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I know, I know, the last chapter really stunk....I re-read it and I hated it.....I'm fighting though writers block so bear with me. I do like this chapter....a lot is going to happen so read and let me know what you think. Thanks for all the reviews...... Remember keep reviewing and reading...and don't sue me because I'm admiting it here, I don't own anything!!!! ***************************************************** Chapter Seventeen: A History Between Us It was a typical Tuesday night, well as typical as you could get in the wizarding world. True, there was nine inches of snow on the ground outside, and it wasn’t even mid-November yet. And, students were studying instead of enjoying the free time. Okay, so maybe it wasn’t so typical. Somewhere on the third floor, in the room that only appeared after you passed it three times, willing it to appear, Harry Potter was preparing to confront a subject he had long willed away from his mind. He knew it was pure boredom and loneliness that had finally convinced him to agree to meet with Luna Lovegood. She had bugged him all year about it, and after the three hundredth and fifty eighth time he agreed. It wasn’t like he had anything else to with his time at the moment. Ron wasn’t speaking to him, and although Ron was normally really laid back, he could hold a grudge longer than any person Harry knew. Ginny only had no spare time to hang out with Harry, due to the fact her social calendar (as she called it) was always so full. Pavarti wasn’t even acknowledging his presence, must less offering him any of her time, and he had learned during his fourth year that he could only handle so much Hermione as his best friend. The room looked empty, but he was use to it since he normally showed up early to set up for DA alone. Why she wanted to use this room was beyond him. Harry would have been much more comfortable meeting in the Great Hall or some other public place. In here he felt trapped. Luna showed up promptly at seven O’clock, just as she had told him she would. She didn’t have any books or props. Just herself with a dreamy far off look etched on her face. “Hello Harry, I’m sorry I wasn’t early, but I was watching the micro-newts on the Ravenclaw common room floor.” Harry looked at her cautiously, that was possibly the strangest thing he had ever heard her say, and that wasn’t an easy task to outdo, “that’s okay Luna, what did you want me to meet you about?” As far as Harry was concerned there was no need in dragging this encounter out any longer than he had too. Luna seemed to be scanning the room, well at least that what it looked like she was doing. “Looking for something?” Harry asked curiously. “Ah, there it is,” Luna said lightly walking over the unlit far corner of the room. She disappeared into the darkness and Harry squinted his eyes watching her carefully. Luna reappeared holding a tattered book, “this is a death journal, the dead write in it to warn us of things we can’t see.” He bit his lip, he knew better than to trust a book with a mind of his own, remembering very clearly a experience when a book had shown him something he would have never figured out for himself, “hasn’t anyone ever told you not to trust anything that can think for itself.” Luna gave a dreamy grin, “no, my mother did years worth of research on these books. Many wizards and witches think their a hoax, cursed to mess with the minds of the naïve.” Feeling slightly frustrated, Harry let out a impatient sigh, “maybe they’re right. I’m sorry Luna, I just don’t trust books that want to warn me.” She didn’t seem to be listening, taking a seat on the cold stone floor she opened the book and blew dust off the open pages, “Look, here is warning that the Dark Lord isn’t dead.” Harry shook his head, although he didn’t have anything else to do, he really didn’t have the time for this. Luna continued flipping pages, “oh Harry, did you receive a letter not long ago?” His attention suddenly perked, “why?” “Sirius Black is trying to warn you not to trust the author, he thinks you should go to Dumbledore,” she informed him. Harry dashed over to her taking the book into his own hands, she was right, written in big bold letters. DON’T TRUST THE LETTER HARRY, TELL DUMBLEDORE, Sirius He slammed the book shut, “this is ridiculous, Sirius is dead. What am I doing here?” Luna eyed him as he handed the book back to her, “why do you have so much trouble believing in anything?” “I believe in a lot of things,” Harry defended, and with that he left. The entire next day Harry Potter sat around reflecting on those big bold words, written to warn him. Sirius was always trying to warn him. “No, it wasn’t Sirius. I can’t talk to Sirius anymore, he’s dead and I have to accept that,” Harry scolded himself. He returned to staring at his astronomy chart in Divination. Firenze was going around trying to help students read the stars. Which seemed to Harry, as pointless as Professor Trelawney’s tea leaves. How Harry overlooked the obvious situation fixing to happen escaped him. A plan this massive, and he didn’t even know it was about to happen. The students of Hogwarts had been locked up one day too many, and a massive breakout was destined to ensue. It started as a series of loud bangs and pops in the corridors. They were apparently just a mere distraction, for when the teachers emerged from their classroom doors to investigate the strange sounds, their class room doors slammed shut, locking them out. “It worked!” said an amazed looking Hufflepuff girl who had risen from her feet. Harry must have been the only sap in the class not realizing what was going on because when he turned around he saw his fellow classmates climbing out the window, escaping into the fresh air of the Hogwarts ground. Something told him it didn’t feel right, but he would be lying to himself if he admitted he didn’t want to follow. “You coming Harry?” Susan Bones asked as she swung her leg over the window ledge. With one second thought and a mere shrug, Harry followed suit and ducked though the window. It felt amazing outside, a sensation he had forgotten how much he enjoyed. Hogwart students were all around him rejoicing in their few moments of freedom. A passing Ravenclaw said it best when they said, “I don’t care if I get a months worth of detention, this is bloody worth it.” He looked around searching for one of his few friends, anyone that might want to socialize with him. He couldn’t find Ginny, Hermione, or even Ron anywhere. He did spot Pavarti, Lavender and Seamus engaged in a snow ball fight, but he knew better than to waste his time trying. “Harry, what are you doing out there?” he head the familiar chubby voice of Neville Longbottom class from a third floor window. “Hey Neville! What class are you in?” he called back. “Magical History, Professor Binns hasn’t even realized anything has happened,” he yelled back. Harry had to laugh, here the school was in total chaos and Professor Binns, the only ghost professor in the school, was still teaching class oblivious. His laughter was cut short when the bushy silhouette of Hermione Granger pushed passed him. “HARRY POTTER! YOU KNOW IT ISN’T SAFE OUT THERE! WHAT ARE YOU THINKING?” “It’s fine Hermione, just a little harmless rebellion,” Harry bellowed back. He knew Hermione was rolling her eyes, “Fine, everything is peachy until a Death Eater attack happens and you’re all killed!” Although it was against his better judgment he waved goodbye to Hermione and Neville and ran out of earshot of her lecturing, he’d just have to deal with the repercussions latter. It was shortly afterwards that the next phase of the brilliant plan occurred. The part where the professor’s escape and the students are caught. “RUN!” shouted a excited voice, and no explanation was needed. Students were dashing into open windows, praying that it was close the one they had come out though. Harry cursed himself for wandering so far away from the Divination class room. In the distance he could make out a group of professors stunting students who were attempting to run. The point hat of the shorter teacher in the middle was easily identifiable. He could just hear Professor McGonagall’s lecture, the other students who participated in this stunt had an excuse of ignorance, Harry should know better. He tried to run as far as he could, but he wasn’t going to make it. Deciding on a desperate course of action, he dashed into the next open window he saw. Diving head first his body hit the cold stone floor with a hard thump. He apparently had landed in one of Filtch’s spare closets, and the worst part was is it was the one clear on the opposite wing the Divination classroom was located in. “Bloody hell,” Harry muttered as he poked his head out the door into the corridor to see if it was clear to make a run for it. “Oh look it’s wee famous Harry Potter. Trying to get a way from the professors? he he….. PROFESSOR! ESCAPE STUDENT!” Peeved the Poltergeist yelled as he jeered at Harry. “Damn it,” Harry swore breaking off into a dead sprint. It would take a miracle to make it uncaught now. He turned his head back and a second later he felt himself smash into something, or somebody. Slightly rattled Harry searched for his glasses which has flown from his face during the impact. “STUPID BOY! What weren’t you paying more attention!” Snape hissed, collecting himself off the floor as well. “And where do you think you were going?” Harry searched his mind for an excuse, “I was going to find Professor Dumbledore.” He cringed thinking how stupid of an excuse that was. “Why?” Snape inquired narrowing his eyebrows. “Tisk, tisk I thought you could come up with a better excuse than that. What class are you suppose to be attending at this time?” “Divination with Firenze,” Harry reluctantly answered. An evil grin spread across Snape’s twisted face, “a first floor class, and why aren’t you in class right now?” “I was trying to find Professor Dumbledore to tell him about the students outside,” Harry lied pitifully. “Don’t lie to me, you forget I can see right though lies,” Snape warned harshly. “Professor Snape, I believe Professor Dumbledore is looking for Mr. Potter,” called a welcomed voice down the hall. “Potter here is one of the students who participated in the break-out , I have very good suspicious that he masterminded it,” Snape said coldly eyeing Professor O’Riley as she approached. She nodded, “I will make Professor Dumbledore aware of your suspicions, but I was asked to find Mr. Potter and bring him to the headmaster’s office.” Harry could see that Snape’s nostrils were flaring with anger, “Potter has broken the rules too many times and I will tolerate his disregards any longer!” “Watch it Severus, there is no need to get angry over this. Let’s not make this personal,” O’Riley warned. “Fool, I’m not making this personal. Dumbledore makes it personal selecting Potter here for special privileges. He’s no better than his arrogant father,” Snape continued. December O’Riley’s eye’s grew wide and she pointed her finger viciously into Snape’s face, “how dare you. You may have Dumbledore fooled, but I know your crime. You knew and I can prove it.” “Knew what?” Snape retorted. O’Riley didn’t back down, “you know what I’m talking about. I have the pensive, I’ve seen it.” Snape backed up a couple steps and eyed her dangerously, “you always were sticking your nose where it didn’t belong. Tell Dumbledore I require a word with him.” Harry watched puzzled as the two professor’s battled with their words. “What were you two talking about?” Harry asked his Defense teacher as he watched Snape storm off down the corridor, his dark cloak sweeping behind him. “You might say me and Professor Snape have a history,” she replied flatly, turning on her heels as a signal she should follow. Harry followed wondering if vagueness came with age, “why does Professor Dumbledore want me for?” She winked, “he doesn’t, I just wanted to get under old Snape’s skin.” Harry cracked a grin, “then where are we going?” “The hospital wing, you could use a good alibi right now, and I was going to bring you up there later anyways,” she said. “Professor, I’m afraid I don’t understand,” he confessed. She didn’t reply, and he had no choice but to follow. When they reached the hospital wing, she exchanged a few words with Madame Pomfrey out of earshot of Harry. “Now Harry, you must promise to keep this a secret. We think it is best that this doesn’t get out around school yet,” Professor O’Riley said upon her return. Harry wanted to ask what was going on, but decided to just see for himself. He looked at Madame Pomfrey and Professor O’Riley curiously then peeked his head into the hospital ward. “Cho!” Harry exclaimed as his eyes caught sight of a pretty dark haired girl reading a book. “Harry, how did you know I was back?” she asked surprised. “Professor O’Riley just brought me up here, how are you feeling?” he asked approaching her feeling a burden of relief in his stomach. Cho smiled and blushed slightly, “thank-you for visiting me at St. Mungo, my mother told me about your visit.” “You had me really worried,” Harry confessed. “You worried. I didn’t know what to do. I don’t think I’ll ever get those Dementor’s out of my head. You looked dead when that one lifted you off the ground,” Cho broke down tears streaming down her face. “Please don’t cry, everything fine, I’m fine,” Harry urged. Cho nodded wiping the tears from her eyes, “I know, it just scared me. I can’t even imagine everything you’ve been though. You’re so brave.” Now it was Harry’s turn to blush, “no I’m not.” She glanced around the room, “Madame Pomfrey wants me to stay in the sick ward until I’m a bit stronger, but because I’m so behind on my studies, I asked if my return could be kept quite, I really not wanting a whole bunch of visitors.” “I can leave if you want,” Harry offered. “Oh no, just don’t tell everyone I’m back yet. If I don’t catch up I’m never going to pass my NEWTS.” “Your secret is safe with me,” he promised, “did you hear about Quidditch?” “I know, I can’t believe it! My last year and it’s cancelled!” she said jumping on the conversation, “lucky for you, I hate to embarrass you by beating you.” “You couldn’t beat me in my third year, what make you so sure you could now?” he tested. She narrowed her eyes, “anytime, anywhere……and yes Potter, that is a challenge.”

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