In the last couple of days before they all went to platform nine and three quarters, Hermione had acted coldly to Harry. But by the end of their stay at the Burrow, and on the way to Kings Cross though, she was back to normal with him. Ron had talked to her and explained to her what Harry had meant, and she had obviously agreed that she had taken it the wrong way. Apart from Mr Weasleys talk to them, the rest of the stay at the Burrow had been a delight. Ron and Harry had practised Quidditch with Fred and George, and Hermione spent most of her time with Ginny laughing with Tonks.

After saying goodbye to Mr and Mrs Weasley Harry, Ron, Hermione, Ginny and Fred and George entered the train. “Listen us two are going off to see Lee Jordan; we’ll see you at Hogwarts” said Fred. They both ran out off leaving the three, to see their friend. Harry, Ron and Hermione all sat down in the compartment they’d found, soon to be visited by Neville and Ginny.

“Hi Neville, You still have your toad?” asked Ron happily. Neville happily nodded his head and took out Trevor from his pocket to show them. It was raining outside quite badly, and it looked like it was going to thunder as well.

“That’s odd just a couple of minutes ago it was clear weather” said Harry. He didn’t let this bother him, the weather suddenly changing its climate wasn’t unusual, it was just a shock to Harry because he had got so used to the sunny weather.

“How were your summer holidays?” asked Neville. “Were they good?” They all nodded their heads and told them what they had done at the Burrow. Neville looked at all of them jealously.

“What about you Neville?” said Ginny.

”The holidays were okay. Me and my Gran went out a lot, but it got worse” said Neville miserably. Hermione could tell that there was something wrong with him, he looked a lot nervous than he usually did.

“Neville what happened?” Hermione asked gently.

“After the attack on that man, the one in The Daily Prophet, Nan wouldn’t let me go outside at all! When I told her I’d be careful, and that I wanted to go outside, she went into a blazing row telling me I was useless with my wand and that if I tried to be careful I’d probably end up blowing something up. Then she starting crying, she said if I wanted to go out on the streets and get murdered then fine with her, but then it would be unfair to my mum and Dad leaving them without a child, when they’d lost their sanity for me” he mumbled sadly.

“That’s terrible, what kind of Grandmother would say that” fumed Hermione. Ginny went up to Neville and held his hand.

“Neville, your Grandmothers probably really worried about you, my Dad was, he told me about the murder and told me if I ever go outside then I would have to be on alert and with someone” said Ginny kindly.

“Still that was a bit drastic of her to say that to you” said Ron. Harry nodded his head in agreement.

“Listen I bet your Grandmother may not show it, but I think she really loves you” said Harry.
Harry knew what Neville was feeling, in his third year at Hogwarts Professor Lupin the old Defence agaisnt the Dark Arts teacher had got Harry out of trouble with Snape over the Marauder’s Map, but had told Harry off about using it, saying it was a poor way to repay his parents. He had felt so ashamed, and he knew that Neville must be feeling even worse.


The train had been going for a long time now and everything had been quite peaceful. Hermione was showing Ginny how to do a particular spell, and Neville, Harry and Ron were discussing the lessons they were going to have this year. There was a lot of noise outside the compartment, and had been going on for quite awhile. “Oh for goodness sake, don’t these people realize that there are others who don’t want to listen to them” said Hermione clearly annoyed.

Ron who had been sitting by the window flicking his wand, said “Obviously not Hermione, I mean they have been going on like this for twenty minutes” he groaned. She gave him a furious look and marched outside the compartment. The rest of them all got up and followed her to see what she would say. It was a group of third year girls, all hysterical and crying.

“What’s wrong with you all?” said a shocked Hermione. Ron sniggered unkindly at the girls. Most of them were soothing and comforting a small blonde haired girl.

“We were sitting in our compartment talking, and Joanna said she felt something was bad about it” said a plump red haired girl. She pointed at the small blonde.

“We all ignored her because we just thought it was her nerves, I mean we’re all nervous about this year. But after awhile we all started feeling it too.” She said again. Hermione had a confused expression on her face; Harry could tell she didn’t know what to think of this situation.

“What do you mean you started ‘feeling it’” asked Hermione. It was brunette that answered this time.

“It’s hard to explain, it’s like being in an empty room filling up with water, and you can feel it slowly reaching up you” she said.

The red head spoke again. “Then we all freaked out because Joanna started screaming and crying, and then I felt something touch me on the head” she said. All the girls started talking frantically again, and Joanna burst into long sobs.

‘They’re messed up!’ said Ron, who was still sniggering. All the girls protested to him that it was real, but Ron didn’t want to hear.

”I’ll go inside it and see what wrong with it” spoke Ginny, much to everyone’s surprise. She walked up to the compartment door, and was just about to open it when Ron stopped her.

“You know you don’t have to go in just to prove to these idiots that what they say is wrong” he said defiantly. She smiled and nodded her head. Before she walked in she winked at Harry who felt his face blush. The group of third year girls walked past them, and ran into the compartment Harry and the rest had been in. Ron was about to go after the girls, but was stopped by Hermione. Harry knew there was something wrong, the moment he looked at her face.

She had gone pale, and when she spoke her voice shook. “Can you hear something” she said.

Neville had also gone pale. “I can, I can hear a muffled sound” he squeaked. They all ran into the compartment where Ginny was. When Harry walked in his blood froze.

Ginny was thrashing on the floor, like she was having a fit; she was clutching her throat desperately. “She’s suffocating” squealed Hermione. Ron stood still for a moment, not able to speak. All three of them knelt beside her and tried to find a way to help her. He face had gone a kind of purple, and her eyes looked desperately at them. Harry knew that it wouldn’t be long until she passed out.

Neville who was standing horror struck at the scene looked towards the window, and felt his heart stop. A man was standing there. He had dark grey hair, striking blue eyed and a blue robe. He was staring at the scene, a concentrated look on his face. Neville backed into the corner and desperately looked around. He knew he had to do a spell, but what. He aimed it at the man, and was about to say a spell that would stun him, but he panicked. Ginny’s movements were getting slower now.

At that moment Neville did a spell, but it was the wrong one. At first it was a stunning spell he was going to do, but seeing how Ginny he was he decided to do a spell he’d never thought he’d ever have to say. “Avada Kedavra” he uttered.

Everything happened in an instant. Ginny stopped moving and calmed down, and the whole compartment became cold. Grabbing Ginny, Ron and the rest backed away against the door. The man was clear for all to see, and his eyes flashed at all of them, then he just disappeared. Then everything it seemed just went back to normal. They all sat down, so they could clear their heads. Ginny was taking long; slow deep breathes, and was still clutching her throat. “What the hell happened, who was that man?” questioned Ron.

Hermione was shaking quite badly, “How come we didn’t see him?” she asked. They all looked at Neville.

“I don’t know why but I saw him the whole time. I was going to do a stunning spell, but in the end I decided to do the killing curse. I thought it was the only way to save Ginny’ shook Neville.

Harry who was still shocked by what happened decided to cheer Neville up. “Well it doesn’t matter who saw him and who didn’t, you saved Ginny, Neville, and that’s all that maters” he said. They all nodded at Neville and thanked him.

“Still though that’s creepy, that man standing there the whole time’ said Ron. Ginny gave a loud cough, and then looked at all of them a weird glint in her eyes.

“This won't be the last time something like this happens. Dad's right, there will be more murders. Consequences will come from what’s happened today and what's happened before” she mumbled. Nobody said anything, or protested against what she said, because deep down they all knew she was right.

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