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A Love to Remember by MysticPhoenix
Chapter 3 : Potions and Boxers
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Chapter Three: Potions and Boxers

Monday brought with it N.E.W.Ts Potions, N.E.W.Ts Trasfigurations, and double N.E.W.Ts Charms. As usual Lily was already heading down for breakfast by the time Dominique decided to wake up. Dominique could never understand why Lily needed to get up at the crack of dawn and at the same time Lily thought Dominique was insane for staying in bed so late.

Quickly and with eyes half closed, Dominique threw on her uniform, brushed her hair, and managed to apply a little makeup before joining Lily in the Great Hall.

“Did you finish your paper on the pros and cons of the Polyjuice Potion for Professor Slughorn?” Dominique asked, sitting down.

“Yes. But you are not copying it,” Lily replied while buttering her toast.

“I don’t want to copy it. I just want to check mine against yours to make sure I hit all the right points.”

“You can look at mine Dominique.” Remus handed his paper across the table.

“Thanks Remus.” Dominique rummaged in her bag for her potions paper, finding it after a few long moments. “Ah here we go.” Dominique began comparing the two papers as she absentmindedly ate some toast

“You know Remus you really could have waited for us?” James said sitting across from Lily. He flashed her his best smile to which she replied by pulling out a book and reading.

“Well I was hungry.” Lily said as if stating the obvious.

“There is no point in getting up at the crack of dawn…” Muttered Dominique

“Thank you!” Sirius said, rejoicing. “Finally someone who agrees with us.”

“Don’t get too happy Black. That is about the only thing we agree on.” Dominique handed Remus his paper. “Thanks. I got everything.”

“Figures,” Sirius said grabbing some bacon.

“You know green isn’t a good color for you Black.”

“Me jealous of you Watkins? Ha! What a joke.”

“Whatever you say. I am off to Potions.”

“I’ll come with you.” Lily stood much to James’ disappointment.

Halfway out of the hall Dominique realized she had left her bag by the bench. “I forgot my backpack. I’ll catch up with you Lil.”

Dominique grabbed her backpack and seeing the disappointed look on James face said very sarcastically, “Better luck next time lover boy.” Then she walked off, headed to her next lesson.

“That one’s sure sassy,” some Gryffindor second year commented bluntly.

“Sassy isn’t even the half of it.” Remus shook his head subconsciously.

“You know if you can’t beat them join them. So why not try asking her out?” Remus asked nonchalantly. “I mean she is the only seventh year girl you haven’t dated, besides Lily.”

“And Lily is off-limits,” James said with his mouth full, a warning glance in his eyes.

“Yeah right! Who would want to date Dominique! She’s nothing but trouble not to mention a handful.”

“I guess you’re right. I mean you know what they say.” Remus stood grabbing his bag.

“No I don’t.”

“If you can’t take the heat stay out of the fire. Or so I have heard.” With that Remus made his way to class as well, leaving the others behind.

“I think all the full moons have finally gotten to him. What do you think, Prongs?” Sirius asked in an undertone.

“Agreed.” James quickly looked around. “Plan A ready?”

“Oh yeah.” Sirius had a very mischievous smile on his face.

“You should be about halfway through your antidotes by now.” Professor Slughorn walked around the room helping different students with problems they were having or in Lily and Dominique’s cases, admiring their handy work. “I know these are very complex potions to figure out antidotes for, but if you have the proper understanding of how to make antidotes you shouldn’t have much trouble.”

As Slughorn made his way around the room Sirius checked to make sure no one was looking his and James’ way as he placed a small Filibuster’s wet start firework in his pocket. James gave him the thumbs up as Sirius made his way casually towards Lily and Dominique.

Quietly James muttered a spell under his breath causing several of Dominique’s tools to fall to the floor. As Dominique ducked down to pick them up Sirius checked to make sure no one was looking and that Lily was completely engrossed in her potion before dropping the firework into Dominique’s caldron.

Sirius had just made it back to his seat when the firework went off showering half the class with Dominique’s antidote. Girls were screaming and making noises of disgust. Then there was Dominique and Lily covered from head to toe and seething. They both knew very well who was responsible for the explosion.

“Who did this?” Slughorn demanded pulling the firework out of Dominique’s caldron. No one in the room said a word. “If I ever find out who did this I promise you they will be seriously punished. After six years of potions class I would expect seventh years to have a better appreciation of safety in this class knowing the dangers of these potions. Thankfully these were only antidotes!” The class was so quiet you could have heard a pin drop.

“Now since there is still a little while left, those of you who were hit with the potion please pack you things and go and change. I will have the other teachers informed of the reason you are late. Just leave me the names of your next teacher.”

Dominique and Lily gave Sirius and James one last death glare before leaving the classroom.

“Thank Merlin looks can’t kill,” James said with fear in his voice.

“Yeah because if they could the two of you would be dead.” Remus was not happy. “I can’t believe you two did that.” He walked out of the classroom without a backwards glance.

“Why is it he can always make us feel so bad?” Sirius asked.

“Special gift I guess.” James shrugged and Sirius followed him out of the classroom.

“I can’t believe they did that! Of all the nerve!” Dominique said furiously while buttoning up a clean shirt.

“I don’t know why you are so surprised. You did say that the ‘war’ was on,” snapped Lily.

“I know I did!” Dominique snapped back. “But not to the point where they could hurt other people!” The girls looked at each other and began to laugh.

“And to think James is Head Boy!” Lily said exasperated.

“Yes, but I have the perfect comeback.” Dominique had an evil smile on her face.

“I don’t like that smile Dominique, it is scaring me.”

“What I have planned for them will make them wish they had never messed with me.”

The week passed without any retaliation from Dominique. Sirius was beginning to think she had lost her nerve. Sirius continually reminded Dominique that he was one up on her, but nothing he said got a rise out of her. Either she gave Sirius an I-know-something-you-don’t-smile or she ignored him all together. This made Sirius extremely mad.

“Padfoot would you just sit down! Your pacing is getting annoying!” James threw one of his pillows at Sirius who was now making his tenth trip across the room.

“It has been a whole week and nothing! Not one insult, prank, or dare!” Sirius flopped down on his bed and stared at the ceiling.

“Maybe Dominique has nothing planned. Did you ever think about that?”

“HA! Dominique not have something up her sleeve? Yeah right!”

“Stop worrying so much, mate. You’ll beat her.”

“So going to ask Lily out on the Hogsmeade trip next month?” Sirius asked quickly changing the topic.

“Yep. And I have it all worked out. This is the year Lily Evans will say yes to me.” James began to talk about his plan and Sirius tuned him out.

It was common knowledge amongst the Gryffindors, if not the whole school, that James Potter had it bad for Lily Evans. James had been smitten by her pretty much since the first year. Sirius had lost count of how many times James had asked her out only to be rejected, but that never stopped him from trying again.

The whole Lily thing was funny when Sirius stopped to think about it. Both James and Sirius were two of the most popular boys in school. They had ‘fan girls’ in every house including Slytherin as shocking as that was. For a couple of years it was great, but as the two got older the whole fan club thing became a little annoying.

Girls left and right would ask for dates, sends them presents on holidays, and the occasional crazy girl would throw themselves at them. Yet there were two girls who didn’t worship the ground they walked on: Lily Evans and Dominique Watkins. What Lily and Dominique didn’t know was that they were two of the most sought after girls in Hogwarts, well Dominique was now that she had lost the geek look. It is a well-known fact that men always want what they can’t have and in this case what they couldn’t have was Dominique and Lily.

This was just too much for Sirius to think about. Sitting up on his bed Sirius realized that James had fallen asleep and was now snoring. Sighing Sirius stretched, stood up, grabbed a pair of boxers, and went to take a shower before bed. He was not going to let Dominique get to him like this any longer

The clock in the Gryffindor common room chimed announcing that it was now officially one o’clock in the morning. Dominique had gone to bed early then came back downstairs once she was sure everyone had gone to bed. Smiling wickedly Dominique set down her book and crept up the boy’s seventh year dorm.

The great thing about the dorms was that the girls could get into the boys dorms, but the boys couldn’t even get close to the girls dorms. Opening the door to Sirius, James, Remus, and Peter’s room Dominique tiptoed in doing her best not to laugh and spoil the whole thing. Dominique was about to make Sirius and James sorry that they ever messed with her.

As usual the boys woke up late, even Remus slept in late on the weekends. By the time the boys normally got up more than half the Gryffindors had been up and eaten breakfast, but they didn’t care as long as they got as much sleep as they wanted. The only exception was if there was a Quidditch game.

Sirius stumbled out of bed making his way to his truck to get his clothes only to get the shock of his life. All of his clothes were missing, no shirts, pants, boxers, robes, sweaters, everything but his socks were gone.

“Okay this isn’t funny!” Sirius turned around “Who ever took my cloths I want them back now!”

“Same here!” James yelled.

“We-di-didn’t ta-take them,” stammered Peter.

“Remus?” hissed Sirius.

“We didn’t take ‘em mate.” Remus said calmly while hiding a note behind his back.

That morning Remus had found a note in his trunk from Dominique that read: Remus, don’t even think about giving Potter and Black any of your clothing. You will do as I say if you value your life. DW. Remus knew better then to go against Dominique, she may not seem like it, but her bark and bite are both poisonous. So when James and Sirius asked for clothing both Remus and Peter shot them down. Growling James and Sirius left the room.

“Did you get a note too?” asked Peter.

“Yep. Should we go see what the damage is?”

“I guess.” Peter shrugged and the two went down to the common room.

As James and Sirius descended the stairs to the common room they were met with laughter and giggling.

“And here are our models ladies!” Dominique motioned to James and Sirius who had just walked in.

The boys’ mouths fell open as they saw what was hanging around the common room. Strung around the room were Sirius’ and James’ boxers and right in the middle of it all was a very smug looking Dominique. To make matters worse for James, Lily was sitting in one of the chairs, laughing.

Dominique and Sirius’s eyes locked and Dominique just smirked. If she weren’t a girl, and Dominique, he would have walked right over to her and punched her. Walking around the common room James and Sirius collected their belongings, to the disappointment of the girls, while Dominique continued smiling.

“You are so going to pay for this,” hissed Sirius who now stood directly in front of Dominique.

“Oh are you embarrassed.” Dominique made her voice sound babyish. “Who knew you could actually get embarrassed. Maybe I should have put your boxers in the Great Hall. That would have been a real laugh.”

“You wouldn’t dare.”

“Oh wouldn’t I?”

“You are so going to pay.”

“I’m shaking in my boots,” Dominique’s words dripped with sarcasm.

“Just you wait.” With that Sirius stormed up to his room to get dressed, but there was one little problem. Sirius had forgotten to ask Dominique for his clothing back. 
Thank you to Ande @ TDA for another cool chapter image!
Thank you to my beta Cerdriclover

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A Love to Remember : Potions and Boxers


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