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Chapter 11: You always physically hurt the ones who love you and other annoying people too

This was not supposed to be this way. I get back from vacation and slowly everything goes back to normal and I’m enjoying Hogwarts, friends and generally life. But now everything is all backwards and messed up and someone who I thought was a friend just might not think of me the same way.

And now here I am pacing back and forth.

I am feeling troubled, conflicted, and confused. What I need now is an understanding and trusting friend to talk to.

“Merlin you are annoying Paige.”

There she is. The one and only.

“I can’t believe you said that in the library with him there, granted you’ve been sending coy remarks ever since he asked me out, but that was thoroughly embarrassing for both of us.”

Amy had just walked into our dorm room, busy fiddling with a loose thread on her robe so she didn’t notice my incessant pacing. When she did she stopped talking and moving, then sort of watched me for a little while. I guess it was kind of interesting to watch.

First I was going back and forth and then around in circles. Finally I would walk, stop, think, make a strange gesture, throw my hands in the air and walk more again.

“Aren’t you going to ask me why I’m freak pacing?” I finally asked.

“I prefer observing” she told me.

Lily came in the door next with a pile of books. When she put them down and caught sight of me, she went and stood next to Amy.

“What is she doing?” she whispered to her. She should be asking me!

“No, that’s what she wants us to ask, I think she might blow up our something, so lets keep watching, but I am pretty curious as to why she has a cut on her cheek” Amy whispered back.

I stopped, raised my hand to the cut and winced at the slight pain. Then I took the longest, deepest breath I have ever taken. Then I took another one, and another one just in case.

“Black, Sirius Black…..he tried to kiss me” I said very slowly.


“On the lips” I added.

“WHAT!” shrieked Amy and all of a sudden she was pushing me to the bed and sitting me down while Lily looked on in shock.

“I knew he liked you, ever since the train in September and then when he watched you at the first supper but after we all started hanging out, then I thought he liked you just as friends but then new years he was really upset when you didn’t come and wouldn’t dance with any of the other girls and I suspected and oh my god you have to tell me exactly what happened, each detail and why did you say tried? Do you mean you stopped it before it happened or just as it happened?”

She said this really fast while still slightly shrieking.

“Say, uhhh….what?” I managed to spit out.

Lily joined us sitting the bed. “Spill, now” she clarified.

I cleared my throat “Well I ran into Malfoy….”

Amy growled “That stupid git I bet…ignore that, keep going”

I began again “And then he came-“

Amy interjected again “OH MY GOD he saved you didn’t he, that is so freaking romantic I can’t believe he saved you.”

“He didn’t save me, some teachers came and they slithered off.”


“Anyway, and then they left and then we were joking and all of a sudden I’m adorable and then he’s leaning.”

Leaning” repeated Amy “Oh leaning is good, did he kiss you, what happened?”

I blushed really red “Well I sorta…well”

“What?” they both intently leaned forward.

I sighed “I flinched.”

“Flinched” repeated Lily.

“FLINCHED” shrieked Amy.

“And then” Lily prodded me to go on.

“Well then he went kinda pink and I was sure I was red as an apple and then he said sorry really fast and looked all worried and then I made a weird noise with my throat I think I was trying to say its okay but it came out Guh and then I backed up hit the wall and then he asked if I was okay and I blinked a couple of times and walked away, kinda speed walked actually.”

They were looking at me in a really weird way.

I fell down and buried my head in my pillow “I can’t believe that happened, I had no clue he liked me”

“Do you like him?” Lily asked quietly.

I lifted my head. “I didn’t think so but know I’m all confused, I think he just threw me for the loop.”

“Maybe you need some time to sort it all out, what happened after you left, did you come straight here?” Lily asked me kindly.

“Oh crap I have my third detention ever tonight.” I groaned pushing my head further into the pillow.

I looked up again at more curious stares. I felt I better explain the second half of my story.

“While I was speed walking I crashed into Kimberly and she thought I was starting a fight and long story short we both have detention for the hogsmeade trip on the 14th.”

“So she cut your cheek” Amy confirmed.

“With her abnormally sharp fingernails” I complained. Then I smiled blissfully remembering her eye, which should be a nice shade of purple in the morning.

“So what are you going to do?”

“Huh, about what?” I asked snapping out of my haze.

Amy rolled her eyes exasperatedly “Are you going to confront Sirius about this and his feelings?”

“Uh I don’t do well with confrontation” I stammered. Talking about this with Black was the last thing I wanted to do.

“What are you talking about? Like 5 seconds after that happened you had a confrontation with Kimberly!” She exclaimed, she was border lining shrieking again.

“That wasn’t a confrontation” I explained “That was a slight misunderstanding leading to physical violence.”

I wondered if she was going to strangle me out of pure annoyance.

“It’s late and you are impossible and I’m going to bed” Amy sighed and got up from my bed.


Now I am sitting here in class, silently frustrated.

I skipped breakfast, I waited until I was sure everyone left the common room and headed to my first class with my stomach rumbling. Amy joined me with only a slight scowl and said nothing about yesterday was mentioned during the meal but there was an awkward silence that signified everyone in our group knew what happened.

And then THEY (The inseparable duo) HAD THE GULL to come to class late. Guess which were the only seats available? The ones right in front of us. I fortunately had my head down almost the entire time concentrating on my quill. Which is quite worn out, I’ll need a new one. Damn! That’s another thing I could have done on that hogsmeade trip, this boy has totally thrown my life out of wack!

I wrote all this to Amy in a note and she just rolled her eyes again. I hope they get stuck back there next time. I wished Lily was sitting here, she would say something that made total sense and class would have been bearable. Instead I was stuck with Miss Revolving pupils.

“Hey Prongs, got any extra parchment?” he asks his friend. Damn him and those dumb nicknames and his stupid parchment that he didn’t bring because he is so irresponsible.

So now I was angrily staring at the back of his stupid head. Which is probably really big because of his giant ego, and his many hair products. I know I’m being petty again.

Anyways I was getting angrier and angrier at the back of his head for reasons I didn’t even know anymore when somehow in a jerking motion I whipped my quill at his head.

The “Ouch” and hand immediately touching the spot where I hit confirmed that he felt it.

Before Sirius turned around I snatched Amy’s quill and hastily began writing while watching out of the corner of my eye.

She looked rather surprised at first but then gave Sirus a “Whoopsie” smile. “Sorry, I uh lost control of my quill” She told him kind of unconvincingly. Oh well, she went out to bat for me and I appreciate it. I waited for him to answer.

“It’s okay.”

IT’S OKAY! What kind of answer is that?

Alright I’ll admit I’m grasping at straws.

Amy passed me a note and I thought she finally she was offering me some support.

It read: you always hurt the ones you love and at the end there was a big happy smiley face. HA! Shows how much she knows, I’ve inflicted pain on many people (Kimberly), some that like me and some that don’t like me (Kimberly) and I don’t love any of them.

Especially Sirius Black. So there, I win for now. I spent the rest of class actually trying to do my work and disregarded everyone. It was pretty tough with Amy poking me constantly.

Finally class ended and it was time for Ancient Runes.

I don’t think I’ve ever gone to a class so fast but I was the first one there. Sigh good old Runes, free of everyone and I could just-

“Hey Paige”

Crap, I forgot Remus had this class too. I decided that it would be best if I didn’t say anything at all and pretended he wasn’t there. In other words, ignore him. It proved to be difficult with him right next to me constantly repeating my name and telling me to stop ignoring him. Why can’t people let me be? Where was the professor anyway?

I got my answer when Dumbledore himself walked into the room.

“I’m sorry but your professor has fallen ill, and because of short notice your class has been cancelled, please take this time for some recreational activity.”

I picked up my books and rushed out of the room. I made it to the Gryffindor common room and breathed a sigh a relief. Then I heard the portrait door open and yelped when I saw who it was. I tried to run to the girl’s dorm but Lupin’s hand caught my arm.

“Not so fast” he told me light-heartedly.

“You want to know how loud I can scream or how hard I can bite” I threatened him.

When I said the word bite he flinched a little, but it didn’t seem to be in fear of me, the mere mention of the word seemed to bother him. For some reason I suddenly felt bad and I stopped trying to get away.

“Alright I’m here, what do you want?” I asked exasperatedly.

He let go of my arm. “To talk” he put it simply.

“About what?” I asked, slightly hoping it had something to do with Quidditch or Potions or maybe Amy.

He narrowed his eyes at me “About one of my best friends.”


We heard the sound of a portrait door opening and some other students came in and settled themselves on the sofa.

“Does it have to be here?” I whined

He sighed “Alright, get your coat, hat, mitts and whatever and meet me back here, nobody will disturb us outside.”

I groaned but he did that scary eye narrowing thing again.

“Fine” I said, and feeling completely defeated I made my way upstairs to get my stuff.


Authors note: awww she flinched and she hit him with a quill. Poor Sirius is not feeling the love in this chapter. Anyways I’m glad I got this out before my trip, I won't be gone for very long and hopefully I will be able to start chapter 11 right away when i get back.

Whoot I’m almost at 100 reviews. The 100th reviewer gets an imaginary pat on the back!

*news* I’ve started another new story that will be out eventually.

here is a quick summary: (may change)

~~Delia Moore has quite a few problems, her frustrating family, her newly friendless existence, her goalless future and of course her hopeless and life consuming crush on a werewolf classmate of hers. Equipped with an unshakable and annoying sidekick in her 7th year, things finally begin to start looking up for Delia as she attempts to vent out how she really feels about life in a common teenager way.~~

whew, there it is, the common teenager way is a journal for anyone who might wonder, the whole story won't be journal formatted though. Like Paige she is slightly sarcastic like, but she will be less crazy and more shy. Plus she'll have a big family and obviously won't be interested in Sirius like Paige possibly might be (tee hee I love to tease you guys). After my trip i'll try and finish the first chapter and get it out

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