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“He kissed you?” Hermione cried out causing many of the wizards surrounding the two witches to turn and look.

Ginny immediately blushed and shushed her friend. “Hermione – perhaps you would like to say that a little louder – I don’t think Professor Flitwick heard you at Hogwarts!” Ginny pulled her chair a little closer to the small table inside the café by St. Mungo’s. It had been almost a week since Harry had left her stunned by his kiss and she didn’t know what to make of it. “Yes – one moment he was going on about me being with Colin Creevey - of all wizards - and the next he was kissing me senseless in my living room! Hermione it’s been almost a week since then and not an Owl or a visit by the man. I am reaching the end of my rope here!”

Hermione laughed at her friends’ exasperation and took a sip of the steaming cup of chai that was sitting in front of her. When Ginny had sent an owl yesterday asking they meet for coffee she hadn’t been sure what to expect – but she was rather relieved to hear that it was to discuss Harry. “Sorry for the shock Gin – but I didn’t expect you to say that. Harry’s been pretty mum since he arrived back at our flat the night of the match. Unless he’s said something to Ron – he’s been flying off early in the morning and then arriving back late at night. I usually hear him come in and leave and as to where he’s going and what he’s doing – its beyond me.”

Ginny sighed and took a drink of her roasted almond coffee and looked out the window at the passersby as they moved to and from their destinations in London. Here she had hoped Hermione could shed some light on Harry’s actions. “Well - if you don’t know what he’s up to – I guess I’ll have to wait for him to come to me. Much as I don’t like it – James has been asking where his new friend Harry is almost every day now. And I don’t know what to tell the poor little guy – sorry baby but Harry kissed Mummy while you were asleep and it scared him off?”

“Ginny! Don’t be so silly – you know you didn’t scare Harry off. He’s just being a prat and thinking he pushed too far somehow, Harry still thinks of you as delicate.” Hermione paused and watched the temper rise in her sister-in-law. “Now Gin – calm down - I know you’re not delicate. You’re one of the strongest witches I know! I figure he’s brooding. He’ll turn up soon enough – and if he doesn’t I’ll be giving him a talking to next time I catch him at the flat!”

Ginny laughed as she thought of the sort of lecture Hermione was bound to give Harry. She’d probably ambush him and give him a book on how to handle the opposite sex. Which would leave Harry as clueless as ever – silly git that he was. Pushing her too far! If Ginny had her way that night – Harry would have been pushed right back into her bedroom. She had been surprised that after nearly 5 years her feelings for him could surface with just a kiss but they had – no need to brood on it though – she knew Harry would do more than enough brooding for the two of them.

Eager to change the subject, Ginny said “So Hermione – what’s new with you?”

“Well Ginny – I’m so glad you asked. I need a favour from you. I need to swear you to secrecy for the time being though. Do you swear?” Hermione looked at her friend – waiting for a response.

Ginny didn’t wait a beat. “Of course – you know I’d never tell a soul unless you want me to. What is it?” Hermione nervously took a long drink from her cup and started twisting her napkin in her lap.

“Gin – well I need – I need a pregnancy test!” Hermione laughed a bit as Ginny’s jaw dropped to her chin in shock. “Please don’t tell anyone. Even Ron doesn’t know yet. But I read in Wizarding Medicine that normal muggle tests won’t work most times. I was ready to just pop out and get one of those until I read about the wizarding tests. If you can’t, I understand Ginny but I thought maybe because you were a healer at St. Mungo’s you could maybe help me – “

“Hermione! This is so huge! And great! Huge and great! When did you figure out you might be pregnant? And of course I can get you a test! In fact – I can do the test myself if you would like. Whenever you like – it’s a simple procedure. “ Ginny felt the tears well up in her eyes with happiness – she jumped up and moved around the table to hug her friend tightly.

Hermione felt her own eyes grow damp. “Wow – Ginny – I think you just became more excited than me! I figured it out just a few days ago. Things have been so busy at work and with Ron’s Quidditch and Harry coming home that I didn’t realize right away that I was late. It’s a simple test? Oh my goodness – is butterbeer harmful to the baby? Alcohol is really harmful to muggle babies!”

Ginny gave her friend another squeeze and sat back down in her chair. “No Hermione – you and the baby – if you are indeed pregnant – will be fine. Butterbeer only really can affect house elves. Wizards and witches can get a glow off of it but it can’t affect the baby.”

“Could we perhaps do the test today? I notified the ministry this morning that I was taking the day off and I know you are working but maybe at the end of your shift? Would that be possible? I just would like to find out soon, so I can start reading as much as I can about pregnancy and motherhood!”

Ginny laughed – leave it to Hermione to want to know just so she can read about it. “Of course we can do the test today. Why don’t you take the afternoon to relax and come up to the third floor at four o’clock? My shift will be getting over by then and I’ll set up a room for us.” Ginny threw back the rest of her coffee and stood up. She squeezed her friends shoulder. “And don’t worry – you’re secret is safe with me.” Ginny placed some sickles down on the table for the server witch and headed back out to St. Mungo’s.

Precisely at four – Ginny looked up from her last chart and seen Hermione striding through the doors of the third floor. Waving to her friend as she hurried over – laden down with bags from her shopping excursion. “Ginny! I know – I know, I’m right on time! I was in the middle of a fascinating lecture on the uses of gillyweed in underwater herbology when I realized the time! I think I shocked those that were there with my quick exit – but I couldn’t wait any longer!”

Ginny laughed at her friends’ enthusiasm. “That’s fine Hermione – I am just finishing up with this chart and I’ll be right with you. I’ve set up for the test the examining room down the hall – fifth door on the left. If you’d like to go and get changed we can start as soon as I’m finished.” Hermione nodded and set off to get ready.

“Ok – this is a very easy test; won’t take but a minute. Are you ready?” Ginny laughed softly as Hermione sat eagerly on the edge of the examining table. Of course she was ready – if she had her way – Ginny would have been performing the test right after coffee at lunch.

“Just lay back on the table and relax Hermione.” Ginny instructed. Her tone was gentle and firm – just as Hermione expected it was when she was dealing with her patients each day at St. Mungo’s. Ginny certainly had grown up since the days immediately following Voldemorts demise. She was now confident in everything she did from her work as a healer, to being a Mummy to James. To Hermione it seemed like she knew it all.

Ginny reached into her healer’s robes and extracted her wand. First running her hand over Hermione’s stomach she pointed her wand towards her belly button and whispered the words to the incantation to reveal a pregnancy.

Ginny’s face remained impassive at first as she waited for her thoughts to unfog so she could begin to look for the feelings that Hermione was indeed pregnant. Feeling a twinge in her own belly was the first sign. Once Healers became parents themselves – they had a heightened sense of awareness for people being pregnant around them. Then as she watched – a soft glow appeared around Hermione indicating that she was indeed pregnant.

“Hermione – when is the normal end of your cycle?” Ginny asked as she began calculating when exactly the baby was conceived.

“It’s usually the third Thursday of the month. But now that I think of it – its been well over a month since I last had my period. Was I right? Am I? “Hermione couldn’t say the words – she looked to Ginny expectedly.

Ginny nodded slowly and broke out into a huge grin. “Congratulations my dear sister - You are going to have a baby!” Hermione jumped up from her prone position on the table and threw her arms around Ginny in a hug. “If my calculations are right you’re probably about 3-4 weeks along. I would suggest that you set up an appointment with your family Healer to go through all the dates you need to know – like due date!”

Hermione felt the tears of joy fall onto her cheeks. She was going to be a mother and Ron a father! “Thank you so much Ginny! I need to get home right away to tell Ron – is it ok for me to apparate now? I won’t splinch the baby will I?” Ginny shook her head no.

“No Hermione it’s perfectly fine to apparate.” Ginny realized this question was going to be the first of many. “Go home and find my brother – tell him the wonderful news. And I expect that the both of you will be letting the family know this Sunday at dinner. I don’t know if I can keep it a secret and I know that Mum will pick up on it right away. The more children you have the easier it is for you to tell if someone around you is pregnant. When a witch becomes pregnant a soft yellow aura surrounds you. The farther along you get in the pregnancy the brighter your aura is going to become. Its rather faint right now because the baby is so tiny and you were unsure of whether or not you were pregnant – but by Sunday I expect it will be bright enough for others who are looking for it or know it exists to see it.” With lightening speed Hermione changed back into her robes and dashed out the door.

Ginny watched her friend leave the room and waited to hear the *crack* to indicate she had disapperated from St. Mungo’s. Then she turned to straighten up the examination room – the feeling of joy she felt for her older brother and sister in law showing on her face as she left for the day.

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