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“WAKEY, WAKEY LADIES,” said Lily in a mock happy voice as she turned on the lights to watch her roommates squirm underneath the covers of their comfy beds.

“Holy Shit, LILY!!! Its 2:30 AM!!!” moaned Sam as she poked her head out from underneath her blanket giving Lily a look of disgust. Lily couldn’t help but laugh when she saw the states of her three friends’ hair… bed head would probably be the best way to describe it.

“Well, that’s what you get when you guys have been complete and total pricks to me,” said Lily in a sarcastic tone

“Jesus, Lily we have tried to tell you like a million times today that we were sorry,” said Rachel, obviously not catching the sarcasm “and every time you would just get up and walk away from us!”

“I had a damn good reason!”

“Oh what was that?” asked Rachel, “you had to go snog Potter??”

“Shut up Rach!” snapped Danielle rather grumpily, “you’ve done enough damage,”

“So what was this “damn good reason” anyway Lily?” asked Sam as she stretched out her tired, achy bones.

A huge grin suddenly spread over Lily’s face; for this was the reason why she had come back to the dorm…she had to share it, while it was still fresh in her mind.

“We all know how Potter has been teasing and pranking us since the day we first arrived at Hogwarts, right?” said Lily and Sam, Danielle and Rachel all nodded in agreement “But lately, Potter has gone to far… he is seriously starting to really piss me off!”
“Testify!” said Sam as she waved her arms in the air. The four girls broke out into the giggles and a sudden but powerful pillow fight erupted from the girls. After a few minutes of none stop whacking and laughing the girls had subsided enough so Lily could continue.

“Anyways, Written within the pages of this sacred book,” said lily, taking the small black book and lifting over her head “Are the plans and plots that will make sure the Marauders will never forget our names!”

“It’s not likely that James would ever forget your name Lily anyways!” said Rachel who burst into giggles shortly after saying this

“That’s not the point you knob!” said Danielle sounding rather irritated. Lily rolled her eyes at the two of them because they never really seemed to get along.

“Lily!! Can we please, PLEASE see the plans!” said Sam throwing herself down on her knees in front of Lily

“Obviously you dork! Do you think I am going to try and outwit the Marauders by myself?” asked Lily raising one eyebrow

“Of course, of course” Said Sam, “…Now hand over the book!” She excitedly snatching the book from Lily’s hands, who was slightly amused in the manner that Sam was acting.

Sam, Danielle and Rachel all gathered around the book and flipped the pages and occasionally looked up and gave a look of awe to Lily. The plans in that book were absolutely remarkable and some when the three girls had finished reading the plans they all ran up to Lily and gave her a big group hug.

“Lily You Are a Genius!” exclaimed Sam, who was now squeezing harder

“Yah, Guys I Love you and everything but I can’t breathe!” said a very crimson Lily, for she was now getting squeezed so hard by her friends that all the air had left her body.

“Sorry Lils!” said Danielle half giggling

“Your plans are truly amazing though Lily,” said Sam as wiggled through the girls and out of the hug “and for sure I am in, I seriously can’t wait until we pull these pranks because I want to see the looks on their faces, it will be absolutely priceless!”

The four girls stayed awake all night and continued to talk strategy for this historical event. They even came up with a few more plans that would keep the students of Hogwarts talking for the rest of the year.


James was rather taken aback by the quick departure of Lily. He was feeling rather down at this point because he didn’t know why he kept getting completely blown off by Lily. After all he was “James Potter” the complete heart throb that any other girl would give an arm and a leg to go out with him.

He slipped on his invisibility cloak and pulled out his map. He felt like doing something but he wasn’t sure what yet though. He gazed over his map but found nothing at interest. He decided that he would like to take his normal thinking route. James’ thinking route was a route that he had developed in fourth year that he liked to walk while he was pondering something. Quite often he was thinking of Lily and how to win her over. The route took him down most major hallways and a lot of side hallways and when he walked a moderate pace it took him about an hour to complete. As he set off he allowed his thoughts to stray all over the place, from his favourite quidditch goals to time when he and Sirius had a competition of who could stuff the most chocolate frogs in their mouth (and of course he won!) but soon he found himself thinking of Lily. Lily. How he loved that name, it sounded so peaceful and beautiful and it was the perfect name for Evans. He suddenly remembered when he first met Evans, it was on they had gone on the Hogwarts express in first year for the first time. He was in the corridor with Sirius when he first saw her. Lily was following Sam into a compartment and James had seriously thought he had seen an angel and he knew from that moment on that he, James Potter would marry Lily Evans.

James was surprised at how far his feet went without him telling them so. He stopped and gazed out the nearest window that overlooked Hogwarts beautiful grounds and smiled to himself for tomorrow is another day and it would bring both good and bad surprises.

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