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    Disclaimer: I own nothing that looks familiar. Duh!

    “Ok, Trevor, be a good boy for Daddy and-“ Draco stopped his mumbling when he opened Trevor’s diaper, and found…well, fill in the blank.

    Draco grabbed another “dung sack” as he called them, but soon realized he had no idea what to do.

    “Excuse me?”

    Draco turned to the doorway of the bathroom and saw a girl with honey brown hair tied in a ponytail who looked no older than 14.

    “I’m the babysitter, Alyssa, Chelsea called me, told me you needed some help.”

    Draco turned back to Trevor, “I’m fine.” He grabbed a trash bag Alyssa stood still in the doorway, clearly amused. “Hey, uh, Melissa, hand me some of that...sticky paper stuff.” Alyssa raised an eyebrow, “Tape?” Draco just nodded as she handed him the tape while saying, “And it’s Alyssa, not Melissa.”

    Draco managed to get the diaper onto Trevor, then used the tape to make a belt kind of thing. “There we go.” Alyssa shook her head, “Have you ever even changed a diaper?” “What the bloody hell is a diaper?” Alyssa tried her best not to laugh, “That crap sack is a diaper.” Draco suddenly felt very stupid. “Hey, do you want me to feed him? Brigitte taught me how to give him the right amount of stuff and all.” Draco merely nodded as Alyssa took Trevor to the kitchen.


    A little blonde girl came running up to Draco, presenting to him a finger-painted picture. Draco gulped, completely forget if this girl was Emily or Chelsea.

    “That’s beautiful, Chelsea.”

    The girl’s eyes started watering, “I’m Emily!”

    ‘Gah! Way to, Malfoy, you can’t tell your daughters apart!’ Draco tried to apologize, but Emily had already run up to her room, a bit more mad then sad at the moment.

    Another little blonde girl, this one definitely being Chelsea, came running up to him, also with a finger painted picture. “Daddy! Guess what this is!”

    She handed Draco the picture, and he had no clue what it was. Handing it back to her, he said, “That’s a beautiful owl, sweetheart.” Chelsea gave him that same look Emily did, “It’s not an owl!” Her eyes started watering and Draco said, “I’m sorry, it’s a...um…a mermaid?”

    “It’s a duck.” Draco looked to the doorway and saw Alyssa standing there, again amused.
    Chelsea nodded. Draco kneeled down so he was level with her, “Daddy’s sorry, love.” Chelsea seemed to think about this, “Ok. I forgive you daddy, but can you answer a question?” Draco nodded, glad Chelsea wasn’t crying, but his smile fell when he heard those five horrible words.

    “Where do babies come from?”

    Alyssa snorted, then covered her mouth and walked back to the kitchen.

    Draco looked back at Chelsea, with a rather fake smile, “Well..um…the answer’s quite easy…but ah…any other questions?”
    Chelsea nodded, “When mommies’ tummies get big before they have babies, is that because a baby’s growing inside of them?”
    Draco really didn’t want to tell her the truth about that, because then that would lead into how a baby gets inside the mother, “No, no that’s not a baby.”
    “Then what is it?”
    Chelsea giggled, “Why do they have so much gas?”
    “Because they eat a lot.”
    “Did mommy get really fat before I was born?”
    “No, you’re mum was beautiful.”
    “But can’t fat people also be beautiful?”
    “…your mum just didn’t get fat.”
    “She ate her vegetables.” Draco wasn’t sure where this was going.
    “Will I get fat before I have a baby?”
    “You’re never having a baby?”
    Chelsea narrowed her eyes, “Why?”
    “You’re too young.”
    “I won’t be young forever!”
    “So how old to I have to be before I can have a baby?”
    “That’s old!”
    Draco smiled, “Exactly.”
    “Well, you still didn’t answer my question.”
    Draco held his breath as Chelsea asked THE question:
    “Where do babies come from?”

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