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Promises in America

“If Hogwarts shuts down I’m going to America,” Ginny Weasley announced to the small crowd that was in the kitchen that afternoon.

Of course the crowd only consisted of Ron, Hermione and Harry, no one else in her family needed to know. Ron, she knew, would give her enough grief with what she was about to tell him. No need to get rest of her brothers upset- yet.

“What are you talking about Ginny? The bloody hell you’re going to America!” that comment came from her brother Ron; she didn’t even need to look to know that.

“Why can’t I?” She looked a little hurt by the comment; she put that look on her face perfectly. To him it would seem like she was only thinking of the idea, while in reality she had already made up her mind. She was going to America.

“Ginny, what brought up this idea?” Hermione asked, “Why do you want to go?”

“Ron, do you remember Alexis Lang?” Ginny smiled once he coughed on the butter beer he was drinking.

“Yes, But what does she have to do with anything? No ones talked to her in what six- seven years? Not since George pushed her off her broom and made her cry…” It took him a few minutes before he began to catch on. “You’ve seen her again?”

Hermione and Harry exchanged confused looks, and Ginny decided to explain to them what was going on, “Alexis was a girl my American aunt and uncle, before they died of old age, had taken in, foster care you see. She had a huge crush on George, why I have no idea, but he pushed her off a broom one day when they were playing quidditch.”

She stopped and glared at Ron. “But I’m getting off subject. She’s offered a position for me at Jules, a highly honorable Auror prep school in New York.”

“So you’re going to be an Auror? Is that what you’re saying Gin, and how can she just give you a position, what does she own it or something?” Ron’s temper was getting the best of him. “Being an Auror is dangerous!”

“Hush Ron,” Hermione tried to calm him down but it wasn’t working. “Don’t blow up.”

“What do yah mean don’t blow up?! Did you hear what she just said she wanted to do?” He counted on her.

Harry sighed, “Stop bickering. Ron, you can’t protect her forever. She’s going to grow up one day.”

“Aye! You have no place to talk Potter; you’re the one who broke up with her because you didn’t want her to get hurt. How can you agree to this?” Ron growled.

Ginny could feel herself growing annoyed. “The lot of you just shut it! For your information, Yes, Alexis owns the school. It was an Inheritance from her birth parents. And I’m not going out of the field and battling against anyone. I’m going there to study. I figured since Hogwarts was no longer safe, I’d find a school else where.” She stopped, uncrossed her fingers from behind her back and glared at Ron again. “Got a problem with that?”

“No,” He looked at his feet slightly embarrassed that he was just told off by his younger sister.

“And it’s not like I’m running all over the ruddy country side chasing ghosts, or whatever nonsense you three are planning to do.” She stood up from her seat at the table and put her hands on hips, trying what her mother did everyday to get information out of them.

“We’re not chasing after ghosts, Ginny,” Harry spoke up, “It’s complicated.”

The slight smirk that had been on her face was replaced by a quivering frown, “Complicated for someone who’s not in the Golden Trio you mean?”

“That’s not what I meant…”

“No, that’s what you meant perfectly.” Ginny straighten herself up, “Well, I’ve made up my mind. I’m going to Jules, and I’m leaving tomorrow.”

“Tomorrow?” Ron looked up at her with a pitiful look on his face. “What are you going to tell mum? Why tomorrow?”

“Tomorrow, because that was the only time I was able to schedule an international floo with all the traffic lately, and Mum has already agreed to this. She seemed very happy for me to get out of the country, as I will be. I’m never coming back here again.” She tried to plaster a victorious smile on her face, but underneath it all she wasn’t happy one bit…

“The Red Cannon”

Ginny Weasley slammed the Potion book shut and the noise echoed in the empty hall. She looked at the dining hall, knowing that in just a few days, it would be filled with hopeful students preparing themselves to become better Aurors just like she had hoped to do.

Only she hoped they hadn’t done in for the reason she had. She had taken her position as an escape for heartbreak and war.

“Wow, you know you can leave now?” A voice spoke up causing Ginny to jump. She turned around to see a grinning Alexis Lang. “You’ve had the grades to leave last year. Best student in years, all your professors said, and yet you’ve decided to stay around here and help?! What is wrong with you? All of the other students took their jobs offers and ran like hell. Are you really that afraid to go home?”

Ginny look regretful back up at her friend, “I can’t go home. I was there that day. I saw my brother, Percy, the brother I could always depend on, die. I saw the students I went to school with die. It’s an image I don’t want to face again. I should have never taken that bloody job.”

Alexis sighed knowing very well, the job Ginny was referring too. The British Aurors had requested help from the Americans, for troops against the Dark Lord, and the school was the ended up answering the call along with professionals from all over the states.

Ginny had been one of the handful of students that went along. Of course, she had gone to great measure to make sure her family didn’t know she had been there. She had seen the causalities, ones among them she had known- and loved. Alexis couldn’t even imagine what Ginny felt right now.

“Hon, I know you’re afraid, but you can’t stay around here forever. If you don’t leave, I’m going to kick your ass out of here,” Alexis was going to take that treat to heart. She couldn’t have her friend spending the rest of her life around her. It was boring, and Alexis herself hated being in this place as much as she found herself.

“Alexis please?! I don’t want to go home! You don’t understand,” Ginny pleaded.

“I may not know what’s going on with you. But I know enough about facing your fears. You can’t let them control your life. They prevent you from living, and soon they’ll be the death of you. Ginny your stronger than that, and as your friend, I have to save you from that.” Alexis gave her a reinsuring smile. “If you’re that scared, I can put Brown in charge, and come with you.”

“You would do that? Even though you know Eric is a compete ditz and your school with be in ruin within a week?” Ginny was beginning to brighten up.

“I know,” Alexis sighed, imagining what her beautiful school will look like within a couple of weeks. “But I’m willing to do that for a friend.”

Ginny smiled, and it was the few times in the past couple years she had really honestly smiled.

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