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“Please Mummy, please! I promise to be good forever and ever if you let me go on the broom!” James pleaded as he bounced from foot to foot near her chair.

Ginny sighed and looked straight at Harry. “This is your fault you know. Mentioning flying to him! He’s too young! He’ll break something! Can you regrow his bones? Just because you did once doesn’t mean it’s time for him to do it! You’ll be taking him to the Healer when it happens.” Harry grinned guiltily back as he listened to Ginny’s rant and wondered if he should point out that she was a Healer in her own right. Besides, he hadn’t meant for James to fly with him right that instant, but James had looked so enthralled as he and Ron practiced the Wronski feint above him – he didn’t think anything of it to ask if he’d wanted to go for a ride. How was Harry to know he hadn’t been on a broom yet. He was four and growing up as a wizard after all.

“I’m sorry Gin – I just assumed that he’d been on a broom by now. Seeing as Ron’s a professional quidditch player and you were such a fine flyer.”

“WAS a fine flyer? Harry Potter – you take that back. I am STILL a fine flyer. Don’t you recall who caught the snitch last time we played quidditch out back during last Sunday’s dinner?” Ginny rose to her feet and moved towards him pointing a finger at him. “Me! I caught it. Not you – the all mighty-Harry Potter – but – “ Ginny was cut off as Harry gathered her in his arms and kissed her on the mouth to shut her up.

“Hey! Boys aren’t allowed to kiss my MUM!” James yelled, causing the two of them to pull apart. “Don’t you kiss my Mum!” James promptly kicked Harry in the shins and ran out the side door. Harry looked at Ginny to see a puzzled expression that matched his own.

“I’ll go after him.” She said quietly, pushing Harry’s arms away from around her waist and moving out the door to follow her son.

“James? “ Ginny called scanning the back yard for a dark headed four year old. He really couldn’t have gotten that far. “James Weasley if you don’t answer me right this instant, you will wish you didn’t know what a broom stick was!” Ginny walked past the tree, each of the Weasley children had climbed and fell off of during their childhood and heard a sniffle come from the right side of her.

Following the sniffles and muffled sobs, Ginny moved down the path that lead to the water to find James sitting at the waters edge with his knees pulled up to his chin and his face stained with tears. Seeing his little body all curled up into himself and his shoulders shuddering with his cries, Ginny’s heart went out to her son. So trying not to cry herself Ginny moved over to where he sat.

“James-honey, I know you’re upset but you know you’re not allowed to go off like that without me or another adult.” Ginny said softly as she knelt beside him to stroke his unruly hair.

“Mu-mumy!” James hiccupped as he lifted his head to look at her. “Why did you let Harry kiss you? Boys aren’t supposed to kiss girls, only their Mums. Only I can kiss you - you’re my Mum!”

Ginny smiled softly at him and continued to stroke his soft hair. “I know baby – I love all the kisses you give me. They make me happy. But sometimes Mummy needs a grown-up kiss.”

“What’s a grown-up kiss? Like Uncle Ron and Aunt Mione? But they’re married. They have to kiss.” James said, wiping the tears away from his eyes. Ginny reached out and gathered his little body into her arms to cradle him.

“Yes, like Uncle Ron and Aunt Mione.” Ginny hugged him tightly as James rested his chin on her shoulder. “Mummy cares for Harry very much. Remember when Harry told you he was a good friend of mine before you were born?” Feeling a slight nod come from her son she continued. “Well, that’s why Harry is allowed to kiss me. Because I care about him and he cares about me.”

“Do you like him more than me?” James asked, a tremor in his voice.

“Oh! James, no!” Ginny exclaimed, squeezing James closer in a hug, “I like Harry in a different way than you. Do you know why?” James nodded his head from side to side and Ginny went on, “you’re my baby and I’ll always love you more than you will ever begin to imagine. When you get big and grow up, you’re going to find a girl that you like, the way Mummy likes Harry. And then you’ll want to give her grown-up kisses.”

James lifted his head from his Mum’s shoulder and looked her in the eye. “Mum – I’ll never like girls. They are yucky and they smell and they cry when you poke them.” He said so seriously it caused Ginny to chuckle at his statement.

“Oh my little Quidditch-bug” She laughed, kissing the top of his head. “I promise you that you’ll like girls someday. I never thought I’d like boys when I was little like you either. But then I grew up and I liked Harry. “ Ginny held him for a moment and listened to the water flow by in the stream at their feet.

A rustling of branches on the path caused both mother and son to look up. Ginny smiled and gestured to Harry to join them as he emerged from the path.

“Hello.” He said awkwardly as he looked down at James. James stared back at him for a moment then turned his head back into Ginny’s shoulder.

“James – baby – you need to apologize for kicking Harry.” She said softly, running her free hand up and down his back to sooth him. A muffled ‘no’ could be heard against her hair. Harry sat down next to the pair.

Harry reached out to touch her arm that was wrapped around James’ body. “Gin – maybe we should have that talk now.”

“Harry – “ Ginny hesitated. “I’m not sure this is the right time.” She said quietly, looking at him with fear in her eyes. She knew this day was going to happen sooner rather than later but she was unsure of how James would react at this moment.

Harry looked into Ginny’s eyes and nodded that he did in fact think it was the right time.

“James – mate, can you look at me please?” Harry asked. “Your Mum and I need to talk to you about something really important. Will you be a big boy and turn around?”

Slowly James head turned back towards Harry. His bright green eyes were red and puffy. Harry felt a knot grow in his stomach. He had made his little boy cry.

“James – I care about your Mum very much, I’ve always cared about her, ever since she and I went to Hogwarts together, we’ve been friends.” Harry paused, unable to think of what to say next.

Ginny looked at her son and then at Harry. “Harry – I should tell him.” She said softly.

“James – remember when you asked me about your Daddy? Do you remember when I told you that he was a very important wizard that was far away doing important things? Remember when you asked me why you didn’t have red-hair like your uncles? And I told you because of how special you were, you got to have black hair like your Daddy’s?” James nodded with downcast eyes as he slipped his thumb in his mouth. “Baby – Harry is your Daddy.”

James’ eyes flew from his mother’s face to Harry. “My Daddy? Harry is my Daddy? Are you sure?“

“Yes – I’m sure. Harry is your Daddy. Are you okay with that?” Ginny asked as she tried to hold back the tears that were threatening to fall.

“Do you love me?” James asked. “Are you gonna leave me and Mummy again?”

Harry let out a harsh breath that he didn’t realize he was holding. “James – yes, I do love you – I loved you as soon as I met you. And no – if I can help it – I won’t leave you or your Mum for any length of time ever again..” Harry fought back his own tears as he watched his son climb out of his mother’s embrace.

“Ok.” He said simply, moving over to wrap his arms around Harry’s neck. “I’m sorry I kicked you. But you kissed my Mum!” Harry hugged James fiercely. “Its’ ok Mate. I’m glad you love your Mum enough to want to defend her honour.”

“Do I need to call you Daddy right now? “ James asked.

Harry chuckled softly, amazed at how his son could be told such an earth-changing fact and bounce back so easily. “No James. If you want to call me Harry for now – that’s ok. When you want to call me Daddy – you can.”


“So he knows?” Hermione asked as she reached for another brownie on the plate between them. Ginny had met her on Hermione’s lunch break to catch her up on what was happening.

Ginny nodded. “James knows the basic facts. Harry’s his dad. We didn’t get too deep into it. He’s just little after all – I think he’ll ask questions when he wants to.” Ginny twirled her spoon in her latte.

“So Harry and James are ok with this revelation – but not you. Ginny – what’s up?” Hermione looked across the table at her friend, her eyes filled with concern. “You should be happy – but you look troubled. Do you want to tell me?”

Ginny set down her spoon on the edge of her latte saucer and took a sip of the caramel flavoured coffee. “Hermione – I am happy, I really am. But Harry made a promise to James that he wouldn’t leave us again. But what if he does? How do I explain that to a four year old? Or when he’s five? Or six? Or ten?”

“Gin – you can’t worry about that. I know Harry and if he made that promise – only one thing is going to keep him from keeping it. And neither of us want to talk about it. Do we?”

“No Hermione – we don’t.” Ginny tucked her hair behind her ears. “So let’s talk about something else. Like you and the baby! How are you doing? Have you had much nausea? “

“Well if we look at the fact that I’ve eaten two and a half brownies since we’ve sat down here – nope not much nausea. Just in the mornings – but by the time lunch rolls around – I’m ravenous! I’m feeling really good most of the time – although I am getting tired faster than I usually do. “

Ginny laughed. “That’s all perfectly normal Hermione. You’re quite lucky you know. Most first time witch pregnancies result in nausea almost 12 hours a day for the first 2 months. I was having to eat at midnight when I was carrying James. Maybe because you’re muggle born you’re nausea isn’t so bad.”

“Oh my gosh – I had forgotten about your nausea Ginny! I have actually read articles supporting your theory of my being muggle-born eases nausea. Which I am glad for – I couldn’t handle being nauseous for 12 whole hours!” Hermione exclaimed, lifting her cup and draining it. “Oh my goodness – I best get back to the office. I have a stack of reports to get through before I head for home.” Rising, Hermione leaned over to kiss Ginny on the cheek. “I love you my little sister. Cheer up ok? It’s not good for the baby for my friends to be melancholy.”

Ginny smiled and rose from the table as well. “I’ll follow you out Hermione. I have to run some errands before I head back to my flat. It may be my day off but seems like I have a million things to do. And don’t worry – I promise I’ll cheer up.” Grabbing her bag, Ginny led the way out to the street.

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