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A/N: Sorry it's been taking so long. The validation thing isn't going as fast as it used to. Anyway....there is a VERY special moment at the end of this chapter. This was practically my favorite chapter to write besides 'Seer of Dreams' but it's pretty cool. Now, i will shut up and let you read in peace!! Chapter Thirteen A Death Eater’s Christmas Great Hall November passed by quickly. I had more strange dreams, but none that did any physical damage to me or anyone else. I didn’t understand what the dreams meant, but they scared me and I told Harry, Jadon, and Draco about my dreams every time I had one. I felt like it was the best I could do if these dreams were visions. December was a blur. Nothing interesting really happened. Jadon and I were getting very close and Draco and I were inseparable( if we could actually talk and be nice to each other in public) and Harry and I were absolutely brother and sister. We loved on another, but had mini arguments to every little thing that came up. Most of the 7th years time was taken up because of the practice N.E.W.Ts that was taken in the middle of the year so we could be ready for the actual N.E.W.Ts. Those passed just as quickly and then there was the last few days before the winter holiday began. I didn’t know what I was going to do or where I was going to go, so I asked Harry. “ I’m going to Grimmauld Place with Ron and Hermione. ‘Course the rest of the Weasleys will be there with a lot of other people,” Harry said. “ What about Sarah?” I asked. “ Dumbledore informed the Weasleys about that and Mrs. Weasley told Ron to tell me to tell you that Sarah will be at Grimmauld place,” Harry replied. I felt satisfied after that. I mean, Sarah did raise me and was practically my mother. Though, I wasn’t sure how Sarah would like it, being in a house filled with Witches and Wizards. Usually, it was just me and her every year laughing and enjoying ourselves. Yet, the last day before the holiday arrived. Everyone was doing last minuet packing or talking to their friends from other houses. I desperately wished I could wander over to the Slytherin table and talk with Draco. At dinner, I kept throwing glances over to him and he caught my eye a few times and we gave each other quick smiles before quickly looking away. After dinner I found another love letter in my dorm. They came less often now, but each time they came they were just as flattering and very touching. They still turned into pink roses, but lately they’ve been turning into yellow. I was confused by this at first, but then I remembered in a book I read, a yellow rose means everlasting love. I smiled to myself because I really liked this guy–whoever he was. He was winning me over with love letters that change into flowers. I still loved Jadon though. I seriously did think I was in love with him now. He was so sweet and so great that it was hard not to. Nothing could change my mind about him. Not even love letters and yellow roses. *** Kitchens *** Draco didn’t arrive down in the Kitchens until 10 minuets after I arrived. He’s usually early or right on time. I frowned as he walked threw the doors. “ Sorry, Crabb woke up just as I was leaving and I had to wait till he went back to sleep,” he explained before I even opened my mouth. “ That’s alright. So, you still going home for Christmas?” I asked. Draco nodded and then sighed with frustration. “ Amber, I’ll be dead for telling you, but you and your brother need to be careful,” Draco said lowering his voice real low so the house elves couldn’t hear, “ The Dark Lord is planning something. I don’t know what, but it’s supposed to be big. You have to always be ready for something to attack. Promise me you will,” “ I will but–” “ Promise?” “ I promise I’ll be careful and always stay on my guard. But Harry says that we’ll have a whole bunch of protection. If someone or something does attack, we’ll have protection on us,” I explained. “ Just don’t go anywhere alone, okay?” Draco asked. “ I won’t don’t worry. Hey, we can write to each other over the holiday, right?” I asked not knowing if I can cut off all communication between me and my best friend for even such a short while. “ Yeah, I guess we could. My mother doesn’t really bother with me if I ask her not to so I will be able to do it secretly,” Draco nodded. I smiled. We talked for a longer time then we usually did and then we left. I gave Draco a good bye hug and then we went up to bed. Well, Draco went down to the dungeons, so I can’t really say ‘up’. I fell on my bed and went straight to sleep. I had a dream with strange cloak figures closing in on Harry and me and then I woke up to see that it was indeed morning and almost time to leave. *** Hogwarts Express *** I was excited to meet Ron and Ginny’s family and this ‘Order of the Phoenix’ I keep hearing about. I got dressed in a pair of jeans and then I pulled a black long sleeve shirt over my head and I put a dark blue t-shirt over it. Then I pulled a brush through my hair and pulled in into a messy bun. After putting on a touch of make up, I went downstairs and got a muffin from the kitchens then came back to the dormitory to make sure I have everything I’ll need packed. By that time, it was time to be getting down to the train. I dragged my trunk down to the station. Hermione was infront of me and Ginny followed close behind. Harry and Ron went ahead for some unknown reason. My trunk was a lot lighter now, because I had decided to leave all the books that I have gotten completely down back in the dorm, so I was able to lift my trunk onto the train and into an empty compartment. Hermione, Ginny, and I all took a seat and waited for the train to move. “ Harry and Ron better hurry up or they’ll miss the train,” Hermione said looking out the window. “ No kidding,” I muttered just as the compartment door swung open and Harry and Ron stepped in. Hermione looked relived because just as they took a seat the train started pulling away from the station. “ Hermione, are going to stay with us, too?” I asked. Hermione shook her head. “ No, my parents and I are going to spend the holiday in New York City back in the United States,” Hermione explained, “ I’ve never been their before so I’m looking forward to it,” “ Wow. I’ve been to the States with Sarah. We went to New York, too. It was beautiful,” I said with a smile. The trip was much like the one to Hogwarts only I knew people and Ginny and Harry were a bit more talkative thanks to me and my forcing them together. Even though by now, I would have gotten much further with anyone else, I was finally getting somewhere. When the train stopped I was sort of relieved. I followed my friends off the train and then walked through the barrier with Ron and Harry. Then we were back at Kings Cross between platform 9 and 10. I didn’t see Sarah, but I saw that red hair woman from September, Lupin, a girl with purple hair, and a man with a hat covering one eye. Hermione with her mum and dad talking happily. “ There’s mum and the others,” Ginny said. Then Harry, Ron, Ginny, and I all walked over to the group. I walked over confidently, because I was never shy, and stopped behind Ginny as she hugged her mother. The Ron got crushed and even Harry. Then Mrs. Weasley started asking Harry all these questions before she finally saw me. “ Amber, isn’t it?” she asked. I nodded, “ Well,” she hugged me, “ It’s nice that Harry has some of the pressure off. Wow, look at you two. You can tell you’re twins. I can’t believe Lily and James would have kept this a secret. How few knew,” “ Amber, how has Hogwarts been?” Lupin asked shaking my hand. “ Great. I love it. Those house elves make the best muffins,” I said happily. Lupin laughed. “ So you found the kitchens?” he asked. I nodded and looked at the young woman with purple hair. “ Wow, your hair is awesome!” I said with a laugh. The girl laughed. “ Amber, this is Tonks,” Lupin introduced. “ Wotcher,” Tonks greeted. I smiled and looked at them supiciously. There was something between them that told me that they were more than friends. “ Are you guys a couple?” I asked as if commenting on the weather. They looked at each other in surprise and nodded. I smirked and looked over at the man with the hat in front of his eye. “ And this is Mad-eye Moody,” Lupin said. ‘Mad-eye’ grunted a greeting and I frowned. “ Why Mad-Eye?” I asked. “ You’ll find out later, we have to get out of here,” Moody said. After last good-byes to Hermione, we all piled into the cars that were magically expanded and very roomy. All four of us kids were able to fit into one back seat and then Mrs. Weasley up front. I talked the whole way. Ron and Harry just listened and Ginny joined in a bit, but I swear I didn’t stop talking. When the cars stopped a corner we got out and started walking. I still talked while dragging my trunk. When we got to Grimmauld place I finally stopped talking and looked around. If we were going to Number 12 Grimmauld place it would be between 11 and 13. Only it wasn’t there. I frowned as I looked at it. We walked forward a bit and Number 12 appeared out of nowhere between 11 and 13. “ Oh, wow,” I said. Harry looked at little queasy all of a sudden, “ You alright?” I asked. Mrs. Weasley turned around when she heard me say that. “ Oh, Harry, dear,” she said shaking her head, “ If you just go in the hardest part will be over,” I must have looked clueless on why Harry was afraid to enter the house because Ron nudged me and whispered something about a death of a very close friend. I figured that the close friend like fell down the stairs or something in the house or something like that. Still, even thought I never knew what it was like to lose someone, I walked over to Harry and grabbed his hand in a comforting way. There was a strange tingling in my palm. Harry must have felt it, too, because he looked down at our hands( just as I did) and we watched as a gold light trickled up our arms and glowed around us. I felt that powerful feeling again and( out of shock) pulled my hand back. The light faded immediately. “ What the hell was that?” I asked. “ Was what?” Ron asked. Ginny looked a little perplexed as Harry and I kept looking at our hands. “ Explain inside,” Mrs. Weasley said ushering the four of us into the house. The house was gloomy and smelled of mold. There was a curtain in the hall way that closed around something and the dusty lamps were lit giving the hall a very eerie look. Ginny led me up stair to a room with two beds. “ Hermione and I usually sleep in here, but you can have her bed,” Ginny said. I noticed our trunks were already here which meant Lupin and Moody had already been here, “ Come on, you have to meet the rest of my family,” Ginny smiled. She dragged my down the creaking stairs and into the kitchen. The kitchen looked a bit more cozier then the rest of the house had. Harry and Ron were already there talking with a whole bunch of red heads. They all looked up when the door opened and smiled at me. “ Hi!” Ginny said, “ Everyone, this is Amber,” “ Hey!” I smiled back pushing my bangs out of my eyes with a jerk of my head. “ Wow, you can tell you and Harry are twins,” A red head with a long pony tail said. He was very good looking and I couldn’t help but smirk in approval. “ Amber, that’s Bill with the pony tail. Then Charlie,”–she pointed to a man with burns on his arms–“ and then Fred and George,”–she pointed to another set of twins–“ We have another brother but he’s a total idiot,” Ginny added in a whisper. I gave her a funny look but said nothing of the subject. I took a seat next to Harry and everyone looked at us. Harry and I exchanged glances. We tried to ignore them. Or I did, but they seemed to be afraid that if they take an eye off me I’d go an run. I probably would to get away from all those eyes. “ Can I help you with something?” I finally snapped. Everyone looked surprised. Fred and George were the first to recover. “ She’s not afraid to speak her mind,” Fred– or George?– said with a laugh. “ You can get far with that, Amber,” George–or Fred?–said looking at me seriously. I raised an eyebrow. “ Well, you people are like watching Harry and me like it’s your job,” I said. “ It sort of is,” Harry said, “ You know, so Voldemort has to attack a bunch of people before he can actually get to us,” “ Yeah, but what about that ‘bond’ Dumbledore told us about? Why would we need protection is the power we both hold together is practically unstoppable? Oh yeah, and wouldn’t I dream of us getting attacked. I mean, that’s something I would see, isn’t it?” I asked not understanding why people would put themselves in danger for two 17 year olds who have an extreme power together. “ Wait. Power? Seeing through dreams?” Charlie asked very confused. I looked up ready to explain. “ See, Harry and I were told that we have this really strong power when holding hands or something. I was having these really weird dreams and almost jumped off the Astronomy tower when I was saved and then I found out I was a Seer who has visions through dream,” I said. “ You almost jumped off the Astronomy tower!” Lupin cried walking in with Tonks, “ Who saved you? Harry?” “ Harry hesitated,” I said playfully smacking Harry’s arm, “ And then my boyfriend was just lucky enough to run into Filch and have to stun him. I was lucky Draco Malfoy came running. I wouldn’t be here right now if he didn’t,” “ Malfoy!?” everyone asked in amazement. Harry scowled at the name, Ron made a fist, and Ginny rolled her eyes in disgust. “ Yes, Draco Malfoy. He’s quite a sweetheart if you give him the chance. Hates being a Death Eater. He really wants to join the good side, but can’t find the courage,” I explained. Everyone looked at me. Harry, Ron, and Ginny were glaring in opposite directions and I realized what I had just said. “ He can be pretending to be a ‘sweetheart’ you know,” one of the twins said. “ Yeah, trying to get inside your head or something,” the other said. I shook my head and rolled my eyes. “ That is exactly why he saved me from falling off the Astronomy tower. I could have been out of the way if he did and then Voldemort will live on because Harry might not be able to defeat Voldemort without me,” I said, “ Plus he warned me and that Voldemort was planning something on me and Harry and to be careful. Now, why would he do that if he was working for the man that is supposedly my worst enemy?” “ A trick,” Charlie said, “ He could be doing that all under Voldemort’s orders,” “ Well, Dumbledore trusts him and so do I,” I said with a shrug,” He has no other friends. I’m the best he’s got and we’re both doing our best to hide it from everyone else in the school. Especially the Claythorn woman,” “ What about Claythorn?” Ginny asked curiously. “ Draco doesn’t trust her. He says that she’s a spy for Dumbledore and Voldemort, but he can’t tell which one she’s working for. He doesn’t really talk to her or anything. His job is pretty much getting more supporters and keeping me and Harry apart. Can’t say that he’s doing to well at either of those,” I said with a shrug. “ Draco Malfoy is a Death Eater?” Tonks asked, “ He’s what? Seventeen?” “ Yeah, he took his father’s place,” I replied, “ But only to stay alive. He would have been murdered if he refused,” “ Amber, you have to be careful. You can be playing right into Voldemort’s hands,” Lupin said seriously. I looked up at him. “ I don’t think I am. Draco wouldn’t be warning me and saving me if he was on the Dark side. You people trust Snape, don’t you?” I asked. “ Only because Dumbledore does,” Bill replied, “ And Dumbledore is usually right most of the time,” “ Yeah, well, then you can take Dumbledore’s word on this one, too,” I said a little more harshly then I intended. *** Number 12 Grimmauld Place *** The Weasley family was wonderful. Sarah was enjoying herself and happy to be able to see magic again. She had always thought it was wonderful. I was having a great holiday. Draco wrote me practically every day and I wrote back. My secret admirer of course never actually wrote, but that was because he didn’t seem to know where to find me. I woke up on Christmas Eve after a strange dream where Voldemort was torturing one of his death eaters. I couldn’t tell which. He had his hood up, but the cries of pain an agony were so loud. These dreams don’t really have sound either, so you know the people are in pain. I quickly got dressed in jeans and a black hoodie and went downstairs to breakfast. Mrs. Weasley was there making french toast, sausage, and cutting up fruit. I said good morning and took a seat next to Lupin who looked very tired. “ You look tired,” I said, “ Are you coming down with something?” “ No, it’s a full moon in a few days,” Lupin said wearily, “ Thank you, Molly,” he added when Mrs. Weasley put a plate of french toast in front of him. She put another in front of me. “ Thanks!” I said before digging in. Harry, Ron, and Ginny came down a few minuets later. As we ate, talked, and laughed a weird feeling was forming inside me. I kept shaking it off and not really understanding why it kept coming back. I finally finished my breakfast and waited for the others. Then we all pulled on our coats, scarves, and gloves and went outside to play in the snow. *** Death Eater Meeting Draco’s Point of View *** I woke up on Christmas Eve morning to a burning on my arm. The Dark Lord wanted all his Death Eaters. I quickly jumped out of bed and pulled on some cloths then I put on black robes and put my mask on. I hated having to go running to the Dark Lord. It’s Christmas! I cleared my mind before disapperating to him. I was at the Dark Lord’s hind out. I took my place in that stupid circle. The place my father stood. The Dark Lord was standing before all of us at a rectangular table. We all stopped and took a bow before standing up straight. I could feel the fear of all my fellow Death Eaters around me. “ Death Eaters,” the Lord said, “ I have some bad news for one of you today,” Fear rippled around the circle. I admit a bit went through me. I looked at the Dark Lord to see if he was looking at anyone at random or on purpose, but he was merely looking around the room as if trying to taunt us. “ We have a traitor on our hands,” the Dark Lord continued. Now, I was scared. But, I was to careful on keeping my relationship with Amber a secret. I tried not to think who was possible to blame, but fear was taking over. My heart started beating really loud and my breathing became short. I was so focused on keeping my cool I didn’t notice the Dark Lord standing right in front of me. “ Draco Malfoy. Why have you betrayed me? What is it about Amber Potter that’s so special?” “ Nothing, my Lord,” I said thinking fast, “ I’m using her. She tells me everything. One of my duties you have given me was to keep the Potters from getting to close,” “ Yes, I did give you those duties, but if you were truly trying to do just that I expect you wouldn’t be teaching her Occlumens and warning her of my plans,” The Dark Lord said, “ And your so desperately trying to hang onto your Occlumens, but things are slipping through. You lied to me, Draco, now, you must be punished. Cucio!” I never had felt anything so horrible in my life. I felt like a billion knives that had been sitting in fire were going through me. When the curse was lifted I was shaking. My secret had been discovered. The Dark Lord was preparing to kill me. I had to get away. Finding all my courage, I pulled out my wand, jumped to my feet, and ran. The Dark Lord yelled curses out my way. I dodged them and shot a few back behind me. Death Eaters were now also on my trail. I stopped and thought about the place Snape had mentioned a few times before. Number 12 Grimmauld Place. *** Number 12 Grimmauld Place *** The snow ball fight was fun, our snowmen were looking cute, and the snow angles on the ground were worth the snow down our backs. We were all cold now and wanted to go back inside for some hot chocolate. Well, i was going to have tea. “ Everything okay?” Ginny asked. “ Yeah, I’m fine,” I replied. I wasn’t though. Something was bugging me. I kept getting these bad feelings and feeling like someone was getting hurt. Like that Death Eater in my dream last night. I wonder what he had done that was so bad that made him be tortured like that. Everyone headed in through the door. I was last when I heard a loud crack. Harry, Ron, and Ginny all stopped and turned around, too. They gasped and so did I. Someone dressed in all black appeared our of no where. He pulled off his hood and I noticed that platinum blond hair. “ Draco?” I asked dumbfounded. Draco looked so scared. He saw me and ran towards me. He practically fell when he stopped. “ He knows. He’s after me. He wants to kill me. Death Eaters will be here any minuet. Can’t stand a chance!” he gasped for breath. I frowned at him. “ Draco what are you talking about? Who knows?” I asked calmly. Harry and Ron looked at Draco curiously. Ginny ran inside for help. “ You have to hide me. The Dark Lord knows I’ve betrayed him. He tried to kill me. I just got away! His Death Eaters are going to come after me any minuet. He wants me dead now!” Draco said fearfully looking over his shoulder. I stared at Draco not knowing what the heck he wanted me to do. That was when Lupin and the Weasley twins came out. Lupin asked Draco the same questions I did. Draco answered the same way. Everyone hesitated a moment and then allowed Draco to come inside. Draco wouldn’t calm down. His face had pure fear over it and he wouldn’t stop saying that the Death Eaters would find him and bring him to Voldemort. It was when Snape walked in that Draco seemed even more unsure. “ Snape, he’s gonna kill me!” Draco said when he saw the potions master. “ Of course he is! You’ve betrayed him! I need to speak with Professor Dumbledore. He wasn’t at the school. I thought he might have been here,” Snape said. I frowned. “ Draco’s on Voldemort’s list for death and that’s all you can say?” I asked. Harry, who was also in the room, sighed and rolled his eyes at me. “ Amber, both you and me are on TOP of Voldemort’s hit list,” Harry said. “ So? We can at least say some encouraging words to Draco. I’m surprised you haven’t accused him of lying,” I said crossing my hands across my chest. “ That’s because Malfoy can’t be lying. No one can act that good,” Harry replied. *** Later that Day Number 12 Grimmauld Place *** Snape made Draco a calming potion and it finally worked. He was able to sit still and breath and actually make since when he talked. He sat in the drawing room all day trying to figure out what had happened to make Voldemort find out. I sat in the drawing room for a few minuets every once in a while, but he was so deep in thought, I left without his notice. At dinner, I was the only one to volunteer to go up and get him. No body else really trusts him. I pointed out that what Harry said before was a sign of trust and Harry said that it was just a statement that never meant he would win Voldemort over again with my secrets and stuff. “ Draco?” I said walking into the drawing room. “ What?” Draco asked startled. “ We’re eating dinner. Care to join us?” I asked. Draco looked at me a moment and then shook his head. “ You have to eat something. You’ve been up here all day,” I said pulling on his arm. Draco shook his head. “ They hate me. They don’t trust me,” Draco said pulling away. “ They don’t hate you. They just aren’t used to having a Malfoy in the house. Look, I gave you a chance and we’re like best friends. They have to give you a chance too, to actually learn to trust you,” I said, “ You can start by coming down to dinner,” “ Yeah, but–” “ What’s the worst they’re gonna do? Ask you why you betrayed Voldemort?” I asked “ That’s not even that bad. It’s just that, I need to figure out what I’m going to do now that the Dark Lord is after me,” Draco said. I rolled my eyes. “ Exactly what Harry and I do. Have protection and always be on guard,” I said, “ Now come on, I’m hungry,” I did finally get Draco to come down to dinner. It was awkward and quiet. I fixed that by talking a lot and making people laugh. Everybody left the table at one time and I helped Mrs. Weasley clean the dishes while forcing Draco to stay and talk with us until we were done. He didn’t like being glued down into a chair at all. When I was done Draco went right up to the room that Lupin suggested he stay in. I gave up on him for the day and went into my own room with Ginny. She was reading some book and glanced up when I walked in. Seeing how frustrated I was she closed her book and put it aside. “ Something wrong?” she asked. “ Why are boys so stubborn?” I asked flopping onto my bed, “ I mean, it isn’t that hard to have a conversation at dinner. Who cares if you don’t trust the ex-Death Eater? You can still talk can’t you?” “ That’s the point, Amber, Malfoy only became an ex-Death Eater today! How do we know that he isn’t faking?” Ginny asked. “ Because I trust him enough,” I said, “ I think I’m going to go to bed early. I’m exhausted. I had no dreams that night. When I woke up the next morning to Ginny’s cry of delight, I saw her holding up a bottle of perfume I saw on a Hogsmeade trip in October. It was a very nice perfume and very expensive. “ Who gave you that?” I asked very impressed. Who ever bought her something that nice had to like her a lot. “ Harry, did!” Ginny squealed. “ Are you serious!? You guys better get together soon, because you both so are into one another,” I said going to my own presents. I got a nice sweater from the Weasleys. Ron gave me a box huge of Bertie Bott’s Every Flavored Beans and Ginny gave me an album from the unpopular wizarding group Black Cats( who I heard on the radio at Hogwarts and fell in love with). Then Hermione got me a book on all Quidditch teams. It had plays to run and players that made history and a lot of other cool stuff. Then from Harry were these really pretty gold hoops with these rubies and diamonds lining them. Jadon gave me this big box of chocolates and this pretty gold bracelet with a stone in it. Then finally, Draco’s present. It was sort of heavy and very small. It was a box made of silver( which put the weight on it) and inside the box was this necklace. Hanging off this silver chain was this emerald. It was the color of my eyes and so pretty. Green was also my favorite color so I was very pleased and put the necklace on right away. Ginny didn’t pay much attention to opening all my gifts. She was so into the perfume Harry had given her. When she looked up she eyed the necklace with pleasure. “ Pretty. Who gave it to you?” she asked me. “ Draco,” I smiled, “ It is pretty, isn’t it? Ooh, that perfume smells so good!” “ It does doesn’t it? Ron and Harry must have picked the earrings out together because Ron gave me the same pair only they’re silver with sapphires and diamonds. Wow, Ron must have spent a lot of money on me,” Ginny said, “ I wonder what he got Hermione!” *** Number 12 Grimmauld Place living room *** We all moved downstairs and had eggnog and stuff. Draco never came down. He was probably pacing the room wondering how in the world he was going to get out of the bind he was in. Everyone kept complimenting my necklace. It was very pretty. “ So Malfoy got you a necklace? This must have cost a fortune” Harry asked for the 100th time, “ And I thought what Ron bought Hermione was ridiculous,” “ What did Ron get Hermione?” I asked. “ Oh, Hermione hasn’t gotten it, yet. Ron wants to give it to her in person. I can’t tell you,” Harry said with a smile. “ Oh, whatever!” I said with a laugh, “ Hey, I’m gonna go try and get Draco down here,” I walked up the stairs and walked down the hall to Draco’s room. I knocked and Draco answered after a minuet. He looked exhausted and seemed really flustered. He looked at me for a moment as if trying to figure out who I was. “ Don’t loose sleep over Voldemort. He can’t find you here. This is the Order of the Phoenix Headquarters,” I said. Draco suddenly seemed much more relaxed and looked at my necklace. He smiled. “ You like it then?” he asked. “ Yes I do,” I said, “ Are you coming down? I would really like you to,” “ Yeah, I guess,” Draco said. I was surprised. I was sure that he was going to put up a fight and all. I smiled at Draco and then we both walked downstairs. The day passed and I was sure the Ron, Ginny, and even Harry were beginning to trust Draco more. Once or twice Ginny slipped up and called him Draco even. Draco started calling Ginny by her name because there were to many Weasleys. I was so relieved that Christmas day was actually pretty good. A little after midnight, I was coming back up from the kitchens. Everyone else was asleep and I needed something to drink because my mouth was dry and scratchy. I was passing the living room when I saw that blond hair shining in the moonlight. “ Draco, are you going up any time soon?” I asked. Draco jumped and turned around. “ Yeah, I just couldn’t sleep,” he said. I nodded and sat next to him on the arm of the couch. I slid down between him and the arm so we were sitting very close together but neither of us moved to give us room. “ Thanks for the necklace,” I said, “ I really do like it,” “ Your welcome,” Draco said, “ You know, this was probably the best Christmas I ever had and ever will have,” “ Why? Because you secretly are in love with me and have wanted nothing more then to spend Christmas with me?” I joked. Draco smirked a little bit and I leaned my head on his shoulder. “ Amber,” he said suddenly looking at me. “ What?” “ Why do you trust me so much?” he asked. I shrugged. “ I dunno. I just know that you’re my friend and I trust that you will never do anything to hurt me,” He did it then. He kissed me. It was a swift motion, but if you say it was a quick kiss, you’d be lying. There was nothing quick about this kiss except for him getting right into a game of tongue weaseling with my own tongue. Though, I kissed him back. Our breath mingling as one with each other’s and the soft touch of his lips on mine. Then Jadon appeared into my vision. Draco must have known what I’ve seen because he pulled away. We both looked at one another in surprise. Did we seriously just kiss? I stood up and so did Draco. He looked at me seriously. “ We’re just friends right?” I asked thinking that I missed something, “ You’re not really secretly in love with me or anything,” “ Yeah, just friends. Sorry, I was just....caught up in the moment,” Draco said. “ Right,” I said, “ So this never happened,” “ Never happened,” Draco agreed. I went up to bed and knew that I’ll never forget that kiss. There was something there that I never felt before in Jadon’s kisses or anything. Something that I couldn’t place. I wanted to feel it again. But how could I? I was still falling in love with Jadon. A/N: Tada!! Hehehe....yes, i did enjoy writing that. Anyway, please REVIEW!! There will be another chapter up shortly. <3

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