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I Always Loved Him… I Just Didn’t Know It Yet
Chapter Fourteen

“What?” exclaimed Alice. “Why them?!”

“They’re obviously good at sneaking around and getting away with things!” explained Lily. “They only get caught because everyone knows it’s them when a prank is pulled.”

Alice sighed. “I guess so. But how do you know we can trust them with this?”

“Because,” said Lily, standing up and leaving the room, her sentence unfinished. Alice rolled her eyes and followed Lily with Regina right behind her. Lily walked through the almost empty common room and out of the tower. Regina and Alice ran to catch up with her. The girls left the castle and fast walked over to the lake where the Marauders were fooling around.

Lily approached James and said, “We need to talk to you, all of you. Where can we go that’s private?”

James looked taken aback, but replied, “Sure. Follow me.” He signaled for the other Marauders to follow them. The kids walked into the castle and up a few flights of stairs. James told the girls to walk past this stretch of wall three times, thinking about a room for talking. They were confused, but did as they were told. After the third pass, a door appeared in the wall. Lily gasped and Alice said, “Cool!”

James grinned and said, “Yup. Come on.” They all walked into the room. It had a large round table in the middle with comfy chairs and parchment, ink and a quill at each place.

“Awesome,” said Regina.

The Marauders all looked at her and Remus said, “You talk?”

Regina laughed and said, ”Sit down and I’ll explain everything, including why we asked you here.” The boys looked confused, but they did as Regina asked.

“Okay,” said James, once everyone was sitting. “So what’s going on?” Regina grinned and told the Marauders her story along with Charlie’s whole story.

“Wicked,” said Sirius.

Remus glared at him. “Sirius! Charlie’s going to be attacked again!”

“I know!” protested Sirius. “But we get to sneak around for a good cause!”

Lily laughed. “Exactly! Now, what’s the plan?”

“First of all,” said James, leaning forward in his chair. “What time should we meet?”

“9:30, the common room,” stated Alice.

James nodded. “Okay, so first we cast disillusionment charms on ourselves. Then we quietly sneak down to the hospital wing and stand guard to wait for the attacker.” The girls and the other Marauders nodded and stood up. By the time they got down to the Great Hall, it was time for lunch. The group walked into the hall and sat down at their table, happy about their plan.
After lunch, the Marauders and the girls hung out outside until it was dinnertime. After dinner, Lily, Alice and Regina went back to their dorm to sleep before their ‘mission.’ The Marauders were still in the common room, perfecting their plan.

Sirius looked at James as Remus and Peter argued about clothes and whispered, “Don’t you think it’s weird that Lily came to us?”

“No,” replied James, watching Remus and Peter thumb wrestle. “We are the best.”

“And humble, too,” replied Sirius before laughing at Peter, who had just gotten thrown to the ground by a forceful thumb jab from Remus. Peter frowned and James helped him up. The Marauders laughed and played while the girls slept. At 9:30 the girls came down the stairs, fully dressed.

“Showtime!” said James to the group.

“Showtime?” asked Sirius, confused.

“Just go,” said James, ushering the boys and girls out of the common room.

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