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The next morning, Scarlett, Becky, Alex, and Padma made their way to Arithmacy, the first class of the day.

"I wonder who will be in our class this year." Becky pondered as they walked into the second to last classroom on the left of the corridor. "Oh look, Seamus" she said almost as soon as they set foot inside the room. She was talking about Seamus Finnigan, the boy she had fancied all summer. She and Padma left Scarlett and Alex to go talk to him.

A/N: Thanks for the reviewss!!! I'll keep this short and to the point. Please review!!! And I hope you anjoyed this chapter. "Come on, let's get seats over here" Scarlett said, leading the way to seats by the window. Before the two girls could reach them though, two boys took over the seats.

"Hello Draco. Hello Blaise." Scarlett greeted the two boys cheerfully.

"Hello Scarlett." the boys replied, Draco with no emotion (which made Scarlett frown a bit). The two boys standing in front of them were Draco Malfoy, easily one of the most popular, if not the most popular boys in school, and Blaise Zabini, his best friend.

"And you are?" Blaise said, addressing Alex.

"I'm Alex" she replied. A look of recognition overcame both boys.

"So you're that hot girl that everyone is talking about," Blaise said smirking a bit, and making her blush a little. Draco stepped in front of him and turned his attention to Alex.

"The name's Malfoy. Draco Malfoy." he said coolly, as though trying to impress her. Of course she knew who he was but she kept her mouth shut. The fact that he was even standing net to her was making her insides squirm. Every girl in seventh year, no, the school thought Draco was the most handsome thing ever and would do anything to be in her shoes.

"How come I haven't seen you before?" he continued.

'Because you never looked' She thought. Instead she answered with almost as much cool as him. "I've been around." He seemed to be slightly impressed by her and she saw his eyes wander from her face. She was slightly embarrassed catching him checking her out but she was determined not to show it. This was all still very new to her.

"Please be seated." their professor announced as he walked into the class.

"I'll see you tonight." he said, not in question form but as a statement. Alex didn't' really think much of it as she and Scarlett took the seats behind Blaise and Draco. She could tell that Scarlett was a bit jealous of her. The boy that Scarlett fancied all year was paying more attention to her best friend. Alex felt bad, but it was really out of her hands.

The class went on and nothing more exciting happened. Unless you count when Blaise knocked over everything on Laveder Brown and Parvati Patil's desk because he was too busy staring at Alex to notice anything. He was returning to his seat after writing a problem on the chalkboard. Alex felt his eyes on her but she avoided eye contact with him. He too was very handsome but she was slightly uncomfortable with being stared at constantly.

The day dragged on as excitement was rising in the seventh years. The first party of the year was slowly drawing nearer and everyone was talking about it. Alex looked for any sign of Harry in the corridors and in the Great Hall but she missed him every time. She was a bit disappointed with her luck as she was walking with Scarlett to dinner.

"Alex!" she heard from behind her. She turned to see Harry hurrying toward her, leaving Ron and Hermione behind. He greeted her with a warm bear hug that made her grin.

"I haven't seen you all day. I was starting to get worried." he said in her ear. Alex grinned wider.

"It was sweet of you to think about me." she replied.

"Harry! Come on!" Ron shouted at his friend from the entrance of the Great Hall. Harry nodded to him.

"I guess I'll see you tonight then." he said, giving her an apologetic look.

She nodded in an understanding way. "I'll be there." She smiled at him one last time before he jogged over to his friends.

"Aw that's so sweet" Scarlett said, gushing. Alex had forgotten that she was standing there the whole time. "I wish a guys would do that for me."

"Do what?" Alex asked, confused.

"That" Scarlett gestured to the scene that had just taken place.

"Oh like a guy has never hugged you in the middle of a hallway before." she said sarcastically.

"Yeah but they don't do it to be sweet or cute, they do it.. well you know." she said, sheepishly almost. Scarlett had a reputation for sleeping around with guys ad playing with their heads. Even so, guys still adored her.

Alex didn't know how to respond and remained silent as they proceeded to their table in the Great Hall. They took seats across from Padma and Becky.

"Guess what we heard!" Becky exclaimed as they sat down. Alex and Scarlett looked at them, eager to hear the gossip.

"Seamus likes Becky!" Padma exclaimed in a whisper so that no one else could hear.

"Really? That's great Becky!" Scarlett said, hugging her friend.

"And supposedly he's going to ask me out tonight!" she added.

"That's awesome!" Alex said, happy for the other girl.

"Can you believe our first party as seventh years is in a few hours?" Padma asked, helping herself to the food that had just appeared on the table. The other girls followed suit.

"I know, I haven't even found anything to wear yet." Scarlett said.

"Me either!" the other girls exclaimed. They agreed to eat fast so that they could return to their common room to get ready, seeing as the party was at 8:00 and it was already 6:00. As they were leaving the Great Hall, they noticed other seventh year girls leaving also.

Back in the common room, the girls tore through their trunks, looking for something to wear. Alex just sat on her bed because she still only had her dorky clothes. She had sent for some new clothes but they hadn't come yet.

"Alex, why don't you some of my clothes?" Becky suggested. She had an enormous selection of stylish muggle clothes.

Two hours and a lot of work later, the girls were ready for the party and they all looked perfect. Becky and Scarlett were wearing tight jeans and tank tops while Padma and Alex were wearing short denim minis and baby tees. Alex thought that the skirt was short and she kept adjusting it.

"Stop it. It's not short at all!" Padma exclaimed after she pulled her skirt down for the twentieth time. The girls checked their perfected hair and make up one last time, and headed to the Room of Requirements. They cautiously made their way to the right floor, hoping not to be stopped by any teachers. Fortunately for them, they didn't see anyone and reached the door as soon as Parvati Patil and Lavender Brown did.

"Ready?" Scarlett asked, taking lead and placing her hand on the handle to the door. They nodded in response and Scarlett pushed the door open. When they entered the room, it was like stepping into a different world. Muggle music was blasting and many people were dancing to it in the middle of the room. A few disco balls, muggle decorations, hung from the ceiling. There were a few couches set up a long the walls of the room and there was a long table with beverages and snacks. She could tell that she was in for a wild night. In a midst of people, Scarlett, Padma, Becky, and Alex got separated from the each other.

Alex searched the room for them but she got sidetracked when a boy asked her to dance. She looked at him for a second and recognized him as Ernie Macmillan from Hufflepuff. She accepted his proposal seeing as she couldn't find her friends in all these people.

He took her hand and lead her to the middle of the room where everyone was dancing. She studied the other people dancing since she was new at this. She realized that dancing was a lot of bum shaking and body twisting. 'Ok I guess I could do that' she thought, feeling slightly uncomfortable at first but she soon got the hang of it. She became slightly startled when Ernie moved closer to her and touched her waist but she saw that it was normal and relaxed. When the song was over she left Ernie, and went to look for any of her friends.

Alex wandered around for a bit, saying hi to people and stopping for a word at times. When Alex had finally spotted Scarlett on the dance floor a half hour later, she was surprised to see who she was with. Scarlett was grinding with non other that Harry. They both looked content and slightly tipsy. Alex felt pained as she watched Harry slid his hands onto her bottom and as she kissed his neck slowly. 'I cant believe her' Alex thought angrily. She felt tears welling in her eyes but she fought them back. 'If she can have fun, so can I' a new side of her said. She smiled evilly and headed towards the food table to grab herself a shot of fire whiskey.

"Hey Alex" Ron greeted her after she had downed her second shot.

"Heyyy" she greeted him, dragging out the word.

"Care to dance?" he asked her, offering his hand.

"Sure" she replied, putting down her empty glass and taking his hand. The song "Get It Poppin'"came on and Ron and Alex started to dance. Alex shook her hips and moved her body the way she had see Scarlett and the other girls do. She spun around, having her back to Ron and he took the opportunity to came up behind her and dance against her. She continued to dance as Ron but his hands on her hips. Soon Alex found herself being sandwiched by Ron and Dean Thomas, another Gryffindor. A few songs later Alex pulled away from the boys and walked back over to the table to down a few more shots.

Three shots later, Alex was ready to dance some more. She spotted Blaise standing near the table, talking to another Slytherin boy. She approached him and the other boy; as soon as she reached them, they were joined by Draco.

"Dance with me" he said in her ear. She nodded, waving goodbye to Blaise and the unfamiliar boy as Draco led her to the dance floor. On the way, Alex noticed Harry and Scarlett on one of the couches, making out. She felt a pang in her heart but changed into energy as Draco turned to her and "Yeah" came on.

Draco placed his hands on her waist, pulling her closer to him as they danced. Alex fit against his body perfectly, and they moved together as one to the music. Draco left one hand on the small of her back while the other one dropped to the back of her thigh and slowly crawled upward. Alex giggled when she felt the tingles go down her spine. The alcohol was kicking in and suddenly everything was a bit more funny.

Draco smirked and pulled her closer, if that was even possible, and she pressed her hips against his. His hand moved to just at the hem of her skirt and leaned closer to her. She tilted her head up to his and let him kiss her. Something in the back of her mind remembered Harry and Scarlett kissing and dancing. This made her kiss Draco more hungrily. 'Maybe Scarlett will see and feel like I did.' she thought. This was her revenge. Draco was surprised but not unhappy with her eagerly kissing him back and decided to take advantage a bit.

He pulled away slowly and led Alex to the back of the room, seeing as the song was long over and he was no longer in the mood to dance. He leaned against the wall and pulled her to him. She giggled again and kissed him full on the lips. He wrapped replaced his hands on her back and thigh and she wrapped her arms around his neck. Draco deepened the kiss and she parted her lips. After a few minutes of heated kissing, Draco moved to take the next step and Alex stopped him.

"Can't... people... not right... don't know..." Alex mumble half drunkenly.

Draco looked at her slightly sympathetically. He knew about this girl and he also knew that she had little experience with, well just about everything. However, he too had a bit too many shots (although he was not as drunk as her) and he wasn't about to receive no as an answer.

'I need somewhere where we can be alone' he thought three times, hoping it would work, seeing as he was inside the Room of Requirements as he thought it. Sure enough, it did. A door appeared next to the two teenagers and he led Alex through it. The room contained a couch sitting in front of a fire and a four poster bed sitting behind the couch. It was cozy.

"Ooo" she muttered, giggling softly. Draco smirked and came up behind her after he closed the door behind them. He wrapped his arms around her once more and kissed her neck lightly. Alex smiled and enjoyed the feeling of his lips on her skin. One of his hands was sneaking up the front of her shirt, sending more tingles down her spine. In a matter of seconds, as if in one swift movement, her shirt was discarded and her lips were pressed to Draco's. They were lost in a midst of passion and lust, all of which were carrying them away. They moved slowly to the couch, the bed was too far away. Things progressed, clothes shed, and kisses exchanged until someone interrupted...

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