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Authors Note: I don’t usually bother with Authors Notes at the top of my chapters anymore but I wanted to thank LiLAM for the really nice review, it inspired me to keep writing because I was going to give this story up anyways thanks to these people too for your loyalty to my story: LTDan, Hermionedastar, squaredancer and anyone else if u want ur name on here then you’ll have to review my story. Disclaimer: nothing is mine Chapter Nine – Time and Again Dumbledore sat back in his chair and looked down his crooked noise at the young men that sat before him. In the middle of the three was Severus Snape, his arms crossed and his scowl most obnoxious. On either side sat James Potter and Sirius Black, both leaning away from Snape, their arms also crossed but the dislike they felt not evident on their unlined faces. “So you mean to tell me, the only way I can get into the Longbottom home anytime in the next year is if I have a Death Eater with me who is willing to open the door? And that you are willing to help me?” Dumbledore stated. Snape nodded, “I will help you, if you will help me in return.” “But what could we possibly give you that the Dark Lord hasn’t already given you ten of?” Dumbledore asked, his voice now quizzical. “I need protection, as I told Potter and Black. I need to be somewhere where the Dark Lord can’t find me.” Snape looked uneasy now, glancing repeatedly at the door, as if he thought at any moment now Lord Voldemort would come charging through the door. “Why would you need protection from your master? And why would come to us?” “He is not my master anymore, he is now the person I fear most of all. For I have taken something he desperately needs, something he needs to defeat you,” as he spoke Snape reached into his robes and pulled out a small glass vile. James could see a reddish coloured liquid swirling inside. Sirius leant forward in his seat, “What is that?” Before Snape could open his mouth to tell them, Dumbledore interrupted. “Go and fetch Remus, James. He’ll need to hear this and there’s no point making Severus explain it twice.” James nodded and quickly strode out of the room. While they waited for him to return; Dumbledore, Sirius and Snape remained in silence. ***** James entered the bedchamber and moved softly over to the bed. Remus was tossing and turning in his sleep, murmuring things that sounded like ‘liar’ and ‘don’t trust him.’ James reached over and quickly shook his friend by the shoulder and Remus’ eyes sprang open. “James, I was sleeping,” he muttered as he let his head drop heavily onto the pillow. “Dumbledore wants you in his office, now. Snape has something he has to tell us. It sounds like a load of crap to me but-” Remus cut him off, “Severus Snape is in the castle? In this castle?” James stared at him blankly, “Yes, but only because-” Again James was cut off as Remus tore out of the room in his blue stripped pyjamas. James stared after him for a moment, and then thought it wise to follow. ***** Dumbledore looked up as he heard the sound of the gargoyle outside his office come to life and bring James and Remus up the stairs. He watched the door expectantly but what came through was not what he expected. Remus Lupin burst into the room, red faced and breathing hard. He looked frantically around the room until his gaze came to rest on Severus Snape. “You,” he snarled. Snape looked at him in mild disgust. “I didn’t expect a nice, warm fuzzy greeting but really, some manners would have been nice.” Remus glared at him before turning to Dumbledore, “Professor, chain him up for God’s sakes. This man is a danger to us all, he plans to kill us!” Dumbledore glanced quickly at Snape and rose in his chair. “What do you mean Remus?” “Professor I have regained my memory, and I remember everything. It was Severus Snape that put that memory charm on me and did what he did with my body.” Snape looked from one man to the other and sighed. “Well I do not deny I put the memory charm on you, but it was the Dark Lord that used you for his own purpose.” Sirius was watching this conversation, his head turning from one face to the other as they spoke, feeling as if he was at a tennis match, well that’s what he would have felt if he had ever been to a tennis match. “Can you people please speak normally so the rest of us can understand?” Dumbledore sighed, “If I understand this correctly, Remus you claim that Snape took you from your home and when you transformed used your werewolf side to bite people. And Snape, you’re saying you did take him but didn’t use him to turn others into werewolves that that was Lord Voldemort.” Sirius collapsed back into his armchair, “I think I liked this better when I didn’t understand.” “So if you did take Remus from his home then why should I trust you now,” Dumbledore asked, looking suspiciously at Snape. “How do you know to trust what Lupin said, the memory charm placed upon him was supposedly impossible to break,” he answered coolly. Dumbledore regarded Lupin for a long moment, during which Sirius’ heart stopped as he realised what the old man was thinking; someone had turned traitor on their side and if the memory charm couldn’t be broken, then Remus could be making it all up…. The thought was dismissed from his mind as Dumbledore turned away and looked callously down at Snape. “I have complete faith in Remus Lupin. Now I ask you – do you have any reason for me to believe you?” Snape grinned; “Well of course, I do have this,” he brandished the vile. “And that would be, for those of us who weren’t obsessed with Potions at school,” James half said, half snarled. Snape continued to grin; “It is the Substatia Dativus Arma” ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Well that’s it for this chapter – I need some time about what this liquid in the vial does. I no what the name means but I need some inspiration about its powers….anyways im off to read some stories – check out Lily and James: Star Crossed by Emlyn for a good Lily and James fic.

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