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“Those losers.” Sirius snickered. He was hiding in a bush watching the police search for his body. How did he get out? Let’s replay the section again. But this time, from Sirius’s point of view. “You cops will never get me alive!” Sirius yelled. He started firing at the bottom of the car, trying to hit the gasoline tank. He stopped the car and tried to find an opening. He found one quickly and lit a match, throwing it down the hole. He dived out of the car just when it blew up. The flames and smoke from the car covered him as he crawled to the side of the road. He has been there since then. “Still no body captain.” The policeman reported again. “I think it burned.” The captain thought for a moment. “Alright. We’ll call it a day.” He turned to a police car. “Call chief and tell him the body burned.” He turned back to the other cop. “You did good sergeant. For your good job, I give you the sexiest man in a police chase medal.” He held out a medal with the words ‘Sexiest Man In Police Chase’ on it. “I,” The cop looked surprised. “I’m honored captain.” “Just keep on being sexy and maybe,” The captain looked around. “Maybe you will be the sexiest cop of the year.” The medal-winning cop was dazed. “Hermione!” Ginny yelled. She had a map in her hands. “The exit was that way.” “No it wasn’t!” Hermione remarked. “You have the map upside down!” Ginny stared at the map. “No, I am pretty sure it is right-side up.” “What do you mean it’s right-side up!” Hermione yelled. “Ok, ok.” She calmed down. “Then tell me, why are the words upside down?” Ginny stared at the map again. “Nope, they’re not upside down.” “Then what does this place say!” Hermione said frustrated. “Ytic revlis. Duh’!” Ginny read the place. “That’s Silver City moron!” Hermione screamed. Ginny again stared at the map. “Na-uh. It’s not Silver City!” Hermione banged her head against the steering wheel. The horn sounded loudly. “Fred. Where are we going!” George yelled. “To Silver City to win the money, George.” Fred told his twin brother. “I know that.” George responded. “But why are we in the wrong lane.” Fred looked around. Cars that headed right at them would swerve into the other lane right before they hit. “I thought you knew how to drive.” “It’s not my fault George.” Fred replied. “They are the ones in the wrong lane.” “What the hell are you smoking!? You’re the one in the wrong lane.” George yelled. “No! I’m in the right lane!” Fred yelled suddenly. “Come on George! Wake up and smell the truth!” George said. “You want to mess with the best?” Fred threatened. “O.k. Enough.” George calmed down. “Stay in the goddamn lane then.” “Harry! Look!” Ron yelled pointing. “Stop the car!” “Your mamma didn’t stop when I told her to.” Harry responded. They stopped the car anyway. In front of them was a mass of short orange people. Harry and Ron got out of the car. “Oh no!” Ron shouted. “They’re umpa-lumpas!” “Umpa-whats?” Harry asked. “Umpa-lumpas. They eat people. They do their ritual dance, then pounce!” Ron explained. The umpa-lumpas started dancing. “Don’t be silly. They can’t eat us.” Harry said. “They won’t eat us.” “Us umpa-lumpas will eat you!” The umpa-lumpas sang. “Scratch that.” Harry said. “Let’s run them over with the car!” Ron said and started to run towards the car. “No!” Harry grabbed him quickly. “Well why not?” Ron asked. He had a hint of terror in his voice. “Because the critics are sick of us running over people with cars.” Harry explained. “I mean, how many people have we run over already?” Ron counted on his fingers. “16.” “See!” Harry thought. “Anyways, critics would rather see us shot the hell out of them.” A M-16 popped out of nowhere into Harry’s hands. “You can do that! I’m going to hide in the car.” Ron ran to the car. Harry turned to the umpa-lumpas. “Alright you rodents!” He aimed the weapon. “You are going to die!” He shot the first row down with ease. He reloaded quickly and shot another row down. He did this for a while. After a While… “Goddamn it! I’m out of ammo!” Harry ran toward the car. “Now what are we going to do?” Ron asked as soon as Harry was in the car. He turned the car on. He turned around and drove away. “We’ll bomb them.” Harry told Ron. “How?” Ron asked. “Look!” Harry pointed up. Above them flew 3 planes. They all dropped bombs onto the umpa-lumpas. “How’d you do that?” Ron asked. He was grinning from ear to ear. “I didn’t have a plan. I just saw the planes overhead and ran. The army hates umpa-lumpas.” Harry explained.

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