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As Harry and Ginny rounded the corner of the hallway to the door of her flat, they nearly tripped over Ron as he sat in the door awaiting his sister’s arrival.

“For merlin’s sake you two – get a room!” He muttered at Ginny’s cry of surprise when they noticed him sitting there. Getting to his feet he brushed off his dirty quidditch robes.

“Matter of fact Ronald – we do have a room – we were on our way to it when we unfortunately tripped over you. Now if you kindly get out of my way –“ Ginny pushed herself out of Harry’s warm embrace and moved to unlock the front door of her flat.

Looking back at her brother, she noticed that he was wearing dirt and grass stained quidditch robes and a not-so-subtle odor was emanating off of his body. Looking down at his feet she noticed a ruck-sack lying on the floor.

“Come on in and tell us what happened.” She added, moving through the doorway into the flat, waiting for the men to follow her in.

Harry watched as Ginny moved through her front entrance and straight into the kitchen, marveling at how in one moment she had gone from being soft and sexy in his arms with no other thoughts but about him to being totally focused on her brother and his problem.

“Ron – why don’t you go clean up – I’ll make us a spot of tea and you a bite to eat and you can tell us what happened.”

As Ron moved to take leave of the kitchen to clean himself up he looked from Ginny to Harry, his eyes pleading with the latter to help him. Harry took the hint and moved over to where Ginny had her head in the fridge and was pulling out leftovers from the top shelf. “Gin – I think Ron needs to talk to a mate right now, not his sister.” He said in a low tone, as Ginny spun around with a covered casserole dish in her hands and looked up at him.

“Well I obviously know it’s because Hermione has thrown him out. What do you suggest – the lot of you go off down to the Leaky Cauldron, get foolish on firewhiskey and stumble back here at 5 in the morning?”

“That’s precisely what I think we’re going to do.” Harry continued before she could say another word. “Gin – I think Ron needs someone of the male gender to talk to right now. And I have a feeling you’ll be seeing Hermione here sooner rather than later.” Taking the dish from her hands he placed it back on the shelf in the fridge and shut the door.

Ginny set her mouth in a pout and crossed her arms over her chest. “Fine – but please make him eat something – if the two of you come back here tonight and get ill in my home – YOU will be cleaning it up Mr. Potter.” Harry laughed and placed his hands on her shoulders.

“Don’t worry Ms. Weasley, I solemnly swear we’ll behave ourselves and if anyone gets ill, you may hold me responsible. Ron and I haven’t been out alone together since I got home. And although I’m sorry it’s ruining our night together, I need to do this for Ron too.”

Ginny away from Harry’s eyes and over his shoulder to see Ron walk into the kitchen, “You’re lucky you’re my favorite brother,” she said walking over to him and pointing a finger out of her fist to poke him in the shoulder. “Otherwise, heads would be rolling at this moment. Please don’t be a total git tonight? I want to be able to tell your wife that you didn’t do anything foolish like last time you two had an argument.” Ginny then walked around Ron. “Make sure you lock the door behind you ok? I’m off to bed,” she finished and moved down the hall to her room, entering it and shutting the door behind her.


Harry moved slowly through the packed pub with a glass of firewhiskey for him and Ron in each hand. Looking around he seen that every sort of witch and wizard were there that evening. There was a group of old gnarled wizards over in the back corner, where Harry could see they were playing wizard’s chess. As he neared the table Ron had secured, a small army of witches fluttered past him, blatantly checking him out and giggling as they went by, a large cloud of perfume invading his senses.

“There you go Ron, one firewhiskey to start.” As he sat down, Harry set one glass down in front of his best mate and then his own up in a mini salute before taking the first initial gulp. His eyes slightly watered as the firewhiskey burned a trail down his throat and pooled in his stomach sending warmth radiating outwards.

Ron did the same except instead of taking an initial drink he downed the entire glass, making his cheeks turn a bright pink. “Harry – if you don’t mind – let’s not talk about the girls right now. I just want to obliterate the thoughts from my head.” Because Ron did look so depressed at the thought of letting out what he and Hermione had fought about – Harry just let the subject drop and waved down a passing wait-witch.
“Yes my-love, what can I be getting two fine young gentleman like yourselves?” Ron just rolled his eyes and sat back in his chair as Harry blushed madly and cleared his throat.

“We’d like a few more rounds of firewhiskey please. Do you happen to have those refilling glasses that are available in Paris? That way we won’t be a bother to you all night.”

The wait-witch laughed and planted one hand on her hip and leaned over suggestively towards Harry. “Darlin’ for you – I’d come back once every 5 minutes with your order. Don’t worry about a thing, your friend there looks like he needs to forget something at the moment.”

As the wait-witch moved away from their table, Ron looked over at Harry who was left slightly speechless by the aggressiveness of the woman. “Good to see you still don’t know your own power against the female species. That one walked by the table 5 times and didn’t look at me twice until you arrived with the first round.”

“Come on Ron – you’re making it like I have some sort of magical hold over women. I don’t – and besides you know me – I only want a hold over one witch in particular and that’s the last I’ll say about it tonight – now how’s Quidditch going?”

During the next hour and a half the two friends got deep into a discussion of the Quidditch season, the odds of how each team was going to do, injuries, and how former Hogwart’s students were doing on their respective teams.

“You know Harry – you should think about trying out for a team. Even though you haven’t played on an organized team since school – any number of teams would be willing to take you on, just for your potential.” Ron said, slurping up the last of his drink from their latest round.

Harry let the thoughts of playing Quidditch once more tumble through his mind while he twirled his glass around on the table. He’d love to get back onto the Quidditch pitch and feel the air rush through his hair as he lifted off, scanning the area around him for the golden snitch, and finally the triumph he felt each time he caught it. But he knew as much as he wished he could do it, Harry knew that soon he was going to head back into his auror duties, and in that place there was no time for Quidditch.

“Yeah – playing Quidditch would be fun. I just can’t see it happening.” Harry said matter-of-factly. “Just doesn’t seem like its in the cards mate.”

“No? But the war is over. Voldemort is dead and the death-eaters are in jail. What more can you do as an auror?” Ron asked, his words slurring slightly.

“Ron, there’s a lot left that I can do as an auror. Investigating plots to overthrow the ministry, kidnappings, stuff like that. Just because the war is over doesn’t mean that evil and badness is gone.” Harry said glancing over at the clock above the bar as he heard the barkeep yell last call. “Well mate we had better get back to Ginny’s flat.” Harry pushed himself to his feet and felt the world tilt slightly beneath him. Looking over and seeing Ron wobble as he rose made Harry realize that they had probably drank much more than intended. “What do you say we walk back, get some fresh air.”

Ron looked at his friend and laughed as his head blurred into two. “You know that’s a good idea Harry, Gin would have a fit if she seen us right now.”

Harry and Ron walked down the narrow street towards Ginny’s neighbourhood, drunkenly singing the Hogwarts school song and holding each other up. Ron stopped mid-verse and sank down onto the curb bringing his friend down as well.

“Harry – I’m not sure what I’m going to do. I really messed it up this time.” Ron said sadly.

“Messed what up? You and Hermione? Mate – you’ve fought practically since the day the two of you met on the train. Whatever it is – you’ll get through it.” Harry said throwing an arm around Ron’s shoulders and swaying into him.

“Yeah but this was an explosive argument. I mean – I was around Ginny the entire time she was pregnant – and it wasn’t a pleasant experience when she was angry – so I should have known better. But I was madder than a trapped grindylow tonight when I got home from Quidditch practice and I was itching for a fight. And there was Hermione standing there all happy about something. And all I could do was push her and push her until she snapped. Harry – I’ve never seen anyone so mad, even Mum! She threw things at my head and swore up and down at me. The last thing I remember as I dashed out the door was a vase smashing beside my head against the door jam and her yelling to stay away from her, her flat and her life until she was good and ready to have me back.”

Harry blew a loud sigh out of his mouth. Speechless as to what to say to Ron, he pondered for awhile and came up with a bit of advice – “Wow, you’ve really got some reconciling to do. Hermione actually threw things? She must be mad.”

“Thanks mate – you’re so much help.” Ron said jabbing Harry in the ribs. Causing the two to start to wrestle in the street. When someone in the building above them yelled for them to keep it down – Harry pulled Ron to his feet and the two continued their tottering towards Ginny’s.

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