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Sirius and Lupin ran out into traffic. “Remus!” Sirius yelled. “What!” Lupin responded, a car barely missing his body. “We need to take one of the carriages!” Sirius shouted referring to the cars. Sirius ran to the first car he saw and grabbed the driver out of the taxi. They both jumped in. “How do you work this bloody thing!” “Press on that thing!” Lupin said pointing towards the pedal. Sirius tried it but nothing worked. He tried the other one and the cab shifted into motion. “Fred! Look!” George said. He pointed towards a shiny red corvette in a car dealership window. They ran and burst open the doors. “Hold on boys, what seems to be the matter?” the car dealer asked. “We want that!” George said pointing towards the car. “Well now, do you two have drivers licenses?” the car dealer asked as kindly as possible. “Driver what?” Fred asked. The car dealer shook his head. “I’m so sorry, but if you don’t have a license, you can’t drive,” the car dealer said sadly. “Uh,” started George. He was thinking of an idea. “Aw damn. Ok.” Fred looked at him funny but George shot him a look. “Ok guys. Good luck anyway,” the dealer said as he turned to leave. “Stay here,” George whispered as he followed the dealer into the back. George came back a bit later with a happy look on his face. “What the hell did you do?” Fred whispered sharply at George. “I knocked him out and got the keys,” George whispered back. Fred grinned excitedly. “What now Harry?” Ron asked. They were right across from a car dealership. “We have to get a car, Ron,” Harry explained quickly. Then there was a big crash and shattering glass. A red corvette came racing out of the window of the car dealership. It passed Harry and Ron and, from what Harry could make out, two red headed young adults were in the front seats. “What was that?” Ron asked. Harry did not answer. He knew that it was Fred and George. They had to get a car quick to catch up with them. Harry grabbed Ron and ran through the shattered window. Inside, everyone was dazed. Harry ran past a car dealer. “Hey, where are you going, kid?” the car dealer asked grabbing Harry’s arm. Harry punched the man in the nose. The muggle immediately collapsed. Harry searched the man’s pockets for keys. Amazingly, nobody noticed the man’s nose bleeding. They were all too surprised about the car robbery. Blood was staining Harry’s shirt by the time he found a pocket with keys. He grabbed Ron again and they ran to try out all the display cars to see which one the keys belonged to. Finally, they found it. They went to ride it out the window but, unfortunately, one car dealer wasn’t paying any attention. Sucks for him. He got ran over. Bump, Bump. Ron and Harry grimaced as they felt the man’s pain. Blood spurted out from the tires as they heard a loud cracking sound. Harry and Ron didn’t look back to see the result of the gory incident. “We need driver’s licenses to drive a car,” Hermione said to Ginny. They were sitting at a bar table. “I know!” Ginny said excitedly. She took out her wand and pointed it at a napkin, which turned instantly into a driver’s license. “Ginny! We’re not allowed to use magic in this contest!” Hermione said worriedly. “You never told me that,” Ginny defended herself. “We can’t use this,” Hermione said examining the card. “Yes we can! We’ll just say we took someone’s drivers licenses,” Ginny exclaimed. She was very proud of herself. “Well,” Hermione wondered. “Why are you going to Silver City, buddy?” the taxi driver asked Snape. They were somewhere in the desert. “Um, for, uh, business,” Snape said slowly. The muggle eyed Snape through the mirror. Snape smiled at him kindly. “You look suspicious. But, what the hell! So do I!” The driver laughed. Snape laughed carefully. “Hey Sirius,” Lupin asked. They were driving full speed down the highway. Lupin had a big map in his hands. “Yeah Lupin?” They have been driving non-stop. Literally, they couldn’t find the brakes. “Goddamn it!” Sirius cursed. “That guy almost hit me!” “How the hell are we going to get to Silver City if we don’t know how to read the map!” Lupin said as he threw the map out the window. It hit a car behind them, covering their vision. It sped up and collided with Sirius and Lupin, then swerved off the road. “Goddamn high rollers!” Sirius yelled back at the now crashing car. Now he turned his attention to Lupin. “Well, we can ask directions.” “Is this your drivers license?” The clerk at the car dealership asked (not the same one that Ron, Harry, Fred, and George robbed). “Yes,” Hermione responded, “yes it is.” The clerk stared at it for a while, then at Hermione and Ginny. “Ok,” Finally the clerk spoke. She had a cheerful ring to her voice. “The car is over there.” She pointed to a black BMW. Then she handed them the keys. “Damn!” Ginny said after they were out of ear range. “That was close.” Harry and Ron were driving on the sidewalk. “Goddamn it Harry!” Ron shouted. “You hit 3 people already! Get on the frickin’ road! Whoa!” There was a loud bump underneath the tires. “You hit that old lady!” “She was in my way. Anyway, they’re walking in my path.” Harry responded. “Of course they are walking in your path! This is the goddamn sidewalk!” Ron yelled into Harry’s ear. Harry looked at Ron “Oh.” “You didn’t know that!” Ron seemed outraged. They hit another person. Harry pulled out into the road, almost hitting a car. “There you go Mr. Know It All!” Harry said. Fred looked back. “Hell yeah!” George yelled. “We’re in the frickin’ lead! We’re in the goddamn lead!” Fred cheered. They were on the highway zooming down the lanes. “We are going to win the bloody money!” He assured George. “We are going to win it all, and make a joke shop franchise!” Fred gave a hoot. “Hell yeah we are!” George said. Remember to vote for who you want to win!

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