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Sorry it took so long to update, I'm the Editor in Chief of my school's newspaper and it's really hard work, so I'll try to get the next chapters written and up. Enjoy! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "We remember Brianna Wickham, her loyalty, bravery and selflessness. Rest in peace." The priest crossed the mound of earth where the tombstone was being magically set in place over the silver coffin that would be Bri's home until the end of the world. The crowd started to desperse in either groups or pairs, the mood gloomy and hopeless, until only Sirius, Remus, James and Lily remained. Sirius had stood slightly apart from the rest of the group during the funeral, not wanting anyone to see the tears that had fallen from his gray eyes onto the earth. He had now situated himself directly in front of the bleak grave like a statue; barely breathing. James and Remus stood behind him, their tears carefully concealed by their black umbrellas. Lily was standing facing the opposite side of Bri's grave, instead looking at the millions of other graves from over the ages. A choke escaped her lips as the tears that she had hidden during the funeral started to fall. She felt a comforting hand on her shoulder; knowing who it was, she decided to speak up. "It's not fair. She shouldn't have died. None of this should have happened." "She wouldn't want you to be like this. She always counted on you to be strong." James replied softly, turning her around to face him. "I don't know if I can anymore. I feel hollow....dead." She explained, looking deeply into his eyes; pouring out her soul. "I have been dead for ten years." He said. "At least you're alive." She pointed out. "I'm not well. I lost everything, I have nothing left to loose. I wish he had killed me." "Everyone has nothing now. Everyone has been affected someway in this war. I have nothing, Sirius has nothing, Remus has nothing, Li has nothing. All we have is each other." "You have everything and still the world holds no joy." "No I don't." "Do you have anything at all you hold dear?" Lily asked him. "I did." "What?" "I had someone I held dear, not anymore, though." James explained, staring her straight in the eyes; realization dawning on her. "You have Ari. Why would you want me?" "Because." He stated turning away from her. "Because why, James?" She demanded, going up to him and turning him around; her grip firm on his arm. "Because she's not you!" He shouted in exasperation. Without knowing what possed him to do it, he started leaning forward toward the beautiful woman standing across from him. "Please don't do this." Lily whispered, his face an inch from hers. "Why?" He responded in the same tone, leaning forward more. "Because you have a girlfriend." She said, leaning away from him. "That's not the reason why, I know it." James put his hand on her cheek, making sure she was looking at him. "I'm afraid to love you." "Why?" He asked shocked. "Because I'm afraid of loosing." She finished tears falling slowly down her cheeks as she apparated back to the headquarters. **************** Li was angry, but at the same time confused. Her choice, to live, had been bugging her since her conversation with Dumbledore a couple days ago. She was angry about the fact that she wasn't alowed to go to one of her best friend's funeral all because of her stupid condition. 'Maybe I should just die, there I'll be away from all this fighting, I'll be in a peace, and I'll be with Bri.' She huffed loudly as she heard a loud 'POP' come from the corridor and hysterical sobbing. Curiously, she eased herself out of bed and glided across the room to the door. Li put her hand on the doorknob and quietly opened it until she saw the figure of her alive best friend leaning against the wall; her face glistening brightly. "Lily?" She looked up and hurridly wiped her tears off. "Li, hi. Are you feeling better?" "Lil, stop asking me that; I'm fine. but what about you? I mean, the only times I have ever seen you cry like this was in Seventh Year, when-" She stopped as her old mind figured out the puzzle. "What did he do?" She demanded. "Who?" "Don't act stupid." "Sorry, he just....told me somethings and...I.....I don't know what to do." Lily answered, standing up by herself now. "What did he say?" "That...he....still....loves me." She muttered. "HE WHAT?" Lily winced slightly at the sound of Li's temper coming back. "AFTER ALL THIS! NOW HE FINALLY DECIDES TO TELL YOU?! OOHH, HE IS-" "LI, CALM DOWN! Look, he didn't come right out and say it....and neither did I." "Wait, do you mean to tell me that you STILL love him? After all that he did to you? After everything that you both went through?" "I don't really know. I mean, I could just be responding to the effects of being around him, I could be sensing the wrong I really might just love him as a brother....or maybe I just think of him as a friend-" "Lil, you're babbling." Li pointed out placing her hand gently on Lily's shoulder. "Right, sorry." She aplogised, smiling guiltily. "No problem. Look, I think that you should talk to him more and-" "What do you mean? Last time we talked about 'us', he tried to kiss me. And he has a girlfriend!" "No, I mean just talk with him. Like a normal conversation." Li explained. "And what makes you think that this will actually work?" Lily questioned. "Trust me on this one, okay?" "Okay." ******************** James' eyes stayed fixed on the spot that Lily had been in only a few moments before. Mentally slapping himself, his head shouted at him, 'Great job, Potter. Now she's going to hate you forever. Way to ruin a perfectly good friendship!' He dragged his feet away and back towards Remus; who was trying desperately to get Sirius to talk or move. "Sirius, please. We should be going. Please, let's go. She's still with us." "Sirius, mate, we all know what it's like to loose someone. We have to find a way to live without them, no matter how painful it is." James said comfortingly, coming to stand on the other side of Sirius. "The ones who love us never really leave us," He mumbled, crouching down so his face was level with the top of the grave. "You'll always be in my heart." He whisped, placing his hand lightly on the picture of Bri smiling brightly that lay on the ground in front of the grave. He stood up, eyes shining brightly with tears, and faced his two best friends. "I think I'm ready now." He said. James and Remus smiled at him, and he was able to smile back. ********************* "The seer is dead, My Lord. Just as you requested." Lucius bowed. "And you are the one that killed her?" Voldemort sneered. "Yes, My Lord." "Fool. Crucio." He responded simply, watching tiredly as Lucius rolled around painfully on the floor. He let up the curse and continued. "I wanted her alive, you disobeyed my orders." "My wasn't my intentions.....I.....she.....made me kill her. She spoke bad of you." Lucius gasped. "Let her. I want to hear it for myself. It makes it even more enjoyable to torture her. Leave." Lucius greatfully stood up, bowed slightly and left the room in a hurry. Voldemort dropped his head in thought. There where just somethings you had to do yourself. And breaking up this Order was defintely one of them. ********************* Later that night, James was leaning his elbows up against the railing outside his apartment. He let the cool spring air blow through his hair, ruffling it even more then it usually was. He smiled slightly at the feeling, his feeling to get up on his broom again becoming stronger. 'Oh what the heck.' He thought, running inside, grabbing his broom and apparating over to the Quidditch pitch where his team practiced. He swung his leg over the side of his broom and flew off into the air; enjoying the feeling of being in the air again. He wasn't ment for the ground, defying gravity was much more exciting. As he flew he felt his problems going away, everything was normal. He was in love with Lily, no, Ari, yes ARI! James froze in midair as his problems returned. He didn't love Ari. He was and will always will be in love with Lily; no one else. Feeling strangely excited he grounded himself and apparated back to the apartment; clueless about his situation. ******************** Ari sat home alone that night; flipping through the newest Quidditch magazine trying to find a new broom since Dana had crashed it during practice. She sighed heavily and closed the magazine; she wasn't in the mood to look for a new broom. She heard a tapping at the window and saw an owl hovering with a letter clutched in its beak. Ari ran over to the window, threw it open, and took the letter eagerly from the owl before it flew away. It had an offical looking Quidditch seal, and it was addressed to her and James. She hurridly ripped open the letter and read it, smiling hugely and jumping up and down. Ms. Walker and Mr. Potter, We are please to inform the both of you that you have been chosen to be two of Ireland's new chasers for the upcoming season. If you could please send back your answer by owl and be at our field on July 23rd at 5:00 sharp to start practice. Congratulations again. Timothy O'Connell, Ireland Coach She stopped as she heard a pop outside and saw her boyfriend appear on the balcony. Her previse thoughts came back and she decided to do something that she should have done ever since she became aquainted with Lily Evans. Summing her courage, she met him at the door. "Hello James. This just came." "What is it?" He asked. "Quidditch, for Ireland. We got excepted." She replied smiling. "What?! That's great." he said with little enthusium. "You don't sound so happy. How are you?" "Fine." James said distractcally, trying to get past her and inside. "How was your talk with Lily?" "What? I thought you had left." He stopped and turned around. "I decided to stay. I saw you two talking. She feeling better?" "Yeah." "James, I noticed something different about you lately. You don't act like you used to. You don't talk to me." She said, walking towards him. "I'm talking to you now." He pointed out. "What I mean is that you talk to Lily more than you talk to me." She paused for a moment. "Do you still love her?" The question came suddenly, something he didn't expect, like rain in a storm, and it struck James like a bolt of lightning that usually came with that storm. "What?" "Do you still love her?" Ari repeated, tears in her eyes now. "Yes." He whispered after a moment of silence. She walked over to him and pressed her lips against his for the last time. When she pulled away James could see tears flowing rapidly down her perfectly tanned cheeks. "Go to her James-" She started. "But-" "-she needs you." Ari finished. "What about you?" James asked concerned. "Oh, don't worry about me. I can find my way home." She replied smiling, waiting for him to leave. When he didn't she continued, "James, you can still play quidditch, just tell her how you feel. Quidditch is only for a while, love lasts forever." He returned her smile before kissing her briefly and apparating away. Sorry this chapter is so short! I think that the next one will be longer, but I'm not sure. Oh, well. Please review!

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