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In my miserable existence I’ve had short periods of happiness; happiness that didn’t include killing muggles, mudbloods, or rebels. The story I am about to tell is about one of those times; the story of my short time with my wife. We were happy, we were mutually evil and we were…

Lady and Lord Voldemort.

My tale begins long before Harry Potter or even before his parents, Lily and James, were even dating. You’re surprised? Why? Because I knew their names? I knew all my victims well…very well. But we’re getting off track, as I said, my tales before them.

I wish I could say that it’s not vivid but it is. Her name was Mary Cruelle; she had curly strawberry-blonde hair that went just past her shoulders, green eyes, and glasses. She had been in Slytherin as well, we had probably met but I didn’t remember. I’ve been told she had been very reclusive in her first 3 years and in years 4-7 she was always up in her room with Bonnie and Nicole Black.

Only Bonnie, Nicole, and I know what happened up there but, we’ll get to that later. Right now, let me tell you how we met.

It was my seventh year, when I was still widely known as Tom Marvolo Riddle. Oh, how I hated that name. I was in Hogsmeade which was quite unusual. I usually chose to stay at the school. I couldn’t tell you why that day was different but, it was. As I was walking I decided to contemplate why everything began with Hog. There was:

The Hogs Head



Then someone bumped into me. She was speaking very quickly. I THINK she was apologizing. I was just about to yell at her when I looked down and saw her eyes. They were green, like the kind you see on the Slytherin coat of arms. I suddenly began helping her up and picking up her books. I saw Bonnie and Nicole behind her. They were just cracking up. I proceeded to put a freezing charm on them. Mary giggled. I noticed the title on one of her books.

“So You Wanna Be a Mistress of Darkness,” I read aloud. She snatched it back and suddenly got very serious. “The titles too long. I’m taking it back to see how it can be changed.”

“Oh,” I said, “I thought I might have met my match. I own ‘So You Wanna Be a Dark Lord’.”

“Really, well look inside the cover.”

I did and saw the words “Property of Mary Cruelle”.

“Why did you try to deny ownership,” I rechecked the name, “Mary Cruelle?”

“Not many people are as interested in the dark arts as I am. Ever since I was little I wanted to have control. I eventually learned that to get control, you can’t be nice. You need to take what you want.”

I seriously thought I had met my female twin…personality wise. Then I remembered what had happened.

“Hey, why’d you bump into me?”

“Well, it’s hard to explain,” she stuttered. She looked me in the eye and seemed to gain more confidence.

She explained how Bonnie and Nicole thought we were a perfect match and had been trying to set us up for 4 years. She had protested when they noticed that I was contemplating and tried to persuade her to “accidentally” bump into me.

“So you did, eh?”

“NO actually, I wouldn’t do that. So they pushed me into you. Can’t protest against gravity.”

‘No, fortunately you can’t’, I thought. As we walked to Zonkos to look around she asked, “Shouldn’t we un-freeze them?”

I looked at her, she looked at me and we agreed without speaking to leave them.

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