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A/N: Okay so I’m a hypocrite lol…I’m always complaining that no one ever gets Blaise’s character right and well even though I know that’s he’s a black guy with a whore for a mother (don’t believe me check the Lexicon lol) but it’s something about the name Blaise that just screams Italian to me so since I have this thing for sexy Italian guys he he, I’m making him Italian in my story but yes once again I do know that it’s not right…but who cares lol!?

Chapter Five: The Awakening

Draco sat talking in the corner of the room to Blaise Zabini, trying to figure out just what the Italian boy was doing in one of their meetings. Blaise had always been like Draco was when it came to Muggleborns and blood purity, well up until sixth and seventh year when Draco finally started thinking for himself and removed himself from his father’s mold. Blaise was a single child, almost a full year older than Draco.

The Zabini family, which now just consisted of his mother and whatever guy happened to be the flavor of the year, had lived just a couple estates down from the Malfoy Manor since Draco was four. Blaise’s father ran off with some woman when Blaise was only around six years old and since then, he’d spent many a days and nights at Malfoy Manor to stay as far away from his house and his mother’s activities as possible.

After speaking to him for a good fifteen-twenty minutes, Draco found out that Blaise had actually been working with the Order for almost two years now, feeding them information that he got from the other Slytherins about the Death Eaters. Draco could barely believe his ears.

“I’m going to get a drink.” He said finally, trying to absorb everything that Blaise had just told him, and walking over to the make-shift bar to get a firewhiskey.

It was while he was standing by the bar sipping his drink when Ron came over and asked if he’d seen Hermione.

“What do you mean? She was just talking to you but a moment ago Weasley.” Draco said, curious as to why he was asking.

“A moment ago? Damn Malfoy I knew you were stupid but you have no perception of time either. ‘Mione ran out of here clutching her stomach almost a half and hour ago. I thought perhaps she’d come back in but I missed her but apparently she hasn’t.” The redhead told him matter-of-factly. It took a mere moment for his words to sink in and when they did Draco’s features paled dramatically. Ron noticed this.

“Hey ferret boy, what’s up your arse? You look like you’ve just seen a ghost!” Ron exclaimed, chuckling about Draco’s sudden paleness.

“Did you just say that she hasn’t been seen in almost 30 minutes? Crap, out of my way Weasel…I need to find her.” Draco said, pushing Ron away from him.

“Whoa, she muttered something about using the loo. Perhaps she ran into Ginny or something? No need to fret, Malfoy, I’m sure she’s fine.” Ron said, not used to seeing this concerned side of Draco, having only seen it once when he had burst into the Gryffindor Common Room during seventh year when Hermione was kidnapped by Voldemort.

“You don’t get it Weasley. She’s pregnant you dolt!” He hissed to Ron who turned just as pale as Draco at those words. Draco silently cursed to himself for saying that as he pushed his way out the door.

Draco rushed through the corridors as fast as his legs would carry him. There were three girls’ bathrooms on this floor and Ron had mentioned something about her saying she was going to the loo so he started looking. Unfortunately for Draco, he started rushing in the opposite direction from Hermione.

Twenty long minutes later, he still had not seen or heard her anywhere and he was already making his way to the last lavatory on the floor. He started praying that she was alright. He knew that pregnant women often had harsh morning sicknesses but it had been almost an hour from what Weasley had told him since Hormone ran unceremoniously from the room.

Coming into the final bathroom, he shouted first to see if there were any occupants before entering and looking around. As he made his way down the line of cubicles, his eyes caught a glimpse of what looked like a small hand on the ground poking out of one of the stalls. Rushing towards it, he looked closer and that’s when he saw it---Hermione’s engagement ring sparkling against the pale skin of the lifeless looking hand. Trying to push the door open, he found it lodged so he quickly took out his wand and muttered Evenesco , vanishing the cubicle door as Draco’s heart lurched at the site. There, lying on the cold floor, was a very pale looking Hermione, eyes closed and apparently unconscious. He kneeled down beside her and quickly looked for a pulse, breathing a sigh of relief when he found it, although it seemed fainter than it should be. He shook her a couple of times, lightly at first and then a little more roughly, trying desperately to wake her up. Cursing loudly at being unsuccessful, he carefully slid his arms under her limp body and picked her up off the cold floor, clutching her tightly to his chest.

He rushed off towards the hospital wing, thanking the gods that it happened to be on the same floor as well, holding her tightly and muttering soft words of encouragement to her. Shoving open the Hospital Wing doors, he shouted fiercely for Madam Pomphrey as he laid Hermione’s body on the closest bed. He shouted again and a moment later a sleepy, disheveled Madam Pomphrey came bursting out the door that led to her private quarters. She rushed through the hospital and stopped abruptly at the site she saw.

“Well Mr. Malfoy, to what do I owe this pleasure?” the Healer said with a sickened sweetness.

“Madam Pomphrey, we were here for the meeting. She left right after clutching her stomach, apparently feeling nauseous I assume and didn’t come back. I found her almost an hour later lying unconscious in one of the bathroom stalls.” Draco explained hurriedly to the sleepy nurse. Noticing the former Head Girl lying on the bed beside Draco, she immediately rushed into Healer mode and darted to the bedside.

“Well this is not good, not good at all.” Pomphrey muttered to herself as she checked over Hermione’s vitals. “She definitely should not be this hot. Has she been sick at all recently?” She muttered a quick cooling spell to help reduce the girl’s developing fever.

Draco looked down at his fiancé with sadness in his eyes.

“No she hasn’t been sick. She was attacked, however a couple of weeks ago by some Death Eaters. And then at St Mungo’s we learned that we are expecting…they told me that it was the baby who saved her life, that she should have died from the curse.” He told the nurse in a quiet, sad, tone as he gazed at Hermione’s helpless figure.

Madam Pomphrey began examining the young woman to try and figure out what was causing her condition. Normal pregnancies don’t usually contribute to passing out or developing fevers. She ushered Draco out of the wing, telling him that he needed to give her some space to work. Feeling defeated and concerned, he made his way back to the Room of Requirement. He barely got in the door when Ron practically pounced on him with questions of Hermione’s whereabouts.

“She’s in the hospital wing, Weasley, but don’t try to get in there, Madam Pomphrey already kicked me out.” Draco told him, taking a seat in a quiet corner, his head falling into his hands as he tried to keep himself composed. This was twice in the last month that Hermione had ended up in the hospital.

“Yea, but that’s you. I’m her best friend, Pomphrey has never kept me from seeing Hermione.” Ron said matter-of-factly as he turned on his heel and rushed from the room.

The next hour went by like a running turtle for Draco, it felt like the clock was against him. Eventually most of the Order had dispersed, leaving Draco in the room with just Remus Lupin and Blaise Zabini. Ron had never come back from when he’d rushed out to go to the hospital wing. Remus tried speaking to Draco a couple times but Draco was lost in his own thoughts so Remus just gave up. Blaise was continuously bugging Draco to tell him what was going on with him but Draco didn’t want to speak for fear that he would once again give up the information that Hermione had specifically asked him not to tell.

Finally he got up from his chair and made his way back towards the hospital wing. The halls were completely deserted, since it was almost midnight now. He walked quietly through the door to the hospital and saw his fiancé laying exactly where he’d left her but now her skin looked healthier and not so pale. He also saw that Ron was sitting half asleep in a chair at her bedside, stroking her hand which he was holding. Apparently Ron didn’t hear Draco come in because he continued to talk to Hermione, who was still unconscious, so Draco stayed back for a moment to listen.

“ ‘Mione, sweetheart. You’ve got to wake up okay? You cant leave me, you’re all I’ve got left ‘Mione.” Ron was saying, as he reached up and rubbed her cheek lovingly.

Draco could hear the sorrow in his voice and began to worry…what had he missed? What was wrong with Hermione? He was about to walk over and ask that very question but then he heard Weasley’s voice again and did not like what he heard.

“You know I’ve always loved you ‘Mione. I know that you never returned the feelings but I love you.” Ron said quietly as he rose from his seat and kissed Hermione softly on the cheek. As he went to sit back down he heard a shuffling noise and turned around to see Draco standing by the doorway watching him intently.

“Look, Weasley,” Draco said as he walked towards the bed where Hermione was laying. “I’m going to pretend I didn’t hear that last part. Right now I just want to know why you are talking to Hermione like she’s dying? What do you know that I don’t?”

“After I got here, Pomphrey was running some tests on her because she couldn’t figure out what would have put her in this condition. She even sent an owl to St Mungo’s to see what they had found during their examination. Speaking of, why didn’t anyone tell me she had been attacked? But anyway,” Ron said, shaking off the question.

“They wrote back saying something about the baby saving her life and whatnot. Apparently, the curse that she was hit with should have killed her but instead, thanks to the baby, it only left her in a weakened state. Basically, her body is weakened to the point that she’s barely alive. Pomphrey said that she was surprised that she had lasted this long without passing out yet.”

“So whats that mean? Is she going to wake up?” Draco asked, his voice breaking as he looked past Ron to the sleeping woman on the bed. He pushed past the redhead and took over the seat beside her, taking her hand in his own. She didn’t even move a muscle when he wrapped her hand in his own, and her skin was chilled.

“Pomphrey doesn’t know.” Ron said solemnly, moving to the other side of Hermione. The two remained silent until Ron moved to leave, saying he would be back the next day to check on her.

Draco sat there at her side almost continuously for the next three days. Hermione’s condition seemed to fluxuate. At times it appeared that she was going to wake up and other times it was as if she were mere inches from death’s door. Draco only left to clean up and use the restroom, spending as little time as possible away from her side. Hermione on the other hand, while in her deep sleep state, was dreaming.

It was around 2am on the morning of the fourth day in the hospital wing. Draco was fast asleep sitting in the chair beside her bed. Hermione was stirring in her sleep while Draco’s mind drifted off into a strange but eerily real dream.

He was walking down a long corridor, his surroundings unfamiliar. He heard the distinct sound of voices coming from a room down the corridor. The door was cracked open slightly, letting a small section of light come into the dark hallway. As he followed the sound of the voices he realized that he was hearing female voices, what appeared to be several females. They were discussing someone.

“Do you really think she’s the one? I mean she’s so young.” one of the woman were saying.

“Not too mention she’s muggleborn. Is it even possible?” another was saying

“Yes it is possible, doesn’t happen often but totally possible. And yes, from what we’ve found, she’s definitely the one.” The woman who appeared to be the leader said.

“What about the latest news? There’s word that she is now with child….what happens now?”

The leader looked around the room before speaking again. “If that be the case, then there is still hope after all.”

“Draco…” a voice whispered, as Draco was awakening from the strange dream. He blinked his eyes a couple times, thinking that he was hearing things.

“Draco.” The voice whispered slightly again.

Draco looked around and felt something warm touch his arm. He jumped slightly, still not fully awake, and looked down. Hermione had woken up finally and was touching his arm, trying to get his attention. Draco leapt from his chair fully awake and knelt by the bedside, taking her hand in his.

“Oh baby, you came back to me. I was worried, I thought that I had lost you.” Draco told her, his voice breaking with the emotions. He leaned up and kissed her gently on the forehead. Her eyes were still half closed.

“Draco, I had the most wonderful dream.” She smiled faintly and then opened her eyes the rest of the way and, looking shocked, glanced around her surroundings.

“Um, why are we in the Hogwarts hospital wing?” She asked suddenly, jerking to a sitting position on the bed.

“Honey, you passed out almost four days ago in the girls bathroom after the meeting.” Draco told her gently. “You mean you don’t remember?” She shook her head no. He hollered for Madam Pomphrey.

Pomphrey rushed into the room and noticed Hermione sitting up, fully awake and looked rather pleased. She hurried over to her patient and began checking vitals. She checked her pulse and her temperature and then did a quick spell to check on the baby’s condition. A bright pink glow emitted from Hermione’s stomach as the nurse said the spell. It was a very bright light but the nurse looked extremely relieved at it while Draco and Hermione looked somewhat confused.

“Well obviously the baby is a girl but judging by your looks, you seem to already know that.” Pomphrey smiled at the couple. “The brighter the light, the stronger and healthier the baby so it seems that your child is in perfect health and doing just fine. You, however, Miss Granger, need to get some very well needed rest. Do not overexert yourself in any way and try to keep off of your feet as much as possible for the next few months.

"Oh, and no Flooing anywhere, the force of the travel may disrupt your condition and you could have another fainting spell. Be careful with apparation as well, in fact, if at all possible stick to ground transportations….just to be safe. Other than that, you may go Miss Granger. Please take care of yourself. I have already sent daily reports to your attending Healer at St Mungo’s so be sure to keep up with your prenatal appointments.” Hermione and Draco both nodded and Hermione proceeded to get up from the bed, Draco helping her as much as humanly possible (which was really getting on Hermione’s nerves since she was so independent).


Back at their house, Hermione was laying comfortably on their sitting room couch watching TV (she had made sure that their were some muggle devices in her home to feel closer to the world she grew up in, even though half of the things still confused Draco). She was wrapped in a soft chenille blanket and sipping on a cup of hot chamomile tea while Draco sat on the couch beside her, her upper body resting on his while his hand draped around her shoulder and played delicately with her hair. Hermione was still somewhat distraught over basically not being allowed to do much of anything herself for the next few months for fear that something could happen to her or her baby. A small smile played on her lips though as she thought about the wonderful dream that she had had during her unconscious state.

“Draco remember when I woke up and I was about to tell you about this wonderful dream I had?” Draco nodded, looking down at her face, illuminated beautifully in the candlelight of the room.

“Well I saw us, and our daughter, in the future. We were all so happy and it helped me believe that we just might possibly make it through everything.” She told him.

Draco simply smiled but before he could say anything, Hedwig interrupted by pecking feverishly on the sitting room window. Before Draco could stop her, Hermione practically launched herself from the couch and rushed to the window, throwing it open as Hedwig flew gracefully through it and landed on the arm of the couch. Draco made a move to claim the letter that she was carrying but Hermione beat him to it. She pulled the letter away and, giving Draco a look that just laughed at him, went about reading the letter…which she found was actually addressed to her from Remus Lupin. Draco sat and watched her face as the features went from happy to curious to just plain confused. He went to speak up and ask her but, obviously sensing his question, she replied quickly.

“Oh, Lupin wants me to meet him at Grimmauld Place tomorrow afternoon.” She explained without looking up from the letter.

After she finished, she walked to the nearby desk and laid the letter down, grabbed a piece of parchment and scribbled a reply. As she moved to attach the reply letter to Hedwig’s leg, she noticed that Draco had come behind her. Before she could move to protect the letter she had just received, Draco snatched it off the desk and read it thoroughly, his face distorting into a look of almost contempt and anger.

“Uh-huh. Nope, no way. You’re not going.” He told her matter-of-factly as he tossed the letter back on the desk and started to move back towards the couch. Hermione looked at him angrily.

“Excuse me? Yes I am, this is important.” She shot back at him. Draco stopped in his tracks and turned around to face her.

“No you aren’t. You are supposed to be resting, not gallivanting around Britain, Mia.” He replied sternly, as if she were a contempt child begging to do something that she knew she was not allowed to do.

“Yes I am, Draco. He said they’ve gotten new information. I have to go and I’m going to.” She shot back at him.

“No, Hermione and that’s final!” Draco said, his voice low and quaking with mild anger. “I refuse to let you go traipsing somewhere that could put you in harm. You are supposed to be resting and taking care of yourself and our child not rushing around researching and scrounging for information!” His voice raised slightly.

“Dammit, Draco! I am an adult and you will not tell me what I can and cannot do. I am going to meet with Remus tomorrow and you, my dear, will just have to get over it.” She told him back, determined not to lose the argument.

He walked over to her and grabbed her firmly but not rashly by the arms and forced her to look at him.

“Listen, sweetheart. It’s my job to make sure you are safe and are not doing anything that could put you and our daughter at risk so no, you will not be going and if I have to stay up all night and all day to watch you like a child then bloody hell, woman, I will!!” He told her. Draco let go of her arms and stormed from the room.

“Good luck with that Malfoy.” Hermione muttered to herself, returning to the task of tying her reply to the owl’s leg. “We’ll just see about that.”

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