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R.E.C. by pearluna
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Disclaimer: I don’t own Harry Potter. DUH!
Chapter 6: Helpful Hands

During our first week with the gifts, Anne and I quickly learned things we could never have imagined, like passages to Hogsmeade, shortcuts to classes, and things like that. However, no matter how much we enjoyed our gifts, one question always bugged me and Anne: Why give this stuff away? We resolved to ask our tutors at the next study session. To our surprise, once we had asked, they kind of lectured us.

“Now, Rachel and Anne, you remember Fred and George? Well, they got this map and quickly discovered what it was. After all, being pranksters, it wasn’t too hard for them to find the correct phrase to access the map. This map shows every passage, ever person, and every thing else. How else could they have gotten away with all their magical mischief? Well, when they were in fifth year, they had memorized the entire map. They gave it to my husband, Harry. It just so happens that Remus Lupin was the Defense against the Dark Arts teacher that year. He ended up with the map, but when he left at the end of the year, he gave it back to Harry. By the time Professor Lupin gave it back to him, Harry knew the history of the map and about its creators. He was quite glad to have it.

“Of course, now Harry is a teacher and has had the map for a long time. He knows every passage and password by heart. He doesn’t need it anymore, so Hermione and I decided to give it to you. No doubt you will find a use for it!” Professor Ginny finished with a wink.

“Yes,” continued Professor Hermione, “there is one thing. Well, two, really. You have to promise to do two things, or we’ll take our gifts back.”

“What are they?” asked Anne anxiously.

A mischievous look lit Professor Ginny’s eyes. “I had to convince Hermione about the second one, but she agreed eventually. The two things you must promise to do are to one,” she counted off one finger, “agree to help us clean our classrooms and/or organize them when we need or want help, and two,” she counted off a second finger, “you must prank Malfoy.”

“What?!” I asked incredulously. A teacher asking us to prank a classmate? a fellow housemate at that! Anne took the shock a bit better than I did, but she seemed shocked to me.

“May I ask why?”

The mischievous look on Professor Hermione’s face surprised me. “Revenge, of course! Payback! By innocent—INNOCENT!—pranks on his son, Malfoy—er, Draco—will be very upset. I’ll admit, we shouldn’t do this, but let’s just say it’s in the mode of self-preservation.”

“Or retaliation,” retorted Professor Ginny. “The point is, Malfoy is NOT going to leave you two alone. He will be worse for you than his father was for us; at least we were all in houses besides Slytherin. All Slytherins are wonderful to Malfoy. They’re all pure blood, except a select few, but you get my point.”

Anne and I looked at each other, wearing identical (if a bit mischievous) grins. This was going to be a year to remember...

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