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Author’s Note: alright... this chapter does a Quidditch thing... and I think the Quidditch season goes through the entire year, but I said it was the last game of the year, so pretty much, no flamers saying I don’t know what I’m talking about because I’m aware of my mistake, it just made everything easier to say it was the final match. Okay so now that you know that, I hope you enjoy this chapter!

“Hey Malfoy...erm, good luck later today.” Draco turned from his divinations work to see Harry and Ron leaning over to him smiling.
“Thanks Potter, good luck to you guys too.” Later that day after lunch there was the biggest Quidditch game of the year which also happened to be the last, Slytherin against Gryffindor. Both teams had tied scores and who ever won would win the cup, and since Harry and Draco were both captains, the school could just imagine how badly they wanted to win in their 7th year. Draco turned back to his work until he was dismissed to his next class, potions with Hermione, Harry and the Gryffindors.

Draco made it quickly from the Astronomy Tower down to the dungeons faster than he thought he could.
“Hermione!” he called when he saw her turn a corner to get into class. Hermione smiled and waved to him with Harry and Ron behind her also waving to him.
“Look, its Draco’s Gryffindor whore!” A Slytherin shouted from beside Draco causing him to falter in his step and whip around to see who it was. ‘Parkinson, bloody hell of course it was her.’ The Slytherins surrounding her began chanting ‘Gryffindor whore, Gryffindor whore!’ Hermione clenched her wand, but Harry grabbed her arms before she could do anything to jeopardize her Head Girl position.
“You’re one to talk Parkin-slut!!” From Snape’s class Ginny came charging out red in the face. Everyone turned to see the short red haired girl storming towards the group of Slytherins with her wand out by her side.
“Better put that stick away before you hurt yourself Weaselette.” Pansy said causing laughter to break out among the Slytherins surrounding her.
“Incarcerous!” Ginny shouted pointing her wand at Pansy’s torso. Suddenly thick ropes sprang from Ginny’s wand and wrapped themselves around Pansy’s legs and arms making a tight casing around her body to her shoulders. Bursts of laughter echoed through the dungeons at the sight of Pansy wriggling like an over grown worm. The laughing grew even louder when she toppled to the ground with a loud thud, but Snape appeared from his classroom fuming.
“100 points from Gryffindor and an extra 50 points thanks to Ms. Weasley’s joke being so funny to you all! Not get in your seats immediately!!” Hermione looked over to Ginny who was no longer smiling. Ginny saw Hermione staring and lipped ‘I’m Sorry’ before she left to her next class.

Potions went by like every other class Hermione had that day, slow and completely uneventful. Snape immediately moved Draco to the Slytherin side of the room when he sat with Hermione and Harry and took points from Slytherin to everyone’s surprise.
“I want an eight inch parchment on the effects of Werewolf blood when mixed with murlap.” Snape announced before the class began to pack their things and head of to lunch.
“So ‘Mione, who are you going to be routing for at the match today?” Harry asked suspiciously glancing at Draco on her other side. “You know we’re both captains, and seekers.”
“Yes I know that Harry, but I’ll be cheering you both on, and when Gryffindor wins there will be a party in the Head’s Tower.” Both the boys looked at Hermione in shock.
“Since when do you attend parties, let along plan them?” Draco asked. “Wait, who said Gryffindor id going to win?”
“Draco, you have never caught the snitch before me, in case you haven’t noticed.” Harry smirked obviously proud of himself.
“Say what you want, today is different, so keep the hair out of your eyes Harry because I’m going to right on your broomstick.” The three of them entered the Great Hall that was only half full with students.
“Draco what are you doing?” Hermione asked when he sat down beside her on the Gryffindor table.
“There isn’t a rule saying I can’t sit here, plus the Slytherins hate me now and I don’t think you want me looking like a ferret again.”
“Ah yes, Draco Malfoy the famous bouncing ferret.” Dean Thomas said from the other side of the table next to Harry. Even though the other Gryffindor students didn’t exactly like the idea of Hermione dating Draco, they still accepted his new change a lot better than the Slytherins.
“Hey everyone, and erm... Draco...” Ginny said as she sat next to Hermione with Seamus behind her. “What exactly are you doing here?”
“Merlin, there is not rule saying I can’t, and being with all of you is a lot more welcoming than sitting there.” Draco said nodding in the direction of the Slytherin table.
“Hmm good point. Well it’s nice seeing at least one Slytherin has a brain.” Seamus said beginning to pile food onto his plate and start a new conversation with some other students. No one at the Gryffindor table seemed to care Draco was there, but the rest of the houses couldn’t find anything else to talk about.

“Hey Draco, you’d better get your team together the match is going to start in thirty-five minutes.” Harry told him standing up causing the rest of the Gryffindor team to finish their meals and stand as well.
“They’ll figure it out sooner or later, but I’m leaving now anyway.” Draco stood and leaned over Hermione’s shoulder to kiss her on the cheek. “Don’t walk to the pitch alone, I don’t trust my house enough.”
“I won’t I can just walk with Lavender or Neville. You need to stop worrying; I can take care of myself.” Hermione said turning up to look at him and giving him a reassuring smile.
“I know you can, but -”
“Hermione walk down with us, you can hang out in the locker room with Ginny and the other girls until the match starts, then Ginny can walk you to the stands since we are trying out the new kid to see if he can handle being Chaser for when Ginny leaves.” Ron said trying to get as much food into his napkin as he could. “What, I’m still hungry!” he said when he noticed the odd stares he was getting.
“That’s actually not a bad idea, come on we have to go now though.” Harry said trying to rush his team out to the pitch since the Slytherins were already leaving the Hall. They all hurried out of the Great Hall and Draco ran ahead to lead his own team.

In the locker room, Hermione spoke with Ginny and the other girls on the team. She had never been interested or good at the concept of Quidditch, but everyone around her made it seem like the greatest activity a witch or wizard could ever play.

“So, why is Harry putting in a new player on the last game of his Hogwarts career, and against Slytherin?” Hermione asked on the way up to the Gryffindor side of the stands.
“Harry says that if Brian, that’s the new kid’s name, can handle himself against Slytherin, than he’ll do absolutely fine next year when hopefully I can be captain.” Ginny said smiling widely. Ginny wanted to be captain more than Harry and Ron put together, she always thought that it would be perfect to hang over their heads along with Fred and George.
“I suppose that makes sense. Well thanks for walking me Gin, I can’t wait to see the look on Draco’s face when Harry catches the snitch for the last time in Hogwarts.” Hermione said lightheartedly causing Ginny to laugh alone with her and the image of Draco’s shocked expression.
“Meet me back at the locker rooms after the game, okay?”
“Alright, good luck!” Hermione shouted over the loud roars and boo’s from the Gryffindor stands when the team of maroon and gold flew up into the air accompanied by just as many green and silver players.

“That’s another goal for Slytherin! Putting the score at 50 to 10, Slytherin leads!” Seamus Finnigan shouted over the cheering Slytherins, he had taken over the job of announcer once Lee Jordan left the previous year. Hermione took a quick scan above the stands and immediately spotted Draco doing slow laps around the stadium searching for any sign of gold.

“Hey Draco, no hard feelings when I catch the snitch first, okay?” Harry called when he came about 10 feet from Draco.
“Who said you’ll catch it first? I’m just as fast as you are!” Draco yelled not letting his sight fall from scrutinizing the area around the pitch.
“I do!” suddenly Harry streaked past Draco on his broom almost causing him to fall off, but Draco was just as quick to react.
“And it looks like Gryffindor Seeker Harry Potter has spotted the snitch! But the Slytherin Seeker Draco Malfoy is right on his broom! Go Harry!!” Seamus boomed over the stands. Harry dove hard after the tiny golden ball heading straight for the Gryffindor goal post with Draco directly beside him. They both split apart at the same time to avoid colliding with the goal post.
“Watch it Harry, don’t want to break that pretty head of yours.” Draco yelled as he began to pull ahead of Harry.
“And Draco Malfoy has gained a lead on Harry Potter. The two seekers are only twenty from the ground. One of them has to pull up!” Seamus shouted again over the pitch. Harry and Draco were only a couple feet from hitting the ground when the snitch pulled back and zoomed up between the two boys and out of sight. They pulled up as hard as they could; straining to keep from hitting the hard ground.
“Pull up damnit!” Hermione screamed grabbing onto the side of the stands watching her best friend and her boyfriend. Harry pulled up before Draco only an arms length from the ground, but the back of Draco’s broom skidded on the grass before he got back up.
“Bloody hell Harry, trying to make a show or something?” Draco panted hovering up to Harry.
“It’s not my fault the snitch moved! And you didn’t have to follow so damn close either!” Harry yelled ripping his eyes from searching to plant on Draco.
“I wasn’t about to let you catch the snitch without atleast trying! Where did the damn thing go anyway?”
“Up...” Harry said flying higher. The two started their search alone again in lower spirits from not catching the snitch the first time. After twenty minutes and seven more goals between the two teams, the score was now 80 to 50 with Gryffindor in the lead. Ginny had been put in because Brian had started getting so nervous he almost shook right off his broom. Hermione was sitting back down with her attention on Luna Lovegood who was trying to get her new and improved lion head to yell ‘Go Gryffindor!’ instead of just roaring. Ron was doing brilliantly compared to how he had played against Hufflepuff in the previous game. It was like he was back in his first game in fifth year and he was acting like he didn’t even know what a Quaffle was and that it shouldn’t go through the goal.

Another ten minutes passed by and the score was tied at 80 to 80. Hermione yawned widely and turned her head upwards in boredom. Something gold caught her attention for a moment and then was out of her sight again.
“What the...” Then it was back, directly above her head was the golden snitch fluttering in circles. “Shoo, go away, shoo.” She whispered as she began to blow at the tiny winged ball.
“What’s this? It looks like Draco Malfoy has catch sight of the Golden Snitch! And Harry Potter is speeding to catch up to him!” Hermione looked back to the pitch and saw Draco and Harry speeding from the ground up to the stands where she was sitting.
“Go away!” Hermione yelled making everyone around her look and notice that the snitch was right above her.
“It’s right over Hermione! If you hurt her I’ll murder you Draco!” Harry shouted from behind Draco still trying to catch up to him.
“I know! How the bloody hell did u think I spotted it?!” He yelled pushing even further ahead of Harry. “Mione duck!!” Draco shouted as loud as he could. Hermione threw her head into her lap along with all the other Gryffindors within 5 feet of her. The snitch sped up the stands weaving in and out of people with Draco and Harry just above their heads waiting for it to soar out of the mass. The snitch pulled out of the students, but Harry was first to fly up after it making him right beside Draco again. Draco reached out as far as he could when the snitch leveled out. Harry was still trying to get ahead when he noticed Draco’s hand was out, immediately he threw his out, but since he was shorter than Draco, his arm didn’t reach as far. Again the snitch went into a dive. Feet from the ground, the snitch zoomed up past the two for the second time, but they both pulled up quickly enough that neither touched the ground.
“Damnit not again! Where the bloody hell did it go?” Harry yelled looking around. “What’s wrong with u Draco?” he asked when he saw the shocked look on Draco’s face. Slowly Draco’s wide open mouth turned into his trademark smirk and he looked directly at Harry.
“Looks like Slytherin wins, Harry.” Draco said calmly putting up his fist to show the little golden wings flapping between his fingers. The stands were dead silent at the realization that Draco had beaten Harry Potter for the first time in Quidditch.
“And Slytherin wins the last Quidditch Match of the year!” Seamus shouted half heartedly through the speakers, but nobody cheered. The Slytherins were so shocked that they were just staring at Draco in disbelief, the shouts and cheers erupted from the stands when Draco threw his fist into the air and let everyone see that it was true.
“I can’t believe you...” Harry said when he flew to the ground next to Draco. “But good game anyways, mate.” Draco shook his hand and could hear the increase of cheers and noticed the other houses had started instead of booing Slytherin’s win.
“Tsk tsk Malfoy, what would your father say?” behind Draco was the rest of the Slytherin team smirking at the defeated Gryffindor team before them.
“Since when do you speak for yourself, Goyle?” Ron spoke up beside Harry looking both angry and completely shocked.
“Keep that trap shut Weasley! I was talking to Malfoy not you-”
“Stop this bickering and get your teams into the locker rooms now.” Madame Hooch scolded at Draco and Harry when no one from either team was moving an inch.
“What are you waiting for, go change!” Draco shouted waving his arms at the team. Both teams trudged back to the locker rooms while the rest of the students returned to the halls of Hogwarts where the sounds of the Slytherin celebration party echoed throughout the dungeons.

“I still can’t believe Malf- err...Draco out flew Harry! Did you see the look on both their faces?” Neville shouted breathless from his non stop rambling on about the match.
“Hey, I didn’t make a weird face!” Draco protested, “Did I...?”
“It was kind of like this.” Hermione said from his lap distorting her face making her look like a complete fool.
“Did not!” Draco whined pulling her up into his arms and nuzzling his face into her neck.
“It’s still weird seeing them like that...just look at them, they’re both so happy.” Padma said to Lavender when everyone else in the Head’s Tower left Draco’s expression and started talking about how Harry looked when he lost.
“Hey everyone, the party can start now!” Ron and Seamus walked in with two bottles of fire whiskey each and huge silly grins plastered on their faces.
“Whoa, where do you think you are going Ronald?” Hermione said jumping up from the couch and rushing over to the two boys and snatching the bottles from them. “Are you mad? We still have classes tomorrow, it’s only Tuesday!”
“Relax ‘Mione, there’s plenty to go around, no need to be greedy.” Seamus said taking a bottle back from her.
“Yeah, you aren’t going to drink all three of those bottles now are you?” Ron said.
“Of course not! Seamus give that-”
“Well then, I’ll be taking those.” He said grabbing two more of the bottles.
“Hermione, you need to just mellow out, how much have you been through these past few weeks?” Draco said wrapping his arms around her stomach, swaying a little from side to side. Ginny came over and snatched the last bottle from Hermione without a protest.
“Fine, but there is no way I’m getting blamed for this and - hey, put that glass down Draco!” Hermione scolded when Harry passed him a glass filled half way with the orangey brown liquid.
“Hermione, you can not honestly tell me you have never tried any sort of alcohol in your life.” He said holding the glass out to her. Hermione wrinkled her nose at the smell coming from the glass.
“It smells horrible, how can you honestly like that rubbish?!” she said pushing the glass back to him.
“Fine.” Draco said tossing the drink down his throat.
“I’m not kissing you! Don’t even give me that look Draco Malfoy!” Hermione said when his wide smile didn’t wipe off when she threatened him. “I mean it, don’t!” she tried to move out of his reach, but Draco pulled her to him and kissed her deeply. The taste from his mouth caused her to pull away so quick a sad groan came from Draco.
“Eww that tasted awful!” Hermione said pretending to gag.
“Hey Hermione! What do you think you’re doing still on your feet?” Ginny shouted over the music Lavender had started. Ginny saw the parental look that she was giving her and shouted again, “Oh don’t worry and have fun, we put a silencing charm on the whole tower! And ‘Mione, stop being so stern and mature, let loose a little, come on just for one night!”
“Draco! You aren’t drinking another, you breath is horrible already.” Draco looked down and rolled his eyes sarcastically at her.
“Bloody hell, you all are going to get my Head Badge revoked...” Hermione sighed before she grabbed the glass out of Draco’s hand and swigged it down with Draco staring blankly at her and his mouth hanging open. “It tastes horrid, and burns!” Hermione began coughing dramatically patting her throat.
“I can not believe you just did that...” Harry said walking up to her in as much shock as Draco.
“Oh Harry, I am seventeen, and everyone is telling to me to loosen up. Hey, it’s all of you people’s faults.” She said trying to hide her enjoyment for finally doing something she knew she could be kicked out of Hogwarts for.
“Alright come on, Ron got Fred and George to let him have some Praesumo Juice.”
“Uhh, what’s that?” Draco asked Hermione when Harry walked away.
“Not sure, but if Fred and George made it, there is no way it’s going to end well...”

“Alright, so the only way my brothers would allow me to have any free products was if they were testers. So, uh, who’s trying first?” Ron said putting a bottle of glowing purple liquid onto the coffee table. At his warning, everyone backed a little bit away from the glowing vile, but Neville stood up and tripped over to the bottle, opened it and chugged a little. All the students in the room held their breath for him to sprout an extra limb or maybe even loose one.
“Neville? Feel okay so far?” Ron asked.
“I feel normal, do I look normal?” right when Neville said this, a slight purple mist surrounded him and a lavender scent traveled through the room.
“Nice, Fred and George said they hoped that would work, it’s just an indicator that the serum has completely run through your body. Alright, so everyone knows ‘Praesumo’ means ‘dare’ and what Neville just drank makes it impossible for him to refuse any one dare we throw at him and the serum won’t were off until he goes through with the dare.” Almost everyone in the room started chattering to their neighbor about what Neville could do that would leave them in stitches. “Wait, there are rules, I guess because my brothers don’t want to get sent to Azkaban. Anyway, no dares referring to injuring, death or any type of infliction of pain on another person or the drinker will work.” Ron read from a small parchment. “Also, there will be no consequences for anyone’s actions which means the drinker becomes fertile, how the bloody hell do those two make this happen... um, also anything that is stolen, borrowed, or taken in anyway will be immediately returned after the dare is complete. Merlin, I’m done with these ruddy rules, let’s just start, who has a good dare for Mr. Longbottom?”
“Oh, oh I got one!” Parvati shouted waving her arm all around. “Neville, I dare you to give Harry a nice sloppy kiss full on the lips.”
“Don’t be so childish; pick something better, that would be something a 3rd year would say.” Lavender said.
“Too late!” Ginny shouted when Neville nearly pounced on Harry, knocking him to the ground and kissing him completely on the lips.
“Longbottom I’m gonna pound you to a bloody pulp!” Harry shouted getting to his feet and chasing Neville around the Common Room until they were both out of breath and so was everyone else in the room from laughing.
“Oh Harry, you might want to know that you’re glowing now...” Ron said pointing to the purple glow surrounding him instead of Neville.
“I got this one, Harry I dare you to give Gin a lap dance and strip for everyone.” Hermione said smiling widely.
“No, no, no Harry I swear you’ll be hex into oblivion if you touch my sister.” Ron warned when he saw his best friend walking over to his little sister and taking his shirt off before he got next to her. Catcalls and whistles sounded through the Common Room drowning out Ron’s feeble threats.

In the middle of Harry grinding himself against Ginny and Ron turning even redder in the face, Hermione turned to Draco and told him she was getting too tired and wanted to head to sleep.
“I’ll come with you, plus watching this has definitely destroyed my interest.” Draco laughed picking her up causing a delighted squeal to come from her mouth. “Stop squirming I’m going to drop you.”
“Well if you would stop tickling me!” Hermione squealed again while they were half way to Draco’s corridors.
“Never, you’re just too much fun to touch.” Draco said knocking his door open with his foot. He layed Hermione down softly on his silk comforter and went over to a tall dark almost black mahogany dresser where he pulled out a pair of sweat pants for him, and a shirt and boxers for her.
“How come you’re giving me boxers?” Hermione said holding up the silver and green boxers with graffiti looking writing over them.
“Would you like to sleep in just your knickers now? Plus I don’t trust you to stay awake if I go to your room and get you your own clothes.” Draco smirked taking off his Hogwarts trousers and robes and putting the black sweat pants on. Hermione found his excuse good enough and she changed quickly then threw the heavy covers over her small body and Draco followed pulling her back to his chest. He noticed that her hair smelled like vanilla and that a sigh he had never noticed softly came when his arms wrapped perfectly against her stomach.
“Hey ‘Mione?” Draco asked sweetly.
“Hmm...” a sleepy response replied.
“You drank fire whiskey...” he said laughing a little at the thought. “Ouch!” Hermione elbowed his hard in the ribs stopping his laughing immediately.
“And don’t expect it to happen again, I can still taste that filth.”
“Yeah alright, good night love.” The two of them drifted together into a yielding sleep where their dreams were filled with only the other’s voice and face.

The next morning Draco woke up to a furious tapping on his window. He opened his heavy eyelids and shut them hard to the blinding light that was streaming onto his bed. Again he opened his eyes and blinked a couple times before he could see a large black owl scratching and peeking at the glass to his window. ‘How could Hermione not here that bloody bird going mad?’ Draco thought as he got up and looked back on the large bed to see a lump of covers curled into her petite curled form. He decided against waking her up since there was still an hour until breakfast and walked to the window where the owl was now hooting and flapping it’s wings so hard feathers were flying out. Draco opened the window and the maniac bird flew in and kicked an envelope onto the bed and sped off out the window again.
“Bloody animals...” Draco grumbled sitting on the edge of the bed and grabbed the envelope and saw a large curvy ‘M’ imprinted in wax on the flap of the envelope. “He can’t possibly expect me to read this.” Draco said to himself quietly taking the paper in both hands about to rip it in half. But before he could tear even an inch the envelope suddenly became red hot, burning his hands causing him to drop it immediately. Left on the floor was a small piece of parchment with his father’s writing on it.
He read, “Draco, you have no clue what you have just begun. Never in your life will you ever defy me and abandon the life you were created to live. Hide and seek, you’re it.” Draco jumped to his feet and flung the covers off his bed revealing nothing but air between the sheets.

I AM SO SORRY FOR THE CLIFFHANGER! but i couldn't keep writing... this chapter is almost 4,500 words... and it just fit right to end it... again i'm sorry for just leaving ya'll hanging... ok so please leave some reviews so i know if i'm keeping the story good thanks!

PS! I have another story coming out, but my beta is going to check it out first... then I'll post the first couple chapters that I already wrote asap!

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