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*~Chapter 5: Avada Kadavra~*

The next day, you woke up to light filtering through the blinds.

“Yuck… the sun…” You said out loud as you rubbed your eyes. Yes, the sun was once again your enemy… like the good old days. You had spent the night talking with him, trying to catch up. You had missed a lot, in twenty years….

You even had your old personality back. The Dark arts were your best friends again, and you even had the urge to Avada Kadavra some birds that had flown by the window.

You hadn’t even thought of Jordan since last night… until… now. Even Sarah. She would be ten, you supposed. She was about to turn 5 when you died, so she should…

“About to be going to…. Hogwarts. This year.”

You quickly ran to the window, and threw the curtains aside. The tiny village lay in the valley below the house, and the mountains seemed to be covered in dry, brittle grass. It was summer.

You avoided asking Tom why he had lied to you about Sarah’s age for the whole day. One, you supposed it was a mistake, and two, he had been out the whole day. You still hadn’t seen him, and it was almost two. You had busied yourself by exploring the mansion and reading some dark-arts books in the Library.

You were currently drinking some coffee in the kitchen, a book laid out before you on a page explaining the curse on how to put someone’s insides on the outside, when you heard the door click close. Your head whipped around and you smiled broadly.

“Hey Tom!” You practically sighed, closing the book shut and jumping up.

“Hey Charlie.” He said, taking off his cloak and sitting down next to your now-empty seat.

“What’s wrong?” You asked innocently, nibbling on his ear a bit from behind.

“I just went on a raid and I… felt something. Remorse.” He said disgustedly.

“I am sure it was just a fluke.” You said between nibbles, you kissing growing more desperate for missing his skin.

“I am sure it was…” He said, grabbing your waist and pulling you on his lap.

“Oh, Tom…” You couldn’t help but giggle out while he started kissing your neck. He stopped and rested his forehead on yours for a minute and took a deep breath.

“Come with me?”

“What? Go where?” You asked back confused.

“On a raid! Come on! It will be great! I know the perfect place…. They got in my way this morning…now it’s their turn.” He answered you, getting very excited about going to kill more people.

“Tom…..” You groaned, getting off and putting your mug in the sink, “That’s all you think about! Can’t we just… stay here? Alone…?” You asked, smiling sweetly at him. He quickly averted his eyes, and you frowned slightly.

“No… maybe after. This needs to get done now.” He said, getting up and taking his cloak off the rack. He threw it around himself and grabbed hold of the door handle before turning around to look at you again.

“You coming or not?”

“Coming…” You answered defeated as you took his hand. Hey… at least you would be able to kill someone…. Ya?

You both apparated to a little village where there were scarcely any lights on in the little houses that lined the street. A lone road-lamp shone brightly at the end of the road, making Tom’s face wonderfully orange. He turned to you and gave a light smile. You smiled back and blushed a little, looking down at the pavement. He started walking, and you had to jog a bit to catch up.

“Who is it?” You whispered, looking up into his determined face. He turned to look at you and smirked.

“A family of five. The husband tried to help his friend… almost messed me up. Now it’s his turn… bloody sqiub.”

“Well… we will get him back… won’t we?”

“I will…. You get the wife and kids.”


You continued to walk, the lights seeming to grow dimmer and dimmer. He finally stopped in front of a yellow, picketed fenced house, with a small garden lining the front walk. You couldn’t help but smile… it looked like your house with Jordan…

Wait… what am I doing? I am on a raid…. With Tom…. No time to be thinking of him now…’ You shook your head, trying to clear your head of the thought.

“Hoods up.” Tom said, throwing his up and then turning to you. He smirked a bit, and leaned down to kiss you. His tongue licked your lip, and you readily opened your mouth, letting him in. You couldn’t help but groan a bit into his mouth as he pulled you closer.

“Masks…” He said smirking, pulling away and handing you a white, phantom of the opera like mask as he put one on himself. You pouted a bit for his teasing, but put on the mask all the same.

He turned and opened the gate, walking briskly and silently up the brick path as you quickly followed.

“Alohomora!” He said, blowing the door aside as he stepped into the house. You heard a some laughter coming from the back to stop immediately, and you smiled. You couldn’t help but imagine the tears at this families funeral.

You glanced around at the light blue walls, covered with pictures of a family of four, at the beach, at the playground, at the circus… everywhere. There were even a couple of pictures of a little baby, not even a year old. You couldn’t help but smile.

“WHO ARE YOU! GET OUT OF MY HOUSE!” You heard a man bellow.

“No one gets in the way of Lord Voldemort and lives to tell the tale. Now your whole family will pay.”

You quietly stepped into the living room, where a man and a woman where clutching there children behind there backs, who where now whimpering. Tom stood before them, wand at the ready. You quickly pulled out your wand, cursing yourself for being so foolish.

“What are you going to do with those? Hit us with them?” The woman scoffed, stepping forward.

“Foolish Woman! Obviously, your idiot for a husband realize what these are! Crucio!” Tom yelled, cursing the woman who screamed out in pain, falling in a heap on the ground. The children started sobbing as the man dragged his wife next to him by her foot, at the same time trying to cover the rest of his family with his body.

“Take me…. But leave my family alone!” The man yelled at you both, stepping backward.

“As you wish… Avada Kadavra!” Tom yelled, causing a bolt of green light to fill the room, before going back to the original light, now revealing the blank expression of the man on the floor.

“ROBERT!!!!!! NO!!!!!!!” The woman screamed, throwing herself on the lifeless body of the man.


“That we are…..” You said, stepping forward. “Crucio!” You yelled, this time pointing at the youngest child, a girl of about 8.

“WHAT ARE YOU DOING???? YOU SAID YOU WOULD LEAVE US ALONE!” The woman yelled at you, trying to sooth the screaming child.

“Well…. We do try.” Tom said, pointing it at the woman. “Crucio!” He yelled again, aiming it at the woman once again. She screamed again, her oldest son rushing over, trying to be brave, and covering both his sister’s and his mother’s bodies with his.

“Get the baby….” Tom said, turning to you, “I changed my mind. I will take them.” You nodded silently as you swished your cloak and walked calmly up the stairs.

You entered the nursery quietly, and walked slowly to the white cradle that contained another baby girl. You noticed she had a small nose, and blonde hair. She looked…. like Sarah.

You gasped as you stepped backward. You closed your eyes and took a deep breath. Then, you stepped closer and looked down once again at the sleeping baby. Her little chest was rising slowly up and down.

‘How can I kill someone that looks so much like my daughter?’ You asked yourself silently, lowering your wand.

“Kill her Charlie. Do it now.” Tom said, stepping through the doorway.

You raised your wand slowly, pointing it at the little girl.

“Now Charlie.”

“Avada….. Avada Kadavra!” You said finally, as forcefully as you could muster. There was another flash of green light, and the little girl gave the world her last breath. You shut your eyes quickly, trying to stop the threatening tears from escaping your eyes.

“Don’t let it happen again Charlie. Never.” Tom said, apparating back to the mansion.

You couldn’t help but sigh again as you gave one last look at the baby, and did the same.

A/N: Okay.... this is definatley one of my most favorite things i have ever written! I am really proud of myself, especially since i finally had the urge to write this all day to get it out to you all! I know this has been greatly anticipated.... so i hope you liked it! Remeber to review!!!!

And to my readers at... well... y'all!

I was certian i had updated... but, apparently not! So, i rushed to but it in line to be dedicated... so i am REALLY sorry i have been telling y'all it was out... MY BAD! lol... so... REVEIW SO I CAN GROVEL! and... SO I CAN HAVE MY SELF-ESTEEM BACK! ya... i will stick with that....!


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