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Disclaimer -> Ya, it belongs to J.K.Rowling. Ideas for this chapter inspired by Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.

A/N -> Woot. Another chapter. Enjoy! And, hmm..I'm quite upset to declare that this one is not as funny as the rest. Sigh. Oh! This one has a poem at the beginning, (just a new way to foreshadow). Aren't you excited? I know I am.

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Chap16. 'This is definitely one of our more greater discoveries, Prongs.'

Once upon a time in a land inhabited by wizards and muggles both,
There lived four very different people held together by a common oath.

This vow they had made was for friendship alone,
When the powers of evil and good were not quite yet known.

These four equally talented people were magically blest,
But their extraordinary thirst for knowledge made them different from the rest.

As a result from their findings, the four friends agreed,
That to teach future generations was the right choice indeed.

And like many friendships that ignite over the littlest sparks,
They were there for each other through the fights and remarks.

But when two confident people try to each lead the rest,
Ego’s collide with every protest.

But as was the case with the two leaders of these four great friends,
A compromise could always be found to make, for the time being, amends.

This system of fighting and compromising went on for many years,
Until it suddenly became too hard for the leaders of the peers.

Ego’s did collide and disagreements did increase,
Until the two best friends found it hard to find peace.

After long discussions, arguments and finally a brutal fight,
Both, finally sick of compromising, severed ties and one took flight.

So split the group of four apart,
Never to be as close of heart.

And history was written.

This rivalry between the two former friends developed and grew,
And on went the years of tension with the two.

Before they knew it, one had turned to the side of good,
While the other had found benefits from the evil that none understood.

While they fought to see who had chosen the right side,
The thought that began to interest them was to let future generations decide.

So the leader who had ventured to the dark side decided to leave behind a mystery,
One that could only be discovered by those he deemed worthy to behold his history.

But since the brains of the rivals were equally trained with knowledge and wit,
The other wizard on the good side soon found out the secret, as luck would have it.

Not wanting to be shown up by his ex-friend to future generations,
This man also left behind a secret to be discovered by people that met his own expectations.

For many years, these well-hidden mysteries were left untouched and discovered by none,
And since the death of the two enemies, most declared the rivalry done.

The secret of the bad wizard however couldn’t say hidden without a sound,
And what he left hidden beneath a school was eventually found.

Devoted to him and his heirs was a chamber of what he believed,
Clearly something that he thought would out due whatever his rival achieved.

But after the interest died down about the chamber that had been discovered,
The mystery of the other wizard was soon forgotten and left uncovered.

And until the worthy people in the good man’s eyes came to look for his mystery,
Whatever he left behind would remain a secret and a myth from old history.

Even after death, the rival between good and evil carried on,
So that even today, witches and wizards can’t fix this wrong.

The two sides will continue to battle strong,
All because two of the four infamous founders of
Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry couldn’t get along.


James Potter and Sirius Black walked at a quick pace beside each other, trying to make the least amount of noise that they possibly could. The secret passageway that they had recently discovered was very dark and also very damp. A fact that made the boys think that they had ventured under the Hogwarts lake. It had a sense of something in the air, they could tell, and it also looked like it hadn’t had any visitors down its long confusing passages in a very long time.

With their wands emitting the only light they could see, the two recently reacquainted friends started getting anxious. They had only walked about ten steps into the thin, stuffy passageway and just as James was about to say something to lighten the seemingly creepy atmosphere, they heard a rumble from behind them.

Both turning around directly on their spots in perfect unison, the boys saw the last signs of the classroom they had just come from disappear. The door they had entered had unexpectedly closed behind them, leaving them locked into a place that neither knew.

James cast an unsure look over at Sirius.

“You don’t happen to have the map with you, do you?” he asked.

Sirius checked his pockets until he felt the mirror and remembered that Remus had the map at the moment.

“Erm…no I don’t,” Sirius replied, shrugging his shoulders as he did so and taking his hands out of his pockets.

James sighed before he turned and looked down the rest of the tunnel once more.

“I guess we’re on our own then, Padfoot,” he said to Sirius who had also turned to look down the endless passage.

“When has that ever been a bad thing though?” Sirius joked which caused James to immediately smile.

The two then walked side by side into the dark unknown knowing that they would conquer this mystery together.


“I’m telling you they’re not on here, Lily!” Remus exclaimed as he told the redhead once more that there was no sign of James or Sirius on the Marauder’s Map.

Lily, who was still sitting beside him, rolled her eyes and outstretched her hand.

“Let me see,” she said exasperatedly.

Remus gratefully handed her the map so that she could see for herself that he was telling the truth. After about a minute’s silence, Lily looked up from the parchment and met his piercing gaze.

“Is it like impossible for you to ever be wrong, Remus Lupin?” She joked as she slid the map on the ground closer to the boy, “ they’re probably off breaking rules. Let’s just wait for them to turn up then.”

Remus agreed, offered a small smile and reached his hand on the map that Lily had pushed over to him.

Only problem was that Lily hadn’t lifted her hand yet.

What resulted from this awkward hand touching was an uncomfortable pause in which neither Lily or Remus knew what to say. Remus eventually lifted his hand and brought it back to his own lap before he turned to look into the green eyes of the girl sitting next to him.

“Look Lily,’ he began before she interrupted him.

“It’s ok, I know,” she said with a smile and watched Remus’ face become unreadable.

He looked down at his hands in his lap once more.

“No, you don’t understand. You can’t because I haven’t been able to tell you yet,” he said in his quiet voice.

Lily furrowed her eyebrows and started running a hand through her hair. It was what she always did when she was caught in a situation that she was unprepared for. Which didn’t happen regularly.

“What’s there to understand,” she started to say not being embarrassed at all, “I like you, and you like me.”

She was a very forward person, as James would say.

Remus was having no such luck at being comfortable with the situation however. In fact, he looked almost as bad as Sirius had looked when James had been dared to kiss him.

“Well, yes I fancy you,” Remus agreed as his face turned crimson, “but that’s it, ok? That’s as far as the possibility of ‘us’ can go, Lily,” he said with a stronger voice now.

Lily was about to yell at him for not explaining himself before she remembered that Remus wouldn’t take to kindly to her raised voice. He wasn’t like James.

And then it hit her. James.

“Oh, Remus don’t,” she said as she wondered how James could find such loyal friends.

Remus finally took the opportunity to look at her and he gave her a questioning stare.

“Are you saying that nothing can happen between us because of James?” Lily asked exasperatedly as she glared at Remus.

“Lily…” Remus began as he closed his eyes.

“No, don’t try to explain. Look, I haven’t been able to have a relationship with anyone for years because of James and his ‘intimidating popularity’. Don’t you think that even if I had had the tiniest of feelings for him, I would have gone out with him? I don’t want to be with him. I want…well…I want you, Remus,” Lily finished her rant with a pink tint on her cheeks, waiting for Remus’ reply.

Remus brought his hands up to brush the wavy brown hair out of his eyes as if to stall for time before he had to answer.

“He would kill me,” was all he said, still not looking at the girl in his dormitory, “him and Sirius both.”

“Come on, James can find some other girl in a matter of seconds! Why do you always put others before yourself, Remus?” Lily asked.

Remus’ lips went very thin as he pondered the question.

“Because I owe those two so much, I guess,” he said and then suddenly just stopped talking as if that sentence was enough to sum up what Sirius and James meant to him.

Lily started biting one of her nails, not quite knowing how to respond. Of course she knew that the boys held friendship above everything else, she just didn’t like admitting that that everything else included her as well.

She decided to give it at least one more go. She couldn’t help herself; this loyal, awkward, cute Remus was getting more attractive to her as every moment went on.

“You’re friendship is stronger then anyone’s I know. James will forgive you eventually. Like, he won’t label you untrustworthy for the rest of your life or anything, right? I mean it’s not like he specifically said that you couldn’t date me, did he?” she said liking what she had said for her argument.

Remus shrugged his shoulders.

“Well no, not exactly,” he said as he looked into Lily’s smiling face and then to her eyes.

The green eyes that he could always lose himself in, even when they weren’t being directed to him as they were at this very moment. He had always liked Lily, just as James had. But he, unlike his friend, had always labelled Lily as ‘out of his league’ and had been fine with just imagining her as a girlfriend for the years. But now with the possibility of his fantasy becoming reality, and with him for once being preferred to the infamous James Potter…well it was a hard opportunity to pass up and Remus struggled inside. Should he finally do something for himself? But whenever he thought that, images of his friend and the kindness he had always shown to him came to his mind.

No, he thought. Lily was off limits.

But didn’t that make her even more desirable?

Remus was, after all, a marauder.

Remus looked at Lily and watched her studying his face intently as if she was trying to see what he was thinking. Did he remain loyal to his friends just like he always did? Or did he finally get the girl of his dreams who, in his eyes, was a perfect match for him? It was a hard decision for a sixteen-year-old boy. He was no closer to making up his mind when he got jolted back to reality by the sound of Lily’s voice.

“We could keep it a secret,” she said.

Silence then filled the room and Remus turned to stare at the wall across from him as he thought about that possibility. What James didn’t know wouldn’t hurt him, right? But just as he turned back to face Lily to tell her that James would eventually find out, he got quite the surprise to see her face much closer then it had been previously.

She had shifted over more towards him and her face was increasingly becoming closer to his.

Much closer.

In fact, too close.

He could see his reflection perfectly in her hungry eyes before she slowly closed them.

All of a sudden, her lips lightly touched his. But when she got no reaction, she quickly pulled away.

“I…I’m sorry, Remus. I thought…” she began but was cut off as Remus’ lips collided with hers once more.


James shivered.

“See anything yet? We’ve been walking forever,” James asked Sirius who was currently walking ahead of him in the cold passageway.

Sirius suddenly stopped and pointed his wand out a little ways in front of him towards what looked like a small, silver table that was blocking the otherwise empty pathway.

James caught up with Sirius who had only been a couple of steps in front of him anyways before he halted beside his friend.

“Now what do you reckon that is there for?” James asked as he glanced at Sirius.

The two of them then both walked together over to the small table. As they got closer to it, the same markings from the door they had first entered were clearly visible on the table legs.

What was on top of the table was what was grabbing their attentions however. Two regular shaped drinking goblets were sitting next to each other on the silver tabletop. One of the goblets was an emerald green color while the other was scarlet red.

After they waited there for a couple minutes in which nothing at all happened, James turned to Sirius.

“What do you think we have to do?” he asked as he eyed the goblets wearily.

Sirius furrowed his eyebrows.

“I guess we pick one,” he said as he looked to James who was still looking at him.

After a moments silence, James stepped forward.

“Ok, I’ll do it,” he said and he reached his hand towards the table slowly as if scared of what might happen if he did.

When nothing did happen, he then proceeded to pick up the scarlet goblet until his hand was fully around it and he had lifted it off of the table.

What happened next almost made him drop the goblet from his hand.

White steam had started to rise up from the cup and was oddly enough starting to form letters as it did so. In the air directly above the goblet and James’ hand, written in what they had to imagine was some sort of ‘magic mist’ were the words;

Congratulations, you have chosen the color of a true Gryffindor. Now drink and present your name and perhaps you will discover what lies ahead.

After James and Sirius had both read the words floating above their heads, they looked at each other once more while the steam disappeared back into the goblet.

“Look, mate, we can go back if you want. You don’t have to drink whatever’s in that cup,” Sirius said as he eyed the goblet warily.

But he knew his friend well and was not surprised at all with what happened next.

James took half a second to think before he brought the cup to his lips and drank its entire contents.

“James Potter,” he stated to nobody in particular after he had swallowed, and waited to see if he would be permitted to ‘discover what lies ahead’ as the steam had said.

James and Sirius waited for more then a minute, thinking that maybe James hadn’t been judged ‘worthy’, before anything happened.

The table with the green goblet still on it, and the goblet from James’ hand suddenly vanished into thin air as if someone had muttered a disappearing spell.

The boys looked around but nothing else seemed to have been changed.

Just as James was starting to feel disappointed, the wall to the left of them started rumbling, and just as before, silver markings started to form in the shape of another identical door that mimicked the one from the blackboard.

A smile spread across James’ face as he walked forward and grabbed the handle.

Sirius followed his friend through the newly appeared door until they were both on the other side and it had closed behind them just as the other one had done. It was even darker where they were now and their wands were refusing to light. But they only had to stand for a few seconds in the pitch darkness until, all of a sudden, close to a hundred lanterns lit before them, illuminating a huge chamber of red and gold.

The two boys stood in awe as they took in their new surroundings. It was hard to believe that this chamber was hidden under the school. It had the resemblance of the Gryffindor common room but with a more royal and personal feel to it. Not to mention that there were tall, beautiful waterfalls on either side of them that they had both neglected to notice in their surprise to finding such an amazing place.

As they walked further into the chamber, their amazement just grew. In the middle of the room were a bundle of warm looking couches like the ones in their common room, and on every side of the chamber, in-between the waterfalls, there were huge roaring fireplaces.

Sirius ran over to the couches and flopped down onto them before James soon followed suit.

“Can you believe this? What is this place?” Sirius said, breaking their awed silence, “this is definitely one of our more greater discoveries, Prongs,” Sirius said as he laughed.

James was feeling the exact same thing. The chamber was giving him a sense of happiness and warmth. James was a sucker for unknown places where he could be alone, so this place was something of absolute heaven to him. And he had a hunch of what it was.

“Hey Siri, you know how those students found the Chamber of Secrets in this castle years ago?” he began as he looked around for some confirmation of his suspicions.

“Ya,” Sirius agreed starting to see what James was maybe hinting at, “it was made and hidden by Slytherin himself, wasn’t it?”

James smiled.

“Look over there,” he said as he pointed to one of the fireplaces in the middle of one of the walls.

Sirius turned his head a little so that he could get a full view of the fireplace. There, written on the rather high up mantle was the inscription Godric Gryffindor.

“I knew it, Padfoot. We found Godric Gryffindor’s secret chamber!” James said in a very excited voice, “didn’t I always tell you that he would have left one, since Slytherin did and all?”

Sirius laughed at his friend’s excitement, but had to admit that he was feeling very ecstatic himself. Both boys were very proud to be Gryffindors, and finding their mentor’s secret chamber was a very big thing to them.

“You were right. This place is amazing. We can come down here and no one can ever interrupt us or anything. Wait until we tell Remus!” Sirius said as he started jumping on the couch they were sitting on in his excitement.

James laughed at his friend.

“Ya. Hey, how about we go and get Remus right now and show him how to get down here?” James offered and Sirius stopped jumping immediately.

“Good idea. Oh! But I think Lily’s with him right now,” Sirius said, remembering from when he had last talked to his friend in the mirror.

James thought for a minute before he stood up off the red couch.

“That’s ok, she can come too. But we have to agree not to tell anyone else, ok?” James asked and waited for Sirius to get off the couch and join him on the carpet.

“Ok,” Sirius agreed before he remembered something else, “wait, what about Peter? He is still a marauder, after all.”

James started walking to the door they had come from and Sirius followed.

“As soon as he gets his act together, we’ll tell him, all right?” James said.

Sirius agreed and the two of them walked out of the brightly lit chamber into the passageway that they had originally come from. As soon as they had walked a couple steps down the tunnel, they heard the familiar rumbling sound and turned to see the door vanish, and the table return with the goblets, ready for the next time they came.

“Oh, Prongs, this is so cool!” Sirius said as they both resumed their walking again.

James laughed and agreed with his best friend. They knew they sounded like two excited kids in a candy store, but they didn’t care.

“I’m glad it was you who I found this with, Sirius. That’s how it should be,” James said with sincerity.

“Same here, buddy,” Sirius replied as they continued on their way back to the common room to retrieve Remus and Lily.

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