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A small read leaf was caught in a sudden updraft that caused it to soar through the air and land on in troubled young man’s jet black hair who was walking down the gravel path towards the Everlasting Gorge. His eyes were directed his feet which were taking long rhythmic steps. He had just told his girlfriend that he would be going for a short stroll and would be back shortly. But that wasn’t his plan, he had a important thing to take care of…

“Mr. Harry Potter, I am so glad I have finally gotten the chance to meet you”

Harry Potter stopped suddenly and snapped up his head. He scanned the surrounding forest with his blazing green eyes but nothing . “That’s funny,” thought Harry “I could have sworn somebody was there” His eyes returned to the ground and he again started to walk.

“So it’s true what they were saying on the train, Harry Potter has finally come to Hogwarts.”

Harry stopped dead in his tracks because this time he was sure he had heard somebody. He heard a stick crack in the forest behind him so he spun around to investigate. But there was nothing. Nothing. Once more his eyes returned to the ground and he set off at a much more urgent pace.

“You’re a Wizard ‘Arry…”

“Clearly, Fame isn’t everything…”

“Being able to talk to snakes is a rare gift Harry…”

Harry started to run, faster, and faster until he abruptly halted…

“You look exactly like your father, but you have your mothers eyes…”

“Now listen… I don’t want you three sneaking out of school to see me alright?”

Harry began swatting around his head like there were huge pesky flies, he was trying to get them to go away. Not the Flies but the memories. Tears were starting to prick from the corners of his eyes and his heart was thumping in his ears. “he had to do it,” He thought “he had to do it now,” Harry started off at an easy trot and he was looking up at his surroundings. He quickly noticed that the sky was turning blood red, the sun was getting ready to set. The sun was finally ready to give in to the darkness of night, the sun was dropping into nothingness.

Harry reached the edge of the Gorge in time to watch the sunset. He wriggled through the fence which was running along the edge of the gorge. As he stood there a cool wind picked up and tears were now running down his face and completely soaking his cheeks. He soon found his thoughts straying towards the people he loved like his parents, Lily and James, his friends, Hermione and Ron, and his girlfriend Ginny. “Ginny,” he whispered softly “remember those good times, remember me for what I was and what I am, I will always love you and I will always be with you,” The sun was almost finished setting; just a few of its rays were poking over the horizon. Harry slowly stepped towards the edge of the gorge and stopped right when the tip of his toes were hanging off the edge.

“After 18 years, I am finally giving in,” said Harry loud enough so his voice echoed back to him “I have done what I had set out to do, the dark lord is dead but now I realize that I will never be normal, I will always be tainted, and haunted by my past. I bid Farwell to this world and my life, which has caused me nothing but suffering.” Harry leant forward and tipped his body over the edge of the gorge and his proud body plummeted into the dark depths of the gorge.

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