“She isn’t in the bathroom!” Alexia’s mother cried to her husband, “she wouldn’t have just run off somewhere!”

“Honey why don’t we go check that Platform she kept talking about? Maybe she went there.” Replied Alexia’s father.

The family searched all of King’s Cross Station and informed the police of their missing daughter. Alexia’s mother was in hysterics, she had lost her daughter and the last time she was with her she had treated her awfully. Alexia’s mother spent the day crying on the shoulder of her supportive husband who was just as worried about his only daughter.

The family was informed that someone had turned a bag into the lost-and-found that fit the description of their daughters bag, Harry Potter books and all. Alexia’s mother pined over the bag and books when the police came to the conclusion that their daughter was most likely kidnapped.

The Mallev family began to invest their savings into finding their missing daughter. They spent extra money to arrange staying in London longer in hopes they would get their daughter back.

Alexia awoke with a start, she had dreamt that her family had gone looking for her and after an investigation by the police had come to the conclusion that she had been kidnapped.

How could she have not thought about her family and what they would think when they found her missing before now? In all the excitement she completely forgot that they would probably be extremely worried. She felt utterly selfish.

Before Alexia had enough time to really think about her family Hermione awoke.

“We better get ready to go to breakfast.” She said to Alexia.

By seven o’clock the two had taken showers and got dressed, Alexia had to borrow more of Hermione’s clothes; it was lucky they were nearly the exact same size.

The girls went down to the common room to find Harry sitting alone.

“Where’s Ron?” Hermione asked.

“He followed Ginny to breakfast cause she was with Dean again and well you know Ron. Feels the need to ‘protect’ his little sister.” Harry answered.

“While I don’t think that what Ginny is doing right now is entirely a good idea Ron has to learn to butt out of her business, it only makes her want to defy him more.” Hermione sighed. “I’m going to go stop him before she throws him one of her Bat-Bogey Hexes.” And with that she left through the portrait hole.

“Well I guess we better go to breakfast.” Alexia said to Harry.

“So you really think you can learn magic?” Harry asked, unable to stop himself.

“What’s that suppose to mean?” Alexia replied defensively.

“Well I don’t mean that you can’t, I just think it’s amazing that you have such determination to try.” Harry said.

“Well to be honest…I don’t know if I can, I mean McGonagall is right, that is unheard of but I’ve got to do something. I guess I at least have to learn how to fake it.” Alexia admitted.

“Don’t worry, we’ll help you out.” Harry said comfortingly.

“By ‘we’ you really mean yourself and Ron right? Considering Hermione doesn’t seem to like me much and Ginny definitely wants to see my decapitated.” Alexia replied.

“Well Hermione will come around and as for Ginny, I think you sort of understand that whole situation, don’t you?” Harry asked.

“Yea I understand. I think she really loves you Harry. But I think she loves you more as a brother and friend than a boyfriend. Like she’d never want to see you hurt but that doesn’t necessarily mean she wants you in bed too.” Alexia said.

Harry blushed at the thought of it. He couldn’t imagine anyone wanting him that way, although he had to admit he wouldn’t mind if someone did. He had always been inwardly jealous that Malfoy was considered the ‘Slytherin Hottie’ or something and that he was apparently a ‘Sex God.’ Harry and Ron never really talk about stuff like that but Harry had thought about it a lot on his own, especially lately. It came with the territory of being an adolescent male.

“Well I think we should head down now.” Alexia said breaking Harry’s train of thought. “They’ll be wondering where we are.”

“Right. Let’s go.” And with that Harry and Alexia traveled down to breakfast, together.

“By the way, thanks for keeping all the guys away from me yesterday, I really appreciate it.” Alexia said as they were walking down the staircase.

“It’s my pleasure.” Harry replied. “Do you er…”

“Do I… what?” Alexia asked after Harry trailed off and stopped talking.

“Do you want me to, you know, keep the guys away from you today too?” Harry managed to say as he made an attempt to fight back the blushing.

“Oh!” Alexia said after realizing what Harry was asking. “Well yea, that would be great, thank you.”

And just before they entered the Great Hall Harry reached over to hold Alexia’s hand. The two entered with intertwined finger and red cheeks.

“Leave us alone Ron, I can do whatever I please!” Ginny yelled as she grabbed Dean’s arm and stormed out of the Great Hall, bumping into Alexia on the way and nearly knocking her over.

Ginny inwardly smirked but only for a moment. When she looked over her shoulder Harry was leaning over holding Alexia, having just prevented her from falling, and the two were gazing into each other’s eyes.

‘Merlin they make me want to vomit.’ Ginny thought. And she fled the Great Hall, pulling a confused Dean along with her.

“Are you alright?” Harry asked Alexia.

“You seem to be around every time I fall.” She replied with a smile.

“Where have you two been?” Ron said as Harry and Alexia sat down. He had bitterness to his voice he always got so angry when Ginny got involved with guys.

“Ron you are going to have to let go of the fact that Ginny is going to date sometime!” Hermione said in a Mrs. Weasley sort of way.

“I’ll do no such thing, I know what all these bloody guys want and they aren’t getting it from my sister! I can’t trust her with anyone; I couldn’t even trust her with Har-“ Ron stopped suddenly realizing he was about to admit he never really trusted Harry when he was with Ginny.

Harry slightly raised an eyebrow. It didn’t bother him too much that Ron hadn’t trusted him, he tried to think of it from Ron’s point of view and figured he wouldn’t have trusted him either. But he was a little angry, how could his best mate not trust him and how come he had never admitted it?

“Don’t worry about it Ron, she’s just acting on her anger and jealousy right now anyway.” Hermione said trying to take the focus off what Ron had just said.

“What do you mean she’s doing it out of anger and jealousy?” Ron asked, his anger rising once more.

“Oh come on Ron you aren’t that oblivious are you? Ginny’s obviously stark raving mad that Harry has been giving Alexia so much attention, personally I don’t see the big deal but I’m sure Ginny will get over it eventually.” Hermione stated in a matter-of-factly tone.

“Yea she doesn’t care cause Ron isn’t the one paying attention to me.” Alexia whispered to Harry while Hermione was speaking. Harry held back a laugh; he had never had anyone to talk to really about the obvious attraction between Ron and Hermione. He just had to endure their bickering. But whenever he tried to say anything to either of them they’d always shake it off, even when Ron was stupid enough to date Lavender Brown over it.

Just then Colin Creevey tapped Harry on the shoulder.

“Oh hi Colin.” Harry said unenthusiastically.

“Hiya Harry. Professor McGonagall sent me to tell you she needs to see you and the girl that would be with you in her office now.” Colin said in an excited rush. He then looked over at Alexia, assuming she was the girl Professor McGonagall was speaking about. ‘Wow she’s pretty.’ He thought.

“Oh ok, thanks Colin.” Harry replied and with that he and Alexia told Ron and Hermione they’d see them later and left for McGonagall’s office.

“Ah good Mr. Potter, Ms. Mallev, have a seat.” Professor McGonagall said as the two entered. “I have called you both here to inform you of what is going to happen with you attending classes Ms. Mallev. You will be in the same classes as Harry, Ron and Hermione as they all know your situation and are the same year as you will be. I have informed Professor Tonks on the situation and I told the rest of the Professors simply that you are a particular case in which I cannot share details but I asked them all to understand and not call any particular attention to you in classes. I want to avoid you being put on the spot as you will be entering at a 7th year level and you have no prior training and we are still unsure of whether you will be capable of studying magic at all.” The two nodded in understanding. “Now, since I assume you have no clothing, Hogwarts robes, or school supplies I have arranged for Professor Tonks to escort you to Diagon Alley today before classes.”

“Thank you Professor but er…I haven’t got any money.” Alexia replied.

“It’s ok, I can give you some from my vault at Gringotts.” Harry said.

“Very well Mr. Potter, you will join Ms. Mallev and Professor Tonks on their trip tonight to provide Ms. Mallev with money.” Professor McGonagall said. “Now if there are no further questions, these are your class schedules. After you leave here, meet Professor Tonks in her classroom, I will inform her Mr. Potter will be joining. Mr. Potter if you could please step outside for a moment I need to speak with Ms. Mallev alone for a bit.” McGongall finished and Harry glanced at Alexia. She gave him a smile so he nodded, thanked Professor McGongall and left.

“Ms. Mallev, after being here for some time I’m sure you have come to think of your family. I must say I have some bad news.” McGonagall began in a solemn tone. “We have searched for the world in which you came from, where your family would be and can find absolutely no record of it. Now, because of this it makes me cautious to believe your story, but you seem to have convinced Mr. Potter and since it is his life you have the information of I feel it is his decision. I know Mr. Potter, and when he has his mind made up he is very difficult to convince otherwise. Therefore, you are welcome to stay at Hogwarts, we will continue to search for your family, but I fear there is little hope in the matter.”

“Thank you Professor. I just have on question.” Alexia replied.


“If you can’t find my parents, does that mean they can’t find me either? Will they think I’ve run away or died?”

“I’m sorry, I do not have the answer to that question. I wish I did but for now all I can assume is that your world and ours are not connected in anyway.”

“Ok, well, thank you Professor.” Alexia said as she left.

Harry had been taking a look at his schedule as he waited.

9:00 -10:00 = Charms
10:10 -11:10 = Herbology
11:20 –12:20 = Free
12:20 – 1:00 = Lunch
1:10 - 2:10 = Defense Against the Dark Arts
2:20 –3:20 = Potions
3:30 – 4:30 = Transfiguration
4:40 – 5:40 = Free
6:00 = Dinner

Harry figured Hermione must have Arithmancy and Ancient Runes during his, Ron, and Alexia’s free periods.

“Ready to go?” Alexia asked Harry as she stepped out of McGonagall’s office.

“Yea let’s go.” Harry replied.

“Ah Ms. Mallev, Mr. Potter, good we can leave then. We must hurry you have an hour before your classes. I’m afraid this will be a quick trip, hopefully we will obtain all the items you need Ms. Mallev, if not we’ll focus on the immediately important things for now and we can take another trip after your classes end.” Professor Tonks said as the two arrived in her classroom. “Follow me please.”

Tonks led them outside and towards the Whomping Willow.

“Professor Tonks?” Harry asked as they approached the wretched tree, “are we going to take the passage through the Whomping Willow?”

“Why yes we are Harry. I figured it was quick and since both of you know about it anyway there will be no harm done.”

Tonks picked up a long stick and prodded the knot on the tree to immobilize it. The three then made there way quickly into the tunnel. They made their way through and into the Shrieking Shack.

“Come now, quickly, we haven’t got much time and I don’t fancy this place much, you probably understand why.” Professor Tonks said to the students as they exited the building.

The three headed towards Gringotts where Harry withdrew a few handfuls of money into his pockets. Then set off to quickly buy Alexia’s items.

“We should focus on getting your class supplies first, seeing as how you’ll need them today, and if need be we can return tonight after dinner to purchase you some school robes of your own.” Professor Tonks said as they headed for Ollivander’s. “You’ll be needing a wand first and foremost.”

Harry recalled 7 years ago when he made his first trip to Ollivander’s. He remembered Mr. Ollivander giving him several wands to try and each didn’t work for him. The wands seem to detect his magical powers. What would happen to Alexia, since she presumably posses no magical powers, will the wands even work in her hands? How will they know which is right for her?

“You two go to Ollivander’s and I’ll go to Flourish and Blotts to get you your school books.” Tonks said before heading off in the other direction.

Harry and Alexia entered Ollivander’s and it was much like Harry had remembered it. The walls were cluttered with wands and Mr. Ollivander made his grand entrance, which startled both of them.

“Mr. Potter hello!” He said as he approached them. “And you are?”

“My name is Alexia Mallev. I’m a new student at Hogwarts, I’ve come to purchase a wand.”

“I see.” Mr. Ollivander circled Alexia, he seemed to be sizing up her magical abilities, or lack there of. “Very well.” He said seeming satisfied. “Let’s get your measurements.

Alexia was both shocked and glad that she had apparently passed Mr. Ollivander’s test, after all, if she wanted a wand she’d have to get it from him so it was good if he approved of giving her one. ‘Perhaps he’s just going to sell you one because he’s a business owner and business owner’s like money.’ A little voice in the back of her head said. ‘Oh shut it.’

Harry was rather surprised as well to see Mr. Ollivander first size Alexia up and then actually agree to get her a wand. ‘Does that mean she does have magical abilities?’ he thought.

After Mr. Ollivander had taken Alexia’s measurements he disappeared into the back of the shop and came back carrying a single box. “This will most certainly be the one.” He said as he took the wand out and handed it to Alexia carefully.

Harry took another trip down memory lane to recall trying numerous wands before finding the right one and thought it would most certainly be the case with Alexia as well.

Alexia reached for the wand and the moment her fingers touched the wood Mr. Ollivander’s fingers were shot off the wand and he flew back as if an invisible force had pushed him.

Alexia gasped and dropped the wand. She and Harry rushed towards Mr. Ollivander.

“Mr. Ollivander are you alright? I’m so sorry I didn’t mean to-“

“I’m quite alright. I expected something of the sort to happen.” Mr. Ollivander cut Alexia’s apology off.

“What just happened Mr. Ollivander?” Harry asked.

“Well I cannot really explain it very well. The best way I can explain is that Alexia here has great hidden magic in her veins.” He said as he eyed Alexia. “I warn you both, there is something significant about this particular wand and it deals with you Mr. Potter and your enemy.”

“What is it? Surely that wand doesn’t have another Pheonix feather in it, you said mine and Voldemort’s were the only ones with it.” Harry replied.

Mr. Ollivander looked like he nearly had a heart attack. “Please! Do not speak his name!” after a few moments he regained his composure and said in a low voice. “No the Pheonix did not provide me with another feather but it did provide me with something else.” He began. “The making of a wand is a very magical process, after adding the core to the wand it must be fused permanently, typically a spell is used to do so, occasionally a substance. But in the case of this wand.” He said gesturing towards the wand, which still lay on the floor, Alexia too afraid to pick it up again. “The same Pheonix which gave its feathers cried a single tear onto the wand after it’s core was added. This tear fused the wand together with great strength. I had not asked the Pheonix to do so, therefore, I was very curious as to why it did it. When I asked Professor Dumbledore, seeing as he owned the bird, he told me his Pheonix would always sing a song. He said he sensed a great rhythm to the song and as he listened to his bird words would float into his mind as if he understood the Pheonix’s song. This is what he said.” Mr. Ollivander handed the two a piece of parchment.

A broken past that is terribly great
Facing difficult decisions and an eternal fate
She will possess the magic that saved him before
And aid him in facing the Dark Lord once more
But should the wand not go to the one it deserves
Her magic will stay locked up in reserve
The magic will grow at an unsteady pace
But will become a thing of beauty and grace
The tears of the Pheonix to ease inevitable pain
But for what she had lost much will be gained
The fate of this tale I can only venture a guess
For what I know can only suggest
This tale is neither false nor fake, it is not a lie
Without her to aid him he will surely die
For him she will put her life on the line
And they will rewrite Her story one moment at a time

Alexia gaped at the parchment.

“He told me that when the time came he would be no longer and it would be my duty to see to it that the girl got the wand. He said I would just know who it was. And strangely, he was right.” Mr. Ollivander said when the two finished reading. “You can keep that parchment. Don’t be afraid of the wand, apparently it’s important that you’re here.” And with that Mr. Ollivander disappeared once more into the depths of his store.

Although Alexia was quite shaken she managed to pick the wand back up and put it in her pocket. Harry left the money on the front desk and the two of them left Ollivander’s.

Harry wanted to say something but he couldn’t find the words. He felt nearly just as shocked as Alexia after reading that, what was it, a prophecy? But Harry was shaken out of his thoughts when Professor Tonks arrived.

“Well I got your books and I was able to stop and get you a cauldron as well. I don’t think you’ll be needing any other supplies. It’s only 8:30 but we can just return tonight after dinner to get you some clothing. I don’t want you to be late for your first class and I doubt we could buy all the clothes you’d need in twenty minutes anyway. Shall we go?” said Professor Tonks.

Alexia seemed to be trying to find her voice so Harry supplied her with an answer. “Yes, sure we can go.”

Tonks eyed the two suspiciously, it was quite obvious something was amiss but she decided to leave it be.

The three headed to the Leaky Cauldron where they traveled back to Hogwarts via Floo.

Harry and Alexia entered the Gryffindor common room to find Ron and Hermione in a characteristic argument.

“Oh you’re back.” Hermione said once she noticed the two enter.

“Thank Merlin.” Ron huffed.

“What’s the matter?” Hermione asked seeing the slightly distraught looks on the faces of the two.

Harry looked at Alexia, silently asking her if they could be told about what had happened. Alexia gave Harry a small nod so he addressed Hermione and Ron.

“Have we got something to tell you.”

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