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Chapter Eleven *Hermione*
We all said our goodbyes as Draco and I headed for the cab. We took the cab to Hogsmead in silence. At Hogsmead we took a carriage to Hogwarts. Draco looked at me, his eyes almost bursting with caring. “This is really happening” I choked back tears. “Sssh, its okay.” He said hugging me close. “Oh Draco.” I mumbled into his chest. “Why did they have to die?” I questioned. He hugged me tighter. “They didn’t have a choice.” He whispered as the carriage stopped. I sighed and wiped my tears. I didn’t feel like facing anyone, let alone, have people ask why I was crying. We walked into the school and headed for the Head’s room. Ron and Harry walked up eyeing us suspiciously. I then realized Draco had his arm around my waist. I felt him tense next to me and him slightly pull me closer. “Are you okay?” Ron asked keeping his eyes on Malfoy. “Perfectly fine.” I lied, forcing a smile. “No, ‘Mione. You’re been crying. C’mon lets go talk.” Harry said softly grabbing my hand. “No,” I shook my head. “I really must lay down.” I told them. “C’mon.” Draco said softly, starting to walk and pulling me a little. I nodded. “So what? You listen to Malfoy now? Sod off Malfoy. She’ll leave when she wants.” Harry said pushing Draco away from me. “I wanted to leave before I was even stopped. I have had a rough morning Harry, now get out of my way before you feel my wrath.” I told him as Draco stood there smirking. “Come on you bloody prat.” I said grabbing Malfoy by the shirt and pulling him after me. “What?” Harry asked fuming. “Shagging the ferret so he has to come with you just to sleep?” Draco whipped around. “Sod off Harry. You know very well I’m not shagging Draco and you’re being a jealous git because I’m not shagging you.” I told him. Draco stopped and looked at me and Harry didn’t say anything. “I’m getting bloody tired of people accusing me of shagging Malfoy.” I stated. “Then maybe you should start shagging me then brag about how great it is.” Draco said smirking. “In your dreams.” I said resuming walking back to the head’s common room. “Every night.” Draco said following me. I sighed and fell onto the couch in the common room, taking off my coat when the letter fell out. I didn’t touch it, instead just sat looking at it. Draco sat next to me and picked it up. “Read it.” He said hanging it to me. I sighed and took it, opening it slowly I began to read it and felt Draco’s eyes watching me carefully. ‘My Dearest Hermione.’ It read. ‘Upon reading this, it must mean on thing, we’re gone. Please do not think ever for one moment that we do not love you, no will we ever stop, even if we can’t show it anymore. Anytime the sun shines, or the birds chirp, anytime the stars twinkle, or a flower blooms, that is our lover for you. If you ever feel that you are not alone, that is us, sitting with you. Please do not mourn us, but remember us in laughter. We will always be watching you and will always be proud of you, more than can ever be described in words. Now, we need to tell you things. Please do not be angry in us keeping these from you but trust it was for your own safety. The Granger family is a very high ranked pureblood family. When you were born, we went into hiding from the dark lord. We did not want you to become what we were. If you go to Gringgotts there are two separate vaults filled with our riches. If you ever wondered why you had taken so naturally to magic it is because the granger blood is that of the most ancient, most powerful witches and wizards. You have only just tapped the surface of you magical potential and you will do wonderfully in anything you attempt at. If you have any questions or need help with anything, there was one family which aided us in our hiding and you should go to them. I believe they even have a boy your age. But, if needed, go to the Malfoy family. Alas we have told you all that we have needed, please, do not have out memory because we kept this from you. Do not mourn us but remember our love. Love forever, always, and then some- Mom and Dad’ I stared at the letter in disbelief, my mouth hanging open. I re-read it again.
I sat there and watched Hermione as she read the letter. She began to cry and I softly wiped away a tear. “Oh Merlin.” She whispered getting further in the letter. She finished reading it and set it down, a confused look on her face. “I’m rich.” She murmured. She turned to me. “I’m a pureblood. Your family has known all along, they helped my parents go into hiding when I was born.” She said. I raised an eyebrow. “Granger blood is the purest and most ancient.” A smile crept onto her face, I felt myself smiling too, “Bloody hell.” she whispered. “I would have never guessed.” I murmured.
I sat there and let it all sink in. I smiled and jumped into Draco’s arms, nearly knocking him backwards on the couch. I hugged him, burying my face in his chest, not being able to keep the smile from my face. Draco held me tightly. “So Mister Malfoy, how does it feel to know that your past six years of tormenting me and calling me a mudblood were all in vain?” I asked sitting up and facing him, my face inches from his. “I still feel bad.” He told me. “But wait, what about everything you’ve said to me the past six years?” I gasped and put my hand to my heart. “I’m ever SO sorry!” I told him over dramatically. “If there is ever anything I can do to make it up to you, please let me know!” A grin played on his lips. He smiled evilly at me. “There is one thing you can do.” He said grabbing for me just as I got p. “No way. Just because I’m a pureblood suddenly, that doesn’t changed anything. Especially how I feel about you.” I told him as I ran from him. “You mean how you love my unbeatable charm and dashing appearance?” He asked chasing me. I snorted. “Charm? What charm? A huge ego and being completely in love with yourself Is not charm.” Is aid before dashing to the stairs leading to my dorm. Draco caught me and pinned me against the wall., holding me there with his body. I left my face being stone with no emotion while inside my mind was loving him being so close. “Admit you want me.” He said so close, his lips bumped mine while he spoke. “Never,” I told him smirking. “I”m going to wipe that smirk right off your face.” He threatened, grinning evilly. “Doubt it.” I said in a bored tone, sighing. Draco moved in and kissed me hungrily. I kiss him back with just as much hunger. He broke apart. “Damn Granger.” He whispered, is breath coming in short gasps against my ear. “When did you take over my every thought and craving?” I smirked and pushed him back against the opposite wall in the stairwell. “Probably,” I said tracing my fingers down his abs, over his chest then arms, “When you brushed against me on the train ride here.” I said pushing my body against his. I kiss him and his tongue begged for access to my mouth. I smiled the granted it. “HERMIONE!” Someone pounded at the door- it was Harry.
A/N- I promise I'm not going to make Harry the bad guy, rapest in this story. *Disclaimer- I own nothing you recognise***

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