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Chapter 4

The next morning, Ron woke up thinking about one thing and one thing only: Hermione. ‘I need to write her. I need to tell her that I wanna see her again. She’s not escaping me. I’m not letting her go,’ he thought. The next thought in this mind: breakfast.

Hermione woke the next morning thinking about the one guy in her life that she truly loved, the one guy she hadn’t stopped thinking about for the past 8 months: Ron. ‘I should write him. I don’t want to come off to strong though. I’ll wait, no, yes. No, I don’t wanna wait,’ she thought. “Oh my gosh! I have to get to work!” she said out loud to herself, after glancing at the clock. She jumped out of bed and hurried to get herself ready.

“So glad I don’t have to work today,” Ron said out loud. Ron decided he would think up some way to surprise Hermione. He first, wrote to her parents.

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Granger,
I know you haven’t heard from me in a while, but recently Hermione and I started talking again. I am planning a special ‘thing’ for her, and it would help me a lot if you could tell me where she worked and her hours for this week. Please keep this a secret too. I would really appreciate it. Thank you, Ron Weasley.

‘Lets hope this works,’ Ron thought to himself as he tied the letter onto Pig’s leg. After sending the letter, Ron went to make himself some breakfast.

Around mid-afternoon, Ron got a letter back from the Grangers.

Dear Ron,
It’s so nice to hear from you! Well, here’s the information you asked for. She works at a place called the ‘Midnight Grill.’ It’s a few blocks from our house. Her hours are from 11:00 am to about 6:00. She usually goes in around 10:30 and leaves around 6:30 though. Her break is usually around 2:00. Hope this works for you! Mrs. Granger

“Brilliant!” Ron said to himself. Ron looked at his watch, “Whoa! It’s almost 2:00 now! I need to get going!”

He got himself ready and departed for ‘The Midnight Grill.’ After walking, he decided to apparate, because he was running late and it would be quicker. So with a loud pop, he was gone.

When Ron got to the restaurant, he went inside. He didn’t see Hermione anywhere, so he asked the other hostess where she was. “She’s in the break room,” the hostess said, pointing to a door on the far side of the restaurant.

“Great, thanks,” Ron said, walking towards the door.

He looked in the little window and saw Hermione sitting at a table eating and reading a magazine. She was the only one in there. ‘She’s so beautiful,’ he thought. He quietly opened the door and snuck up behind her. He peered over he shoulder and looked at what she was eating, “Wow, that looks tasty,” he said loudly.

Hermione jumped at least a foot out of her chair, “Ron! You scared me! What are you doing here?”

“I told I’d talk to you soon. Didn’t I?” he replied, grinning.

“Yes,” she said, blushing. “That sill doesn’t really answer my question.”

“I am here,” he said, like a true gentlemen, “to extend an invitation to join me for dinner at my flat on Friday evening at 7:30.”

Hermione smiled, “of course.”

“Good,” Ron said. “Well, I best be going. Let you get back to…your break.”

“Bye Ron,” Hermione said,

“Good-bye, ‘Mione.”

Ron turned on his heel and strolled out of the room and then out of the restaurant with a smile spread over his whole face. ‘Yes!’ he thought. He headed back home. ‘Only four days,’ he thought.


The days until Friday went by fast. On Thursday, Ron went shopping at a local muggle store for food for the dinner he would be making Hermione.

Finally, Friday came. Ron was cleaning his apartment all day. ‘This has to be perfect. I have to win her back,’ he thought over and over in his head. Around 6:30, Ron headed to the kitchen to start making dinner. First off, he made a salad. He then made a big chocolate cake, with two layers. Then, he started the main course. He was making a dish that he had gotten quite good at. He had made it for himself a lot over the past 8 months. It was Hermione’s favorite: Chicken Parmesan. He made the noodles first, then the chicken. While everything was cooking, he was setting the table. Ron had got an assortment of drinks. They ranged from a fine wine to fire whiskey.

With about ten minutes till 7:30, Ron made sure everything was perfect. It was. Ron’s doorbell rang loudly and interrupted his thoughts. He raced to the door.

He opened it and saw Hermione standing there. She was wearing tight jeans and a V-neck sweater. She looked good. “Hey Hermione,” Ron said, taking her coat. “Well, dinners ready, so we can go ahead and sit down.”


Ron led he to the table and motioned her towards which chair was hers. “You can pour yourself something to drink, I’ll go get the first course,” Ron said.

Hermione was smiling as Ron left for the kitchen. ‘This is so sweet!’ she thought to herself. Moments later, Ron returned with two salad bowls.

“First course, salad,” Ron said, putting a bowl in front of Hermione.

“This looks good,” she said, smiling.

“Let’s hope it is,” Ron said, also smiling.

When their salads were finished, Ron took they’re bowls and brought out their plates of Chicken Parmesan.

When he sat the plate down in front of Hermione she said, “Oh Ron! This is my favorite!” She smiled even more.

‘I love it when she’s smiling,’ Ron thought. They enjoyed they’re main course, and then went on to the dessert of chocolate cake.

When all was finished, they leaned back in their chairs to relax. “That was wonderful, Ron. Who knew you were such a good cook,” Hermione said.

“Well, I can be surprising,” Ron smiled. “Shall we retire to the living room?” he added, much more like a true gentlemen.

Hermione giggled, “We shall.”

They went and sat on the couch in the den. “Well, music or TV? Your choice,” Ron said.


Ron got up and turned on the stereo to a general radio station that played a bit of everything. They sat in a comfortable silence, just listening to the music. A song came on that seemed to sum everything in their minds up.

Baby set me free
From this misery
I can't take this no more
Since you went away
Nothing's been the same
Don't know what I'm living for
Here I am
So alone

And there's nothing in the world I can do
Until you're back here baby
Miss you, want you, need you so
Until you're back here, baby
There's a feeling inside I want you to know
You are the one and I can't let you go

As they both listened to the words, the silence got a bit awkward. “Hermione?”


“Can I tell you something?”


Ron leaned in towards Hermione and kissed her. He didn’t care what happened after he let go, he just wanted to kiss her again. To his surprise, she kissed him back. He took another step and wrapped his arms around her waist, while she wrapped her arms around his neck. She started playing with his hair. ‘Finally,’ they both thought. By now, they were laying on the couch. When neither could breathe, they pulled away from each other. Ron looked down at Hermione’s face. “Hermione…” he said, but was cut off by Hermione kissing him. She started to unbutton his shirt, and he let her. Once his shirt was off, he pulled her delicate sweater off of her. Ron thought that the couch was not the place to do this, so he picked her up, still kissing her, and carried her into his bedroom. ‘Good thing I cleaned my room,’ he thought to himself.

Gently, he laid Hermione on his bed. He surveyed her; he could tell she wanted this. He undid the button on her jeans and pulled them off. She did the same to him. Now, it was just them, their bodies pressed against one another. Ron kissed Hermione’s lips and slowly trailed down her neck. Ron looked at Hermione; she was now in just her pink bra and underwear. ‘She’s beautiful,’ he thought, going in for another kiss. He made another trail of kisses, this time not stopping until he got to her bellybutton. She let a quiet moan escape her lips. Ron wrapped his hands around her back. He unfastened her bra and slowly pulled it off of her, and then he pulled the bottom half off. Hermione then pulled Ron’s boxers off. Now, it was just them; it was the moment that seemed like it would never come. But it came…all through the night.

In the morning, Hermione woke first. Ron’s arms were wrapped around her body. She turned to face him. She kissed his cheek, then his lips. She kissed him over and over, and then leaned her head in by his ear. Hermione nibbled on his ear and then spoke into it, “Morning sunshine.” Ron stirred and his eyes fluttered open. He saw Hermione and smiled, “Morning baby,” he said. He stretched his muscular arms, then pulled Hermione closer. He kissed her nose and smiled. It was a Saturday, so neither of them had to work.

Ron spent a few minutes thinking about what he was about to say next. “Hermione?” he asked.


“Um…Will you be my girlfriend? …Again.”

Hermione smiled, “Of course.” She pulled him into another kiss.

‘This is the beginning of a great day,’ Ron thought.

***A/N: Hoped you guys liked this chapter. Chapter 5 should be coming soon! Review Please***

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