A/N heres the 2nd chapter!! Enjoy!! Disclaimer:i do not own anything you recognise Lily Stormed through the castle and the Gryffindor common room and sprinted up the dorm. She slammed the door and started to yell. “HOW COULD HE!” screamed Lily as tears started to prick from the corners of her eyes, “I AM SO EMBARESSED!” A little voice suddenly into her head popped, “technically it wasn’t exactly his fault, if Rachel hadn’t said anything none of this would have happened. Come to think about it if you hadn’t said anything none of this would have happened!” Lily threw herself onto her bed realizing maybe it wasn’t his fault. Potter was being Potter. He couldn’t help but that still didn’t justify what he did. She pondered this thought for a second and then got up from her bed and walked over to her trunk and dug through it. She pulled out a little black book and walked over to the desk and began to write. *********************************************************** Lily had no idea of how long she had been in the dorm but what seemed like hours later Sam, Danielle and Rachel finally came up. “Oh Lily!! I am so sorry!” said Rachel and she rushed over to lily to giver her a big hug but before she could even rap her arms around her Lily pushed her away and kept writing in this little black book. “Hey Lils?” asked Danielle in a very innocent tone “watcha writing??” Danielle peered over Lily’s shoulder to try to catch a glimpse of what was hidden in the pages. “It's none of your business!” retorted Lily in a very angry manner. She snapped the book closed and rose up from her chair slowly and dramatically. “Lily,” said Sam “were just trying to help” “Well you can’t,” snapped Lily again “You guys have already done enough damage!” With that she stormed out of the dorm. “Come on, we had better follow her.” said Sam “I say we should just let her cool her jets and calm down,” said Danielle “I mean she is really angry at us and I am not quite sure why. Rachel did spill that ‘secret’ but that still doesn’t give her an excuse to blow us all off and besides the point Potter was the one who kissed her, not us” The three girls stood there unsure of what to do and finally decided to go to bed and let Lily wander into the night. ******************************************************** “Prongs, man I still can’t believe you did that!” said Sirius half laughing “that look on her face was absolutely priceless…OK I can’t hold it in any longer…How was it?? “What type of stupid question was that!” said James “I have finally kissed her after all these years, of course it was amazing!” James finished his sentence with a cocky grin. “You old dog you” Said Sirius patting him on the back “I still don’t think that was very right of you James,” added Remus “you shouldn’t have invaded her personal space like that” “There he goes doing that ‘voice of reason’ again” said Sirius very sarcastically and Peter let out a small squeaky laugh from inside his bed. “What time is it guys?” said James letting out a huge yawn and ruffling his hair. “It’s like 11:00,” said Remus “I think I’m gonna hit the sack” “Me to,” said Sirius “You Guys! It’s a friday night, we can sleep in tomorrow!” said James angrily “I need my beauty sleep, Prongs” said Sirius “You need all the beauty sleep you can get padfoot! But unlike you I have natural beauty” “Prongs, you are so full…” before Sirius could finish his sentence James sent his pillow sailing across the room hitting Sirius in the head but before he could send a returning pillow James had already departed from the dorm. ********************************************************** Lily had kept up her furious pace and was concentrating on her stupid friends and their stupid un-understanding ways that she did not realize that it was after hours. She decided that she would like to sit in her favourite spot in the castle… the astronomy tower. ************************************************************* James was slowly walking around the castle quite bored because none of his comrades had decided to come. He dug into his pocket and pulled out a grubby old piece of parchment. “I solemnly swear that I am up to no good,” he whispered in the dead of night. The piece of parchment slowly revealed its hidden qualities. It was a map. A very good map for that matter. It should all the hidden passages was of the castle and showed the location of everybody in the castle at all times. Right away he caught site of a dot that was out of the dorm after hours. That certain dot happened to be in the astronomy tower. James smirked to himself and turned around and headed for the tower. ************************************************************ Lily was sitting by a large window that gave her a beautiful view of the grounds. The cloudless sky was full of stars and the crescent moon shown down onto the empty fields and onto the deadly still waters. She smiled to herself and again began to write in her little black book. “Click, click, click, click, click, click” Lily’s heart froze. Somebody was coming and they were coming fast. She had no idea what to do since she had never been out after hours and she would rather die then be caught breaking a rule. The footsteps suddenly stopped and she looked up to find a shadow in the door. “Hello Miss Evans” said the shadows “How are you this evening” Lily almost burst out laughing because she could recognize that voice anywhere. This unexpected happiness was soon interrupted by waves of hate and bitterness. “Potter I know its you, I could recognize that voice from a mile away,” said Lily “Listen,” started James nervously was running his hands through his hair “I want to apologize for today, my actions were really uncalled for,” “Oh save it Potter, I do not want to hear it right now” “I’m sorry I just…” “I said I don’t want to hear it and if you don’t mind I think I would quite like to go to be know,” Lily gracefully walked by James and she got a big whiff of his amazing cologne. “Evans wait,” but Lily did not even turn around to acknowledge him because she had a fantastic idea so as she was walking she opened her little black book and began to write. When she finally finished she had a huge grin on her face for she had a plan that would bring down Potter and his Posse for sure. A/N i hope you enjoyed it...plz Review, i enjoy feed back :P

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