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CWM 10

She couldn’t believe she was finally going back to see Sirius. Hermione almost forgot what his voice sounded like and the exact blue of his eyes. She stood in Dumbledore’s office, shaking with anticipation and overcome with nerves. Ron, Rafe, Harry, Ginny and the Potter twins were all in there to see her off. Hermione paced around the office clenching the time turner in her hand, hoping not to squeeze it too tight. It was finally the day. The very day that she has been looking forward to since she decided to come back to the current time.

“Miss Granger, you understand that once you turn that necklace, the time you end up in is your home forever?” Dumbledore said, glancing at his clock on the wall.

“Yes sir. I understand completely.” Hermione answered in a monotone voice.

“Very well. Once you are ready, you may begin turning. You already know the exact amount of turns, but do you need to be reminded?”

“No sir, I have them down. Er, thank you very much…for everything Headmaster.”

“I look forward to seeing you again. Oh, and Miss Granger?”


“Do keep those boys in line.” Dumbledore’s eyes twinkled and gave her a small wink.

Hermione laughed under her breath before giving her friends a quick hug again. Harry was pained to let her go, especially when she was leaving to go be with his godfather. Hermione hoped that one day he’ll realize why she’s doing this. Hermione took a deep breath and smiled at her friends, holding back the tears. She began turning the necklace and the familiar sensation came back as her insides pulled and she began going back in time. She opened her eyes to see the office that she was just in, only with a more not so modern look.

“Welcome back.” Said Dumbledore’s voice from behind her, making her jump.

“Oh! Thank you sir.” She said, catching her breath.

“Miss Granger—“

Hermione didn’t wait to hear what he was going to say. She ran down the spiral staircase at top speed, heading for the Gryffindor common room. She lost count of how many people she ran into before running into someone very familiar.

“Hermione?” Said a young Remus walking with Jenna, hand in hand. “Is that you?”

“Oh my gosh!” Hermione jumped into his arms, pulling them both into a neck breaking hug. “I’m back! I missed you guys but I can’t talk now!”

Hermione ran as Remus was trying to say something. She didn’t even bother to listen. She came to the Fat Lady who was surprisingly not singing, but rather glaring at Hermione with an odd expression.

“Password?” She said in the bitterest tone.

“Oh…erm.. I don’t know it yet. But I’m a Gryffindor! I’m Hermione—“

“Sour sickles.” Said a voice from beside her. She immediately recognized it. She turned to see a blonde student in Gryffindor robes who completely attached her lips to someone’s neck. Hermione took a second glance at those blue eyes that belonged to…

“Sirius?” Hermione gasped, as her entire stomach’s contents lurched up into her throat.

“Hermione? Oh hey, you’re back already?” Sirius asked, as if he was talking to James or Remus. “This is Carly.” He finished, pointing the girl attached to his neck.

“Are you joking me? I risked everything coming back here for you! I left my entire life and I can’t go back! And now you’re saying that you’ve with this blonde bimbo?”

At this time, Remus, James, Lily and Dumbledore surrounded her. Hermione studied the unusual crowd and turned her attention back to Sirius who glared at her.

“Why should I be with you? You have a thing for Harry.” He spat out.

“What?” Hermione’s head spun. This wasn’t making sense the least bit.

“You like Harry, admit it.” His tone was getting ruder by the word.

“No, I don’t! Why are you saying this?” Hermione cried out, as tears cascaded down her face.

“Say it! You like him!”

“Fine, I like Harry!” Hermione screamed at the top of her lungs.

Hermione woke from her awful dream suddenly; on her way back to Hogwarts after Christmas break. She sat upright in her seat, breathing heavily. She looked around to see Rafe, Ron and Harry looking at her with the strangest expression. Harry’s face was pink and Ron looked like he was going to vomit all over her shoes. Rafe on the other hand looked like he just lost a member of his family.

“Good dream?” Ron blurted out.

Hermione gasped, feeling more embarrassed then any other situation in her life. Her face felt like it was radiating enough heat to bake cookies on. She swallowed loudly and cast Harry the lamest smile she could muster up as if she was silently telling him nothing was going on between them. Unfortunately, it was just another lame smile.

“I need to go change into my robes now!” Hermione stood up and left the compartment to escape the embarrassment. She concluded that if she stayed, the heat off hers and Harry’s faces would create a sauna so she left for her friend’s benefit.


The first week back to school was in her opinion, the most awkward week at Hogwarts. After she admitted her feelings for Harry in loud dream, Hermione made it her mission to avoid anyone who was in that compartment. She convinced herself that the dream she had was a sign to forget all feelings for Harry. On top of that, she downright thought that she was only feeling that way for him out of sympathy. In the end, she would just be leaving him.

“Hermione, are you okay?” Ron asked her at dinner time, the first Friday back.

Hermione steered her attention from stabbing her potato with her fork to look at Ron.

“Yeah, I’m fine. I’m tired, don’t worry.” Hermione looked back to her almost demolished potato, realizing it looked like a garden gnome road kill.

A tap on her shoulder made her scrape her fork across the plate, shoving the garden gnome potato to the table. She turned her head to see an uncomfortable Harry standing there.

“Want to go for a walk?” He asked, while wincing.

“Sure.” Hermione answered, before Ron could say any wise ass comments.

They walked from the Great Hall and onto the winter grounds. Harry still hasn’t said a word.

“Harry, is something wrong?” Hermione asked, as her breath clouded in front of her.

“Remember how the first week you came back, you told Malfoy I was only half-blood?” Harry, said, holding his ribs.

“Erm, yes.” She answered, feeling like she was going to feel guilty in a minute.

“Well the word got around my house.” He answered, not making eye contact with her.

Hermione stopped and tugged at his robes, lifting them up slightly to see his purple ribs. She gasped and put her hands over the bruise to feel the swelling.

“Oh my gosh, Harry. I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean for you—“

“Don’t worry about it. But your icy hands and the winter air doesn’t really help either.” He answered, laughing under his breath.

“Oh sorry!” Hermione pulled down his shirt and laughed nervously.

Harry looked into her eyes, smiling at her. His green eyes pierced into hers, making her smile at him. Before she knew it, Harry’s lips were softly against hers. He slowly wrapped his arms around her waist, pulling her closer. She found her hands tangled in his hair, before realizing that she was actually kissing him. She pulled back suddenly, out of breath and looking at him as if he just slapped her in the face.

“You okay?” Harry asked, trying to figure out why she pulled away so quick.

“Harry, erm, I can’t I’m —“

“In love with my godfather?” Harry snapped.

“Harry! I told you that because I trusted you. Why would you say that? You’re a prat!” Hermione yelled, before walking back to the castle.


Hermione lay in her bed that night, thinking about the past week. She’s had awkward dreams before, but none that have shook her up this much. She did the only thing that came to mind. She went over to her desk and grabbed parchment and a quill and began to write.

Dear Sirius,

You might think I’m going insane here, but I need to make sure of something. I had an awful dream that I returned to you and you were with another girl. I have to admit, Harry and I are getting closer and I didn’t want you to find out from some one else. Please tell me you’ll be there for me when I get back.


Hermione stared at her note, wondering if she should send it. After about ½ hour of staring and contemplating, she snuck out from her dorm and went to the owlry to send off her letter.

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