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The characters (with the exception of a few) that I have used in this work will always belong to the wonderful J.K. Rowling. She has created a wonderful, imaginative world for everyone to enjoy!

Chapter 1

“War ends! Wizards flock to the streets in Diagon Alley in jubilation!” read the headline of the Daily Prophet. Ginny picked up the paper to get a closer look at the enchanted photo splashed across the front page. A wizard grabbed a witch cheering next to him and kissed her passionately – not unlike the famous muggle picture that was snapped in the streets of New York City at the end of the Second World War. Smiling, Ginny reached over to grab her cup of tea to take a sip as her eyes roamed over the words that jumped out at her once again. The war was over – the remaining death eaters apprehended and sent to Azkabhan to await trial.

Ginny turned the page to have the headline in front of her jump out and grab her even more so than the front page. “Aurors to return to London next week” Her eyes drifted down to see a picture of Him – the Boy Who Lived - walking through the cobblestone streets of a foreign land where the last stand against the Death Eaters had taken place. Her heart skipped a beat – there he was her Harry – it was the first picture she had seen of him in 5 years – he looked older, his face showing the ravages of war. Not just physical scars but the emotional scars that Ginny knew wouldn’t be erased easily.

“Ginny? Break time’s up Hun – time to get back to it.” Ginny looked up to see her supervisor, Margaret Bones in the door way. Ginny set her cup and the Daily Prophet down and rose from the staff table.

“It’s been 20 minutes already?” She replied as she moved to the doorway to meet Healer Bones.

“25 actually – I’ve been trying to rouse you from your daydreams for the last 5 minutes.” Healer Bones said as she smiled at Ginny. “What is it that caught your attention dear? This is the first time since you started here at St. Mungo’s that you’ve taken more than a 5 minute sit down.”

“Hmm – nothing really. The Daily Prophet just caught my eye when I sat down to enjoy my tea. The war’s over you know.” Ginny moved into the hallway and down to the station at the corner to pick up her patients parchment.

“Ginny dear! That issue of the Daily Prophet is well over a week old. You’re just realizing the war is over now? Where have you been?” Healer Bones patted her on the arm and smiled again. Sometimes that girl’s head is so far in the clouds you could swear she was playing a Quidditch match and was looking for the snitch, she thought to herself.

Where have I been? Ginny thought in her head – between finishing her first year as a certified healer at St. Mungo’s and her life in general – she was lucky she was finding out about the war being over just a week after it happened.

“Well never mind that now my dear. We must get to healing – next week there is going to be a big transfer of former DA soldiers arriving from the front. St. Mungo’s needs to prepare. “ Healer Bones grabbed her patient’s parchments and headed off in the opposite direction of Ginny’s ward.
8 hours later and Ginny was on the way home from a very long shift at St. Mungo’s. She loved her work – no doubt about that – but the last 4 hours following her break seemed more like the 20 hour shifts she had to endure during her residency. Those days were behind her – but after reading about the war ending even the sweet little children she took care of every day couldn’t distract her from the fact that HE was coming back to London.


“Miss Ginny? What might you be looking for? “Mr. Longworth, the Muggle grocer at the end of Ginny’s lane questioned as she hesitated over a stack of juicy looking tomatoes. Ginny looked up – as if surprised to see someone standing there talking to her.

“Oh! Mr. Longworth! Just deciding on what to bring home tonight – I just can’t decide what to do for evening tea!” Ginny smiled at the kind older man. He’d been grocer on this lane for well over two decades, starting this little shop after he fell in love with a witch when he was just a young man.

“Might I suggest you not dine on tomato sandwiches again this evening?” He said with a twinkle in his eye. “My dear wife has cooked up a wonderful chicken stew and you know she always makes too much – why don’t you take some to go?” Ginny smiled back - the Longworth’s did love to worry about her. And it had been such a long day –

“Chicken stew you say? And did she make those wonderful biscuits to go with it?” Ginny smiled as he nodded long before she finished her sentence. Thinking for a moment – well she was sick of tomato sandwiches – she agreed to take him up on his offer. “Okay – Mr. Longworth, you have me convinced. But I insist – this time let me pay for it.”

The kind grocer just shook his head no as he called to his wife –“Oy! Martha – bring out that container of chicken stew you set aside for Miss Ginny – she’s decided to take it!” A tiny witch – the size of old Professor Flitwick came bustling out of the back of the shop with a large container of stew in her arms.

Thrusting it at Ginny she smiled – “there ya’go dear! Now you enjoy that!” With a flick of her wand – Ginny hadn’t even seen her take it from behind her ear – she summoned a bag of warmed biscuits from their kitchen, hovering them in front of Ginny to take.

“Mr. Longworth, Mrs. Longworth – this is too much,” she protested – but they turned a blind eye to her.

“No dear – you’re looking so worn out these days. Your mother Molly would have our heads if she knew just how many times in the past week you’ve had a tomato sandwich or just a cup of coffee all day. Ah-ah-ah!” Mrs. Longworth held up her hand. “You can’t fool me dear – I’m a mother and a witch at that! I know how you young people live. You just never take care of yourselves anymore.” And with that – the elderly couple turned from Ginny and headed over to a wizarding couple that had entered the store.


Knowing she had just lost the battle – Ginny set the bag of biscuits in her Healers bag and hefted the container in her arms and headed towards her flat.
Ginny climbed the final step of the stairway to her flat. Too exhausted to open the door with her muggle key she reached inside her St. Mungo's robes and took out her wand. Alohamora! She whispered and heard the latch click over and the door swing open.

Ginny dropped the healers bag on the floor just inside the door and reached down to dig out the bag of biscuits as a little black streak came into her side vision and grabbed her around the knees.

“Mummy!!” the little object cried. “You’re home! Nanny Edgy told me you’d be late – but you are not! You are early!!” Ginny smiled and looked down into a little face. So much like her own – but different and more familiar to her than anyone else’s could ever be. “Mummy! Lift me up! I missed you!” Ginny hooked her hands under the little person’s arms and heaved them upward. Smiling into bright emerald eyes, the stress of her day was forgotten. She was home with her wonderful little boy, James. Smoothing the unruly mess of black hair off his forehead she pressed a kiss in the middle.

“Hello my darling – how was your day with Nanny Edgy?” She asked her smile matching that of her son’s. Of course Nanny Edgy wasn’t her real name. She was a kind witch that lived in the flat next door named Martha Edgecombe. But as Edgecombe was too big a mouthful for James to say – he had resourcefully shortened it to Edgy.

“It was good! We played in the park and seen Aunt Mione (Hermione) and read books and Nanny Edgy levitated me in the air!! “ He kissed Ginny’s cheek – all wet and sloppy as only little boys can do and started to squirm. Reluctantly – she placed him down at her feet and smiled. “Is that chicken stew? Mmm – Mummy – I love chicken stew!!” He cried and flew from the hallway. Ginny chuckled to herself and grabbed the stew and biscuits and walked into the living area.

Ginny’s tastes hadn’t changed much over the years – the room reminded her of the Burrow where she had grown up in a family of 6 older brothers. The Burrow had always had a sense of chaos around it. With 7 children and 6 being rough and tumble boys how could it not. But there was always a sense of comfort there. Many of Ginny’s favorite memories included being curled up at the foot of her father’s favorite chair reading a spell book Charlie or Percy had left lying out. She would just be feeling content when there’d be a tug on her pigtail and she’d see one of the twins hovering above her on a broom with torment in his eyes. Her mother always seemed to know when the twins were misbehaving and Mrs. Weasley would scream from the kitchen – “GEORGE! FRED! I TOLD YOU – NO BROOMSTICKS IN THE HOUSE!” With a final tug on her hair they would swoop out before they could get caught.

“– and Hermione said she would be by this evening. Around 7:30.” Ginny snapped out of her daydream to see Nanny Edgy getting her things gathered after her day with James.

“Pardon?” Ginny responded.

“Dear – I said Hermione wanted me to tell you she’d be over tonight around 7:30. She met us today in the park – I heard James telling you when you came in. I didn’t think it would be an issue – she didn’t have much time today on her lunch break but she mentioned she had to tell you something. Oh and little Mr. James has his annual check up tomorrow at 12. Your shift is an evening one tomorrow isn’t it? I told Dr. Finnigan that you would be taking him in yourself.” Nanny Edgy repeated. Moving around Ginny she pulled her cloak off the hook behind the door.

Pausing - she turned to look at Ginny. My, she looked tired these days. Not taking care of herself the poor dear. For as long as Ginny had lived across from her she’d always been on her own. Of course her family was always in and out and looking in on her and the little one but Nanny Edgy could tell there was something making Ginny lonely. She never spoke of it but she could tell. “Now dear – would you like me to meet you at St. Mungo’s tomorrow after James check up? I don’t mind – then you can stay downtown and not have to deal with the daily traffic.”

“Oh Martha! That would be wonderful! I do wish I could have the entire day off tomorrow – but St. Mungo’s is preparing for a large influx of former DA soldiers. We need to start preparing before the place gets too crowded. Would you mind keeping James tomorrow night as well? I need to get in a bit of extra time.”

“Not a problem my dear! Me and Mr. James will make a sleep over out of it. How about we surprise him with that tomorrow. Now I want you to go into that living room and get a big cuddle out of that boy. And heat up that stew – the Longworth's will be checking with me to make sure you’ve eaten it. Have a good evening dear.” With that Nanny Edgy went out the door and across the hall to her own flat.


Placing a bowl of stew in front of James chair, Ginny moved to sit down beside him. Although he was nearing 4 – he sometimes spilled his stew on his robes at mealtime. Plus – she needed to be near him and take him in. Sometimes working with the sick kids at St. Mungo’s would affect her. It depressed her that so many children had lost their parents during the war – to death eaters or accidents. And so many of them were hurt by those flying curses that they ended up in St. Mungo’s for treatment. She loved each and every one of them but at the end of the day she just wanted to be near her little boy and smell his smell of sunshine and freshness.

Spooning a bit of stew out of her bowl, Ginny took a bite and savoured the juices and spices of the fragrant stew. James imitated her motions and smiled a toothy grin at her. “This is good stew Mummy! I like chicken!” He ate with gusto – sending crumbs and droplets of stew flying about the table.

Just as they were finishing, there was a loud CRACK in the living room. James bounced out of his chair and flew out of the kitchen before Ginny could stop him. Although she knew he was in no danger – her fireplace had been put on the restricted Floo network when she moved in – she still had a fear that a death eater would somehow come in and steal little James away.
“Aunt Mione!!” Ginny heard James cry as he skidded to a halt. “Yay! You came to see me! Where’s Uncle Ron??”

“James! You’ve grown a foot since this afternoon! Pretty soon you’ll be ready to head to Hogwarts!” Hermione responded “Uncle Ron couldn’t come tonight – he had to go and find a special boy his birthday present…. Now I wonder who that could be?” Ginny laughed softly as she watched the interchange from the door way. She was so lucky to have them both in her and James life. They were so supportive when they found out she had been pregnant with James. But not once had they questioned her. None of her family did – they just loved him and welcomed him into the Weasley brood the moment he was born.

“Me! Aunt Mione! Me! Is it for me?” James shouted as he bounced around at Hermione’s feet.

“James – why don’t you go down to your room and pick out the book you would like to read tonight. Mummy and Aunt Hermione are going to the kitchen to talk while I straighten up.” Ginny said trying to calm her little ball of energy down.

“Ok Mummy! Can we read Quidditch Charlie flies high again?” He didn’t wait for Ginny’s answer and dashed down the hall to his room.

Ginny beckoned Hermione to follow her to the kitchen. Gathering up the bowls and levitating them to the sink she set the kettle to boil and pulled down the tea pot. “Well Hermione – how are you doing today?”

“I’m fine Ginny – but how are you? You look tired. I don’t know how you do it – working all day at St. Mungo’s and then coming home to that darling boy. I’m going to have to fend off Ron’s advances and send him to bed early and I just have spent 10 minutes with the two of you!”

Ginny laughed out loud at Hermione’s exclamation. One of her best friends since their Hogwarts days – Hermione had always spoken her mind. A few years ago hearing her talk about fending off her older brother would have made her screw her nose up with disgust. But now that the two were married and so very happy – she had to realize that Hermione loved her brother – even if Ginny thought he was a giant prat at times.

“Oh Hermione – someday you’ll have little balls of energy of your own. You’ll find out just getting hugs will recharge your batteries and keep you going until you need to go to bed!” The kettle whistled and Ginny busied herself with making the tea. “Now my dear friend – to what do I owe the unexpected pleasure of this visit?”

Hermione looked at her friend. Ginny had all the Weasley traits. Red hair, freckles, a lust for life and a kindness for all around her but she was missing something. Of course Hermione had a mind of what it was but she promised not to bring it up and she hadn’t brought it up for almost five years. But the time had come for the sidestepping to stop. There were things to be discussed.

“Ginny – why don’t you relax and enjoy a quiet cuppa? I’ll go get James ready for bed for you. Then we’ll chat. It’s been such a long time since we talked like girls. How does that sound?”

Ginny stopped pouring the hot water and turned to Hermione. Nodding her agreement she took down the cups, set them on the tray and moved into her living room.


“Night Mummy,” James yawned as Ginny came in the room to tuck him in. “Aunt Mione read me a good story. Will you snuggle later?” Ginny kissed his forehead and smoothed the blanket around his little form.

“I’ll come check on you once Aunt Hermione leaves ok? But for now I want you to try and get to sleep. Love you my Quidditch-bug.” Ginny kissed him once more and tried to smooth down his unruly hair – once more out in all directions after his bath.

James giggled softly at the sound of his pet name and snuggled down in his hand-me-down Chudley Cannon’s quilt. “Night Aunt Mione, thank you for the story.” Before the two women were out the door his eyes had already grown heavy.


“I can’t believe he’s four already!” Hermione said as she sat in an overgrown chair to the left of the fireplace. With a flick of her wrist she summoned her cup of tea from the table and took a sip.

“Some days I can’t believe it either.” Ginny agreed. “It seems like it was just last week I was big as a house and waddling around the Burrow after Mom.”

“Oh Ginny! You were never big as a house… well maybe just the broom shed….. “ Hermione joked making Ginny choke on her tea!

“Hermione! You just wait... you’ll have babies soon enough and I’ll remember that comment!” Ginny laughed and suddenly turned sober. Running her finger along the edge of her mug she approached the topic that she had been dreading for the last 5 years. “So you wanted to talk – I can just guess what this is about. I saw the Daily Prophet today.”

Hermione sighed – she had avoided this topic for as long as Ginny. “You saw it? Then you know – he’s coming home Ginny.”

Ginny looked deeply into her teacup not trusting herself to look at her best friend. “I know – I seen his photo and the article about the Auror’s returning. Why - Hermione? Why did he have to come back now? Just when I am settled and happy!” A sob escaped as she drew her knees up towards her chest and buried her face in her arms.
Hermione sat for a moment and let Ginny cry. But seeing her friend hurt so much she couldn’t not try and comfort her. She sat on the arm of Ginny’s chair and rubbed her shoulders. “Oh Gin – I know it hurts….. But we knew it would happen.”

Suddenly Ginny stopped her tears and glared at Hermione. “You know? You know it hurts? How can you know? Ron never went off to fight in the war! He got to stay on the home front – boosting bloody morale for the troops at home! He never disappeared without a word! Leaving you wondering is he safe? Did he get discovered……..” She trailed off as a fresh wave of tears poured out of her brown eyes.

“Oh Gin – I don’t know what to say…. I know I can’t feel what you feel. But we all miss him. I was so angry when he left without as much as a goodbye. But he’s started to send Owls to Ron again. He’s on his way home. We can’t stop him from heading straight the Burrow. You’re going to have to tell him about James. It’s going to break his heart if you don’t.”

“Hermione – you know I love you and Ron with all my heart and I thank Merlin everyday that you met and fell in love with him and joined our family – but right now I need to be alone.”

Hermione looked down at her friend and gave a weak smile and nod. She squeezed her shoulders one last time and with a loud *crack* disapparated; leaving Ginny alone with her thoughts.

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