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A/N: This is my guilty pleasure story. I really just enjoy writing it. It satisfies the hopeless romantic in me.

Chapter 3

Lilah did her best to be silent when she eased out of her bed in the Slytherin dorms. She slipped into the robes she'd left by her bed and waded quietly across the room hoping not to wake anyone.

"Where are you going Lie?" Gabrielle was propped up on one elbow eyeing her suspiciously.

"A walk, I'm a bit restless."

"Sounds great, I'll go with you," Gabrielle moved to get her robes too but Lilah shook her head.

"No Gabe, I just need a bit of fresh air. That's all."

"You want to be alone?" Gabrielle questioned.

Lilah nodded.

"Lucius get to you today?"

"A bit," Lilah said.

Gabrielle nodded understandingly, "All right then. Good night Lilah"


Lilah watched Gabrielle roll over and sink into the four poster bed.

She managed to dodge Peeves who was happily knocking vases off an extended archway at the front of the castle. She eased past Sir Nicholas and host of other ghosts who were chatting on about an upcoming death day party and she narrowly missed Neug Chang, a Ravenclaw prefect.

The wind nipped at her nose when she made it out onto the still grounds. The sky was absolutely clear giving the never ending black velvet backdrop a feel of majesty. The full moon hung low in the October night and all the stars winked merrily in their own little worlds. Lilah thought seriously about turning back; she would not be the butt of one of Sirius's ill conceived jokes. After all she had seen some of the terrible things he had done to a seventh year called Severus Snape.

Greenhouse 3 was unlocked when she arrived. She stepped in and her breath caught awkwardly in her throat. She thought surly she was in the wrong place. Vines of pale green wrapped the entire ceiling, with a chance white flower every now and then that was illuminated with a soft white light giving the greenhouse the appearance that it was lit by fireflies. The long tables, that usually kept all sorts of magical potted plants, were spotlessly clean with candles burning dimly as not to overpower the glowing flowers overhead.

"Sirius?" She questioned quietly.

For several long moments there was no reply. She shifted uncomfortably and spoke again into the emptiness, "All right Black what sort of joke is this?"

"No joke Lilah," he said from behind her.

She turned just in time for him to extend one of the gentle glowing flowers to her. She reached for it and it passed to her with no incident. It was frosty white and looked almost like a rose, except for the faint light it gave off. She was familiar with these flowers, her mother took pride in keeping an entire garden of them. Light of Lorence they were called, and very difficult to cultivate.

"Sirius?" She questioned apprehensively.

"What? You don't like it?" He asked.

"It's not that," she stated slowly, "but I must know your purpose."

"Lilah," Sirius said seriously taking her by the shoulders, "do you like it?"

"Yes, it's beautiful, breathtaking even."

"Good," he snorted.

She gave an annoyed click of her tongue and said, "Fine, then we won't play nice."

"I think we should be nice," Sirius said.

"Did you raise these all yourself?" She asked still a bit taken with the flowers.

She could tell the thought to lie was paying on his face but he finally shook his head, "No. They belong to Remus."

"I see," Lilah said allowing Sirius to pull the bench out for her. As he went to his own chair she asked, "When are you going to surprise attack me and then have all your friends leap out from the corners and pelt me with curses?"

"It wouldn't be a surprise if I told you now would it?"

"You can't possibly mean all of this," she waved her hand about the room.

"And if I do?"

"Then I'd say you've genuinely had me fooled."

"What if I told you I changed my mind?"

"Then I'd still say you had me fooled."

"Wine?" He asked casually.

She nodded, "Yes thank you."

"It's elf-made wine I snitched from the old lady's cabinet last summer." Sirius said popping the cork and pouring the dark crimson liquid into two glasses.

"What is the meaning of all this Sirius, really? No games, the truth." Lilah asked taking the offered glass.

"You really don't understand the opposite gender do you?"

"Apparently not," she whispered after taking a sip from the sweet liquid.

"We don't mean it Lilah, we don't mean all the anger and the teasing. It's just a way to hide what we really intend. Tell me, you don't think I'm a little attractive too?"

"Are you painting me into a corner, or are you being honest with me?"

"Lilah," Sirius threw his hands up in the air and smiled dangerously as he went on, "throw caution to the wind. Live in the moment, hear me, believe me, and trust me."

"Yes, maybe a little."

"A little?"

"Fine," she rolled her eyes, "attractive, yes."

"Excellent!" He beamed scooping his glass up and tapping it to her, "Likewise."

She watched him drain in and then get up from the table and come around to her. She was still slightly in shock and definitely in denial. She had no basis on how to react or behave in this very unusual situation. She wasn't entirely sure this was worth it, worth making Lucius angry over. He took her hand up and pulled her to her feet. She wasn't sure exactly why but she let him lead her to the end of the table where he drew her close and wrapped his arm around her waist then began to sway with her as if they were dancing to inaudible music.

She felt uncomfortable letting him lead her, but only because she was allowing that feeling to envelop her. He was warm and gentle, she wondered silently if this was the beginning of the feeling that they were talking about, Carolann and Gabrielle, a few days before. Was this the thing that she should, or even could, yield to? Her top teeth bit into her bottom lip as she rocked with his imaginary rhythm.

She couldn't focus or think anything through clearly; he was confusing her and it was frustrating. It was very strange to her and she wanted to reach out and clip him in the jaw with her fist and run away from this awkward situation. She wasn't aware until he pointed it out, "You're shaking."

"Yes," she nodded looking up to him, "I don't trust you."

Sirius rolled his eyes and dropped his arms to the sides. "Lilah?" he moaned.

She implored him, "You and I, enemies. This," she circled herself, "not enemy activities."


"Enemies?" Kiden questioned in a sad tone.

"Lilah had a very slanted view of society, and she was afraid of Sirius."

"Why though?"

"Because she was afraid her friends might be right about that thing they called love."

Kiden smiled and hiked the blanket up over her nose, "Just like all fairy tales."

"Yep, just like."


"I don't want to be enemies," Sirius told her.

"Prove it," Lilah raised her proud chin and did her best to apply the classic Malfoy sneer she could, but Sirius just chuckled at her failed attempt – he could see right through her nonsense. He reached out and grabbed her quickly, pulling her back to him.

"Okay," he told her, as their noses nearly touched in his embrace, "Explain this."

And with that he leaned over and pressed his lips to hers. It was soft and his lips were sweet against hers, but it lasted only a matter of seconds before they both pulled back. Her pale, china blue eyes met his mischievous dark ones and she felt her cheeks get hot. "Are you mad?" She mumbled.

"Definitely," he whispered, and his breath floated on the air so softly that she shuttered.

"How did this happen?" She queried uncomfortably.

"I really don't know," he told her honestly and gently, "but it's happening, that's for sure. I can see it on your face."

Quickly she jerked out of his grasp and turned away from him, she wrapped her arms around her body, "Let's end it now. It'll be easiest if -"

"Why?" Sirius cut her off.

"It'll be easiest if we stop right here," Lilah restated herself.

"No," Sirius said.

"Sirius, why are you doing this to me?" She was almost begging him to stop simply by her tone. "Do you really hate me that much?" There was no spite or malice in her tone, just sincere muted pain as she turned back to him. Her milky white skin was spotted with nervous pink blotches and her blue eyes flashed dangerously at him.

This time it was Sirius's turn to look confused, "Hate you? I thought we already talked about that…"

"Yes, I'd like to go back to that."

"Because it's safe?" Sirius asked disgusted.

"Yes," Lilah looked away from him.

"Lilah," Sirius reached out to her and rubbed her shoulders gently, "life's not safe, nor is it easy, but it's an adventure…and this is one hell of an adventure."

A smile fluttered briefly across her lips and Sirius returned the gesture in a more permanent fashion, "Give it a whirl?"

She closed her eyes and laughed, this was the most insane thing that she had ever experienced in her life. She was used to stability, sameness. She raised an eyebrow and nodded, "I think I will. I still hate you, ya know."

"Yeah, yeah," Sirius mouthed mockingly.

"No, I do. For putting me through this at all."

"Oh, don't worry about that, I have plenty of 'putting you through' for a lifetime of hate."

"This might work then," she gave him a genuine smile.


"And they stayed there, for most of the night, talking over wine, reliving and laughing about events that they'd experienced together earlier as they tried to infuriate or torture the other, and most of all getting to know the person that sat across from them. Lilah learned very quickly that Sirius had been right all along, they did have a lot in common. The Malfoys and the Blacks were close, they each thought highly of the other; but Sirius wasn't just any Black. He was a troublemaker and never ever played by the rules, Lilah had an affinity to the rules and liked her place in society; that was where they differed and what really attracted one to the other and vise versa.

"He made her laugh and she made him smile. They were happy for a matter of several hours, until they realized they had to go back into the wizarding world…with this new thing growing inside of both of them. And they knew they couldn't reveal it to anyone. Then and there they promised to each other to make sure this stayed quiet and to keep up the ruse of their distaste for one another no matter how difficult it would be."

Kiden's cheeks were glowing with glee and her mother could tell she was smiling under her comforter, which was infections.

"But," her mother held up a finger and forced the grin to subside, "it's never that simple."

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