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Chapter ten: Death Dance (A/N- sooooooo sorry this took so long. Like two weeks ago my grandmother died and we had to go down to New jersey which for like a few days. When I got back I had so many tests and projects to work on I had almost no time to work on it, and then the next I had a HUGE history project. So I guess you could say I was busy, lol, I hope this lives up to your standards….toodles….) Snape strode casually beside Lily, his black greasy hair playing dangerously around his eyes, giving those black darting pupils an even more unsettling sensation that shot chills rapidly down her spine. “So…” Lily whispered, deepening into her seat as he walked closer to her, “If you know where the letter is…. then….where is it?” The boy called Snape gave a menacing smirk, his pale thin lips curving into a, some how, infamous expression. “You always had such nice hair” he smirked curtly, placing himself in a seat beside her and twirling his white bony, skeletal fingers through her silken locks. Lily instinctively moved her head away, sliding her hand down her head and combing his spidery fingers out of her hair. “What are you doing?” she cried, her eyes like round saucers as she stared at the boy. The boy eased off, lying back in his chair, giving a casual shrug, “What ever I please” “You speak, boy, with an authority and arrogance that you do not own! So PLEASE…do-not-touch-me!” He heaved a sigh of amusement giving another shrug, “Doesn’t matter, mutts are to dirty for my taste” Lily’s snarled, pulling out her wand, “You want to say that again?” He gave a wicked laugh, a white hot ember burning in his eyes that made Lily shiver, “I could but it wouldn’t make a difference, I have what you want” “It’s a stupid letter, you can have it. I don’t need to know what it says!” He gave another laugh, “You obviously don’t know what I possess here do you?” “But it’s just a letter?” His eyes widened, those black obsidian pupils growing harder, “I have blackmail” “Not on me, that’s my pen mate’s letter” she sneered triumphantly, bringing up the edge of her mouth. “You make me laugh Lily! Stupidity and ignorance really seem to suit you!” “I lost my memory you dimwit, if you don’t remember!” “All the same…look I’m willing to strike a deal with you if your up for it” he smirked, leaning forward in his chair so that his hair hung like dead spiders in his face. “What kind of a deal?” she asked gingerly. “You must tell me whose letter it is” “Or…!” she smiled more brightly, a look of insane amusement in her, “I can kick your arse and you give me back my letter!” He gave a soft chuckle, “If you do that I have a charm over it that will destroy your precious letter instantly if you do anything to offend me” She growled, “Fine…and that’s all?” “Yes, that’s all” he fleered, his mouth emphasizing the words. “It’s Remus then” He gave a soft laugh, “I don’t think you understand me…” He hissed gently, “I said WHO is it?” he mocked skeptically. “I’m serious! That’s who it is!” she protested pugnaciously. “You’d be smart not to trifle with me girl, now, WHO IS IT!” “I’m TRYING to tell you, but you won’t listen!” He sighed one last time, clenching his teeth in bitter defeat, “Then you’re more stupid than I thought you were” The boy stood and turned on his heel, his long midnight black cape swaying with closure as it kissed the air with goodbye just as the door shut. Lily sat quietly alone in the Library, pondering. Great…I have no memory, didn’t get the letter and according to this Severus boy I’m stupid too! OH I can’t wait to find all the other wonderful things about me! ************************* “Remus” Remus Lupin turned around to face the timid Lily Evans. “Lily!” he smiled congenially, embracing her in a friendly hug, “How are you?” “Good…but I just came here to ask you a question” Lily and Remus were standing quietly in the warm cozy Gryffindor common room, Remus who had just been working on his studies. A dreamy halo cast it’s spell over the room, and a bubble of fire light surrounded them, all other parts of the room a gray blur. “Well what is it?” he smiled growing warmly. “I just…more so…wanted to confirm something” her emerald eyes had been wandering, avoiding that gaze, that innocent perfect gaze, when they met. “I just…well…you are Red Dragon, right?” Remus gave a funny gaze, “Who’s Red Dragon?” Lily smiled slightly to herself, “Uh-no one…” A small spark of familiarity sparked and an image flashed in her head, it was of Remus and her, and from what she could tell, they had been together. “Hey, Remus….before my accident, were we….together?’ “Lily, are you remembering?” he asked anxiously, helping her sit down. “Yeah-“ she said, faintly smiling, pressing her fingers to her forehead, “We were, weren’t we?” He nodded subtly, “I thought I would tell you later” Her smile fell, “Then James really isn’t…” “isn’t what? Lily, did he tell you that he was dating you!” he spoke, his voice raising in anger. But Lily wasn’t listening, “Lies…all lies…all this time…everything is just one big lie…” “I’m so sorry Lily, James tends to do things like that, I promise I’ll kill him when I find him” Her head was shaking, an unstable smile fixed on her face, “No…you’re just as bad…all of you…everything’s just a lie…” A sudden realization was hitting her, James had lied, Remus had lied, even her friends had lied to her…everything she’d heard could have been completely false…everyone she’d trusted had betrayed her. She couldn’t remember anything and they had taken advantage of her, she now was alone, all alone. She couldn’t trust anyone, who could she trust? She didn’t know anyone, her whole life, what everyone had told her, could all be a lie…just one big lie…James had lied…he had tricked her…and the worst of it was…she almost actually thought she felt the same. Lily stood up from her chair, starting to run out of the room. “Lily wait!” He called, but she was running and there was no stopping her. The corridors were getting darker as she treaded deeper into the castles dungeons. Tears were streaming her face, faces were passing her, everything was blur, she just knew she had to go there…there… A small greasy haired boy sat alone in the cold dungeon’s room as she skidded into it. “Where is it!” she harshly whispered, her body trembling. “Where’s what?” he answered lazily. “Letter…..I need it….now!” her eyes were twitching madly as she watched that smirk reappear on his pale skin. “Oooh, a little cranky today are we?” “REMUS ISN’T THE ONE WRITING THE LETTER—“ she said quickly, her volume rising his panic. Severus blinked his long sable lashes distinctly, “Well know that you know that, then who is it?” “I-don’t-know-who-it-is” she spoke, her wand was out now, quivering in her frozen hand. “I SAID I need that letter NOW!” Lily roared, her breathing becoming irregular, extending her wand further so her whole arm was quivering. Severus’s eyes widened as he slowly reached into his pocket, pulling out a crumpled piece of parchment. Fervidly she grabbed it, and running straight out of the dungeon, pacing herself, she needed to run away somewhere, so she let her intuition take her there…there to the whomping willow. The large tree stood ominously in the gray dark, it’s frantic branches quivering fervently. And the arms called to her, as the whip and whistle reached her ears. White puffs of breathe hung dead in the air, like the men hung on nooses on cold December days. Her panting was growing stronger, she felt that image call to her and she let it consume her. An arm reached out and grabbed her, and her eyes tore away from the familiar image. “Evans!” a recognizable voice cheered. “I wanted to show you something!” Lily turned wide-eyed to face James, her pupils throbbing, growing smaller, larger, smaller larger, they couldn’t remain still. She wanted to scream; hot steamy tears dripped slowly and morosely down her damp cheeks. “Evans?” But James couldn’t see those sorrowful tears, he couldn’t reach that pain, for the deception of rain had hid those beautiful tears. The cold rain was the only distinction she could differ that from warm salty tears that burned her eyes. Lily couldn’t think, not just of what to say, but what to do…except run…to that familiar image. She wrenched her arm free, her feet pushing forward, running into the open arms of the tree. Her fists were still clenched around the letter, when she shoved it into her pocket. The rain slid down harder and harder and everything seemed so familiar. The rain, the tree, James, running, everything…it was like she was reliving something. “Evans!” James called he couldn’t understand it, why would she run? His heart beat a little faster. Oh god, she must remember Immediately he started after her, his heels kicking up greasy mud that slid under his toes. Lily was almost there. She ducked, a large whip-like branch lashing in her direction. Dip. Duck. Dive…Dip. Duck. Dive…Dip. Duck. Dive She was finding a rhythmic pattern to the movement of branches, dancing magically as it bent her to its will. James was watching her, he had come as close as possible with out being hit. But that wasn’t the only reason he stopped. His eyes were greedily watching her. She was cat-like, moving like a ballerina in some cadent dance she swiftly moved to. Her lithe body bent smoothly around the thundering brush, finding pattern to its chaotic motion to form a complex and beautiful dance of death. Lily’s breathing was easing, her damp clothes pressed against the rough tree bark and she was free from harm. A swarm of branches swatting around her, she felt safe from everything, away from all, but still there was an itch in her mind. It seemed too familiar. But she didn’t know why. *** James’s feet crunched as he took a step forward. He looked down. A muddy piece of parchment lay beneath his feet, the letter. Slowly picking it up he unfolded it, barely able to make out the scrawled handwriting through the mud and grimy water. *** Lily’s heart pumped faster as her hand dove into her pocket, the letter was gone, it had fallen out. She looked up, he was holding it, in his hands, and carefully his lips started to from words. *** He began reading; starting from the very beginning…it was time… “My dearest friend, Icy flame… Now I suppose it is my turn to tell you my secret…and I have been dreading it since I first knew I would have to tell you…” (A/N- cliffy! Ha ha, I hope it was a good one. Lol, yes…well you will see just what the letter holds, though I think I might have to change it only because of the content. We will see. That would be a pity. Indeed, anyways…again sorry I took me so long to get this out, so busy! Lol, well…until next time…)

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