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“Ginny?” whispered a man quietly. “Ginny… are you awake?”

Ginny Weasley rolled over and pulled her pillow over her head, slamming it down around her ears… she grunted and turned away.


“Whaddya want?” she mumbled into her bead.

“To talk to you…” he mumbled, crouching beside her bed and running a hand along her arm. Ginny squeezed her eyes tighter, thinking of who it could be.

“MALFOY!” she yelled, sitting up in her bed and flipping over onto her back. “What are you doing here?” she asked in a panic.

“Shh… please keep down your voice.”

“Bloody HELL.” Said Ginny placing her hands on her head and shaking it. The red hair fell out of the bun and she looked at him, face askew in wonder. “What are you doing here?”

“Shh Ginny, it’s 3.00 in the morning and I needed to see you, I figured everyone was asleep.”

“How… why take the risk?”

“I came flew here Ginny… I didn’t want to be tracked.” He said standing up and cracking his knees. “And I took the risk because I love you.”

“No Malfoy, you don’t LOVE me… you have some weird fascination and daydream that we can be together, when you know that it’s not possible!” whispered Ginny pulling the blankets around her chest tighter.

He bowed his head, the blonde hair swaying in front of his eyes. “I wish it was only that Ginny… really I do.”

“Then leave Draco… and don’t think of coming back because you think you love me.”

“I do..”

“No!” she said sternly. “You don’t. Imagine if anybody came into my room right now, what if somebody heard us or seen you flying away.”

“I don’t care though.” He said sitting on the edge of her bed. It tipped to the right and sank a little as she adjusted herself so she could face him.

“If you care about either of us at all, then you will leave. If you want us to make it through the war… then you’ll leave.”

“Don’t you understand Ginny? That I need you.” He said pleading. She took his hands in hers and twiddled her fingers nervously.

“Sometimes you have to not feel anything… and learn to forget it.” She said wisely.

“You can’t ever forget what you feel.” He said smiling and running his finger over her smooth nails.

“Now you’re just twisting my words!” exclaimed Ginny grinning.

“I’m doing what I do best.” He exclaimed winking.

“You’re getting off topic again!” exclaimed Ginny pulling her hands away from him roughly. “Don’t you know the consequences of you being found here?”

“I’ll take any of those!” he exclaimed passionately.

“Your punishment would be… death Draco.” She squeezed his hand again, and continued. “Mine would be exile.” She breathed out, afraid of her own words.

“I’d take death Ginny, just to be with you.”

“STOP IT!” she yelled, quieting as she stood up, wrapping the sheets around her. “You have to STOP Draco, because you know as well as I do that we can never be together… so leave… please.”

He stood up, looking at her from the opposite side of the bed before picking up his broomstick. He carried around with him, never leaving her eyes and stood in front of her. She opened the window, letting the whistling wind blow the white curtains into her room. It seemed to chill the room and she shivered as he touched her chin gently, tipping it up so she would look at him.

She closed her eyes though, holding back the tears that were threatening to break loose. He kissed her forehead and pushed something into her hand.

“Just make sure you keep writing alright?” he said and stood in front of the window, throwing a sad smile back to her. She nodded and turned away as he jumped out of the window.

She opened her hand and felt the smooth curves of a small golden box.

“Ginny?” he said.

She spun around and held the box to her chest. “Yeah?”

“Don’t open it until Christmas.” He said smiling. She nodded as he flew away.

Ginny turned around and sat on the bed, she sighed as she fingered the small ribbon over it, the rectangular shape and the small sound it made inside. She held it to her face, running her cheek over the smooth paper.

Ginny turned off her lamp and pulled her sheets over her, leaving the small box in her dresser. She lay still for a while, thinking of what had happened. She wasn’t sure if she should regret it or not, it disturbed her to think of how much she really did like him.

Ginny’s night was restless from then on, she turned and tossed, unsure if anything she did anymore was right. One moment all she could think about was Draco and then she’d come to her senses and know it’s not right.


Draco crawled into his bedroom window, the moonlight illuminating him eerily. He threw his broom onto the bed and put a foot on the floor, lazily swinging his other leg into the room, he stretched and walked towards the bed.

His thoughts remained on Ginny, of the beautiful body she had and of how he wished to just hold her and not be afraid of the consequences. And yet he knew she was right, if anyone ever found out then they’d both pay with the worst.

If only he could think of a way to make it better, to make it so they could be together and not be caught. What were the chances of that happening though? He would only be able to see her at night and only if they were very careful… yes… it would never happen.

Draco opened his bedroom door and peeked into the long corridor, before tiptoeing to the bathroom, he threw water in his face and looked in the mirror. His reflection was of a tired boy, weary from travel and yet filled with angst of love that could not be satisfied, only by one person could it be filled.

“Where were you?” his mother asked. He spun around and saw her leaning against the doorway, the blonde hair falling around her face. “Where were you?” she asked again, crossing her arms over her chest.

“I was out.” He replied simply and walked past her, closing the bedroom door behind him tightly and sitting on the bed with his head in his hands.

She opened the door and peeked in. “Your father will be hearing of this.”

Draco scowled and crawled under his blankets, Ginny was right, what they felt could never become reality. It would be too easy to be found out.


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