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A taxi went flying down the highway at top speed. “Goddamn it Lupin!” Sirius yelled at his partner. “Did you find the goddamn brake yet!?” “No.” Lupin responded. “Not goddamn yet. Jeez! You are always complaining. ‘Lupin do this thing. Lupin do that thing! Damn it Sirius! I quit!” Lupin opened the door and put his foot out, not realizing that the car was not yet stopped. He fell out. “Haha! You son of a gun!” Sirius yelled maniacally. Lupin got up. “I’ll still beat you for the money!” He yelled after the car. “Somehow!” “Harry?” Ron asked his friend. They were now entering the highway. “Yeah Ron.” Harry responded. Harry turned the wheel as another car almost back up into him. “Jackass!” He yelled at the guy. He gave the guy the finger. The guy suddenly jumped out of his car, walked over to Harry and Ron’s and opened their door. “You all tough you little punk! Come out here and I’ll show you whose a jackass!” The man yelled at them. “No!” Ron yelled suddenly as Harry got up. “I’m sorry mister but we can’t fight today! Maybe next week or next year or how about never!” Harry turned to Ron “When I get out of the car, get out of here and go get the money.” Harry whispered. Ron nodded. “Got it?” Harry shut the door. Ron backed up, moved forward, and hit the man’s car. “You son-of-a-bitch! Now you hit my car!” The man roared. He walked over to Ron’s car and pounded his fists against it. “Damn! Someone needs anger management!” Ron said to himself. He put the car in drive and ran over the angry man. Thump! Thump! Crack! Ron backed over him for good measure. He slide open the window to Harry. “All in a day’s work!” He said happily. “Another problem solved!” Harry cheered. He got in the car and they drove away. “Now, are you sure he doesn’t have any weapons on him?” The muggle in charge asked his assistant. He looked at Voldemort. “Nope. Just a silly wand!” The assistant joked. “Should we release him?” “Not yet. Lets try something on him.” The chief officer smiled. “Goddamn it!” Sirius cursed. He was alone on the highway except three unexpected guests. He looked into his rear view mirror to see three cop cars trailing him. He opened the glove compartment of the car. “He must have a weapon in here!” Sirius found a gun. “Aha!” He set the car on cruise control and popped out the window. “Come get me coppers!” He yelled and fired off three shots. All three hit the windshield of the front cop car. It skidded out taking out another. Sirius laughed manically. More cop cars came. Sirius kept on firing random shots that seemed to be hitting a car every time. Sirius ran out of bullets. “Goddamn it! This lunatic must have more guns. He looked in the back and found a M-16. “Hell yeah!” He leaned out and shot rounds off the gun. The cop cars flipped over each other with some of them blowing up. Helicopters came. Sirius fired off some more rounds through his windshield. “You cops will never get me alive!” He yelled. He pointed the gun to the ground of the car and fired. “Look!” The helicopter pilot yelled to his partner. “The car stopped!” “What could have happened?” The co-pilot said in curiosity. “Maybe he ran out of ammo!” The pilot joked. “Or maybe gas!” Suddenly, the car blew up. “Damn it!” The pilot yelled. “Did you see that!?” The car was emerged with flames after the explosion. Cops and firemen came to put the fire out. “Captain!” A cop yelled. The fire was finally out. “Yes. What is it?” The captain replied. “We found no body.” The cop said. “Could it have burnt?” The captain looked surprised. “Go find the body goddamn it!” The cop ran off. “He could be anywhere!” “Can I tell you a secret, buddy?” The taxi driver asked Snape. “Um,” Snape was afraid of what he was going to hear. “Sure I guess.” “O.k.” The taxi driver took a deep breath. “I killed someone.” Snape’s eyes widened. “Not just someone, but a very, very, very, very, very, very, very important person.” Snape nodded. “I mean, not just a hobo but a extremely important person. I mean, super important. I mean, not just one person but thousands and thousands.” Snape gulped. “I barged into a school. I was very stealthy. Nobody would have been alerted if it weren’t for that one kid. He screamed before I shot him.” Snapes jaw dropped. “The headmaster alerted everyone. ‘Lock yourselves in the rooms. Don’t come out till I give the word.’ Everyone was out of my way. That made it easy. Once I got to the boiler room, I placed the bomb. I ran out and…” The driver took his hands off the wheel and made a big hand jesture. “…Boom!” Snape gulped. “Finally!” Voldemort yelled. “I am free!” He started running. He ran ten yards, then fell asleep. All the police in the station started laughing. “That was the best prank chief! Slipping him a sleeping pill!” He fell on the ground laughing. Voldemort just stood in the parking lot sleeping while standing. “He’ll be like that for a few hours. But for now,” The chief looked at his cops. Get to work!” The police officers scrambled. “Sir,” A messenger came running to him. “Yes. What is it?” The chief replied. “There was a car bombing on the highway a few hours ago.” The messenger reported. “Goddamn it! Did they find a body?” The chief asked. “No, not yet. The captain has them searching.” The messenger said. “Well, get him to hurry! We can’t have a crazy guy out there!” The chief yelled.

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