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The Ghost of a Shadow

Mum and Dad,

I know I haven’t written in awhile. It’s just that I’ve been so busy lately with school. But I’ve graduated this year, early and ahead of most my class (beat out only by Regina Camden). But after being there all those years becoming an Auror is the last thing I want to do. I’m not sure what I want to do, but I’m going to come home for awhile to figure that out. I’m bringing a friend of mine- Alexis Lang- I’m sure you remember her. She’s coming, for a well deserved vacation. She’s the one who’s been ruining that school for the past four years, and she isn’t even older than Fred and George! We’ll be home within the next week. I can’t wait to see everyone again!

Your loving daughter,

“Mum, your in a good mood,” Ron commented as he grabbed an muffin from the kitchen counter.

“Ron, you can’t keep coming here to steal your mother’s food!” Hermione hissed pulling him away from the table.

“It’s alright dear,” Molly Weasley sighed, “Ronald can have all the food he wants even if it is a little sad, the only reason my son will visit me is to eat my food.”

“I know!” Hermione agreed. “Why is my cooking not good enough for you?”

Ron’s ears turned red, “Do you want me to be honest? Because you know you’re not much of a cook.”

Hermione muttered something under her breath even though she knew what he was saying was true.

“I still love you honey,” Ron patted her on the back. “So mom why are you so happy? Fred finally propose?”

“Oh no, I wouldn’t hold my breath out on that. No, this news is even better!”

“Harry has a girlfriend?” Ron asked pieces of muffin flying all over the room.

“Ron, you could at least close your mouth!” Hermione elbowed him in the stomach.

“Ow! That hurt,” He wined.

“Having horrid manners hurts even more!”

Molly smiled at the newlyweds, “No, No, better than that.”

“Better than Harry moving on his life? Wow! This has to be important! What is it?”

She gave her son and daughter-in-law an amused smile.

“What Mum?” Ron raised his eyebrow.

“Ginny’s coming home!”

Ron started to choke on the bit of muffin he was chewing on. Hermione slapped him hard on the back and he coughed it out. “You serious?”

Hermione sighed at her husband, “I doubt your mother would joke about something like this.”

Ron just rolled his eyes back at her.

The two of them were still bickering as they made there way back to the flat that shared with Harry.

“Who leaves for three years with no contact and then comes back?” Ron said indignantly. “Doesn’t she know what that does to her family?”

“She does, you’re being stupid Ronald,” Hermione retorted stressing the last syllables.

“Agg! Why haven’t I moved yet!” Harry groaned making his way into the living room. “If I wasn’t so lonely, I would be out of here. The two of you are loud!”

They glared at him, and Hermione spoke, “Harry we’re not loud. You’re just adapted to silence.”

Harry rolled his eyes and Ron snorted.

“Hey guess what!” Harry smiled after a brief silence had pasted by the friends. “Today…”

“Don’t say you thought you saw Ginny again,” Ron muttered.

Harry grin turned to a darken frown.

Hermione elbowed Ron, and gave him a darken look that matched Harry’s. “Well, Harry if you think you see her again, you’ll probably be right.”

His frown turned to pressed lips in confusion. “What are you going on about?”

“She’s coming home. I’m not sure when. But she’s coming home.”

His reaction was not what the others were expecting, he bust out into a fit of laughter. But it stopped once he realized that his friends were being serious. “She’s coming home? I thought she said… she said she wasn’t coming back.”

“Mum said it,” Ron spoke up. “She’s not in the business of lying Harry. I grew up in her house and she never liked us lying…” He went off muttering to himself.

“Harry it’s your chance!” Hermione smiled brightly. “To apologize. Win her over.” She sighed romantically. “I could help you…”

“It’s alright Hermione,” Harry cut her off, knowing very well that she would turn this into one of those romance novels she had laying around the flat. “I have to this on my own. I was the arse…” He trailed off, thinking off what he was going to do when it came time to see her again.

“Don’t curse Harry,” Hermione reprimanded lightly. “Ron, why don’t you phone in for some pizza or Chinese, because apparently someone told me I can’t cook?” She sent a look in Ron’s direction, who just shrugged.

It wasn’t less then a minute before she was called into the kitchen because Ron had a falling out with the phone, and Hermione ended up calling the food in for the night.

A few minutes later Ron walked out eating a piece of bread, he sighed deeply sinking in a nearby couch.

“What’s up mate?” Harry asked watching Ron’s shoulders sag.

“Nothing! Why would you think that?” He looked up at him, clearly lying.

“You’re eating the wheat bread.” Harry pointed out simply. Hermione decided a couple months ago that they all had to eat healthier, and only filled the kitchen with what she thought was good or not. The wheat bread, was, stated clearly by Ron, horrible. And the only time Harry caught his friend with it was when he was upset about something.

“Oh,” Ron glanced down at the bread as if he hadn’t noticed. “It’s just Hermione. She’s been acting all odd lately. One minute she’s bloody angry with me and the next she’s all lovely dovey. What’s up with it?”

“Maybe she’s just pregnant.” Harry said with a slight smirk.

Ron on the other had did not notice it. If he had he would have known that Harry was just teasing him. But instead he spit out his bread, and stared at Harry with wide eyes.

“What?” He sputtered. “I’m not ready to be a father. I’m barely twenty. I don’t have a good job; I work for my father for god’s sake. That means I would have to provide for a family. I can’t do that. I can barely take care of myself. I would be a horrible father. I….”

“Ron! Ron! Ron!” It took Harry awhile before he was able to snap Ron’s attention to him. “I was joking. I have no idea if she’s pregnant or not. She’s probably not. Hermione’s always been high-strung. Calm down mate.”

Ron stood up and threw the bread in a nearby waste basket, “I am calm. I was just trying to explain to you how I feel about your statement.”

Harry rolled his eyes, knowing Ron was, as he mostly was, not being honest. He knew that he had gotten a bit shaken up over what was said. “Just don’t let Hermione hear you say that. There’ll be hell to pay.”

“Harry, must I tell you to stop cursing? You’re getting worse then Ron.” Hermione entered with a bright smile on her face. “What about me?”

Ron froze, so Harry spoke. “Ron was muttering about that bread of yours. Said he was going to throw it out the window. Feed the birds.”

Instead of snapping out at him like they were expecting, she looked at her husband with a hurt expression. “If you didn’t like it you could have just told me. And don’t feed the birds, I don’t want them resting on the window case. It’s been dreadful to clean up after them.”

The doorbell rung and she went to gather the Chinese that had arrived. While her back was turned Ron mouthed, ‘See?’

Harry decided to amuse himself and mouthed back, ‘See what?’

Ron waved his hands trying to explain himself, and was about to mouth something back, but Hermione turned back around and looked at Ron, who was caught in a position, which made him look a duck that was trying to take fight. “What are you doing?”

He just rubbed the back of his neck, “I was showing Harry how the duck I saw today was acting. He didn’t believe me.”

She glanced at Harry whose face was turning red from trying not to laugh. He nodded at her. “You two are acting very oddly.”

The minute she turned her back to enter into the kitchen, Ron glared at Harry, who burst got into laughter.

“Shut up you prat,” Ron growled at a smirking Harry.

Dinner was a little tense. Mostly because Ron insisted on glaring at Harry the whole time, just as he was doing that Hermione would look at him as to say ‘what is going on?’ but Ron would just ignore her. Harry decided maybe now was the best time to break his news.

“Well I’ve decided.”

“Decided what?” Hermione asked absentminded, trying to pick up a noodle with a chopstick.

“I’m moving out.” Harry said it simply, earning two very shocked looks from his friends.

“Listen Harry, I’m sorry. You know I have a temper,” Ron said just as Hermione sniffed out, “I know I tell you what do to so much but it’s only because I care about you.”

Harry sense this would be harder to explain then he had expected it too. “I’m not angry at either of you. But it’s time I moved on. It’s time the two of you got some time alone. I talked to your Mum, Ron; she said I can stay with her for awhile while I’m looking for a new flat.”

“I don’t understand,” Hermione said looking teary-eyed. “Are you sure you’re not mad at me? I won’t be surprised. Everyone’s always mad at me for some reason.” Ron took that moment to pull her closer to him, and played with her hair.

Harry gave them both a half smile, “I’m sure. Admit the two of you won’t mind hanging around here alone?”

They both looked back at him sheepishly.

“Yah I thought so. I have the next couple days off. I’ll start packing. Do you mind if I left most of stuff here until I have a proper flat? I’ll pick it all then.”

“Of course, we already feel like we’re kicking you out, mate.” Ron spoke giving him a reinsuring smile. “You can just leave your broom here. I would mind having it around.”

Hermione swatted at him playfully.

Sensing now he should probably leave the two alone. Harry muttered a “Goodnight,” before heading off to his room.

Ginny’s coming home, he thought, finally having a chance to let the words sink in.

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