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    Disclaimer: I hate doing these. It really makes me regret giving up all my rights to Harry Potter to JK Rowling and Warner Brothers. I mean how was I suppose to know some boy with a scar that I had doodled on the back of my little sisters homework would make JKIR rich and famous? Actually I can't even draw so all credit for characters goes to JKR. A/N: I don't like this chapter. It's just not... right. However, it does set up plot. It's a tad unbelievable, but then again what is completely believable in HP stories? Also I think its so bad because I am taking my drive test in a few hours and last time I failed and the lady almost made me cry and so im scared for this time lol. But on the bright side- GOF came out in theaters last night (and I don't have tickets) Okay on with the chapter: This wasn't such a good idea. He had just gotten back to Hogwarts. Really, it was night one. He shouldn't be doing this. Hell he was Head Boy and would get in very big trouble for this. He could get his badge taken away... and even worse then it could be given to Draco (though no one actually trusts the poor bastard anymore). And it wasn't that Blaise thought Draco would make a bad Head Boy, its just... its Draco! End of story. Though Draco would probably not be following a little blonde girl with bright blue eyes down the hallway. Nor would he be hiding every time she looked up from her Quibbler and over her shoulder to see if she was being followed. Blaise didn't know why he was doing this either. He was not normally the type of guy to be following a girl after hours. Well he would be, but usually the girl knew he was following... usually they were holding hands... and usually every few steps there was a bit of spit swapping before continuing down the hall. Never had Blaise ever followed a girl unsuspectingly. But there was no other way to do this. What he was doing exactly he wasn't very sure of either. Actually Blaise had no fucking clue why he was following Luna Lovegood. So when he was absent mindedly tapped on the shoulder from behind- making him jump about two feet in the air and all his hair stand on end- and asked "What the bloody hell are you doing following her?" he really didn't know what to say. "I repeat, why are you following my girlfriend Zabini," Seamus Finnagin asked most upset that his girlfriend was being followed by the school Sex God. "You-Your girlfriend?" Zabini asked incredulously, losing his cool for a mere second. "Yes, we started going out this summer, what's it to you?" Seamus raised an eyebrow and with the slight pause gave Blaise enough time to recompose himself and because his Head Boy, biggest asshole in the world, self once more. "To me? Oh nothing. I couldn't care less really. Though now that makes me curious why she kissed me on the train, I mean it definitely wasn't a kiss one would give their mother..." he played poor Seamus well. "She what?" Seasmus sounded like Blaise with the reputation now; he just had to work on the stuttering. "Kiss. Train. Me. Not you. Why?" Blaise was having too much fun messing with the Gryffindork's mind. "Why shouldn't I have kissed you on the train, you were very nice to let me sit with you," Luna popped up out of nowhere, scaring both boys and making them slightly jump out of their skins. "So you did kiss him?" Seamus rounded on her as soon as he got his demeanor back. There was a slight red on his cheeks that made all his freckles disappear for the moment. Blaise would have pointed and laughed if he had not been so interested in the Quibbler Luna held in her hands. For the first time tonight he realized she was reading it upside down. "Yes." "Yes what?" "Yes I kissed him." "You kissed him? I can't believe it. Luna I'm your boyfriend, that's not how things work!" Seamus pulled at his hair and stomped a little. Luna just blinked with her wide doe-like eyes. Well, you see, Seasmus would not have been so angry about this if he knew the kiss had been only on the cheek. Just as Ginny would not be tossing and turning in her bed trying to get the thought of Luna kissing Draco out of her head at this exact moment either. For you see, Luna gave kisses on the cheek out like chocolates on Halloween. It was her special way of saying thank you. And really that's all the kiss on the train had been, a thank you kiss. So if Ginny or Seamus knew this they would not be so upset. Well, actually, Seamus still would be because he's also rather upset that the only kisses he has received in the last two months of dating Luna have been on the cheek. He lips were suffering from withdrawl along with his sex drive. How long was it going to take before she just gave it up to him? "Things don't work, but grow and love. If you must work at it than it is not love, but work," Luna explained simply. Blaise smiled softly at her quick wit and when her soft blue eyes traced over his features a slight pink tinge hinted at her cheeks. Seamus looked ready to murder. Instead of turning on Luna, he turned to Blaise, sticking a knurled finger in Blaise's face. "Touch her again and die," Seamus stated point blank, before wrapping his arm around Luna, "come on Luna, it's after hours anyways." The couple walked away and Blaise stood still watching after the blonde haired beauty. He really was not sure what had happened, but he liked it. Luna herself was trying her hardest not to blush. Not because Seamus had put his arm around her- he had done that many times, mostly in hopes to grope at her breastestes with his panda hands- but because Blaise's smile. She did a quick double-take over her shoulder to see if he was still watching her, and he was. She put a little wiggle to her booty as she walked and he suddenly smiled, causing her to smile just as much. Neither was very sure of what was going on between them, but all they knew was to blame a kiss on the cheek. "If he tries to talk to you again, I want you to tell me, okay?" Seamus instructed Luna and she nodded numbly. He seemed to do this a lot, as if she was a lost puppy he was guiding home. "I mean, he's a bad person Luna. He's dark and he tries to get in every girls pants. All he wants is to take advantage of you. That's why he was following you, if I hadn't come I don't know what he would have done..." Seamus continued talking, but Luna tuned him out. She had no idea why she had ever thought it would be a good idea to say yes to being his girlfriend.

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