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Disclaimer:: Well I own Melinda … crystale owns herself… the people that made the Qiao sisters own … yea I think you get the idea. We both own the plot and J.K. Rowling owns the hp characters.


“It doesn’t matter to me what they think! It doesn’t matter to me what anyone says…As long as I believe he’s good isn’t that enough?” Crystale argued

“You have a point as long as you think he’s good that is all that matters” I said agreeing with her

Ginny slowly nodded

‘this is going to be a very long year’ I thought


***Crystale’s POV***

“Well Mel and I got over our little sibling feud thingy and then I learned more about Draco… Y’know, the cute pale haired boy that was with us? Well I learned that his father is a real mean and …. Mean , uh, man” I explained to Susan over some tea.

We were sitting down in the Hufflepuff common room, watching the fire burn out, slowly. The orange flames licked up the sides of the chimney. Susan stood up and started to walk up to the dorms, then turned around.

“Well, y’know, Draco isn’t a good match for you. He’s mean, nasty, and ruthless. And you’re nice, pretty, and caring. If you ask me, Your sister’s right. I’m going to bed good-night.” She said and walked up the stairs.

“G’night Susan.” I said. I turned back to the fire and stared into its eternal flames thoughtfully.

‘Maybe Melinda’s right? Maybe he’s a lost cause? But what if I can turn him good? I mean I like him and all… right?’ I thought longingly.

When the flames died to a cinder I got up to walk to the dorms but I heard a voice. A soft but strong voice.

“Xiao please come back… I need you here. We need you here.” it sounded like a boys voice but in a way it sounded like a man’s. I looked around the room but no soul was there to stir.

“Had that been a memory? Or…” I mumbled to myself, trailing off.

“Uh, I’ll have to tell Mel tomorrow when I see her in class.” I promised myself, walking up to go to bed.

I saw the tiara on the bed and picked it up, examining it once more before putting it on the bedside table. Getting into bed, and looking up at the stars on the ceiling. I looked back over at the tiara.

“You really messed our lives up you and your sister… W-W-Why did you pick us? Why not someone else? …. I miss my mom.” I said quietly. After counting a couple of the stars, I fell asleep.

***Melinda’s POV***

I was sitting in the common room on the big red couch ‘ha ha ha big red couch’ I thought

The fire was burning strongly and I could tell that Hermione was getting very drowsy

“ I’m glad your sister isn’t mad at you anymore” Hermione said

“I am too, well of course I am, she’s my sister!” I said smiling brightly

“Well I’m going to bed, I have my favorite class tomorrow, Arithmancy”

“Night” I said to her as she went up the girl’s staircase

‘I think I should let Crystale date this Malfoy boy, maybe he can change or maybe he really is good deep, deep, deep down inside’ I thought as the fire began to get weak

‘I think I should get to bed’ I thought as I let out a yawn

Then all the sudden I heard an energetic and strong voice say
“Da, please come back, I feel so, so weak without you, you always made me feel so strong…I need you…no we need you here, your presence is needed” I looked around but not a soul was to be found

‘Okay I think I’m really and I mean REALLY tired…ha ha hearing voices…such a good sign of sanity’ I thought to myself

‘Tomorrow I have to talk to Xi- wow I mean Crystale’ I thought

I yawned and went up the girl’s staircase and into the girl’s dormitory

I Looked over to my bed side table and there was the tiara, I picked it up.

“You’re the reason I’m where I am right now this whole predicament is your fault, I just want to go home and see my dad” I whispered angrily to the tiara

‘Now I really am insane…talking to jewelry, what’s next?’ I thought

I put the tiara back on the bed side table and laid down and quickly fell asleep

~~~~~~~~the next morning still Melinda’s POV~~~~~~~

I woke up to someone shaking me and saying “Da, get up! Classes start soon and I just have to let you see my Arithmancy class!”

“Alright, Alright! Hold your horses will you?” I asked her as I sat up and started rubbing my eyes

“Oh and Professor McGonagall dropped off your robes today they’re in your trunk” Hermione informed me

“My trunk? I have a trunk? Uh okay” I said

“Well…you do now…” Hermione said

As soon as my eyes started to focus, I looked at the end of my bed, there was a trunk that had Hogwarts written on it

I got out of my bed and took the robes out and quickly got ready for class.

Harry, Hermione, Ron and I all walked down to the Great Hall together.

When we got to the doors I heard Crystale exclaim “Hey wait up!”

I stopped in my tracks and waited a couple seconds for her.

“We need to talk, some thing happened to me, last night!!” We both said in unison

We stared at each other wide- eyed.

“Okay I guess we have a lot of things to talk about” I said

“yep” Crystale said

“Later though, I want to check out some of the classes and Hermione wants to show me her Arithmancy class” I said

“Yeah Susan wants to show me her Biology class…or something like that…” Crystale said

“It’s Herbology “ Hermione corrected

“Whatever” Crystale said glaring slightly at Hermione for correcting her

“Anyway, what class is first?” I asked

“Defense Against the Dark Arts…and lucky for you two, with Hufflepuff” Harry said

“Yay!” Crystale and I exclaimed in unison

Susan walked up to Crystale

“Ready for class?…Though lucky for you two…you get to observe the class and not actually have to do any work” Susan said

“Yeah, as ready as I’ll ever be” I said nervously

“Don’t worry your starting out with a cool teacher, Professor Lupin” Harry informed

“Uh, kewl?” Crystale said with a questioning look

I shrugged.

Crystale and I followed Harry, Susan, Ron and Hermione to the Defense Against the Dark Arts class room.

***Crystale’s POV***

‘What the hell is that???’ I thought to myself, as I looked at the red and white creature.

“It’s a Capprikar” Hermione whispered over to me, as though she were reading my mind. I gave her a look of confusion and curiosity.

“Bloody hell Hermione… I swear you know everything!” The boy with flaming red hair and freckles exclaimed.

The boy with the messy black hair snorted.

“Oh, Ronald… look in a book sometime, and you’ll know that the name of it is right there.” she pointed to the picture of the Capprikar in one of their books.

“And she looked like she was going to scream if she didn’t find out what it was” She pronounced

“Yeah, that is true.” said Mel bluntly

“Hey it’s not my fault that that Capricorn thing is scary looking” I retorted, still looking at the creature’s long red tail, that looked as if it had the chance, it would whip someone‘s finger off. Its eyes were pure white, as if it were blind, but ever watching. Its face looked as if it were smelling something putrid.

“It’s Capprikar” Hermione corrected.

I glared at her a slight more fiercely than the last. ‘I’m getting annoyed of her now…’

“What-ever” I said, a bit too snobbishly than I meant.

As Melinda started to laugh, a man rushed into the room, holding a lot of parchment. Another man stood in the doorway

‘Awaiting to be announced I’m sure’ I thought, a little excited. He has wavy black hair that just barely covers his blue eyes. My stomach kind-of fluttered the way it did when I first saw Draco.

The man that had rushed in just moments before started talking, but I wasn’t really paying any attention to him. Then the man with the black hair looked over at me. I flushed and turned away. Then he introduced himself.

“My name is Sirius Black!” He exclaimed, quite loudly. He started walking into the classroom at somewhat of a strut. A lot of the girls goggled at him, but I pretended not to notice him.

*****Melinda’s POV*****

“Yes Sirius, I was getting to you.” Said the man with sandy brown hair; I noticed his scars when he rushed into the room. He announced his name as ‘Professor Remus J. Lupin’. He was actually quite cute besides the fact that his face was all gashed up. His blue eyes were enticing, in a way.

‘He reminds me of someone…. But I don’t know who…’ I thought deeply. When Professor Lupin looked up, I was still deep in thought. When I came out, I noticed that we were having a sort of staring contest, I blushed BIG-TIME and looked away.

“Pssst! Melin- I mean Da- I mean… ugh! What ever your friggin’ name is!” Crystale whispered over to me, in a kind of hissing sound.

I looked over and she was about as red as me! I was guessing that she liked the man with the black hair, who was now strutting into the room… ‘How pathetic…’ I thought to myself.

I regained my posture and Crystale tried to follow, the only thing was that she was still pink in the cheeks. At that attempt, I chuckled slightly.

“What’s wrong?” Hermione asked. I just realized that we were still in the room, with other people, and I became even more red. When I didn’t answer, both Harry and Ron looked over at me. “This class is gonna be REAL fun!’ I thought, sarcastically. I sighed.

“Nothing, I’m fine… really, I’m fine.” I whispered to them.

“Yea… just peachy.” Crystale suddenly chimed in.

I looked over to her and her face was screwed with terror. Susan and the others noticed, too. I looked in the direction that she was staring at and saw the reason. I sighed in relief.

“Xiao, it’s not going to hurt you, okay? Professor Lupin won’t let that happen, will he?” I looked around for some support, they all shook their heads.

“Well, there is sti-” Hermione cut off as she saw the glare that Ron was giving her.

“Nope, not harmful to us.” Hermione corrected herself, in quite a hurry too.

“Can we please get on with the class, students?” Professor Lupin called over to our table. I blushed again.

“Yes, Professor, sorry.” Harry said sweetly and apologetically.

Harry winked at me, and smiled. I smiled back.

*************Crystale’s POV*************

The lesson went by quicker than I would have thought, and now we were on our own; Doing some research, of course.

“I swear that thing looks like it’s out to get me.” I said to no one in particular.

“According to this:: The Capprikar is one of the most widely used dark arts creatures… and it’s supposed to look intimidating to its opponents.” Susan said.

“Well, it sure as heck got that down.” I mumbled.

Everyone chuckled and laughed.

The teacher was coming around to our table. He looked at us in awe.

“Yes?” I said a little too snobbishly than I meant. He looked at me and Mel.

“May I ask what your names are?” he said staring intently at us. I have to say …. I was a little intimidated by him. That ‘Serious’ man strolled over to the table with a curious look on his face.

“My name is … uh… Xiao Qiao and this is my sister… Da Qiao” I introduced us, because Mel was so caught up in blushing. I kind of snickered at the sight of her looking at the teacher, and me being reminded of when she talks to Harry. She shot me a warning look but without taking her eyes off of the teacher. ‘freaky’ I thought…

“Well, nice to meet you but where are your supplies?” The teacher asked.

Mel and I exchanged looks and then she looked at Harry, Ron, and Hermione. I looked at Susan…

“Er… They’re going to be getting their supplies over the weekend… they’re new here.” Harry finally said.

“Uh… yea… what he said” Mel said, kind of with a nervous laugh. I couldn’t help but snort. I mean she was falling for a teacher when she had a boy RIGHT there!! But mostly because she was falling for a teacher.

“Nerd…” I said under my breath. ‘I don’t think she heard me… That’s a good thing…’ I thought smiling. Harry smirked at me and started to write something down on his parchment. ‘scary boy’ I thought to myself, watching him write. Then I looked back at the ‘Serious’ teacher/person and I blushed.

‘I should NOT be blushing!! Ugh!!! And I’m laughing at Mel for falling for someone way older!!’ I beat myself up with my own words… ‘stupid’ Then I banged my head down on the book that was now in front of me…

“Owwie!!!” I exclaimed, I quickly jerked my head upward and started rubbing my head. Everyone looked at me.

“Er… would you like to go to the hospital wing?” the ‘serious’ guy asked me. I blushed slightly. Then the guy turned on the teacher.

“I told you that books are going to be the death of these students, Remus.” the teacher glared but soon laughed.

“Yea… I suppose you’re right.” The teacher replied.

“Do you still want to go to the hospital wing?” The teacher asked.

“No, don’t worry about her… she’s just hard-headed.” Mel said jokingly.

I glared playfully at her..

“I resent that.” I replied.

Ron started laughing… then everyone else started laughing… and then Ron laughed harder, I swear it looked as if he were going to choke! Then I started laughing and everyone in the rest of the classroom was looking at us curiously. Then, Ron fell backwards out of his chair and EVERYONE started laughing… Harry laughed harder than he already was and almost fell off his own chair. But then Mel grabbed his arm so he wouldn’t … ‘she ruins all the fun…’ I thought, still laughing.

***Mel’s POV***

When I noticed that I was holding Harry’s hand I blushed like crazy , when he was back in his chair our faces were so close I could feel his breath on my face, thus I blushed more, but then we backed away from each other, and I noticed that he was blushing too.

“Thanks” he said smiling

“Anytime…” I said smiling back.

We just had a staring contest for about five minutes until we both realized we were missing the lesson.

I looked over at Crystale she was staring intently at Sirius and I smirked at her…it was kind of cute really…in a strange abnormal way.

I looked over at Professor Lupin…I really admired his charisma, it was amazing.

But then I looked over to Harry…he was everything a girl could hope for in a guy…really he was…‘maybe someday he will be my perfect guy…wait what am I thinking?’ I thought as my heart started to race.

Harry looked over to me and caught me staring at him…I blushed and looked away ‘I’m so stupid…I should know not to stare’ I thought punishing myself

The class went on with no further exciting things well unless you count learning about the Capprikar which was pretty interesting.

A/N::: WOW!!!! This Is the longest chapter I’ve ever written well not “I” per say…we as in Mystick613_Annie2 and I have ever written…if she wasn’t so creative this chapter might never had gotten out! So thank her not me! Well hope you liked it!

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