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*Well everyone, this is the end. It's been a great ride. I hope you enjoyed it. Keep checking back to my author page i'll update any info about new stories and such. Just for clarification, I have changed the earlier chapter that said they were in their sixth year to say they are in their seventh year. Please R&R this one last time!*


Taryn sat on the edge of the lake. She could feel the warm breeze blowing across her face and could feel the grass shifting slightly beneath her toes. But she could not see the wind make ripples upon the water and she could not see what a vibrant green the grass had become since the rains had passed. Her eyes were open and she started blankly ahead, letting her thoughts drift back through the past week.

* * * * * *

“Will her sight ever return?” Taryn had heard Professor McGonagall’s voice asking Madame Promfrey.

“It is doubtful. The damage that spell did to her eyes is irreversible. I can do nothing to heal it. If her sight returns it will be of her own doing if the spell can be reversed.” Taryn knew that would never happen. She could not reverse what had been done. To reverse that spell would be to resurrect the pentacle and Voldemort. “However, she is not completely blind. The spell only affected her external sight, not her internal sight.”

“What does that mean?”

“She will still have visions.”

* * * * * *

Once again I’m back to the beginning. Clairvoyant is both a curse and blessing. Without it I would not see at all, but with it I still know the future. From where she sat she could hear the footsteps on the grass and the hushed giggles she knew were directed at her. The past week had been hell to put it lightly. It had all started when the six of them had returned to the school.

* * * * * *

“Come on! We have to get back quickly! Voldemort said he was going to attack the school. His Death Eaters don’t know he’s dead yet!” Harry had shouted breaking everyone out of their silent stupor. Draco had grabbed Taryn around the waist and hoisted her to her feet. Together they ran straight into the flames that would take them back to Hogwarts. As they stepped back onto school grounds a horrifying smell met Taryn’s heightened senses. She immediately dry heaved and fought back the tears that were choking her.

“What the hell?” Taryn heard someone whisper but she didn’t know who.

“People are burning.” She coughed into the floor. Once more she was helped to her feet, this time strung between two people. On her left was Draco, on her right was Harry. Together they hastened down several flights of stairs to stop abruptly where the doors to the Great Hall should have been. Taryn could sense where they were, no where else in the school was so wide and open, but she felt so much that was unfamiliar that it was almost overwhelming.

“Draco? What’s happened? I can’t see.” Taryn whispered, she could only smell the burnt flesh, and hear the screams, and feel the despair that ran deep through the floorboards. She could not see where it all made sense.

“Taryn it’s . . . I can’t . . . he’s dead.” Draco stood still staring into the chaos that just hours ago had been filled with smiling, laughing students. Now what he saw made his blood run cold. Bodies were everywhere, students and Death Eaters alike. Some spell had been used that set the Great Hall on fire and now what was not stone lay smoldering in ashes upon the floor. All of these were nothing compared to what he was witnessing not twenty feet before him. Dumbledore stood his wand held high; the beams of light from it encased all of the Death Eaters that were not dead. They were held captive against the farthest wall, while the spell seemed to be taking something from them. Slowly one by one they dropped to the floor beneath the beams of light. As the last one dropped so did Dumbledore. He fell so slowly that Draco swore time had slowed down. Taryn felt Harry leave her side as he ran to the fallen Headmaster. Gently he cradled Dumbledore’s head, and the Boy-Who-Lived faced the mortality of life.

* * * * * *

Taryn did not remember what happened after that, her next memory was waking up in the hospital wing. She was not the only one there. The casualties of the student population were numerous. Half the students were dead or injured. Among them were many Taryn did not know or was never given the chance to know, still she mourned them. Taryn was startled briefly when she heard footsteps behind her but relaxed as she heard them fade away with hushed whispers.

It had been like that since they all returned. Everyone was in awe of Harry; he had returned the Hero, hiding his pain behind a frozen expression. They were not so in awe of Taryn. No one knew exactly what had happened in the cave, all they knew was that Harry defeated Voldemort and Hermione and Ron had helped. The rumors about what Taryn and Draco were doing there were many and far from the truth. Taryn’s favorite was the one where Harry tried to kill Voldemort only to miss and hit Taryn who somehow escaped only losing her sight. The majority of the survivors figured that Draco and Taryn were somehow reformed Death Eaters since the Dark Lord had passed. Taryn never could see who was making the accusations but she could hear them. With the loss of her sight her other senses compensated and she could hear the tiniest whisper. This gift she resented at the moment.

“She should be dead.”

“I heard that the Dark Lord put some spell on her so that she couldn’t die.”

“Have you seen her eyes? They’re so creepy.”

“Shhh, she’ll hear you. She’s looking over here.’

“She can’t see us.”

Idiots. You’d think they would have learned something from all of this. But, no.

“Taryn?” Draco’s voice jerked Taryn from her mental abuse of the passing students. “You aren’t listening to that crap are you?”

“No, of course not. I just turn off that sense when I want to.” Taryn replied sarcastically.

“You know I have to deal with it as well. You don’t have to act like you’re the only one.”

“I’m sorry.” Taryn apologized. “I’m just tired of it.”

“We all are.”



“What happens now?” Taryn whispered tentatively.

“I don’t know. We start new lives. Try to leave this all behind I guess.”

“What if I can’t?”

“Then I’ll help you.” Draco spoke softly and slowly drew her face close to his, his fingers under her chin. In this moment Taryn wished more than she ever had that see could see him. Just to see that there was reassurance in his eyes, a hope that she could not find in herself. It would have been enough. “I love you, Taryn.” Then his lips met hers and she shivered.

Two blonde children ran down the path in front of Taryn. The elder a boy dressed in black robes, held the hand of the smaller, a little girl in green. Taryn jogged to keep up with them as they twisted and weaved their way through the sun-bathed forest. “Addie, you’re so slow, you have to keep up! We’ll be late!” The little boy shouted, nearly pulling his sister now. As they neared the edge of the woods they burst into the sunlight and Taryn was momentarily stunned by the bright rays that flooded her vision. The two children ran into the arms of a tall man that was sitting on a nearby bench. His hair was so blonde that in the sunlight it looked white, and his eyes were nearly the color of the sky. He held the children in his arms, the little girl clinging to his neck. Then he looked straight where Taryn was standing and smiled. Taryn did not need to turn to know who was behind her.

“What is it? What did you see?”

“Life.” Taryn stated simply. “And it was wonderful.”

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