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Chapter 21

DADA and Fake Detentions

Everybody from the sixth form was taking Defence Against the Dark Arts this year, even those who hadn’t qualified for it, since the class had been made mandatory. Most of the sixth year Gryffindors walked as one group towards their lesson. It was going to be interesting since that year the Monday DADA lessons included all four houses from the sixth year in it. Harry wondered how they would all fit in the classroom.

They arrived on the first floor classroom, and found the door open. They walked inside and gaped. Harry had seen this room changed into the varying styles of each professor that had taught the class since he had started school but that year, the classroom was changed to auditorium style seating. There were seats arranged in a semi-circle around the centre where a large space remained. At the front, the teacher’s desk resided in front of a large blackboard. It eerily reminded Harry of Courtroom Ten where he had had his hearing last year.

Harry saw that many of the Ravenclaw students had already found a seat. They walked up the steps in the middle that divided the seats in half and took the first four seats in two rows towards the middle. Sally-Anne Perks went to sit with her best friend Mary Fonteyn from Ravenclaw, and Johana Moon walked all the way to the top, and took the farthest seat on the left and sat alone. Her face disappeared behind a Wizarding Comic Strip. Terry Boot, Padma Patil, and Anthony Goldstein from Ravenclaw stood up from where they were seated and moved to sit next to the Gryffindors. They began to chat idly waiting for the new, highly speculated professors. Harry noticed, as the Hufflepuffs arrived, that those in the DA sat near them as well. Soon the classroom was full and unfortunately the only seats open were those across the steps from Harry where Malfoy, Crabbe, Goyle, and Parkinson seated themselves. The usual spat between Harry, Ron, Draco, Crabbe and Goyle ensued just before the two professors entered the class, causing a silence to fall on the students.

Again, both individuals wore their hooded cloaks which effectively covered their heads, but soon they took them off. The class stared as Professor De Valerio was not wearing the standard robe of a witch. Instead, she wore a skin tight, red leather body suit with stiletto-styled high heeled boots that came up mid calf. The top of the body suit was sleeveless, and came up in a low turtle neck, but with a deep V groove that ran down to her chest, although it didn’t reveal much. Her arms were covered in copper, silver, and gold wire, along with leather armbands. Her skin was so pale, almost white, like porcelain. She had a perfectly shaped and symmetrical face, and her eyes were a deep purple. Her hair was raven black, but it had streaks of blue and lavender in it and she wore it wrapped in a bun at the back of her head, secured with metal chopsticks. Around her waist, she wore a belt from which a leather whip hung in a coil, along with other pouches. Around her thighs, she wore leather holsters with a sais strapped unto each. Finally, on her back was a long, slim sword strapped to a holster. She looked like a warrior ready for battle.

“Welcome to Defence Against the Dark Arts. My name is Professor Donovan,” Donovan began and startled the class into focusing on him. He wore a simple outfit: all black, with black trousers, a black silky long sleeved shirt, and a robe that did not close in front, with long sleeves. He wore a pair of black, dragon hide boots that came up to just below the knees. His hair was long, auburn in colour, tied to the nape of his neck with a leather cord. His piercing hazel eyes scanned the group of students. “This is Professor Liliana de Valerio.”

“This year I have been granted permission to teach a higher level course to begin your preparation for your careers. An unusual number of you have indicated a career as an Auror to be of interest, so consider this as your weed out course. Also remember that not many are taken on by the Ministry to train as Aurors, although it is encouraging to see so many willing, considering the times that are to come,” he said, his voice echoing round the large chamber.

“Now, I want to make certain rules clear from the beginning. First, there will be no speaking during a lesson unless you are spoken to by me or my partner. Second, I will not tolerate unpunctuality, so if you are ever late, expect yourself to be given detention with me, and I assure you it will not be pleasant. Third, whatever issues you have with any other students,” he said and stared pointedly between Harry and Draco as they turned to glare at each other, “leave them outside of class. Finally, but most important, my word is law in this class; between the beginning of class and the end of the bell ring, you, sorry excuses of wizards and witches, are mine,” he sneered at the class.

Harry, Ron and Hermione had thought Donovan had seemed intimidating when they met him at the Leaky Cauldron, but it was nothing comparing to the figure they saw before them.

“I’ve reviewed your curriculum from previous years and I pity you. You are really lacking in the subject, and there is only a year’s worth of appropriate teaching for you. You’ve been wasting your time until now. As you have heard, there are two additional classes scheduled for each house at 6 in the morning. We will meet at the Quidditch pitch at 0600 sharp. Now,” he said turning to huge boxes sitting in the front of the class, “when I call your name come to the front to pick up your designated package.”

“Abbott, Hannah,” he called and Hannah made her way to the front.

He surveyed her from head to toe. “During your morning sessions you will wear the clothes assigned to you,” he said to the students and circled the trembling Hufflepuff while Professor De Valerio pulled from the boxes a pair of sweat pants with Hannah’s last name on the rear, a t-shirt also with her last name on it, jogging shoes, a sports bra, and a pullover hooded jumper with her last name and handed the items to her. Most of the first hour was spent doing the register by house with Hufflepuff first, next Ravenclaw, then Gryffindor and finally Slytherin. They were each examined by Donovan, then handed a similar outfit as the rest of them. Hermione’s turn came up.

“I would advise that you ensure your hair is not in your way during morning class. Pony tail it or bun to the back of the head,” this was the only thing he asked of her, then had her clothes given to her.

When Harry’s turn came up, he stepped to the front.

“It will be appropriate for you to use military standard spectacles, or place a sticking charm on those,” Donovan said pointing to Harry’s glasses. “I don’t want you losing your glasses if they get knocked out. I would also recommend that your hair…” he began

“But my hair doesn’t…”

Donovan whipped around and got in Harry’s face. “Did I say you could speak?” he asked. When Harry didn’t answer, he asked again … “Are you deaf? I asked you a question; did I say you could interrupt me?”

Harry tightened his jaw muscles and glared at him. Through clenched teeth he seethed, “No.”

“No SIR,” Donovan emphasized.

“No sir,” Harry replied with contempt.

“Detention Potter, once a week for one month,” said Professor Donovan.


“DETENTION POTTER, TWICE A WEEK, until the holiday break, now keep your mouth shut unless you want to spend 7 days in detention with me for the rest of the year,” Donovan snarled at Harry.

Harry tried very hard to hold his tongue as he glared daggers at Donovan. He couldn’t believe that he now had two Professors that he loathed.

“As I was saying, do something with that hair,” he said and Donovan dismissed Harry after Professor De Valerio handed him his clothes.

Draco sniggered at Harry as he walked back to his seat, and was startled when someone’s shadow fell upon him.

“Enlighten me… do I amuse you?” Donovan asked and the whole class was startled. How did he get there so fast?


“Up to the front, NOW!”

Draco jumped from his chair.


“Draco Malfoy,” he answered arrogantly.

“Cut that hair or grow it and tie it. Make sure I never catch you with that smirk on your face again,” Donovan said with a growl, and lowered his voice so only Malfoy could hear him, “prissy boy.”

“You don’t know who my fath…”

“I know very well who your father is. Do I look like I care? So if you are such a daddy’s boy, tell your father where I am. I doubt he’d be of much use where he is now,” Donovan smirked, and Draco glared at him. “Now take your clothes and get out of my sight,” Donovan spat at Draco.

“Oh, by the way… detention, twice a week for the first half of the year, and next time you find something funny, I will make it three times a week,” Donovan said sweetly and continued to finish the register. He then turned to the class.

“Since this is your first day, we will start out easy. I know you are very well aware of what a Dementor is, and with the recent news of the mass revolt from Azkaban, they are no longer under Ministry control. So we begin the year with the Patronus Charm spell. The incantation for it is Expecto Patronum. Do you know what is also required to conjure the Patronus?” he asked and was surprised to see 16 hands rise in the air. None of them Slytherin.

“Parkinson,” he pointed to the Slytherin girl who didn’t have her hand raised.

“I... I don’t know.”

“I want an essay two feet long about Dementors and the Patronus Charm by your next class,” he said then pointed to Goyle.

“What is required to conjure the Patronus?”

Goyle just stared at him and stuttered.

“What do they take in Slytherin? Idiots?” But nobody dared laugh. “Two feet of scroll on the history of the Patronus Charm.”

“Abbott?” he called and turned to her. She was one of the people with her hands up.

“You must purge yourself of the thoughts that come to mind and think of your happiest moment when you conjure the Patronus,” she replied.

“I’m impressed. 10 points to your house. Since it seems like I have an unusual number of students who seem to know about this charm, let’s have a little fun, eh? Release him,” Donovan said to De Valerio.

De Valerio nodded and entered a room adjacent to the DADA classroom, and Donovan sat down on his desk, waiting. The students were expectant of what was about to happen, and they wondered what Donovan meant by ‘release him’.

Harry and Hermione looked at each other when the temperature in the room began to drop and they could see their breath in a cloud of steam against the frosty air. Their eyes opened wide in surprise and they whipped out their wands. They turned to the doorway where Professor De Valerio had gone into the next room, and as the lights began to flicker they saw long, grey, bony fingers wrap around the door frame, and the horrible sight of a Dementor glide in to the room and head directly towards the first student in its path.

At once, Harry, Ron, Hermione and Neville jumped from their seats and yelled in unison ‘Expecto Patronum’. Harry’s stag, Hermione’s otter, Ron’s opossum, and Neville’s butterflies shot forth from their wand and raced towards the Dementor, but they walked right by it and disappeared into the wall behind it.

“Bravo!” Donovan said clapping his hands mockingly, but he was obviously impressed. The temperature returned to normal, the candles ceased their flicking and the Dementor stood patiently as if awaiting orders. The students were confused; they didn’t know what was going on.

“Thank you, Professor,” Donovan said to the Dementor, which nodded, and vanished in a swirl of black mist leaving Professor De Valerio in its place. The crowd gasped.

“How did she do that?” someone blurted.

“Someday when you are advanced enough you may find out,” Donovan replied.
“If you were perceptive enough you would have known from the beginning it was not a real Dementor. Why is that?”

“But the lights…? And the air was freezing…” Dean interjected.

“You could have seen me changing the temperature of the room, and casting a spell on the torches… but what was missing?”

Hermione’s hand shot up in the air.


“There weren’t any memories tormenting us,” she replied with assurance.

“Correct. Regardless,.. Four corporeal Patronuses from 16 year olds? Impressive. I was under the knowledge that the Patronus charm was not taught until the end of sixth year and perfected in seventh year, and almost no one produces a true corporeal Patronus by the end of seventh year. Care to explain?” he asked the four students who had cast the charm.

Hermione answered, “Harry taught us. Professor Lupin taught him the charm in our third year and he taught us how to do it.”

“I see. Twenty five points to each of you for such a feat. Now, I want the class to split up into pairs. The rest of you will work on creating a Patronus. Potter, Granger, Longbottom and Weasley will supervise,” Donovan instructed and the students walked down the steps to the bottom where the space was large enough to practice. The second period was spent working on the charm.

“Neville, that Patronus was amazing!” Hermione whispered to him as she walked by to look into a pair of Hufflepuffs trying to cast a corporeal Patronus, and Neville blushed.

“Did you see them? They were beautiful…” he whispered proudly of his Butterflies. He had never cast as corporeal Patronus before.

Several more students (DA members of course) managed to get a feeble shape of some sort. When the bell rang the class was dismissed. The whole lot of Slytherins had been assigned extra homework on top of the regular amount for their lack of even a wisp of white smoke.

“Potter, Malfoy… stay after class,” Donovan called after them.

“We’ll wait outside,” Ron and Hermione said to Harry and left the classroom, closing the door as they left.

“Malfoy, aren’t you the lucky one? I like to work on a first come first serve basis, and fortunately for you, I already gave detention to three other students this morning, so I am quite full at the moment,” he began and Harry couldn’t believe it.

Draco placed a smug look on his face, seeing he would be getting out of detention. Donovan continued, “So you will not be spending detention with me, instead I will arrange everything and Mr Filch will take care of you.” Draco’s face fell into a dumbfounded look. “Consider yourself lucky. I have heard of Filch’s detentions and they seemed rather light compared to my preferences. Your detentions will be on Tuesdays and Thursdays in the evening after dinner. Now go,” he said and dismissed a seething Draco.

Donovan then turned to Harry, who despite the fact that he was stuck in detention as well, at least Malfoy would have it worse, unless Donovan truly could be worse.
Donovan went to the door and closed it then turned to Harry. His stony expression relaxed and he smiled at Harry.

“Potter, you don’t have detention with me, instead we are meeting Tuesdays and Thursdays after dinner with Joséphine. This way the whole school will not suspect anything. But not a word to anyone, and I meant it about your hair,” he said calmly.

“I don’t understand,” Harry said taken aback by his change in attitude.

“Just because you are extremely talented in my class doesn’t mean I will not treat you like the others. Any other person who had interrupted me would have received the same treatment. Luckily for you, this time I used it to both set an example and to set up your alibi to spend two days with me after class. Please remember this though, for if you do speak up again you will have extra days and those will be detention. I will see you at 0600 tomorrow. You may go,” Donovan said as he sat down on his chair and began to look through some papers.

Harry left the classroom utterly confused.

“What did he say?” Ron asked as soon as he saw him walk out of the room and they began to head to Gryffindor. They were done for today.

“I don’t have detention; instead I have my lessons with Joséphine. It was all a farce so I have an excuse, he did say that if I do speak up again he will definitely give me detention,” Harry said with a frown, then he grinned, “but Malfoy’s is real. He is having detention with Filch twice a week,” he exclaimed unable to hide his delight.

“That git finally got something that’s coming to him,” Ron said elated.

The whole school was a buzz of conversation and speculation about DADA during the evening meal. News of Joséphine, Harry’s, Malfoy’s, and two other students’ detention had spread like wild fire, as well as the events of the DADA classes. The other item of gossip was the appearance of Narcissa Malfoy, rumoured to have come to dispute the placement of her daughter in Gryffindor. No one really knew what had happened, but Bianca was still here, and still in Gryffindor. Narcissa had left fuming, Bianca returned in tears, and Malfoy had earned even more detention, even with Snape, for he hexed about half the school in his bad mood. Although all he had to do was clean a few dirty cauldrons for Snape, and with magic.

After dinner the Gryffindor students lounged in the common room as they worked on homework. At eight o’clock, Fred volunteered to distract Joséphine while the rest went to the first DA meeting of the year. Ginny also had to stay behind because she could not rid herself of Bianca Malfoy.

“Since the majority of us have homework from DADA to perfect the Patronus charm, we will practice that tonight. Also, I want to hear suggestions as to anything that you might want to try and learn here, and I think this year we should practice duelling,” Harry said to the assembled group. “Oh and one last thing, if you think there are trustworthy people who would be good members, then turn in their names and we will discuss it and see who we should accept into the DA. Hermione has made up a new list so everyone needs to sign up. Now you know that the parchment is enchanted and Hermione has placed a much stronger protection on this one than last year’s, and you will have to get a password for permission in order to tell someone about us,” Harry said and turned it over to Hermione.

Harry was surprised to see Cho was there again, but he had pretty much ignored her and they had barely spoken a word to each other. He had his own girlfriend, and he wasn’t the least bit attracted to Cho anymore. She was still pretty, but she didn’t interest him. Harry also noticed that Cho seemed to be back again with Michael Corner, as they were seating next to each other. Hermione explained the list of some of the results from the hexes she used on the parchment, but she didn’t say which hexes she actually had used.

The DA members each signed their names, and then the group split up into pairs to work on Patronuses. They spent an hour on the work, and headed to bed before curfew. All Gryffindor fifth years and above went to bed early since they would have their DADA class at 6:00 in the morning.

Harry groaned when Neville woke him up at about five.

“I reckon we should go to the kitchens and see if we can get some food,” Ron said as he sat up from the floor. Harry had to kick him off the bed to get him to get up.

“Oh no!” Harry exclaimed with worry.

“What?” Ron asked him startled.

“I forgot to search for a spell for my hair and my glasses!” Harry said as he flicked his wand on himself and in an instant his pyjamas were replaced by the jogging pants, the t-shirt, running shoes, and pullover. Ron had still not managed to get that spell right, so he had to change his clothes manually, much to his annoyance.

“I need Hermione’s help,” Harry said and left the room.

He was surprised to find the common room full of students, eating breakfast from a small buffet table set up with food. Dobby was serving food to the students.

“Dobby!” Harry greeted the elf with surprise.

“Harry Potter is awake, sir. Dobby is glad to see that the great Harry Potter again, sir.” The elf bowed low to Harry.

“How did you know to get this food here?” Harry asked as Dobby served him a plate.

“The brother of Harry Potter’s Wheezy said Harry Potter and his friend would be up very early, and go to class with no breakfast. Dobby agreed to help Harry Potter and his friends. Dobby cooked food for the house of Harry Potter,” the elf replied with his high squeaky voice.

“Thanks Dobby. You’re a great friend,” Harry gave the elf a huge smile.

“Oh, Harry Potter is much too nice to Dobby. Dobby will help Harry Potter anytime,” the elf said almost bursting with excitement.

Harry took his food and searched for Hermione. “Hermione, I need your help! I’ve never been able to do anything with my hair, how I am going to get it in shape for class… and I forgot about my glasses,” he said sitting next to her pleading for her help.

“I knew you’d forget, so I took the time to research this yesterday. Now, I have never tried this, so it may take a few times, but the spell is simple enough,” she said and pointed her wand at Harry.

Hermione muttered the hair trimming spell, and smiled at the result. “Here take a look,” she said handing him a mirror. Harry stared at the stranger in the mirror. His scar was completely visible now, but he really didn’t like how he looked with the short hair. He watched with some satisfaction as his hair grew to the proper size.

“Harry, what did you do?” Hermione exclaimed when she saw his hair back to normal.

“Nothing, it always does that,” he replied, “but I really didn’t like how it looked,” he added.

“That’s probably why it never works. I think something with your … you know … makes you cast spells without you thinking about it. You do need to do something about it. So let’s try to grow it long,” she said and again flicked her wand at him.

Harry looked in the mirror, and grinned at the shoulder length, shinny, messy black hair.

“Mmh,” Hermione huffed.

“What?” Harry asked feeling worried.

“Nothing, just that long hair suits you,” she said to him. “Now we need to put it back in a pony tail,” she said and Accio-ing a hair brush, she brushed his hair and tied it with a black leather band. “There, what do you think?” she asked with a toothy grin.

Harry looked at his reflection and although it was different, he liked the way his hair looked long. “Not bad.” This time his hair remained how it was. As Harry moved the mirror to look at his hair, he caught sight of some 7th year girls who were looking at him with a lot of interest. He quickly put the mirror down, and focused on Hermione.

Hermione performed a good sticking charm on Harry’s glasses. “It’ll only work for two hours, and if you need to take them off, the release spell is Relaxio,” Hermione said to him.

“Hey mate, look at you,” Fred said to him as he sat down on a chair with a plate of food, his own hair tied back. Harry grinned at him

“What about you?” Harry asked to Hermione whose hair was still a wild brown bushy mess.

“Parvati said she would help me with it. She’s got some Sleakeaze potion. I better go find her,” she said and headed up to her dormitory.

When it was time to leave, Hermione came back down the steps with her hair in a French braid. It was a little weird to see her hair tamed into something other than a mop of bushy hair.

The fifth, sixth, and seventh year students walked out onto the Quidditch pitch. They used their wands to light up their path as it was still somewhat dark; the sun wouldn’t rise for a little while yet. The Slytherins hadn’t arrived yet, but Professor Donovan and Professor De Valerio were already out there.

Just before 6:00, the Slytherins arrived. Both groups stared at each other noticing how different they all looked. Most males had been told to do something with their hair, while almost all females had been told to tie their hair. Harry noticed how a few girls, who tended to overdo the make up sometimes, actually looked better without any of it. Pansy and Millicent were the obvious exception who looked worse either way.

Donovan stood in front of the group and pulled out a register.

“I will call your name and I want you to line up by last name, left to right, and I want a grid of fifteen people per line, separate each other by an arms length to your right and in front of you,” Donovan said and called for the first person on the list.

“Abbot, Hannah; Ackworth, Denise; Ashford, William… Bassett Erika; Battle Rebecca… Bell Katie; Bellou, Joséphine…” he began to call down the list, and the students realised that it was alphabetical regardless of what house they were in. Some automatically knew who would be right next to them. Hermione ended up with a Rebecca Grant, from Gryffindor 7th year to her left, and Daphne Greengrass from Slytherin 6th year on her right. She was glad that Rebecca was in between her and Goyle. Harry ended up with Sally-Anne Perks to his left, whose best friend was a Ravenclaw, so she was never seen in Gryffindor, except right at curfew time and she was very shy and rarely participated with the rest of them. The other sixth year girl that Harry didn’t know much about was Johana Moon. She was a loner, and up until know Harry had thought ceased to exist. He shared very few classes with her, and according to Parvati and Lavender, she was a psycho witch that was best to be left alone. To his right, Harry had a girl by the name of Riley Rowlett, who was a 7th year Ravenclaw. The Weasley four were flanked by a Slytherin on each side. Ginny had the little Worsley boy to her right, but he was frightened of her and her famous Bat-Bogey hex. Fred towered over the fifth year Slytherin to his left. Once everyone was sorted, Donovan made the list in his hands disappear and addressed the group.

“Listen up. Pay attention for I will only say things once,” he said as he paced back and forth. “From now on, I want you out here, in formation at 0600 hours. No talking, slacking, burping, farting, smiling, crying, blinking, yawning, or anything will be allowed without my permission. You better use the toilets before you come, or wear a diaper because you are not allowed to leave until class is over. When I speak, you listen; when I give an order, you comply. Resistance will be to your worst advantage. Anything out of line will land you in detention. Also, I don’t want you sissies to run to the other Professors to complain about your treatment here, for you will learn there is nothing anyone can do about it, and the tattlers can be assured that I will make it a living hell,” he screamed at them as he walked down among them.

“WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING AT!?” he screamed at a fifth year student who had turned to look at him. “You will stare at the back of the head of the person in front, and don’t anyone dare to move an inch. Is that clear?” he asked but didn’t wait for an answer. “When I ask a question you will answer me, yes sir, or no sir. Whenever you are asked to speak, you will end everything with sir. NOW, IS THAT CLEAR!?”

“Yes SIR!” the group answered in unison.

“Good. You adapt easily enough,” Donovan smirked and continued. “These morning sessions are going to be used to get you slackers into shape. I can already see some of you asking why would you need a P.E. class, P.E. is ‘physical education’ for those dim-witted ones who don’t know. Why do you need P.E. you wonder? Well just look at you!” he said stopping in front of Crabbe. “And you…” he said moving to Malfoy. Harry had to bite his tongue not to laugh, or smirk.

“But physical strength is not only important for defence techniques, it is imperative for a wizard. It is a fact that most fat, out of shape wizards are slower than slimmer ones, especially in a duel. Also, your spell work will be stronger, more powerful. You hand–mind coordination can be improved, and being physically fit can very well save your life. The better reflexes you have, the best chance you have to dodge a curse. The stronger legs you posses, the better you can outrun an opponent. Also, what if you lose your wand? A well placed punch can knock someone out cold,” Donovan said confidently. “The first several weeks of this year we will focus on building your stamina and increasing your strength. It is for this reason that you have been outfitted with these clothes. We will now take a moment to do a physical evaluation to ensure everyone is fit to take the rigors of the class.” Donovan motioned to two tents placed on the pitch. “Girls will go with Madam Tesla; boys will go with Mr Arnold Chazantsky. They are both mediwizards from St. Mungo’s. Answer the questions fully and honestly. Once you have your physical evaluation, run ten laps around the pitch. Once you are finished, you are dismissed for today.”

Harry stood in his spot, watching as one by one the students entered the tent accordingly, and came out several minutes later. Professor De Valerio instructed them on a few warm up stretches, and then each began their laps around the field. Every once in a while, a student would come out of the tent and was sent to Donovan who would flip through their charts and instruct them on different exercises. Harry knew some of them had asthma, or some sort of illness that required special needs. When his turn came up, he walked to the tent and entered.

“Mr Potter, et iz a grat honour to meet you,” The Mediwizard said shaking his hand. Harry always felt odd when a wizard would greet him like they were meeting a celebrity, which he was.

“Dis vill not take long...” he began to flip through a chart of papers. “Et zeem like you ave ad kwait der experiences over der past few years,” he commented. Harry could barely understand a word he was saying through his heavy accent. “You zeem to ave come off vell. Ok, iph you stand Ich vill take your weight, body fat, musel index…” The wizard began as Harry stood up. Arnold waved his wand over at Harry, and he felt a tingling sensation all over him. Arnold watched as numbers began to fill in the chart.

“Blood pressure: normal; hart rait: healty; temperature: normal. Der bone re-growth vas done sehr well. You should not ave problems with dat. Everyting zeem in order, Mr Potter. Now Ich ave a few kwestions to ask…” Arnold said and smiled. Harry smiled although he still could not understand.

Harry tried his best and answered the short questions as a quill took his responses. The Mediwitch gave him a clean bill of health, and Harry was sent out. He joined the students stretching, did the warm up and began jogging around the pitch. He caught up to Hermione, who to his surprise seemed to be faring well as she ran. She was on her sixth lap already. They jogged in silence for a while. Harry noticed that the students had begun to group into the several houses. Hermione finished with her laps, and she said she would meet them before breakfast. Ron, Fred, George, and Ginny joined him now. By the time Harry was done with his tenth lap, Ron was heaving.

“How many more do you have?” Harry asked as he neared his starting point.

“Five,” Ron wheezed out.

“You need to pace yourself, slow down a bit,” Harry said and felt bad for him. He exited the pitch, did the required stretches, and headed towards the Gryffindor common room. He took a long shower once he got to his room, massaging his sore legs. He was going to really feel it tomorrow. It had felt good to run today, but his legs were shaky, and it had been an effort to make it up the steps without feeling like his legs would give out.

He went out to the common room and sat with Hermione who was reviewing her notes for Arithmancy (even though the first class was that day). Harry and Ron didn’t have class until after break, and it was double potions with all four houses. After a while Ron came up to the room from the field, and dropped on the couch.

“Ron, go take a shower!” Hermione chided and he grudgingly made it up the steps.
When he returned later, the three of them headed to breakfast. The entire 5th, 6th and 7th year classes were ravenous, even the Gryffindors who had had a small breakfast provided by Dobby. The elves were hard pressed to keep up with demand.

“I’ll see you in Potions,” Hermione said as she left the breakfast table and headed to her class.

“What should we do? We don’t have homework to do in urgency,” Harry asked as he finished his breakfast, even though the pile of homework was already growing.

“I am going back to bed,” Ron said amidst his last mouthful.

Harry yawned and stretched. “Sounds good to me,” he replied and the two headed to their beds.


The first Potions class of the year was awful. Snape again singled out Harry in this class, and made him sit with Pansy Parkinson, while Hermione was paired with Draco. Pansy sabotaged Harry’s potion, and ruined hers, but it was Harry who got blamed for both, earning a zero score, and loosing house points for spoiling Pansy’s potion. After lunch, the trio had gone to Charms with Lupin, then to Care of Magical Creatures with Hagrid. To Hermione’s astonishment, Hagrid had shown the class the elusive Crumpled-back Snorkack, most commonly referred in his native land as the Fabelbern Monster. Hagrid had it on loan from Mr Lovegood who was going to donate the animal to the Wizarding Zoo. Hermione had to endure Harry’s and Ron’s taunts about her disbelief of Luna, and Harry wondered if the Nargles in mistletoe were real then, or the Heliopaths.

During dinner, the whole school was rambling about events of the day. It was amazing what effect a little bit of exercise can have on people. Those who had been in DADA this morning had felt more energetic throughout the day, and they had been a chatterbox and a lively crowd. It was finally subsiding now as their tiredness caught up to them, but the whole school in general was in a good mood. Potions had been dreadful as usual for everybody, and Gryffindor managed, over the course of the day, to lose all the points gained during DADA the day before. At least life seemed normal at Hogwarts.

Professor Donovan stopped by the Gryffindor table just before Harry and Joséphine left the dining room table to go to their ‘detentions’. “Bellou, Potter. I have something of importance to tend to before your detentions this evening. Be in my office at 7:30,” he said and turned on his heel leaving the Great Hall.

Everyone offered their condolences to the pair, except Ron and Hermione who simply smiled. Harry was looking forward to these sessions. He wasn’t really interested in spending time with Donovan, but he had had a long conversation with Hermione about what she read in those scrolls that Dumbledore gave him. A lot of the things in the scrolls sounded pretty amazing. Joséphine had left few minutes before, and Harry wondered about her. He hadn’t met her yet, but had heard a lot about her from Fred.

As he walked from the great hall to the DADA classroom, he noticed a person on his hands and knees in the hallway. Harry smirked when he noticed the blond hair. Mrs Norris was perched on a statue pedestal, obviously keeping an eye on Malfoy.

Harry intentionally walked along the side that Malfoy had just scrubbed clean with a hand brush and soapy water.

“Watch it, Potter!” Malfoy yelled at him.

“Oops,” Harry replied mockingly as he ground the soles of his shoes onto the floor. “Better get that before Mrs Norris tells Filch.”

“I wouldn’t be so cheerful if I were you. You have what’s coming to you in about 5 minutes,” Malfoy glared.

“Just watching you scrub the floors like a Muggle maid will be enough to get me through a year’s worth of detention, ferret,” Harry laughed and left a furious Malfoy behind. Joséphine had watched with interest as she had walked up to them, but she had cautiously stepped around the cleaned area, and hadn’t said a word. They arrived in the DADA classroom and found Donovan tying a message onto an eagle’s talon. He sent the animal through the window, and turned to greet the students.

“Good, you are on time,” he said as he went to the door and closed it, and then locked it with both a physical lock and a magical one. Donovan then cast a spell to keep people from the outside from hearing what they were doing within.

“Take a seat. I thought that before we started I would talk about the kinds of Mage and the magic a Mage Type is known for. So let’s start with what I know about magic, since it will help explain better the capabilities of a Mage Type who wields a certain kind magic,” he began as he offered them a seat, and he sat at the edge of his desk.

He didn’t waste any time and dove right in. “Before the use of conventional Magic of today, magic was catalogued into eight distinct categories. Also, ages before, magic users were very limited to the magic they could use. Most cases, a wizard, sorcerer, or mage could control and master only one type of magic with limited knowledge of any of the others,” he began to explain and both Joséphine and Harry were paying rapt attention.

Donovan continued, “the eight categories of magic are known by the colors White, Black, Red, Purple, Blue, Yellow, Orange and Green. White Magic is also known as Holy Magic, while Black Arts is commonly referred to as Dark Arts or Dark Magic; Red magic was mostly known as Battle Magic, and Purple Magic as Channelling Magic. Blue Magic is Earth or Nature magic. Yellow magic is best recognized as Psionics, and Orange Magic is considered the Art of Enchantment. Green Magic is the least known of all, and simply referred to as Spell Creation Magic.” As he spoke, Donovan flicked his wand and wrote the color of each magic on the blackboard, whit its alias written alongside of it. Josephine was taking notes, so Harry felt inclined to do so too, although she seemed to be scribbling a lot more than she should be. Donovan paused to allow Harry to finish writing the list.

“For centuries now, conventional magic has no longer been viewed in these categories, instead all magic has been combined and now we think of charms, transfiguration spells, defence spells, Unforgivables and the sort depending on the result desired.”

Harry raised his hand in the air.

“So you are saying that magic is still separated into these categories? But that instead of learning or specialising in any one kind, we learn just what a spell does rather than what magic is behind the spell, right?” He paraphrased because he wanted to make sure he understood correctly.

“Exactly. Take the summoning spell Accio. This spell makes use of purple magic for the most part. You know that Accio will allow you to summon an object to your person, but you don’t know that it’s because Purple magic is the magic that summons items and allows you to control or manipulate things like air, matter, and nullify the effects of gravity. Purple Magic is the strongest and most powerful of all magic types. It is used for many things, but mostly control. Besides summoning items, Purple magic also is responsible for spells that conjure items and spells that change one object into another. A lot of Transfiguration Spells are based on Purple Magic. This type of magic has been of quite interest to Wizards because it is rumoured that if properly mastered, allows a human to fly, but this hasn’t been proven. In its purest form, purple magic is very complicated.”

Harry wrote the word ‘Transfiguration’ next to Purple magic on his list, and made a note about using purple magic to control magic and other things.

Donovan continued, “another example of learning without focusing on a specific type of magic is when a wizard concocts a Potion. Potions work because they rely on blue magic. Potions are not pure blue magic, but because of the magic of nature, a combination of ingredients will work. Blue Magic is very rare to find in pure form, but the strongest trace of this magic can be found in magical plants, and all pertaining to nature. A wizard can learn to channel Blue magic from nature, and when wielded with competence, a wizard can control the weather and nature itself. Blue Magic is also capable of healing, and it’s the reason you will find a great number of potions are used mostly to treat an ailment because of the restorative properties of Blue Magic. It is believed that Blue magic, if mastered, can be used alone with out any need of any other magic, as the wielder can morph it into any other form of magic. Blue magic is wandless magic entirely. It is mostly known as "Earth Magic."

Harry scribbled on his notes next to Blue magic the words ‘Earth Magic’, ‘wandless’, and a note explaining it to be the magic of nature, most present in plant potion ingredients.

“Orange Magic is what enchanters use. Orange magic is responsible for enchantments on items such as weapons to attack with magical damage; objects can also be charmed to repel certain charms. Disarming spells and defence spells are best examples of orange magic. It's a handy sort of magic, but a Mage should never depend on it alone. An example would be the Jelly-legs jinx. It’s based mainly on orange magic for it enchants a person’s legs, but it also uses purple magic to allow control.”

“So yes, magic is still in its 8 basic forms, but we now study it in terms of known spells rather than the pure magic essence behind the spells,” Donovan told him. “A lot of the knowledge of the foundation of magic has been lost. Most of us know of magic and how to manipulate it, but the basic principle on how magic works is unknown. There are a myriad of spells and charms that we don’t know how they were created, we can only duplicate them. It is for this reason that creating new spells is rare, and why it takes such a long time. The art of creating spells is basically an understanding of the use of Green Magic. Green Magic is the most complicated and unknown of all. You must read abut it for years before you can even attempt to use it, for it can be dangerous. It is the reason why not many new spells are created, for one tiny mistake can cause death. Once you gain understanding of Green Magic, you can create new spells, charms, curses, and hexes based on the powers of other magic types. A creation magic user is the most knowledgeable on casting methods, such as entirely mental, gesture, or word speaking, or a combination. Most times new spells or charms happen as accidents.”

Harry scribbled more notes on his parchment, while his brain was processing all of the information he received.

Donovan looked up at the clock.

“It is time for you to return to your common room. It would look suspicious if I make you stay past the required time. Remember, you must keep all of this a secret. I know now that Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger are aware of your situation. I will strongly advise you to make sure they keep things a secret. I don’t want to have to intervene,” he said, his voice stern, the full meaning of his words obvious.

“I will handle my friends,” Harry said standing up and staring at him. He was not going to let him threaten his friends like that.

“Good, we have an understanding. Now if you would please leave,” he said and the students heard the clicking of heels coming from the adjacent room to the classroom. Professor De Valerio stepped through the threshold, clothed in all black leather body suit in a different style than the red one, and fully armoured as usual. Her outer robe was tied around her neck, her hood pulled back.

“Good evening, Professor,” Harry said when he spotted her.

She nodded in acknowledgement of the pair. He had noticed that she rarely spoke, and had only received a few words from her when she instructed him on stretches right before running this morning; otherwise he hadn’t heard her say another word.

“I will see you in class tomorrow, and during our next session I’ll finish explaining about the remaining magic types and we’ll be working a little bit on experimenting with the feel of each magic type,” Donovan said to them and escorted them to the door.

“Oh, one moment,” he paused and waved his hand over them, “just in case you are asked.”

Harry blinked a couple of times as a few images entered his mind. He saw himself with Joséphine scrubbing the DADA classroom floor each with a toothbrush. He noticed that their robes were now soiled as well as if they had been working for a while.

“How did you do that?” Harry asked.

“It is just like the Obliviate spell, only instead of removing memories, it creates some for you. It isn’t really a memory, instead it is an image your eyes see. Only it happens so fast, you don’t really see it, but your brain process it. You will always know they are not real. You better hurry, unless you wish to get caught past curfew,” he said and Joséphine and Harry walked out of the room and headed back to Gryffindor.

Harry walked in silence beside Joséphine who didn’t seem too inclined to talk. Harry was wondering why their nearness would cause such a reaction in his body as he became aware of the tingling sensation again. It was much stronger because she was so near him.

“We haven’t been really introduced,” Harry said to the girl.

Joséphine turned to look at him a bit surprised. “Non, we ‘ave not,” she replied and smiled a little.

“I am Harry Potter,” Harry said and stuck out his hand a little awkwardly.

“Eet is nice to meet vous, I am Joséphine Bel…” she began speaking with a genuine smile but suddenly stopped as her hand made contact with Harry’s. She screamed in agony and tried desperately to let go of his hand, but Harry had clutched it hard as he too screamed in pain. She passed out the same moment he did.


A/N: I really hope that wasn't too much information and too confusing. If it is, ask and I will explain(try to anyway). I know the story and the background to it, so it kindof makes sense to me, but i may not have explained well. THanks for reading!

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