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A/N--I know its been forever, I'm sorry. I've been horribly busy with work and school. I got three jobs going right now so whenever I can fidn time to write, I do. I'm posting two chapters at once so I hope you like them. Feedback (good or bad) is always nice. :o)
-------------------- Chapter Ten *Draco*
Where is she?’ My mind raced as I leaned against the wall next to the Gryffindor common room. A first year ran around the corner crashing into me, toppling to the floor. I looked down at him, unmoved. “Watch it.” I spat at him. “Great now I have to go burn my robes.” I murmured to myself. “S-s-sorry, M-m-m-mister M-m-malfoy>” The boy stuttered, rushing to pick up his things. “Don’t stutter. No one can understand you when you do so.” I sneered at him. “Y-yes sir.” He told me, frightened. “Be off with you.” I said waving my hands, appearing bored. Just then the portrait opened. Hermione ran out, disheveled and her hair a mess. “Merlin Granger, put yourself together. We have a meeting to address.” I smirked as second year Slytherins walked by. I sneered at them. “Not now Malfoy.” Hermione sighed. I looked at her raising an eyebrow. She tied her hair up and fixed her clothes. ‘Merlin, she’s beautiful” I thought.
“You can be a little late.” Harry said pulling me next to him on the bed. “Harry I have a meeting.” I said standing up. Harry stood up and grabbed my waist, pulling me into his arms. “Hey, it’s only a minute.” He whispered running his fingers through my hair. “Harry, you know Malfoy. He’ll be pissed.” I said turning. “He can wait a minute. And if he touches you I’ll kick his bloody arse.” Harry said turning me around to face him. He pulled me close and kissed me. His lips were rough and the kiss had too much force, hurting my lips. “Harry!”I gasped pushing him away. “Mmm Hermione.” He said pulling me back. I pushed him back as hard as I could and ran from the room. “I’m late!” I called out to the looks I was getting in the common room. I opened the portrait and sighed. “Merlin Granger, put yourself together. We have a meeting to address.” Malfoy said smirking at me. “Not now Malfoy.” I sighed and fixed my shirt. Malfoy looked at me with an eyebrow raised. I shook my head the put my hair up. We started walking and I could tell Draco kept looking at me. I chewed my lip nervously. We turned a corner when Draco pushed me into a closet. He locked the door behind him and put on a silencing spell. “Hermione.” He mumbled. I chewed my lip more and tasted blood. “What happened?” He whispered, groping for my hand. I sighed and let my weight fall onto him. He hugged me as I got lost in his smell. “I’m nothing to Harry except an attempt to snog.” I sighed. “What happened?” He prompted again. I sighed and began telling him everything.
“And so, uh, that’s when I ran from the room.” Hermione finished. ‘Bloody hell I’ll kill the Pothead who won’t die.’ I thought to myself. Hermione looked at me for comfort. I smiled and brushed the hair off her face. “You’re bloody beautiful, you have this innocent air about you, whether you are innocent or not. Its very intriguing and tempting, he was probably going to ask you to go steady.” I told her. ‘Did I really just say that?’ My mind raced. Hermione looked at me then softly kissed me on the lips and before I had any time to react, she pulled away.
After the meeting I went to take a shower. I walked into my room wearing a towel and saw Draco laying on my bed. “Can I help you?” I asked getting clothes to put on. “I thought we’d sleep in here tonight.” He told me. “Close your eyes.” I told him, making sure he did so. I quickly dressed and did a drying spell on my hair, leaving it in curls. “You think I’m beautiful?” I asked climbing under the covers next to him. “You only feel right in my arms?” He asked wrapping his arms around me, pulling me close against him. I yawned and cuddled closer to him. “I never said that.” I whispered into his chest. I heard his breath catch. I looked at him and smirked. “No smirking. I’ll punish you about that tomorrow.” He told me half asleep., his eye barely open. I leaned on my arm on his chest and looked down at him. “Go to sleep. Stop looking at me.”He mumbled. I traced the line of his hair with my fingers then lightly over his jaw-line and cheek bones. I heard a “mmm” escape from deep in his throat. His eyes opened and he looked at me. “Now you’re in for it.” He told me in a husky whisper, shifting his body so he was on top of me. “It was all innocent, I swear.” I told him. “I’m gonna make you feel how I do right now.” He told me. I looked in his eyes seeing only pure lust. “No, we have to get up early. We need to sleep.” I told him. He groaned and looked at me but didn’t say anything. I moved closer to him, pulling him partway next to me and half on top of me. He put his arm around my waist, resting his hand on my hip. He softly began drawing circles with his finger. I closed my eyes and began to drift towards sleep. I felt him watching me but the circles he was drawing was treating me like that of a lullaby to an infant. “Hermione.” I heard Draco whisper moments later. “Hermione, come on. Time to wake up.” Suddenly I was no longer comfortable, but cold. I opened one eye to see Draco gone. The instantly his face floated inches from mine. “C’mon get up.” He told me. “Humph.” I sighed. “If I don’t wake up then that means none of this is true.” “If you don’t wake up, I’m going to take your clothes off of you and put you in the shower, washing you myself. And I’m not promising to be good after the stunt you pulling last night.” He said. I could hear the grin in his voice. “Bloody git.” I mumbled getting up. I showered and got ready and met Draco in the common room. “Are you sure you don’t want Potter or Weasley to come?” Draco asked. My thoughts went back to Harry the other day. I shook my head to clear my mind. “Positive.” I mumbled. After the funeral many people offered hugs and ‘if I ever need anything to let them know’s even thought I had no idea who most were. I held back my tears and looked at Draco who was off to the side. He looked extremely uncomfortable. I walked over to him and he smiled warmly at me. “You okay?” I asked. He looked at me and raised an eyebrow. “Shouldn’t I be asking you if you’re okay?” He said putting his arm around me. “You look really uncomfortable.” I explained. “As do you- holding back tears and forcing smiles.” He teased. “Stop making this about me.” I told him. “I’m fine. I’m just not use to being around so many,” he looked around and moved closer to me “muggles” he whispered. I smiled and hugged him. “You’re kinda cute.” I whispered. “Excuse me- Miss Granger?” A tall man came up to us. “Yes?” I asked slightly moving away from Malfoy. “Its time to read th will.” The man said. I nodded. I sat in a small room with Draco. There was a table and sitting at it was my mom’s sister and my dad’s bother. The man read the will and basically I got everything. My mom’s sister was now my guardian and my dad’s brother was to help take care of the house and such while I was away at ‘boarding school’. “Lastly,” the man finished, “I have a letter here for Hermione.” I stood up and took the letter. “I will open it when I get back to school.” I announced to curious eyes as I put it in my pocket.

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