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Harry approached the Burrow with some trepidation. After his unexpected appearance at James’ birthday party – he was feeling a bit out of place. Not to mention the fact that he had been avoiding Ginny like she had a bad case of dragon pox. His hesitation didn’t last long however as he was spotted by a Weasleys that were coming round the corner from behind the house.

“Well if it isn’t THE Mr. Harry Potter!” George said loudly. “Decided to finally grace us with your presence did you?” Approaching Harry, he grabbed him in a gruff hug.

“Hullo George. Nice to see you as well.” Harry said, meaning it. After Ron, the twins were Harry’s most favorite of the Weasleys. He had always had an admiration for them, they knew what they wanted to do and they pursued it, much to their mother’s dismay. And all the years that passed since Harry had donated the start up money to them; Weasley’s Wizarding Wheezes was still a resounding success.

“Harry!“ Came a child’s yell from the corner of the house. Harry had enough time to catch James as the small boy launched himself at him to grab him around the knees. Throwing his arms around Harry’s neck he exclaimed, “you came! I’ve been asking Mummy when you would come to visit and she never could answer! Mummy!” James yelled loudly.

“Oy! James Weasley – lower your voice. London does not need to hear your entire life story.” Ginny yelled back – louder – to her son as she rounded the corner as well. She stopped short as she noticed who was holding James. Well, well, well – the fine Mr. Potter is gracing us with is presence. Ginny thought as she looked at him with a look of question on her face.

“Mummy! Harry came to visit. How did he know we’d be here?” James looked from adult to adult, noticing from the corner of his eye that the twin Weasleys were making a quick and silent retreat as if sensing that Ginny was ready to unleash some sort of temper on those in close surroundings.

“Well James – that is something you need to ask Harry yourself. Right now – I have to go and find Hermione and Gram-mum.” With that, Ginny turned on her heel and went into the Burrow.

James with his eyes full of questions, turned to Harry. “Well? How did you know we’d be here?” He asked bluntly. Harry chuckled and set the boy on his feet on the ground.

“Let’s just say I know sometimes how to find your Mum.” Harry responded. “How about we go out to the backyard and see if we can find some flowers for her.” Taking the little boys hand, they headed off to raid Molly’s flower garden.


Ginny watched the two from the kitchen window as they entered the garden. “How dare he just show up here! Unannounced! After dropping from the face of the earth for an entire week!” Ginny muttered to herself as she manually chopped the chives for her mum’s gravy. Like Molly, Ginny could have used magic to get the job done but she needed to vent her frustrations. Chopping things was always the best.

“Talking to yourself again little sister?” Bill said, jumping back as Ginny whirled around with the knife. “Ok! Sorry I asked. Troubles?” He asked, moving over to the fridge to grab a baby bottle from it. Ginny sighed, setting down the knife – out of all of her brothers Bill was always the one that listened best to her.

“Sorry Bill – I didn’t realize I was speaking out loud.” Bill chuckled.

“You didn’t realize? Oh Gin – you must be really mad – you always talk to yourself when something’s got your temper up. Let me guess – “ he added looking out the window. “I bet it has something to do with a certain dark headed wizard that is at the moment raiding Mum’s flowers. And I bet it’s not your son.”

“They’re raiding her flowers? Oh my – Mum is going to have someone’s hide! It’s just that he avoids me for the entire week – don’t even ask – I won’t tell. Then he just shows up here out of the blue! He makes me so mad!” Ginny turned and resumed the chopping of the chives.

Bill moved over to his sister and gave her a little squeeze. “Gin – I’m not sure what to say to you – but maybe because he showed up today means Harry does care for you – still. I’d say he picked today because he knew you’d not make a scene in front of your family! Ow!” He laughed as she elbowed him in the ribs. “Just like that. Now I have to get this bottle to Fleur upstairs – the baby’s being fussy – and if there’s nothing scarier than a mad Weasley – it’s a mad half-Veela! Also it seems that the subject of our chat is on his way in here. And to save him the embarrassment of talking to you in front of a brother that could potentially hurt him – I’m leaving! Don’t worry Ginerva Weasley – I have a feeling that things will turn out just the way they should.”

As Bill dashed up the stairs, bottle in hand, Harry and James opened the back door and entered the kitchen.

“Hi Mummy!” James greeted her climbing up on the cupboard beside her. “May I have a pumpkin pastie?” He asked even as his hand was sneaking towards Molly’s cookie jar beside him. Ginny looked from her son over to where Harry was standing awkwardly in the door with a bunch of flowers clutched in his hand.

“Ok Quidditch-bug – but only one. I won’t have you ruining your dinner. Gram-mum will be upset if you do.” She lifted the cookie jar and let him pull out a cookie. Kissing him on the nose she lifted him off the cupboard and placed him on the floor. “Now – Uncle Bill says you two were out raiding her garden; and I see he was telling the truth.”

Harry’s cheeks pinked as he thrust the flowers out at her. “These are to apologize for my actions. I should have come sooner to see both of you. And don’t worry – I used a re-growth charm on the flowers. Molly won’t even notice they are gone. “

“Yeah Mummy – Harry is sorry. I helped to find the pretty yellow ones.” James said his mouth full of cookie.

Ginny took the flowers from his hands and laughed at the two standing side by side; one looking rather guilty while the smaller version looked quite proud of himself. “Well that is good. At least you’ve learned to do that. I remember Fred and George picking flowers from her garden to give to Mum when they were particularly bad. She’d be yelling and laughing at them as she chased them out of the kitchen every time. Accio flower vase!” Ginny summoned the crystal vase on the top of the hutch, filling it halfway with fresh water, she placed the makeshift bouquet inside. “Now how did you know that the yellow ones were my favorite?” She asked kneeling down to James height to give him a quick hug.

“Harry told me. He said to look for yellow ones because it would make you the most happiest.”

Ginny rose to her feet to see Harry watching her. He had remembered yellow flowers were her favorite! It had been years since they had that conversation. One quiet night after Voldemort’s demise; Harry had asked Ginny what sort of flowers were her favorite. Ginny had thought it a funny question at the time as they were in the middle of a major make out session. Giving him an odd look, she responded yellow and grabbed his mouth once more in a kiss. A few days later when she had returned to her flat after an early morning run, the entire living room had been covered in yellow flowers of all sorts – large sunflowers, lilies, and daffodils. When she finally found Harry in the midst of it all – he grabbed her about the waist and kissed her softly. I should have given you yellow flowers long before now Gin he said quietly against her lips. Ginny smiled at the memory and looked into Harry’s eyes and could see the same memory reflected there. She opened her mouth to say something when the door flew open and Ron and Hermione came through.

“Quick! Everyone in the sitting room! We have big news!!” Ron shouted loudly as he dashed through with Hermione close on his heels. Harry watched Ginny and Hermione share a knowing look before she turned to him.

Standing on tiptoe – Ginny kissed him softly on his rough cheek. “Thank you Harry.” She whispered and moved into the sitting room where Ron, Hermione and the rest of the Weasleys waited.


“We’re having a baby!” Ron shouted to the crowd in the sitting room as soon as the last Weasley was packed in; sending a wave of excitement through out the crowd.

“Ron! Hermione! That’s such wonderful news!” Molly exclaimed enveloping the pair in a huge hug. “When is the baby due? “

“Well we haven’t gotten a chance to see our family Healer yet. Ginny performed the test on me at the start of the week. But I have read through some books on pregnancy and I’ve figured out that the baby may be born sometime near Easter.” Hermione explained.

“Ginny – you knew?” Ron said turning to his sister. “How did you keep that a secret for an entire week?”

“Ronald Weasley – don’t look so shocked. I can keep secrets just fine – when I need to.” Ginny replied her cheeks growing hot as her temper rose at her brother – he knew very well that Ginny could keep secrets. She had kept many a secret for her brothers. “Perhaps I should tell Mum what really- mmph!” She was cut off as Ron threw his hand over her mouth and Molly threw her two youngest a look of interest.

“Now, now! “ Ron said nervously as he changed the subject, “I think I smell something delicious! Mum – what have you made for us today? Shouldn’t we all go see? It must be time to eat!”

“Saved for today Ron.” Harry chuckled as the family started into the dining room. “Congratulations mate – to you and Hermione both.” Harry gave his friend a pat on the back and moved to give Hermione a hug.


Dinner was, as always, a loud and boisterous affair which Harry took in with a feeling of contentedness. Here, at the Burrow, was where he felt most like he was part of the family. Hogwarts may have been his first real home but the Weasleys was the first family he remembered belonging to.

“Can someone pass the turnip?” Charlie asked reaching past Bill to grab the bowl of potatoes.

“ I can’t believe you are ‘aving a baby!” Fleur said, bouncing her little one on her knee. “Soon there will not be room in ‘ze burrow for all of us!”

Arthur laughed – “Not to worry Fleur. When the Burrow was designed and built a charm was placed on the house to continue to grow as the family grows! We Weaseley’s have a history of having large families!”

“George! I see you slipping that fire fudge into Ron’s soup! I wouldn’t do that if I were you!” Molly shouted across the table to her son.

“Mum – I’m Fred – not George.” Fred said laughing and tucking the piece of fire fudge back into his pocket.

“I don’t care – leave your brother alone! Honestly – the older they get – the worse they get!” Molly laughed.

Harry sat back and quietly took in the goings on around him. He was back where he belonged.


Ginny felt the wind rush through her hair as she dove for the snitch. Knowing Harry close on her heels she pressed closer to the broomstick and reached out to close her hand on it. The twins had put her on their team and insisted that she be seeker. Stating that she had been the next best thing to Harry, who Ron had faithfully picked for his team.

“Go Mummy!” She heard James cheer from below. Just a little farther – she stretched her fingers as far as they would go and could feel the tiny wings of the snitch beat against the palm of her hand. Suddenly out of the corner of her eye she could see Harry mirroring her actions beside her. Too much in the zone to notice that Ginny had the snitch practically in her hand he closed his fingers around her already closing fist. At the point of contact between the two, Harry snapped his eyes from the empty air where the snitch had been and looked at Ginny.

“Harry! What are you doing? I’ve already got it!” Ginny yelled at him against the wind. She knew she had to pull out of the dive soon or she would go into free fall but with Harry hanging on to her and weighing her down she couldn’t pull out.

Harry realized the error of his mistake, and glanced down at the ground, which was growing closer by the second, he turned his head to Ginny. “Sorry Gin!” He yelled. “Try and land on me!” Harry rolled himself and his broom underneath her and grabbed her broom. Together they landed ungracefully in the middle of the field on the hill above the Burrow.

Harry grunted as he felt the impact of the two brooms and Ginny’s body press on top of him. Not quite how expected he to get this close to her.

“Harry? Are you ok?” Ginny asked looking down into his face. His glasses were askew but otherwise he seemed like he was ok. “What were you doing? I had the snitch already! You could have hurt yourself!” Ginny held the fluttering snitch in her fingers and stuck it in face.

“Gin – I’m fine. Although having two broomsticks stuck in my stomach isn’t the most pleasurable experience in the world.” Ginny quickly rolled off of him to sit beside him and push the brooms off. As she grabbed his arm to help him sit up he added, “I didn’t realize you were that close to me. It’s been so long since I’ve played Quidditch I guess I just got into the zone too much.”

“Ginny!” Came a call from behind them. “You catch that snitch or what?!” Fred had landed.

Ginny held up her fist in triumph. “Right here big brother!” Turning to Harry, she gave him a shove. “And would you look at that,” she said playfully, “I found it before Harry! He even broke my fall!”

Harry groaned in fake agony as the crowd around them laughed. “Yeah yeah – you’ve beat me. But you had better not get used to it Weasley, because next time. I’ll be catching that snitch so fast, you won’t even have a chance to see it flit by your pretty little face.” He teased, jumping to his feet and extended a hand to her, pulling her up beside him. “Come on – I think I hear your mum calling. She probably saw us fall out of the sky.” Harry added as he led the group of them back down the hill.


Ginny looked over at James playing quietly on the floor and decided it was past time to head home. Walking into the kitchen to get her bag from the hook she could feel someone standing behind her. Turning, her eyes lit upon Harry standing in the doorway. “Hey Harry. What can I do for you?” She asked as she walked over to the vase of flowers Harry and James had picked earlier in the day. Gathering them up she pulled a piece of butcher paper from the cupboard and wrapped them up.

“You’re taking those home?” Harry said, surprised.

“Of course I am. It’s not very often I get flowers! And they are very beautiful. Mum can look at the ones in her garden everyday. There’s not even room in my flat for a flower pot.” Ginny gingerly placed them in the front pouch of her bag and looked around the kitchen for anything James had left in the room.

“Ginny – I was wondering – could maybe the two of us – “ Harry blushed, feeling like he was back in Hogwarts and trying to find a way to ask Ginny out for the first time. You think it would get easier as you got older. He thought, taking a deep breath he continued. “That maybe we could have dinner sometime during the week?”

Ginny smiled and fiddled with the strap of her bag. “Harry that would be lovely! James would be so excited to see you again so soon!”

“Well Gin – I was hoping that maybe it could just be you and I? I mean if you can’t get someone to watch James – that’s not a problem. It’s just that there is stuff the two of us need to discuss between the two of us.”

“Oh – just us – well I can ask Nanny Edgy if she could watch James for the evening. I am off at 4 on Thursday. Would you like to come to the flat around 6? There’s a lovely Italian place around the corner from there. We could walk there and back.”

“Thursday at six? That sounds great to me Ginny. I’ll see you then.” Harry smiled hugely and moved to give her a quick hug. Knowing he had just shocked her, he left her in the kitchen.

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