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Hey EVERYONE! YEAH! ok we reached our goal of 8 reviews! And I now have a GRAND total of 65 reviews! GO ME! Now on to the new chap! It's just a lil over a page long, but it's something! ENJOY! Chapter 7 Gryffindor Pride By- LunaJ Potter spent Friday night hanging from the ceiling in Flich's. I have to admit that I did feel a little sorry for him, but then when he came back he put on macho mode and I completely forgot my pity. "Hey Evans, remember next week at Hogmeade! You know you want to come! You'd be insane not to." He pulled his snitch out of his pocket, let it lose then caught it. "Come on babe, I know you love me. I mean who could resist?" he shoved the snitch in his pocket and messed up his hair. Idiot. "Well hun." he said moving his hand around my waist "what do you say." He was WAY to close! So I jabbed my foot into his and kneed him where it hurts. He shrieked and I now had the whole common rooms attention. "Potter, listen up and listen good. I WILL NOT go to Hogsmeade with you. I will NEVER go to Hogmeade with you. Your head is larger than a hot air balloon........." "Babe what's a hotair.........." "DON'T CALL ME BABE AND DON'T INTERRUPT ME!!!! Until your head deflates I guarantee you that you will be a lonely and pathetic soul, and if you ever touch me like that again I will risk being thrown into Azkaban and use the all 3 of the Unforgivable curses on you! IS THAT UNDERSTOOD? "But baby......." "WHAT DID I SAY ABOUT THAT? WINGARDIUM LEVIOSA!" I screamed and Potter went flying across the room. "If you ever call me that again, it will hurt worse, I promise you that." Just about everyone in Gryfinndor had seen my little outburst, I didn't care. Didn't they understand that Potter was a jerk, not a god. Him and his stupid snitch, him and his stupid ugly hair. WHAT THE HELL IS HIS PROBLEM??? I made my dramatic exit, up the stairs and to my room. About fifty people rushed over to Potters aid (Maggie in the lead). I threw myself on the bed feeling very proud of myself until........ "Lily was that really necessary?" Addy was standing in the doorway, I could only see her shadow but I knew it was her. "Yes it was!" "And what did he do to deserve that? You know, if he can't play tomorrow our whole house is going to want to kill you." "Madame Pomfrey can fix it in a jiffy. Ugh Potter having a broken wrist or leg won't kill him. If anything it might make him a little less......." "Or maybe a little more. You know if he has broken something he's going to have girls waiting on him hand and foot." I mentally kicked myself. Much to my dismay Potter soaked everything he could out of his "injury!" he was having trouble sitting down and his ankle was twisted funny, but fortunately the medicine would fix it an hour before his game. But until then he could lay in the hospital wing and have 4th, 5th and 6th year girls of all houses wait on him. (Well except for Slytherin) Potter did play his game and was naturally the hero of it. Gryffindor slaughtered Slytherin, and now the whole school was buzzing about how "With James on the team Gryffindor is a shoe in for the cup." When ever I heard this I would roll my eyes and get yelled at for not showing "Gryffindor pride" If Gryffindor pride means worshiping potter, I think I'll transfer to Ravenclaw. END OF CHAPTER 7! Alright, like I said we reached our goal of 8 reviewers, can we shoot for 10 this time. I've seen my hits and I KNOW that MANY MANY people have read this story, I should have more reviews. 95 people read chapter 6 and only 8 reviewed! PEOPLE PLEASE HAVE A HEART! PLEASE NOTE THAT RESPONSES TO REVIEWS FOR CHAPTER 6 have been POSTED in section SEVEN! I luv you all! *Jeannie Oct. 22nd, Hi ya'll ok here's the scoop! Chapter 9 is about 1/3 away done. but I've been thinking, I am seriously considdering taking this story out of the romance section and putting it in General. I'm not sure yet though. There will most likely be VERY LITTLE roamnce in this story. And it won't come for awhile. So be on the lookout! luv, *Jeannie Oct 27, Ok we have a total five 5 reviews! Can we shoot for 3 more? porfavor? (please) I'd REALLY appraitciate. This chapter has not had as many hits as i would like. Is there something I need to change with my writing style? *Jeannie

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