The first thing Harry saw when he walked into the great hall was students from all the houses either talking to their friends or reading newspapers. It was Thursday, and it had only been three days since Neville had told them his news. Hard as he had tried, Harry could not forget about it. He had been tempted to write a letter to Sirius asking for his advice, but had decided not to. He didn’t want to worry Sirius. After greeting Ron and Hermione he sat down to have some porridge. He saw that they were hunched together reading a newspaper as well.

“Why’s everyone reading a newspaper this morning” asked Harry. He knew that the answer would be bad; it had to be if everyone including the teachers was reading The Daily Prophet.

“There’s been another two murders” said Hermione grimily.

“A muggle and a half-blood” Ron added.

“What! I thought the murders had stopped” said a shocked Harry. Hermione gave Harry a confused look, and then shook her head annoyed.

“Well apparently this is only the beginning. The muggle was a 17 year old boy named Brian Cooper; he was found two streets away from his house lying on the ground dead. No marks have been found on him, it is believed that he suffered a heart attack. The half-blood was an 13 year old boy named Ryan Thompson, he was found in a river near his home” said Hermione. Dean Thomas who had been listening to Hermione had a puzzled expression on his face.

“Hold on, how can a 17 year old have a heart attack?” he asked.

“Well if someone is frightened really badly, they can have a heart attack because it’s such a shock to their heart, it has been proven. It’s like if a chid is scared really badly, they can go into convulsions and swallow their tongue” answered Hermione.

Dean Thomas snorted at what Hermione had just said. “Yeah well if you ask me that’s a load of rubbish. There’s no way a 17 year old could have a heart attack”. Hermione glared at Dean Thompson.

“Yes well no one was asking you, so shut up” she spat. Dean Thomas looked astounded at what she had just said. Before he could say anything, Hermione got up and left the great hall.

Hermione’s bad mood lasted till Potions, which didn’t help Harry or Ron since they hated the lesson. Snape was as malicious as ever, all through the lesson he sneered at Harry, and made nasty comments about how bad his potion was compared to Malfoys. It was a relief to leave the classroom when it got to break. Since the news of the deaths in The Daily Prophet, trolls had been guarding the school, and the teachers had been walking with the students to their next lessons.

“Kind of reminds of our second year, when the chamber of secrets was open” Ron said glumly. Harry nodded his head. They were walking on the third corridor, when they were stopped by a first year. She had dark brunette hair, and was quite small.

“Excuse me but have you seen my friend? She’s in Ravenclaw, she has really, really red hair” asked the girl. Hermione shook her head, and the girl walked away. “What was that all about” said Harry. Ron shrugged his shoulders.

Half-way through Transfiguration, they were asked to go to the Great hall. The whole school was there, and the teachers looked very worried. “Students, a first year Ravenclaw has gone missing. Her name is Emma Powers. She was last seen today at Potions, if anyone knows where she is please come up and inform your head of house” spoke Dumbledore. No one in the assembly said anything. Harry was quite worried, how could a girl just go missing, wouldn’t a troll have seen her?

A long brunette haired girl stood up. “Professor I’m a friend of hers, I last saw her walking near the lake. I think she could be in the Forbidden forest” stuttered the girl. Professor Snape spoke this time.

“Don't be silly girl, if she really is in there, she'll be dead in one day. She's probably hiding away hoping she can get off one of her lessons. If she was in my house i'd have her expelled” he sneered.

“Now Serverus” said Dumbledore. He nodded his head at the girl, “Miss Creedy it does seem unlikely that she would be in the Forbidden forest, for now we will search the castle”. The girl nodded her head then sat down, looking very worried.

Minutes later they were asked to go back to their common rooms. “Oh this is terrible, I hope that girls okay” whispered Hermione. Harry shrugged his shoulders “I’ll guess we will just have to wait”. The three of them walked into the common room and went upstairs to bed, hoping that the next day would bring better news.

Outside Hogwarts, a first year girl with dark red hair is walking past Hagrids hut. She has a dazed expression on her face, and is walking near the forbidden forest. Before she walks into it she stops and looks at someone. Another girl is standing next to her, she has sleek blonde hair and is smiling at her. The girl flicks her wand in the direction of the forest and they both walk into it.

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