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A/N: Saw GOF movie so far. I cried when Cedric died and felt Harry's pain while under the Cruicatus curse. I absolutely LOVED it!! I got the soundtrack todat thanks to my best friend in the whole wide world!! for the story.....something in here is what many of you have been waiting for for a LONG of my better chapters!!! Okay, i'll shut up now! Wait I need to tell you guys this!! I finished typing this story. It's 117 pages on Word and 22 chapters. I expected 25, but i ended up wrapping it up in 22. I'm very proud. :) Now you can go and read.

Chapter Fifteen
Be Mine
Girl’s Dormitory

January passed and love began to suck. My secret admirer was getting annoying because he was so good at keeping himself secret and I was falling for him, even though I still loved Jadon. Then Harry and Ginny are still not together. They have began to act like normal people around one another, though, and I am very close to actually getting them together. Then there’s Ron and Hermione. They are like OBSESSED with one another. They only talk about each other and don’t shut up( or stop snogging) when they’re together!

Anyway, I woke up on Valentine’s Day to the tapping of a owl at my window. I get up and saw a bunch of flowers in the bird’s beak with a letter tied to it’s foot. I allowed the owl in and took the flowers there were pretty earring hanging off the string that held the flowers together and I had to take my wand and take them off because they were magically bond to the string holding it together. The flowers were yellow, pink, and red roses. I smiled as I put them on my bed side table and put my earrings on.

Then I took the letter and saw it was from my secret admirer. He was wishing me a happy Valentine’s Day of course and saying how stunningly beautiful I am and that the remark I made in potions was very funny. That stopped me and reread the last sentence. This guy is in my potions class which meant he was in either Gryffindor or Slytherin ...hmm, I would laugh so hard if it was Crabb or Goyal. That would be very funny since those two act like they don’t know one end of their wand from the other.

So, I was about to start getting dressed when another owl comes flying tot he window. It flew in when I opened the window and landed on Hermione’s bed where she was pulling on her shoes. Hermione took the letter the owl had given and started to giggle as she read and wrote her reply. It was from no other then Ron.

More owls came in for Lavender and Parvati. Some more even came for me from people I have never even met! It was very sweet of them to, though. I made my way down to the Great Hall. Draco was standing by the doors waiting for me. Crabb and Goyal were standing there, too, totally confused at why they were waiting outside when delicious bacon and eggs were inside the Great Hall.

“ Hey, Amber,” Draco smiled. I looked at him suspiciously.

“ Draco,” I said slowly.

“ Look, I realized that it’s not fair for us to only be able to talk in the middle of the night and be mean to one another during the day,” Draco began, “ Plus, I am wanted and so I can’t see you as often, so I was thinking that we careless about what other people think and just be friends,”

“ You’re gonna risk your reputation?” I asked with a smirk. Draco smiled.

“ Yes, I am,” he said. I looped my arm around Draco’s and started to pull him into the Great Hall.

“ Okay then,” I said. Crabb and Goyal were staring at me and Draco like we were from another dimension.

“ I’ll explain everything later,” Draco said to his friends. They shrugged and followed us into the Great Hall. Harry looked up and saw me arm in arm with Draco and his jaw dropped.

Everyone was pretty much quiet. Only Ron, Ginny, Jadon, and Hermione( who came all came in before me) seemed acted like everything was normal. I would need to talk to Harry about why he is so shocked. All eyes were still upon Draco and me when as we walked down the tables and then broke off. Draco went to the Slytherin table to all those who were glaring at him and I went to the Gryffindor table. They to seemed mad at me. I looked up at the teachers table and all but Snape were smiling a little. Dumbledore gave me a wink and I smiled before taking a seat next to Harry and started to eat my usual oatmeal breakfast.

Down by the Lake

Draco, Jadon, Harry, Ron, Hermione and I all were sitting by the lake even though it was pretty cold. We had on our cloaks and Hermione cast a warming charm on everyone, even Draco. Harry was still a little weirded out that I would actually be friends with Draco in public. I mean, Slytherins and Gryffindors are supposed to hate one another and here are Draco and I walking into the Great Hall all smiles.

All day I was thinking about ways to finally get Harry and Ginny together for good. It was hard though, considering that they were determined not to stay together.

Deep in thought, I pushed some hair behind my ear and Draco eyed my earrings from my Secret Admirer with a little smirk playing on his lips. Jadon looked too and touched them. They were pretty and expensive.

“ Where did you get these?” Jadon asked.

“ My secret admirer,” I said with a smile, “ Don’t worry, Jadon, I still like you better”–Draco’s smirk fell off his face, but I paid no attention–“ I really wish I knew who he was though. I have the letter still in my pocket. It’s the first one that doesn’t turn into a pretty rose, but read thins,”

I took out the letter and handed it to Hermione. Everyone leaned over her shoulder reading it. Draco seemed the most unenthusiastic about the letter. Hermione’s eyes widened.

“ What about the letter?” Jadon asked.

“ He gave a clue on who he is,” Hermione
said. Draco’s head snapped towards Hermione.

“ What?” he asked.

“ Yeah, he did. He said that that thing I said in potions was very funny, which means he is either in Slytherin and Gryffindor,” I said.

“ Exactly,” Hermione smiled, “ But none of the 7th year boys have this type of handwriting,”

“ Well, I know it wouldn’t be Harry or Ron. Neville’s handwriting is a little messy. Dean’s is straight and small, and Seamus’s is quiet large. This is more of a script(A/N: or cursive what ever you guys call it) writing with very thin letters and very slanted. It’s very nice actually. So, the guy is obviously in Slytherin,”

“ Hey, Amber,” Ron said suddenly, “ As interesting as this is, Jadon, Harry and I are going to go and hang out somewhere else, okay?”

“ Yeah, whatever,” I replied, “ Are you going, too, Draco?”

“ No, I’ll stay. I’m in Slytherin, I can help you figure out who this guy is,” Draco said. Harry muttered something under his breath making Ron snigger. I glared at my brother as he walked off with Ron and Jadon.

“ Okay, well, I’ve seen Crabb and Goyal’s handwriting,” I said getting back on topic, “ They’re handwriting is a mess!”

“ Yeah, and the Blaise Zambini is small and cramped. Of course, this guy can be using a different kind of writing from what they usually would use,” Draco suggested. Hermione eyed him.

“ Well, I wouldn’t think it’s Zambini. He’s sort of mean to me. Draco, it isn’t you is it?” I asked suddenly. Draco looked taken aback.

“ It’s not from me. From the sound of it this guy loves you,” Draco said.

“ Yeah, but didn’t you kiss her?” Hermione asked. Draco looked at Hermione for a second then back at me.

“ I thought that never happened,” Draco said.

“ Yeah, Hermione, it never happened,” I
said looking at my friend angrily. Hermione rolled her eyes.

“ Well, I have my suspicions about you, Malfoy, now, unless you can prove that you don’t like Amber that way, it will stay that way. Now, I’m going to go find Ron. He said he has a surprise for me today,” as Hermione got up and walked away a plan was forming in my head. Then I looked at Draco.

“ I need your help,” I said.

Midnight by the Lake

I sent two owls off to Harry and Ginny. They both asked for them to meet me by the lake at midnight. I had something important to tell them. My plan was to let Harry and Ginny to just run into one another and hopefully will work the rest of the plan out themselves. Draco wasn’t very helpful, but as my best friend, he was going to be hanging with me while we spy on Ginny and Harry.

I got everything ready after a little privet dinner with Jadon in the kitchens. Then I found Harry and asked to borrow his invisibility cloak and the Marauder’s Map because I needed to do something that involved needing to be invisible. Harry made me tell him, so I said that I was planning on sneaking out to snog Jadon. I’m glad he’s not over protective like Ron because he just told me not to go to far and to enjoy myself before going up to go get me the cloak. Then I left and made sure those owls did get the letters to Harry and Ginny.

I went down to the Slytherin common room and then both Draco and I went to the lake and sat where we could see Harry and Ginny. We were under the invisibility cloak together. To keep us completely covered, Draco had to put his arm around my waist and I had to get under him a bit. His touch made my heart beat a faster, but I pushed the thought away.

Harry arrived first. He sat down on a rock and then paced a bit. Ginny arrived shortly after. She seemed surprised to see Harry standing there.

“ Harry?” she asked.

“ Ginny?” Harry countered in amazement. I would even say Ginny looked very pretty in her pajamas that were under her cloak. Her red hair was in loose braids and she had no make up on. Draco was even rasing his eyebrows.

“ What are you doing here?” Ginny asked.

“ I’m meeting Amber. What about you?” Harry asked.

“ I’m meeting Amber, too,” Ginny said slowly. She smiled, “ She’s really trying hard to get us together,”

Harry sighed in frustration as he sat down on the rock he was on before. Ginny frowned as he looked around in an annoyed fashion.

“ Harry, I know you still like me. And I still like you,” Ginny said making my plan go right into play.

“ Voldemort will kill you,” Harry said turning around.

“ I don’t care what Voldemort does,” Ginny said, “ I just want to be with you. Look at Amber. She’s with Jadon and I swear Draco Malfoy has some feelings for her that are more then friendship. They are both risking something and are on You-Know-Who’s

“ Ginny, Amber doesn’t get what Voldemort is. She didn’t even know that Voldemort killed our Mum and Dad till August. I escaped Voldemort so many times that he will do anything to kill me. Amber is risking a lot being friends with an ex-death eater and having a boyfriend,” Harry said standing up.

“ This is like watching a soap opera,” I whispered in Draco’s ear. My lips rubbed against his ear because we were already so close. Draco looked at me confused.

“ A soap opera?” he asked.

“ Yeah, something that muggles watch on television where the actors are way to dramatic, there’s always someone in a coma, someone is always cheating on their best friend, and another is giving up their baby. They are actually pretty good. I watched them a lot when I was sick or home in the summer,” I explained. Draco nodded with an interested smiled and then we tuned back in. Harry and Ginny were still arguing.

“ Harry, you forget that Hermione is my best friend. She’s told me that the power you have that will help you defeat the Dark Lord is love. Amber shows more love by befriending Malfoy, loving her brother, loving Jadon, loving all her other friends. You’re pushing away a weapon, Harry. Me,” Ginny said. Harry looked at Ginny in amazement.

“ I want you so bad, Ginny,” he said quietly, “but I’m not sure if I can risk it. I love you,”

Okay, that was not part of the plan. They were just supposed to get together, but Harry said he loves her! Draco and I looked at each other in shock. We looked at Ginny. She was staring at Harry with happiness, shock, and amazement.

“ Harry, I love you, too,” Ginny said walking towards him. They were right in front of one another now,

“ I’m scared of losing you,” Harry said leaning forward a bit.

“ Trust me, you won’t,” Ginny said, “ I promise,”

Then they started to snog. I was quiet prod of myself. When I said the people I set up guarantees a six month to life time relationship, I lied. The longest two people I set up lasted was two years. However, I just helped two people confess their LOVE for one another.

“ We should get back,” Draco said in to my ear. I realized that I didn’t want to move from the position that Draco and I were in. Yet, we both carefully stood up and walked back to the castle to go to bed.

Draco’s Point of View

As Amber and I pulled the cloak off at the Slytherin Common room, I was going to once again kiss her and then tell her myself that I love her. I was so close to her as we watched Harry Potter and Ginny Weasley pour their hearts out at each other. When she whispered in my ear the tickle of her breath on my neck sent a tingle down my spine.

I knew that Amber would never love me the way I love her. Watching her with Jadon proved it. She was in love with him. Just as deeply as I was with her. My heart felt like it was on fire when ever I saw them together. I don’t just wish I could have Amber Potter in my arms. Just for a day. One day. I wish Amber Potter
could be mine.

A/N: I bet you thought Amber was finally going to find her love for Jadon was gone and that her heart belonged to Draco.....NOT YET!! Not even close yet! Muhaha....just kidding. REVIEW since you guys are amazing and awesome!!

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