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There had always been a price to pay being born a Malfoy. At first, Draco had a reputation to live up to. Snotty, arrogant, egotistical: all traits that a Malfoy must encompass. As the years progressed he had become the very person he hated, his father. And yet, even after Lucius was thrown into Azkaban, Draco continued to be the very bastard that he was. That is, until this past summer. There was a change in Draco. He no longer pursued to be as his father wished. He was quieter, less apt to speak out or badmouth any mudbloods. The professors all took notice of this on his first few weeks' back. They all had been hesitant to let the boy back. Harry Potter had reported Draco as the one to try and kill Dumbledore, and well, any student with a plot against the Headmaster (even if they were unable to perform it) should not be allowed back to school. However, it was the events of this summer that had also let Draco back into school. His mother died. No longer did Draco receive packages in the mail of cakes and candies. He didn't get any encouraging notes to keep fighting, nor did he have anyone fighting for his well-being. No the only thing Draco had left was a father in Azkaban, a will stating he got the manor once his father died, and "And here you can have rest of this," Blaise pushed his plate over towards Draco. Draco questioned at Blaise from the corner of his eye and continued reading from his Defense Against the Dark Arts book. Blaise pursed his lips together, but did not say a word. He was watching Draco closely. His best friend was acting different, for obvious reasons. Blaise knew about the plan about Dumbledore's murder as well as Mrs. Malfoy's death. Yet, all in all, he was still concerned for his friend. "You have to eat." "I already did." Draco said not even a second after Blaise tried to beckon Draco to food. "You ate an apple and two slices of toast. That hardly counts as a breakfast," Blaise stated and Draco just shrugged. A low growl came from Blaise. He had not been able to keep that close of watch on Draco with the large amounts of homework and Head Boy duties getting in the way. If one was to be looking in from the outside they would have suspected Draco and Blaise to be- "In a row, that has to be it," Ginny explained as she watched the Slytherin table like a hawk. Luna scoffed and rolled her eyes. Ginny had been watching the two snakes for the past two weeks, completely convinced their friendship had been ruined over their kisses. "Luna! They hate each other because they are fighting over you!" Ginny whined. Luna slammed down her Charms book and looked across the table at Ginny. "Ginny, you are acting like Lavender Brown when Ron was talking to Hermione." "Don't even mention them." Ginny glared fire. Luna knew better than to being up the Golden Trio with her. Luna shook her head. "You know what, if you are that scared that they are no longer best friends, go tell him it was a bet," Luna told her. "Why don't you, you're the one that kissed them," Ginny fought back. Truthfully she was terrified to face Draco and tell him that Luna's little kiss was just a dare for if he showed too much sadness her heart might just break. "Seamus will have a heart attack if I go talk with Blaise," Luna turned the page of her book, "he already tried to hit Blaise the other day for helping me pick up my things when my bag ripped." "I highly doubt it ripping and Blaise helping were merely coincidence," Ginny smiled wryly. "Not the point," Luna couldn't help but smile at that too. She was enjoy the little bits of attention Blaise had been giving her in the past three weeks. One morning there had been a black rose delivered to her, another time a butterbeear cork ring to match her necklace, Luna knew Seamus would never think of such romantic things. "How long have you been dating him?" "A few months maybe?" Luna didn't even know for sure. That had to be a bad sign. "Have you kissed him yet?" "He's tried a few times, but I always turn my cheek. Somehow when he comes at me with his lips all I can think about is a very large goldfish and start to giggle," Luna confessed with a slight blush. Ginny shook her head laughing. "Now will you go tell them?" "Fine, I'll go over, but I won't like it," Ginny pouted. "Yes you will, Draco will be over there," Luna smirked and Ginny glared before getting up at swiftly making her way over to the Slytherin table. Ginny's little crush on Draco was well known by Luna. Luna had been there the moment Ginny had suddenly taken a liking to the Ferret Princess. Sure it was rather odd since Ginny had dated Harry most of last year, but as you've noticed- she doesn't like talking about Harry, or even Ron and Hermione who decided not to come back to school as well. It was a simple type of liking. She liked his smile and the way he looked soft, like if he were to wrap his arms around her and pull her close to his chest she would melt into perfect. Why now and not before? That's for later of course. Ginny walked with her head held high over to the Snake's, but as she did Blaise Zabini noticed with a grin. She rolled her eyes as he walked up to her with his sexy smirk, placing a hand on her shoulder to whisper in her ear. "My my the little Gryffindor has surely grown up, walking over to the Slytherin table as if you're wanted. Tell me little one, who is it that your heart chases?" "Zabini get your head checked," Ginny growled. Blaise bit his lip then adjusted himself a bit. "Checked." Ginny made a disgusting groan. "You're chasing ice, love, what you tell him isn't going to make anything better," Blaise informed Ginny with a shrug. Ginny stared at him, afraid he could see right through her, and all he did was tap her nose with a single finger. Upset with herself, she pushed by Blaise and made her way over to the seat he had just vacated. Without waiting for an invitation she sat down next to Draco, her bright red hair swaying lightly to the side to cover the side of her face that faced away from Draco. "Excuse me mudblood, you're not wanted here," Pansy Parkinson from across the table shot at Ginny. "Parkinson, get your eyes checked, she's not the mudblood, she would never be in a hundred years," Draco shot right back at Pansy. Pansy pursed her lips together in anger while Ginny sat and stared at Draco. "Please keep staring, it's helping mend my ego," Draco smirked. However, the way he said it was not the hard bitter ice one would suspect, but there was a hint of sarcasm and playful joking laced within it. Ginny bit her lip, looking past Draco at Blaise who was standing from afar, watching. She shook her head and started over. "Malfoy-" "Draco." "What?" "My name is Draco." "Oh... um... Draco," the name tasted sugary on her tongue as she blushed at her mistake. "The kiss Luna gave you on the train. It didn't mean anything, I dared her to." Draco watched Ginny with a smirk. He would have forgotten about that kiss had Blaise not been taking about Luna for the last three weeks. He looked over his shoulder at Zabini- who was watching Luna now- and smirked. "You've made a snake very lovesick because of it," Draco commented. "I what?" Ginny choked on her words, she shook her head as if that was not important, "I just thought you should know since, well, it seems you and Blaise have had a row about it." Draco laughed. Not a hard bitter laugh one would suspect from the blonde, but a soft chuckle. Ginny was having troubles trying to keep her normal pale shade. "Blaise and I have rows about many things love, but not about a little peck on the cheek," Draco told her. It was very odd watching the two talk in a civilized manner. Pansy was having a conniption fit and every once in awhile opening her mouth to interrupt, but then did not have the gusto to do so. She looked like a rather large fish with the way her mouth kept opening. "A what? A kiss on the cheek?" Ginny was shellshocked. Oh she was going to kill Luna. "Luna made it seemed like she snogged you senseless." "No," Draco smirked, a small dimple forming, "just a kiss on the cheek like so." He leaned forward and swept his lips on her cheek with a chaste kiss as he would have given his mother. Ginny turned the color of a tomato; Draco chuckled and got up from the table. "Don't worry about Zabini and I, the one thing we don't get in rows over are girls," Draco smiled at her and walked off towards the door, which Zabini was conveniently standing next to, trying to speak to Lovegood. Draco rolled his eyes and approached next to the blonde. "You're boyfriend looks ready to murder my boyfriend," Draco smirked. Luna looked ovr her shoulder to see, sure enough, Seamus raging about Luna to Dean. "Well he can go pottle a snortsloggen," Luna said matter of factly before walking off. Draco looked after her as if she was on some form of illegal substance, while Blaise smiled, wrapping his arm around Draco. "I'm in love," Blaise sighed. "You've lost your marbles. She has a boyfriend who's ready to murder you." "And the red head has a Boy Who Lived who is no longer here," Blaise answered coyly. "What's that supposed to mean?" Draco snapped. "That maybe she's the final ingredient to melt the ice." "You've definitely lost your marbles." "Think about it Princess." "The only fire to melt my ice is your blazing one." Draco deadpanned. "I know, I'm something rather delicious aren't I?" Draco laughed with an eye roll as the bells for class rang. They both shrugged and walked to their next class doing boyish things and making perverted jokes as they went.

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