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As father and son played wizards and witches on the floor of Mrs. Edgecombe’s apartment; Ginny paced up and down the corridor on the 5th floor at St. Mungo’s. She was entirely confused about Harry and what he was going to tell her; once he had left her dazed and confused in the hallway outside of Tonks’ room, a knot of dread had formed in the pit of her stomach. For the rest of the afternoon and early evening, Ginny had gone through the motions, moving from patient to patient and checking on them, making sure they were comfortable and giving treatment as needed. But in the back of her mind, was that niggling little though about this ‘meeting’ Harry needed to attend with Remus Lupin.

Ginny had tried to tell herself at first that what Harry needed to discuss with her was nothing out of the ordinary. But she couldn’t shake the feeling that it had to do with his Auror duties. It had been near three months since the war had ended and Harry returned to London and her life, suspicions that he was being called back ran rampant through her mind.

Ginny sighed and rested her forehead against the glass of the newborn window in the maternity ward. When Ginny realized she needed a break from her rounds, she headed up to the maternity ward to watch the babies and try to clear her head.

She watched as one of the nurses moved through the rows of babies to place a new arrival in a bassinet near the front of the room. All the babies born here at St. Mungo’s were from wizarding families, and to Ginny each was a gift from Merlin. Ginny watched as the new arrival to the room, started to wail after being left by the nurse. She tapped gently on the glass with her wand to try and get the little one’s attention as her mind drifted off to the day she had given birth to James.


“MUM!!! I can’t do this!” Ginny cried as she winced in pain as another contraction took hold of her body.

Molly looked down at her youngest daughter’s tiny frame and her huge, swollen belly and patted her hand gently with her free hand as Ginny clenched the other hard as she could. Molly made soothing noises as she watched the contraction pass. Her poor little girl looked so scared right now and as much as Molly tried she knew she couldn’t stop her from being scared.

“It’s okay love. I’m right here and I’ll stay right here until the baby comes. We just need to be patient. Babies come when they’re ready. No later or no sooner.” Molly reached up to wipe the sweat from Ginny’s brow and smoothed her hair back away from her face. She marveled at how fast time had gone by. It seemed like yesterday, that she was in a room not unlike this one dealing with the same pain as Ginny and cursing out her husband Arthur for doing this to her for a seventh time. Of course, once her screaming bundle of joy was laid in her arms, Molly had forgotten the pain and watched as Ginny opened her eyes and blinked at her mum. And now here she was, at St. Mungo’s for the eighth time with her little baby girl who was having a baby of her own.

“But Mum, it’s been almost 5 hours since my contractions started. Can’t the healers do anything? It just hurts so much. I just want to go home to the Burrow.” Tears welled up in Ginny’s eyes, “I’m scared Mum. What if the baby hates me? What if it never comes out?”

Molly laughed softly at her daughter. “Ginvera Weasley! Don’t be so foolish, the baby will love you. And I know it seems like the baby may never come, now that you’ve started having pains, but I can guarantee you that it will! I was in labour for each and every one of you children for no less than 14 hours! “ Molly laughed as Ginny’s eyes widened as she thought about having another 9 hours of contractions. Just then, the door swung open and the midwife that was to help with the delivery arrived.

“Miss Weasley, how are you doing this evening? I’m so sorry it took me so long to get here. It’s been a busy night here in labour and delivery. Seems like all the babies want to greet the world at the same time!” The midwife, a tall, willowy witch, approached the side of Ginny’s bed and took her vitals. “How far apart are the contractions?” She asked as she made note of her findings.

“It’s not been long enough!” Ginny exclaimed, tensing her body as she felt another contraction build up in her lower abdomen and prepared to take over her entire body. “I just had one and there’s another about to start. Mum – how long has it been?”

“About a minute.” Molly said matter of factly as she pulled Ginny’s hand back into her own. “Now love, are you ready for this one? Its going to come faster than the last.” Ginny grunted in pain as she gripped her mother’s fingers and squeezed. “Breathe Ginny!” Molly ordered as she looked to the midwife for help, the midwife had moved down to examine Ginny as the contraction passed.

“Ok Ginny – you’re coming along nicely. You’re almost fully dialated. So you should be ready to push once the next contraction rolls around. You remember your classes? I need to you to breathe deeply while you’re pushing. Once the baby’s head and shoulders is out – you’ll be homefree.” The midwife motioned to the nurse asked her to prepare the birthing table.

Ginny looked around the cheery room she had been placed when she arrived at St. Mungo’s. The ceiling had been enchanted and although it was the middle of the night, fluffy pink clouds drifted through a calm sky above her. The walls were a muted shade of blue and the light a soft glow.

“Mum – I’m not ready for this!” Ginny exclaimed – panicking. She hadn’t wanted this, not a baby, not being alone. She loved her parents, but she didn’t want to rely on them forever. Suddenly, another contraction seized her body and she heard her mum and the midwife telling her to push. Bearing down hard and yelling as she did so, Ginny pushed as hard as she could.

Suddenly, it seemed as quickly as it had begun, Ginny could hear the strong cries of her baby as it announced its arrival to the world. The midwife handed the baby to the nurse to clean up and give to his mother.

“Congratulations, Miss Weasley, you have a healthy baby boy!” The midwife announced as Molly hugged Ginny and they both cried at the news. The nurse brought the baby over and set him in Ginny’s arms. Molly watched as her daughter looked down at her new little boy and counted his toes and fingers to make sure there was ten of each. She softly stroked his mop of black hair, already unruly like his father’s and amazement grew in her eyes as he opened his tiny eyes and looked at her, blinking a few times before closing his eyes again in a peaceful sleep.

As Ginny looked down at her new son, she realized that no matter what happened from then on – she knew she had to keep her baby safe. Love she had for Harry had created him and now that love had expanded and encompassed her son making her protective.

“Ginny, darling, he’s beautiful.” Molly exclaimed, watching the two bond. “What are you going to name him?” She asked - Molly had been in the dark about names for the baby. Ginny hadn’t discussed any names with anyone in the Weasley clan.

“I was thinking of James Arthur. After Dad and Harry’s Dad” Ginny looked at her mom, a question in her eyes. “Do you like it?”

Molly nodded in agreement. “Yes, I do, and I think your father will be honoured to have such a beautiful baby share his name. “ She added softly, kissing the top of Ginny’s head and stroking her grandson’s hair gently.


Harry rounded the corner near the maternity ward to see Ginny watching the babies at the end of her shift. Coming up behind her, he wrapped his arms around her and kissed the top of her head, startling her out of her memory. “Knut for your thoughts.” He whispered in her ear and realizing who it was, she relaxed against him.

Ginny chuckled softly and warmed as Harry’s arms came around her. “You do realize I am still on duty here? After your kiss this afternoon, I’m still trying to get the nurses to stop giggling when I walk by and ask them for things. You are terrible!” Turning in his arms, Ginny stood on tiptoe and kissed him softly.

“Mmmm…” Harry smiled down at her, his green eyes gleaming. “Me? Terrible? Never! And how can I be so terrible when I kiss you so good?” He asked playfully.

“I’ll keep my comments to myself I think.” Ginny said dryly and pushed out his arms. “Is it almost 10 o’clock already? It’s been a quiet night.”

“Sure is – I just left Mrs. Edgecombes’ and she’s fine with keeping James overnight and told me to tell you that we shouldn’t worry about getting him early in the morning if we’d like some extra alone time.” Harry raised his eyebrows suggestively at Ginny causing her to laugh.

“You just went and asked her now?” Ginny asked with concern in her voice. As much as she appreciated Nanny Edgy and all she did for her and James, she sometimes felt that she was overstepping her bounds.

“You know you can be cute when you get your nose all scrunched up like that.” Harry said, taking Ginny’s hand in his own, liking the feel of its soft, small warmth in his. “No – I went directly there after I left you this afternoon. I spent the rest of the day and evening with them. Had a great time – James and I played wizards, we talked about Quidditch – seems he wants to follow in his Uncle Ron’s footsteps and play professionally - and then I tucked him in to bed and read until he fell asleep. Mrs. Edgecombe finally shooed me out a few minutes ago. She also told me to tell you – she won’t be accepting anything for taking James tonight. She said she’s never had an easier time looking after him.”

Ginny looked at Harry and saw the happiness in his eyes as he told her about his day spent with James. Feeling her own burst of happiness in her chest at the fact the two of them had had such a wonderful day, she reached up with her free hand and squeezed his shoulder.

“Come on – I’ll go clock out at the main desk and we can head back to my flat.” Smiling, she let her hand drop and turned to walk down the hall. Pausing for a moment she added, “and don’t think I’ve forgotten about that meeting and the fact that we need to talk about it!”

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