evans, make her fall in love with me and we’d live happily ever after. Well seventh year sure was the charm.
Now all I need is that fairytale ending… and maybe a pond to drown Sirius in for saying I’d never get you.” James smiled goofily as their guests laughed.

“Could we please have the rings?” The old man asked as Sean stepped out from behind James carrying an oversized white cushion with two white gold rings glittering in the sunlight placed delicately on it. Sean stood before both Lily and James as they both took a ring.

“In the sunlight of this beautiful autumn afternoon I ask, do you Lily Sarida Evans, take James Lleyton Potter, to cherish and to love, in sunlight or in cover of darkness, to have and to hold, in sickness and in health?” Dumbledore asked.

Lily smiled as a soft breeze fluttered with her hair, “I do.”

“Do you, James Lleyton Potter take, Lily Sarida Evans, to cherish and to love, in sunlight or in cover of darkness, to have and to hold, in sickness and in health?”

“I do,” James answered as he slipped a white gold ring with a three large emeralds in the shapes of stars on Lily’s ring finger. Lily smiled as she slide a plain white gold band on James’ finger. Everyone sighed as their held hands for a few extra moments.

“By the power vested in me, I now pronounce you…” James flicked his wrist towards Sirius, who nodded towards Peter, who winked to Remus as he crept behind the gazebo.

“Husband and Wife, Wizard and Witch.” Albus smiled.

Lily smiled as James’ soft lips came crashing down upon hers, kissing her tentatively. He broke the kiss looking up, his head resting on her forehead. “Look,” He whispered.

Soaring above them were soft blues and greens of fireworks. Lily laughed softly and as she turned her head towards James he whispered, “Look,” again. This time the fireworks were shooting off words,
‘Have fun on the honey moon!’
‘Love your dress!’
‘You definitely caught a keeper!’
‘Er… Congrats?’
‘I finally got my fairytale ending…’
‘Heaps of love the Marauders and Two Damn Hot Babes!’

Lily laughed as she looked over at Sirius, Remus, Peter, Stacey and Amy. “I love you mob!” She yelled over the cheers.

“Aww…” James said resting his head on her shoulder. “What about me Mrs. Potter?” Lily turned around, wrapping her arms around his neck.

“Oh, I love you more…” She whispered before stepping up on tiptoes and kissing him.

“Save it for the honeymoon!” Sirius yelled over the cheers of the crowd.

Lily smiled at her husband as she left her hands on her cheeks. They both turned towards the aisle that was now lined with their friends and family each holding white square boxes. Smiling at each other one last time, James laughed and yelled, “Race ya!” Before he started running towards the end of the aisle, Lily scowled before turning it to a smile as she saw her mum and James’ mum wipe away the crescents of tears.

“No far, I have heels!” She yelled after him after she started running. As she reached him, he had turned around looking towards the laughing, happy and teary face of his friends and family. He took her hand and they stood facing the crowd before them.

“One!” Sirius yelled as everyone smiled between each other.

“Two!” Stacey yelled trying to out yell Sirius who just grinned at her.

“Three!” Remus and Amy yelled together out yelling the other two, who just poked their tongues out at them childishly.

On the last count everyone opened the tiny box they were holding. In flurry of color another release of butterflies were sent as they fluttered above the heads of the guests. James smiled at his wife as few butterflies started flying above them. The whole assembly of people stared at them, sighing at how much they were in love.

“Time to start the rest of our lives, with the rest of the butterflies.” James said lifting his bride up despite her protests and running towards the nearest apparition point as the butterflies were left fluttering about.


Aww... I know it's a bit long but I couldn't help it! R&R I wanna hear what you think! I know there will some stuff wrong with it!

Kisses Rhia

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